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 I was 24 back then and was working in MNC. real incest videos I was working out and made a good body to impress ladies at my office just as every guy does but destiny had planned something else for me.

My sister Ishita was 29. Ishita is very fair and had a great figure of 36d-30-36 with marvelous boobs, curved tummy, and butt. Ishita is married to an engineer at an MNC and has 2 adorable kids.

When I was a kid, she use to spend a lot of time with me and share most of the things but then we grew up and she got married and then things changed a bit as I started to get interested in girls but not her. real incest videos I never had any lust for her nor any incestuous feeling at all until one day when
I got consumed in it.

One day she came to the home with kids as my brother in law was out on an official trip. That was the day I noticed her body. She was wearing a light pink saree with a creamy white blouse and was stunningly beautiful. I felt something at heart but then ignored it. She came to stay with us for a week. In the evening I left for the gym.After coming back I was a bit sweaty and was going to take a shower when Ishita said

Ishita : arey waah kya body banayi hai.

Me : bas kar didi, chida mat

Ishita : arey bahut he hot lag raha hai is haal mein

Teri gf hai kya

Me : no, kyun? (I was feeling like why she is asking this now)

Ishita : bas aise hee.

And then I had a shower and got dressed up and started to play with her kids. real incest videos We had dinner and went to respective rooms and slept. Late night at around 2 am her kid started crying and became silent after some time. I woke up with the sounds and didn’t sleep and was browsing the net (obviously watching porn sites). Suddenly I started to hear some low voices, I thought maybe some video ad opened up on my phone but it was not. Then I got up and followed the voices, I slowly opened up my door and notice that the sounds were coming from my sister’s room. I slowly went near her door and was listening to the sounds.

I realized that those were moans made by Ishita. I was confused and tried to peek through the keyhole but I was not able to see anything and the voices stopped after some time. real incest videos I became very curious and couldn’t sleep well. The other morning I woke up a bit late by 9 am. I got dressed and came outside to have some breakfast.

My sister served me breakfast and I was watching her actions and behavior and she behaved normally. Later that night I again heard moans of my sister. I got some courage and tried to open the door and to my surprise the door was open. I peeked inside and saw that she was masturbating by watching something on her phone. I came back to my room and thought that maybe she’s missing her husband and slept.

The next day I noticed something different about her. She was flaunting her curves openly. Her nipples were shaped on her blouse. I got aroused but kept my calm. real incest videos Later that day in the afternoon I was in her room playing with kids and she was sleeping on the bed. My attention went on to her phone. I took her phone but it had a lock. I was lucky as my nephew unlocked the phone for me.

I started exploring her phone and found some very sexy photos of her. Then I found something weird in her browsing history. She was visiting incest sites. I was completely shocked to see brother-sister incest. I got a bit scared and left the room as I needed to breathe and believe what’s happening.

I then searched about incest on the net and was swept off by it. Within no time I got addicted to it and started to lust for my sister. I advanced my moves and started to touch my sister. When she was in the kitchen I used to stand behind her almost hugging her from behind and she did not object and she turned towards me and gave a naughty smile. My lust for her drove me crazy every day. real incest videos 2 days later my parents went to visit my relatives in another town leaving me and my sister for a day.

In the afternoon she was sleeping in her room and I went inside and sat near to her and started gazing at her gorgeous body. She was sleeping and her saree was not covered. I could see her cleavage and my big cock started to get hard. I find the courage and started touching her feet. Slowly I went to her waist and started caressing her waist.She woke up suddenly and I got so scared but my hand was still on her waist.

Ishita : kya kar rahe ho?

Me : kuch nahi didi.

She didn’t cover herself which I took as a sign with caution. real incest videos I caressed her waist again, this time she was watching me and asked in a very sexy low voice again.

Ishita : kya kar rahe ho?

Me : kuch nahi didi.

Me : I asked her, do u like incest?

Ishita was shy and said slowly how do u know? I said I know about your fantasy.

She said then why don’t you fulfill my fantasy.

Those were the words I was waiting to listen. Immediately I hugged her tightly.I started kissing her on lips and we lip-locked ourselves for quite a while. real incest videos Then we took some breath and I started kissing her neck passionately. She started to moan slowly.

I removed her blouse slowly and she was wearing a black bra. She was stunning in her bra. I took her bra off and was looking at the most beautiful boobs. I then placed my hands on them and started to press them. She moaned whenever I pinched her nipples. I then sucked her huge boobs and bit her nipples. For 10 min I was sucking her boobs and she was pulling my head against her boobs.

I then slowly put my under her saree and went down to her panty. real incest videos I rubbed her pussy over her panty with one hand while sucking her boobs.

She removed her saree completely and asked me to remove her panty. I removed her panty and saw her beautiful wet pussy. I wasted no time and started to lick her. She started moaning loudly ahhhh uhhh rahul ahhhhh. She grabbed my hair and pulled it.

Me : mazaa aa raha hai kya didi

Ishita : bahut aaraha hai, tu rok mat

Tere jiju kabhi bhi meri choot nahi chooste.

Ahhhh, ohhhh, choos rahul choos meri choot ko

After some good licking she had her orgasm.

I got naked. real incest videos She looked at my cock and said

Tera lund toh bahut bada hai.

Jiju se bhi bada hai kya ?


She grabbed my cock and started to suck it. She was an expert in giving a blowjob. I couldn’t believe that my elder sister is giving me a blowjob.

After that my cock was rock hard, in the missionary position, I placed my cock on her pussy and rubbed over it.

Me : mazaa aa raha hai kya didi

Ishita : bahut aaraha hai, ahhhh

Ab aur mat kar, chod mujhe, real incest videos kabse tere lund ki pyaasi hu

I got very aroused and tried to insert my cock inside but

Me : didi mera lund andar nahi jaaraha hai

Tumhari choot bahut tight hai

Ishita : haa, tere jiju ne bahut mahino se nahi choda hai mujhe

Main bahut pyaasi hu lund ki , chod mujhe

In 3 shots I somehow inserted my cock completely in her pussy, she shouted

Ishita : uiii maaaa, real incest videos tera lund bahut bada hai, oohhhhh,

She started to breathe heavily

Me : didi nikaldu kya?

Ishita : nahi mat nikal, chod mujhe.

Me : I started fucking her slowly and then took pace

Ishita : aahhhhh, bahut accha lag raha hai

Me : didi kaisa hai mera lund teri choot mein

Ishita : bahut accha hai, chod mujhe zor zor se

Me : main aur zor se chodne laga aur unke boobs to choosne laga

Ishita : bahut mahine hogaye hai chud kar, real incest videos tu bahut accha chod raha hai behenchod

I stopped and then we changed our position. This time she sat on my cock for a ride.

Ishita : ahhhhhh, tera jiju mujhe upar baitne nahi deta,

Hamesha wohi chodta hai, bahhut real incest videos

After some time we changed to doggy style and I fucked her like hell. Her kids were sleeping beside us and we were fucking like crazy. real incest videos After a full hour fucking session I was about to cum.

Me : didi mere nikal raha hai

Ishita : mere andar mat daal

Me : toh kaha daalu

Ishita : mere boobs par daal

I shot a load of cum on her sweet boobs and we both rested on the bed. We got up and cleaned ourselves. We were still not satisfied as we needed more sessions. real incest videos We fucked again in the evening before our parents arrived at night.

She was there for 3 more days and every night we used to fuck hard in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. She then went to her home and now it’s been many years and still we fuck each other whenever we get to.Because of my didi I entered into the world of incest and didn’t stop there. real incest videos I have fucked almost every woman in my family. 

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