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Real life sex stories

Real life sex stories Hey I am 37 years old and a happily married woman. My husband is named Bobby and he is 42.

We have 2 kids, two daughters, 14 and 11 years old. I was a teacher that specialized in library science but I left teaching to stay at home with the kids.

We have a very nice and comfortable life. My husband is an executive with a large company and he provides well for us. Our sex life was always been good and satisfying.

Although the frequency of our encounters has waned a little as the kids have grown and as Bobby has become more busy at work. I am always driving the kids to one activity or another.

Real life sex stories: Read All and Enjoy

We still find time on the weekends to make love, but it is often just quickies and I often don’t get off. I am 5’5″ with a nice set of perky boobs at 36C and a butt which Bobby says is my best asset. Last year we decided that kids were old enough for me to get a part time job.

Real life sex stories I applied at the local 4 year college and as luck had it they had a three day a week opening in the university library which was just right for me. I was thinking about getting my Masters Degree in Library Science.

I was happy to get back in the working

world and felt refreshed with all the young people around me at the college. The problem stared about 6 months ago.

I was putting some books away one morning when this very nice looking young man approached me with a look of concern on his face. He told me that his name was James and he had a major problem as he needed a … Real life sex stories

book right away for a paper he had to write. It was an old edition autobiography which we had only one copy of. He was in a panic and needed to submit his paper in the next week and could not find the copy or get it from Amazon.

I found that the copy we had was loaned out about 2 weeks ago and was due back soon. I told James that I would try and get it back before the weekend. Without warning he just hugged me and kissed me on the check and said that if I could do that for him, he would take me to lunch.

I did not think too much

about the lunch date but was stunned for a minute by the tight hug. It made me flush and that kind of surprised me. I made the call to the current student who had the book and pretty much pressured her to return the book or risk a fine.

Why was I doing this much for James? It kind of excited me to do something for a good looking kid. I texted his number he had left me and told him the book was back. Well the next day James came in and got his book Real life sex stories.

This time I was expecting and wasn’t disappointed when I got another hug. As we separated James was trying to give me a kiss on my cheek and I had turned my head at just the wrong time and an innocent peck on the cheek turned into a kiss on the lips…

He apologized but I was not complaining.

I was startled when I felt the wetness between my legs. That night I was horny and attacked my husband in bed. He was surprised but gladly obliged with passionate love making. I had never strayed in our marriage or even …

thought of another man but that changed that night. When I was being fucked by my husband I thought of James and the accidental kiss. It made me cum harder and longer.

About a week later I got another visit from James. He said he appreciated my help and was ready to pay up on his offer of a lunch date. I acted as if I had forgotten about it, but secretly the thought of it had consumed me all week.

What he said next made me nervous. He said that since he is short on cash, he was going to cook lunch for me at his off campus apartment. He said that he works part time as a cook at a neighboring diner and loves to cook.

Real life sex stories: next week

We agreed on next week and a day when I would not be working. I was getting the butterflies. Here I was, a happily married woman with two great kids, a great husband and I was going to a bachelor’s apartment. I even thought for a moment about letting my husband know about it but I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

Bobby is trusting but I didn’t think this would fly with him. The next Tuesday as agreed I arrived at James’s apartment dressed in a pair of jeans and a top with a V neck.

I did not want to show too much skin, but at the same time I didn’t want to come across as a prude. So I was showing a little more cleavage than usual for me. I had my sexy bra and thong on that Bobby had bought for Valentine’s day.

I had never felt comfortable in a thong but for some reason I had put it on today. James was wearing an apron and welcomed me with another hug and …Real life sex stories

this time a purposeful light kiss on the lips.

We went to the kitchen and he poured me a glass of wine without even asking. I drink socially but at dinner and this was too early for me.

The first sip was actually a gulp as I was very nervous and my hands were starting to sweat. We talked about the college and our lives. James wanted to know all about me.

I sat on a bar stool watching him cook Mexican food which I had told him was my favorite. My eyes were all over him and I am sure he noticed. I could not take my eyes off his ass.

It was filling his jeans well. We talked about working out and he was complementing my figure saying that he could not believe I was 37 and had two kids. The wine was starting to work fast on my empty stomach and I began to feel a buzz.

Real life sex stories

We started to eat and he had prepared a fabulous three course meal for me. During lunch our conversation turned more personal about relationships . I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said that he did but that they broke up 3 months ago and I felt so relived.

He asked me if I was happy in my marriage and I said yes. After lunch we picked up our wine glasses and went to the living room. He turned on some classical music.

Erotic Sex Stories I was music minor in college and appreciated that. James turned and looked at me and held out his arm.

I was confused and he said if he could have the pleasure of a dance. I was nervous, excited, thrilled, and horny all at the same time. My mind said leave but everything else said no. I said that …Real life sex stories

I am not a dancer but without much resistance held my hand to his. He held me close as we danced on the carpet to the slow soothing music. I was dizzy as I felt his body and hand holding me tight and rocking me.

I gently rested my head on his shoulder Real life sex stories

and closed my eyes and said to myself that I was going to let whatever happens just happen. All my self control was slipping away. My husband, marriage and kids all seemed a distant memory and I was in bliss.

As the music ended I felt James slowly turn my head and the next thing I knew there was a tongue penetrating my mouth and exploring mine. He had me in a tight hug and was sucking my breath away.

I had no control but could feel myself returning the kiss with equal ferociousness. I was taken. Slowly he led me to the bedroom. Not a word was spoken then. He sat on the bed and I was standing facing him. He looked up and all I could say was “Please”. to read more Real life sex stories.

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