Red Hot, and Cold Shoulder

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I just started my first period, but before I even started bleeding, I knew what it was from the symptoms:

“Huh!” I ran to the girls room, and pushed past the smokers to look in the mirror. Sure enough, I was red hot, and I splashed water on my face. Shivered, and giggled when it ran down my neck, but that wasn’t all.

I had a cold sweat, goose bumps, my nipples were hard, and I felt sensitive in all the ticklish spots. Not ticklish, when I got to the bus I rubbed my neck. Just to feel how wonderful that felt, then crossed my legs to rub those together.

That made me tingle in my crotch, not quite pins and needles, but I knew that hadn’t fallen asleep. It was just waking up, turning on, and blood was flowing into my womb to make a nice warm bed for the egg to snuggle in.

I had cramps the night before, but they were gone when I woke up. So, I thought it must have been a weird tummy ache. Nope, it was my ovaries, or one of them popping out an egg. I was fertile, and it made me feel horny for the first time in my life.

About damned time, because I was all ready 11, and a half. Almost 12, and when we got to my stop, I thought about Alf immediately. Alfred, or Freddy, he was the “Alpha Male” last year, because he got held back, and started puberty in 6 grade.

Then, he graduated to middle school, and now he was a teenager, so instead of going home, I waited around the bus stop. When the middle school bus showed up I got on, and looked around for him, talking to one of his friends about halfway back.

“Sit down, if you’re going to catch a ride to your friend’s house,” the bus driver guessed.

“Okay,” I went right over to Alf’s friend, and asked, “Would it be okay if I sit with him?”

I didn’t point, but my big sister was a freshman now, and she’s the main reason why I recognized the symptoms. I watched her go through all the changes, and also she talked about Freddy being such a. Well, I think Fuckboy would be the best way to put it. If he were a girl, you’d call her a slut.

“Sure,” the other boy got up, and let me sit down on Alfie’s lap, then he sat right down next to us, so his knee bumped mine when the bus started turning.

“So, Sarah. What did you want to talk about?” Al rubbed my knee, and then started working his way up my leg, when I spread them.

I leaned over, and told him, “You know my sister, Sharon told me all about you?”

“Oh, yeah? Nothing good, I hope.” He laughed, and his Beta laughed too.

“Well, only that you helped her get something out of the way, when she was about my age, and starting puberty?”

“Huh, some day you’re going to have to tell me how you do that.” The other boy held out his hand for me to shake it. “I’m Will.”

“Sarah.” He didn’t even try to kiss it, just gave it a gentle shake, and let go.

“Where there’s a Will, huh?” Al joked, “But this is your stop, so we better hold it until we get off.”

“Yeah,” Will got up, and looked around. Holding his book bag in front of him, so nobody saw his boner, but Al just pulled out his shirt. Untucked, it hung over the front of his pants, so he didn’t have anything to explain. Not that he had anything to be ashamed of.

The problem is me and my sister had what you could call an imperforate hymen. So, when we start our periods, we can either go to the gynecologist, DIY with our nails, or something. The third option is getting a boy to pop it for us, but Bill tagged along, and once we got somewhere semi-private, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

Because he’s a virgin too, maybe the best thing would be to let the more experienced boy talk us through it. “Huh, okay.” Hu shrugged, and rolled his eyes, then zipped his pants up.

“Oh, no. Don’t put it away, get it out. I want to see it, after I heard so much about how well endowed you are.”

Yeah, right. For a 13 year old 7th grader. William was a 12 year old in the same grade, because he didn’t get held back for being hormonal, and fighting in 5th grade. “Huh!” My eyes went wide, and I was finding it hard to breathe. “Can I touch it?” Maybe 4, 5 inches, which was plenty enough for me the first time.

“Yeah, knock yourself out.” He let go, so I could wrap my hand around it, and give it a few slow tugs, at first. Meanwhile, Billy was busy figuring out how to get my clothes open, and take them off, while copping feels with the same hands, at the same time. I didn’t mind, honestly he found all the hot spots, except my neck.

“You wanna kiss my neck?”

“Yeah,” so Al started necking with me, while Bill got down to my underpants, and I shook my hips to help him get them down. “Oh! Touch me, touch my sex, feel my. Uh!”

“You’re not even wet?” He finally found the hole.

“Just spit in your hand man.”

“Oh, spt!”

“Oh, oh yeah! Finger me, ihn! Ihn!” I started squeaking, and squirming. I couldn’t help it, and honestly forgot all about Al’s hardon until he let go, and pulled off his shirt.

“Here,” he pulled off mine, so I held my arms up, but I hadn’t worn a training bra that day, because my nipples were too sensitive. Now, they felt like they could cut glass, when Al touched them, and distracted me from Billy cherry tapping me with short gentle thrusts of his fingertip.

“Huh!” I put my head down on Al’s shoulder when it popped out. Kissed his neck. “Smooch, an I give you a hickey?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” I made sure to suck it high up, but that’s like marking my territory. Even though I know I can’t have him, Al’s one of those hit it and quit it boys, he doesn’t want a girlfriend, and honestly if he had one, he’d just cheat on you anyways.

“Smup!” His skin slipped out when Bill found the hole again, and pushed right in, without so much as a warning. “Ow ah!”

He pulled out, “Sorry.”

“Oh, no.” I turned around. “Huh!” His neck was red hot too, so I hugged him, and started sucking his neck, until Al helped pick me up, so I could wrap my legs around him, and hump his weener into my crotch. “Snh uh!” He poked around, and I had to squirm around, until the bloody end finally slipped over my lip, and I could carefully rub his shirt. “Ahn!” It popped in.


“NGH!” I just held onto his shoulder with my teeth, until it slipped out, and then I just sucked on his shirt. “Nh mh hm MH!”

“Hehahuh!” Al let his fingers slip under my armpits. “I should have warned you.”

“She’s a biter?” I just tried to tune them out, talking about me as if I wasn’t even there. the meat in a boy sandwich.

“Lost of girls bite something when you break them in.”

“Huh fuck!” I finally spit out the seam. “Did my sister?”

“I don’t remember, honestly.” Of course not, she was just another cherry to pop, and that was like 2, 3 years ago. He probably forgot another hundred girls since then, because he’s a fuck boy.

“Uh, stop, stop uh! HUH!” Bill barely pulled out before he shot his wad up, all over my bottom, pussy, and the backs of my legs.

“Huh, let me down.”

“Huh yeah.” He backed up, still shaking, and he went white as a sheet.

“Turn around.” Al pushed me back up against a wall, and bent his legs to get down between mine. Pushing me up, so he could hold me there, and stab into me.



“RH!” I just bit his neck as hard as he could, as he pumped me full as hard as he could, and the world went away. Completely, there was nothing but the rough animal grunts, and the taste of bloody sweat when the skin tore on his shoulder. At some point, I guess I slipped down to get a better grip, I honestly don’t know, because I was gone.

“Uh!” I slid down the wall. “Uhn!” bent my knees carefully, and reached out to feel the dirt with my hands, but I felt cloth instead? “Huh?” My top, where somebody dropped it, or kicked it, or whatever Billy did before he got his, and left.

“Huh!” Al brushed my forehead with his knuckles, I blinked, and saw his hairy nuts. Clenched up so the wrinkles stretched out, and pulled back with each frantic stroke until he finally moaned, and slowed down. “Uhn!” he hunched. “Uhn!” Humped, and finally shook it off. “Huh, yeah, huh!” he even wiped it off with my hair, then turned, and leaned back.

Up against the other wall. In the corner, behind some bushes that were high enough to hide us. I blinked, and watched the cars roll bye underneath, the curb was right there, and I just realized where I was. What happened, and that ment I wasn’t a virgin. “Oh my god, where’d he go?”

“Who cares?” Al got his pack out, and lit up. “You want a drag?”

I wrinkled my nose, and searched around for my purse. “No, but you got William’s phone number, or facebook, or something?” That wasn’t safe sex, I want to think that he pulled out before he blew his load, but then he shot it all around the area, and now, I’m sitting on it, soaking into my school shirt. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Of course not, he can’t even get laid without me.”

“Then give me his number, okay?”

“Huh, fine.” He rolled his eyes. I better get to the clinic ASAP just to make sure, but just in case, I do get pregnant. I don’t want him to leave me to raise the baby with my mom, sister, and step dad.

You know, since Sharon’s real dad left mom when she got pregnant, and my biological father was a 1 night stand, so. I guess it runs in the family. When we’re fertile, we just can’t control ourselves until we get pregnant. Good thing there’s fuckboys for that.

I sure was proud to walk home. All the way home with a fresh load in my hair, more wiped all over the back of my shirt. Just waiting for somebody to say something, but they never did.

“Huh!” Just like I loved to see the hickey on Al’s neck until it faded. The bite marks I left on my boyfriend’s, once he got used to it. Hey, why should we be the only one it hurts the first time?

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