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Redneck Cruising Site

My friend, Jeremy, always amused me. He had two favourite colours, red and blue. Red for rednecks, and blue, for blue-collar guys.

“Gays are boring,” Jeremy would always declare, before adding, “Pussy deprived straight men are the real deal.”

Jeremy further expounded on his philosophy, by explaining that when redneck and blue-collar wives had given birth to a kid or two, their husbands were forced to revert to their teenage days, and became wankers all over again. This was as a result of the fact that when a child even uttered a sound when parents were having sex, wives had an excuse to rid themselves of the smelly ogres fucking them and escape to do their wifely duties. As much as I knew that Jeremy’s point of view was an over-simplification, he was, nevertheless, very convincing. Also, in fairness to Jeremy, he was able to back up his arguments with very convincing tales of success.

Jeremy had an astonishing success rate when it came to picking up straight guys. Whenever he required the services of tradesmen at his home, ninety percent of the time Jeremy was able to initiate one or other sexual contact with these men. The fact that Jeremy was well-off, and money was no problem for him, I am sure also aided his extraordinary hit rate.

I once asked him if he hadn’t ever come a cropper, due to his self-assured salaciousness, to which he replied that the infrequent roughing up he had endured, was well worth the overall success he had enjoyed.

Jeremy’s predilection for rough skanky guys always intrigued me, and from the stories he told me, I began to wonder if my prissiness wasn’t an encumbrance to more, holistic development of sexual experiences. On the occasions that I had encountered the odd rougher individual sexually, I had enjoyed myself enormously. Unfortunately, however, I did have Jeremy’s guts when it came to moving to the next level of procurement.

As Jeremy and I were having breakfast on a Saturday morning, he told me about a redneck ‘cruising site’ he had visited during the week. It was off the beaten track and required that one had to travel on a dirt road to get there. The place was mainly frequented by rough bi-curious men, and according to Jeremy, was like heaven on earth.

“It’s perfectly safe, Sandy, the police are so busy with all the crime in town at the moment, that they don’t have the time to worry about sodomites,” Jeremy concluded with a mischievous look on his face, before adding, “When a man is ablaze with industrious testosterone, ripened by an insatiable stamina for sexual subjugation, honey, then they fuck like animals, and who cares what they smell like?”

After a pause, Jeremy then told me that after his visit, he left with a sore jaw and an aching arse. Jeremy then described in detail where it was, and suggested I check it out.

Later that day I couldn’t get Jeremy’s story out of my head, and by eight that evening, I decided to give it a go.

As I eagerly drove to the ‘cruising site’, I was bristling with nervous excitement and anticipation. Due to the remoteness of the place, I was also scared shitless of being beaten up. I was not a macho man, and there was no way I would be able to defend myself. An inexorable force had taken possession of me, and I was determined to experience Jeremy’s penchant for skanky sex.

Following the coordinates, Jeremy supplied me, and appropriately dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals, as he had advised, I drove into the clearing Jeremy had described.

Fuck… There’s no one here,’ I thought to myself, disheartened.

As I turned off my lights, I was amazed by the illumination of the full moon that evening. The place had an eerie glow as I surveyed the landscape.

Just my luck, on the night I decide to expand my horizons, the place is dead,’ I mentally reflected.

As my hopes began to fade, distant lights began to illuminate the path of a vehicle. I watched transfixed as a truck came into view and made its way toward me.

After it parked a few feet away, facing me, the lights got turned off. It wasn’t a truck; it was a fuckin’ jalopy.

As I watched transfixed, two rough-looking men got out of the vehicle, removed their jackets, and then threw jackets and the baseball caps they were wearing on their front seats. After that, the two men approach my car. The one guy was bulky and the other tall and slim.

My window was open as they arrived next to me. The bulky guy then spoke, “Hi, I’m Judd, and this is Garvey,” he stated, in an accent that made him sound like a cowboy from one of the old movies.

“Is yer here for red-blooded, redneck horsin’ around?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah,” I bravely answered, practically shitting myself.

“Well, don’t juss sit there, pretty boy, hop out and let us good ol’ boys git our mitts on yer,” he said with a horny chuckle.

As I got out of the vehicle I announced, “I’m Sandy.”

“That’s a gritty name,” Garvey exclaimed before both men heartily commenced laughing at Garvey’s ‘erudite’ wit.

“We always comes, prepared,” Judd then announced as I got led to the back of their truck.

Once there, they had a dirty old mattress on the back of the jalopy.

In an attempt at small talk, I asked, “What do you guys do?”

“We is farmhands… And Garvey is also a horse whisperer,” Judd added with a sense of pride, as the two men enclosed on me.

By now my olfactory sense had gone into overdrive, and Garvey, in particular, also smelled like he slept with the horses.

Grubby hands and tobacco-flavoured mouths took control of my body, and soon I was getting kissed and lustfully ground by the ripe duo of snorting agrarian horniness. Inexplicably, Jeremy’s words came to mind as I revelled in their skanky embrace. I had never been so turned on in my life.

“Listen, the law is not active here anymore, but for safety, we’ll take turns and the other guy can stand guard,” Judd then informed me before turning to Garvey and challengingly exclaimed, “Rock, paper, scissors?”

“Nah… Judd, you go first,” Garvey magnanimously suggested, “Yer recommended we come tonight.”

“Cool. Get on the truck, pretty boy, and sit up against the driver’s cabin. ‘I’ll face-fuck yer furst,”

As I took up my position, Judd dropped his shorts and pulled the front of his t-shirt up over the back of his neck. As I glanced at the approaching hairy belly, a fat phallus soon commenced smearing against my lips. The funky smell of ripe crotch soon heralded the commencement of my head-bashing that followed, as his hands clamped the sports bar behind the truck’s cabin.

Judd’s thick dick hammered my mouth mercilessly for several minutes, to the accompaniment of animalistic grunting, before a deluge of spunk exploded into my mouth.

“Swallow, bitch, don’t you dare waste a drop of my potent seed,” Judd barked as he stabbed my mouth in conclusion.

With an aching jaw, I then watched as the ‘horse whisperer’ moved closer. To my ‘horror,’ Garvey now displayed that he had even more in common with horses than I thought. The throat bashing that now commenced took me to the limits of my endurance. Much as my jaw had been taxed before with Judd, my throat now got put to its ultimate test as my vocal cords got overextended into deeper vocal range. How I didn’t choke when his spunk splashed into my guts, I will never know.

If I imagined that our session had ended, I was mistaken. When Garvey again stood guard, Judd instantly moved up and pulled my sodden t-shirt off me. In a swift motion, I got pulled down and turned over on the mattress, before my shorts disappeared. Following this, Judd’s knees bashed my legs apart before his body solidly cocooned my frame. Judd now agitatedly commenced commandeering my portal with his thick knob as my butt cheeks got wrought asunder.

As Judd’s thick tool wrenched its way into my backside, his smoker’s breath huffed above my head as his lips and tongue tantalized my left ear.

Judd’s rasping grunts began to escalate as his fat arse started hammering. The searing stabbing was unbelievably stimulating, and the heady smell of his body and breath, had me squirming with lust.

“Yer’s got a fuckin’ hot hole,” he barked, as he pummelled away.

Caught up in the lustful intensity of the moment, I began to gasp like a bitch in heat.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I intoned in ecstasy, as I fought for oxygen.

Judd’s icky hand now took control of my head and steered my lips toward his horny mouth. The swampy deluge of spit that followed was glorious.

After several frantic minutes, Judd began to shudder excitedly, before unloading into my backside.

When Judd lifted, Garvey got onto me in a flash. Garvey was not as hectic as Judd, and a far more sustained session followed. Garvey’s larger cock, and more intense odour, was astonishing. Above all, as his mouth enclosed on lips, I got introduced to the longest tongue I had ever experienced on a man. It was as if an anteater was on my back and kissing me. Amazingly, even though he was far lighter than Judd, his thrusting was more robust. I was also flabbergasted that my backside was able to accommodate all his meat.

As Garvey finally came, my cock also exploded on the mattress under me. It was fan-fuckin’-tastic.

After my ‘ordeal,’ Garvey said, “Did you enjoy our kindness, boy?”

“Sure did,” I replied, doing my best to invoke their vernacular.

“Where do you live?” Judd then asked.

“I have an apartment in town,” I replied.

“Well… After our benevolence, a bit of liquid refreshment would be most appreciated. Fortunately, we don’t work on Sundays,” Judd persevered.

“Well… Then follow me home,” I lustfully replied, before we all departed with them following me.

Once we neared my apartment block, I showed them where to park their jalopy before meeting them at the front entrance.

En-route upstairs, I got my first good look at the duo.

Jeremy will be proud on me,’ I thought, as I observed them in their yucky magnificence.

After tonight, I’ll have to get the fumigators in,’ I giggled to myself.

When we entered my apartment I handed each one a beer.

It did not take long before my bedroom got overtaken by my smelly ‘persecutors.’

The alternation between Judd’s dick in my arse and mouth, and Garvey’s deep exploration of both my orifices as well, was mesmerizing.

For the next eighteen hours, before they left, my arse and throat received more ‘abuse’ than I ever imagined possible.

Best of all, this became a weekly episode as Judd and Garvey regularly visited me. On Mondays, before I washed my bedding, all I could think about was their next visit as I sniffed my pungent linen.

Selfishly, I never told Jeremy about Judd and Garvey.

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