Raping my wife after she has an affair with out female neighbor

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My name is Chris (27M) and I’ve been married to my wife Nive (24F) for four years now. We met in university and got married quickly. She has always been more of the shy type and has kept to herself. She’s never been too adventurous in the bedroom but I have always accepted that because her super sexy body makes up for it. However, recently our sex life has been stagnant and what was once almost daily sex has turned to maybe one or twice a month. I thought maybe it was because I had been working more lately and we previously have had issues because Nive cannot get pregnant but wants kids.

Our sex problems, however, just started when a new neighbor moved in a year ago. It’s a petite Korean single mother called Soyeon (31F) with three daughters aged 14, 7, and 2. She has never divorced her husband and is still legally married to him but it’s more of a marriage of convenience: she doesn’t have to work as her husband makes plenty of money on his own and he gets children from her who can later inherit his company. Her husband does not live with her and rarely comes to visit; I have only seen him once in the year she’s lived there.

When Soyeon moved in, I really stared to have almost no sex with Nive. I didn’t see the correlation back then because of an incident that took place about two months ago.


I worked late again at my job and came back home at around 1am. When I got into the apartment building, I heard moans in the stairway. At first, I thought I was just hallucinating because I hadn’t gotten off in a while but when I listened more closely, I became sure that it was indeed a woman’s moans. I followed the sound down to the stairs leading to the basement. To my shock, what I saw was my wife making out with our neighbor Soyeon. And not only that, they were completely naked and fingering each other while kissing! But as shocked as I was, I was also just as turned on by the view. I had never seen Nive like that before, the nipples of her D cup tits completely erect and her black skin glistening with sweat and her own pussy juice. But Soyeon next to her was even more of a treat to look at: pale white skin like snow and tits even bigger than Nive’s, maybe an E or even F cup. Her waist was so thin that it looked like it might snap under the weight of her huge tits.

I just watched them make out for a while but even if I generally consider myself a mild-mannered man, this view changed something in me. For years, I had been holding back my perverted urges because of Nive and now she was in front of me, naked and engaging in lesbian sex in public like a filthy slut. This really flipped my switch and I decided not to hold back anymore and unleash all of my kinks on them. I approached them and grabbed them both, pushing them to the floor. Before they could even react, I whipped out my erect cock and plunged it into Nive’s pussy.

“You bitch are having an affair, huh? After all these years, you’re exposing your indecent body like a whore for everyone to see, yes?” I screamed at her and fucked her pussy hard as she cried and begged me to stop because it hurt. Meanwhile, Soyeon tried to run away but I made sure to hold her in a tight grip and slapped her across the face hard when she struggled. By the time I finally came inside of Nive’s pussy, she had stopped resisting and just laid on the floor sobbing as my cum came gushing out of her.

Next, I turned to Soyeon. She still had some fight left in her but I crushed it when I penetrated her pussy and began raping her. She screamed in pain but nobody was there to hear her because they were all asleep already. I took a thick marker out of the bag I use for work and shoved it up her ass as well, which made her ass bleed because her hole wasn’t stretched out yet. I raped her for a while and then finished inside her raw. I had broken her like I had broken Nive and her raped body was dripping in my cum.

I loved the view of it. I had long dreamed of raping someone but since Nive and I were married, I thought I would never get to fulfill my desire. But now that I had already begun acting upon them, I would make sure to use these two to act out all my kinks and I already had an idea how to force them to do that.

I took out my phone and started taking pictures from various angles of the two women while making sure that their faces would be visible in all.


“Since you two apparently have no problem being public property, I have taken the liberty to take pictures of your naughty bodies. From now on, you will comply to everything I say and grant all my wishes. If I you don’t comply or even just think about telling the police about this, I will spread these photos to everyone you know, got it?”

They cried but nodded and I laughed. If I had known getting two sex slaves would be that easy, I would’ve done so earlier.

I then carried them up to my apartment and had some more fun with them. We’ve made a lot of progress in the two months since then and I would be glad to let you all know about our sexual endeavors.

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