Raping Hasina

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How my friend led me down a path of Raping someone who trusted me and getting her pregnant

My dear friend Rafiq, whom I’d known from my school years, took me into confidence and told me about his life, thus cementing our friendship that stretched for a long span. Now, how much of it is true and how much not, I can’t say but as a judge of character, I know he’s not the kind of friend or person you would want to be associated with, but I had no problems with him. The rest is up to you, the reader.

Rafiq and his family hailed from the Bihari and Bengali Muslim families, mostly comprising of the people who were direct descendants of families who had either stayed back or fled the post-partition violence in 1947 from East Bengal now known as Bangladesh.

His parents had struggled a lot during the initial years of their move, especially to provide for the family of five. Rafiq was the second youngest among his three siblings. I don’t recall the eldest brother’s name, but the youngest was Abdul, I believe, who was a very cheerful, smart boy.

Rafiq’s parents were Abida, his mom and his father was known to everyone as ‘Komal’ kaka for his craftsmanship with tools that he used to make in the local Bazaar.

Now, the whole family were all settled in Malda, which was the most dominant Muslim area in Rural West Bengal and quite content over there. Keeping away from the most orthodoxical sects of the area, Komal kaka had made sure his sons were provided the best of education and had no interruptions, especially by local maulvis who used to constantly pressurize them to make his sons attend the local madrasas.

But Abida, his wife, was not very much lucky as she had to spend a lot of time in the cramped house in their Zilla, which is like a district there and so had to contend with certain traditions that she was not comfortable with but quick to adopt. And it was the only way she would even be allowed inside the local women’s society so she didn’t complain.

I remember Rafiq’s joining day at our school. He had to travel several miles away to where the school was and where I lived, the areas he considered posh and filthy rich. He was seated next to me and I was introduced to, what would become, one of my best friends.

Now, when we were teenagers, I of course understood the feeling of sharing everything with your most close friend but what Rafiq shared with me, made me feel claustrophobic. His stories or antics, that happened in his house and locality left me baffled and at times quite disgusted. But it did leave me in anticipation for more and that even he knew.

Like for instance, he told me about the time he first masturbated. I told him to shut up, as I didn’t want to hear it, instead he continued to tell me the time his own mother caught him doing so.

“Are you serious?” I asked, befuddled.

“Yes, you fool. Don’t you believe what I say to you? I was going to bathe in the local pool with Bhai and Abdul, but I reached quite early there before them. Usually I jump in with my underwear but then I decided not to and completely naked, I began walking towards the pool. Beside us, everyday in the river, there are these washerwomen who come for their work. I saw one girl among them, playing with her female friend and it suddenly made me horny. Like an idiot, I sat down at the edge of the concrete slab from where we jumped in and began to stroke my dick. I don’t know when, but behind me Ammi was coming towards me to tell me something. She saw me masturbating and lost it. She began to cuss me and curse me. Abida goes completely bonkers, you know.”

It was shocking to hear him say about his mother catching him masturbating, like it was nothing. But I left it out and didn’t judge him. At times, I thought of ridding myself of him as my parents didn’t like me to roam around with him, but I didn’t want to leave him yet at the time.

We were now in the midst of joining our respective colleges. Dad wanted me to take up medicine as he had a pharmacy of his own and so I had obliged. Rafiq on the other hand was undecided and I was now with him, waiting and helping him decide what the fuck he wanted to do.

Sitting on Rafiq’s low terraced roof, we could mostly see the distant slums of Malda to our front and to our backs was an impressive lineup of the city. Both sides were pretty shit but seeing the contrast reminded me or us of the parallels of our community.

Rafiq handed me a smoke as he stared into the sight before him, from the packet he’d forced me to buy as it was prohibited in his house and I gladly took it, inhaling once before I coughed softly.

“I’m gonna be a fucking pornstar, that’s what.”

“What did you say?”

“A pornstar, that’s what I’ll be. Or a writer. Of erotic fiction.”

I sniggered. “You will write erotica? With that shit mouth of yours?”

“Abe bhosdike (dirty slang word), I have a dirty enough mind to compensate for it.”

“That you do. But I think it’s time you got real, eh? Look at me.” He didn’t. Just grabbed the cigarette from my hand and jabbed it in his mouth, before taking a puff.

“Shit man, I know you mean well. But I think I’m taking up on the offer, you know. From the matchmaker.”

“What the– you wanna get married now?”

“Look, I suck at studying, man. I tried ok, I fucking did. Didn’t work. No big deal. I make this work out, I’ll start making lakhs. Maybe.. ”
He said looking at me smiling, “Maybe, I’ll even be richer than you.”

“Dream on.”

We got down and waltzed into his lower house. I had been here first when Rafiq had brought me back in our school days. His mom, Abida, took a liking to me so I reciprocate the same. She mostly appeared, covered from head to toe in a black burqa with only her face uncovered. Today was the same. I saw her and greeted her. But when I saw her eyes, they looked moist like she was crying and she hurried off to the kitchen.

Puzzled, I looked at my friend who brushed it off as overacting. After my insisting though, he relented.

“It’s Mousumi Kaki. She’s been here for the past week and Abida is all worked up about it.”

Rafiq had mentioned Mousumi before. She was supposed to be Rafiq’s aunt or something. She and his father had once been married and kept visiting him, after her husband had left her.

‘Mousumi is a slut. Plain and simple’, is what Rafiq had said, when I asked about her. She was a very curvaceous woman, who had birthed enough children for a classroom and had an enormous sex appeal. She was like a bull of a woman, but seductive. She usually sweet talked her way out or used her much sought after pussy, Rafiq said.

I turned to the sound of groans and moaning coming from the common bedroom. I listened closely to it. I thought I recognized Rafiq’s father among the voices shouting. I looked stunned at my friend, who merely shrugged me off and sat down on the sofa, the only piece of furniture in the room.

Rafiq’s house was small. Like really small. It was in a T shape, with the main hall attached to the kitchen and dining area then leading to a narrow corridor, which had a common bathroom and a bedroom on either side. The rooms were also quite small, so the bedroom where the noises were coming from was quite clear.

“Yep. Those two fuck like rabbits when they’re together. All talks of Haram and sin become bullshit when the ‘man of the house’ demands. Making Ammi, bhai and me his fucking slaves, the wily madarchod.”

I just decided to keep my mouth shut for the time being but he wasn’t allowing me to. He nudged me to say something.

“Speak up. I know you’re thinking about what’s going on in there.”

“It’s nothing like that man, but is there a problem between aunty and uncle. Like does your mom not, you know… ”

“Does Abida not satisfy my father you mean? I have no clue. But no man, I mean just look at Ammi, isn’t she desirable enough?”

“Chutiya, that’s your mom we’re talking about.”

“So what? I’m just saying, look, just stop looking at her like my mom and see her as a woman. You don’t like what you see?”

I looked at his mother’s direction in the kitchen. Through the small gaps between the curtains, I could make out the fine structure of her firm ass cheeks and of course I did feel horny thinking about them, while feeling weird for the same.

“Yeah dude. She is definitely… Nice.”

“Nice? Just nice, my ass. I know she’s fucking hot. You do too.”

“Ok I agree. But shit man, it’s your mom.”

“Will it surprise you if I say I lust for her?”

“Actually, no. Knowing the kind of perverse bastard that you are, it isn’t shocking. Much.”

“Yeah you fuck. I know all sons lust for their moms…”

“That’s a lie.”

“Well some of them. But I definitely want to get a shot at Mousumi, man.”

“Really, you have the balls to fuck the woman who’s your father’s mistress?”

“I do. In fact, I’ll make her agree to a threesome with us both.” He laughed.

As evening came by, I left the house. The next day, in my dad’s pharmacy, Hasina and I were the ones working. Hasina was from a Bihari family, who lived in the slums. Her family was poor and she was the sole breadwinner in her family. She had just finished her first year in the government college for medicine where I too was and we were quite close, though her being a Muslim meant our union was not acceptable.

Of course the temptation to just have my way with her was there. Everyday seeing her petite frame, her body covered with the various colors of Salwar she wore, walking into the store made me want to grab her and fuck her. She was roughly five foot one, well laid out perky breasts and quite a tight ass, I guessed for her figure.

Of course when Rafiq saw her for the first time, he was infatuated. He tried to get her number several times but failed so he sought out my help. All I had to do was notify him whenever she turned up to work. The rest he said to leave to himself.

So as I waited after having texted him about her arrival, I began to start a conversation with Hasina.

“Ay, Hasina. Can I talk with you for a minute?”

“Yes?” Her deep brown, pretty eyes fluttered as she turned to me from her desk and I felt myself get hard. She had worn her white dupatta, as her head covering, substituting for a hijab and it made her face look all the more wanting. I literally had to stop myself from drooling.

“You ever suck dick?” Believe me, the courage it took to say this line to her was worth the look she gave me.

“Wh… what? Are you seriously asking me this?” She looked annoyed and startled to say the least. But I persisted.

“Indulge me. Come on. Have you?”

“No and…Why and where is this coming from?” I saw Rafiq eye both sides of the road before crossing and walking towards the shop.

“It was just something I had to ask you.” Not a very satisfactory reply, but it stumped Hasina into silence. Also seeing Rafiq turn up and start to ogle her had managed to shift her attention.

“What do you want?” She asked exasperated.

“Did he ask you something?”


“The guy behind the counter. Your boss.”

“He’s not my…boss.”

“Sure he is. He could get you fired.”

“Please leave. If you aren’t here to buy anything.”

“How about a packet of condoms?”

“Allah, save me! Begone you nasty pervert.”

“Is that how you treat all your customers?” I saw Hasina get up and begin to storm out to the back. Before leaving, she looked at my face which was held back from laughing at the exchange.

“Enjoying this are you?” She didn’t wait for a reply and went off. Rafiq jumped over the counter and walked towards me. Smiling in his awfully multi coloured shirt, tucked into his maroon pants, with a very striking perfume.

“Look, you scared her off. What did you ask her by the way?”

“What you told me to do.”

“You did what…” Rafiq laughed in his usual style with wild energy. “You’re such a maniac and a fool.”

“Is it this way?” He asked me for directions to the store room, where the extra stock of medicines were kept. It was also the place where a makeshift locker was kept for Hasina and it was where Rafiq had decided that we both would take her.

If I was previously undecided or nervous, right now I was shit scared. But not wanting to back off and lose this golden opportunity, I decided to dive in and after closing the shutters to the front and locking it, I walked leading the way to a waiting but most likely unwilling pussy.

Rafiq had done this before, so he knew a lot about what was going to happen next and what would happen after ‘it’ was carried out.
In his words, “Rape isn’t easy. There’s a lot of struggle involved. For Hasina, two will be ‘mwah’. Normally, the boys and I would be in a group of four or five hunks. Picking them from the trash is the clever man attitude so when they complain, its usually someone from the community or a resident of the shanty. So getting caught is not a big problem, unless you pick someone from outside. Hasina is a one in a million chance. I can’t believe she has escaped being broken in so far, but leave that. First, you bhai, need to overcome the fear and nervousness. We won’t get caught. She might even be too embarrassed to say anything and even if she does, remember what I said before. My people. And don’t you go looking weird during the fucking. We’re just partners, so don’t try to kiss me or anything, clear?”

The store room door was ajar and Hasina had her back turned towards us, when we both entered. I left the physical part of restraining her to Rafiq and turned to lock the door. I took my time closing the door as I heard a scuffle break out and muffled screaming from Hasina.

I pulled a metal table before entering, that Dad used to treat certain animals when he was free. I pushed it to the center of the room and turned. It hit Rafiq and he pulled on Hasina’s body, dragging it to the table and pinning her arms above her, tied them using a zip tie thus binding her to the table, leaving her free for use. Her legs and mouth were free from any bindings.

I saw fear in Hasina’s eyes as she looked at me, the sense of betrayal washing over her as she realized what we were about to do to her. But I knew, despite my own rising nausea that I had reached the point of no return and steeled myself.

“You go first. I’m tired from handling the Randi.” Rafiq said as he began to undress himself.

The whole atmosphere seemed surreal yet surprising erotic. I looked at the bound girl in front of me and thought, was this the last free thing I could do, before being caught?

Why wasnt she saying anything? Why wasn’t I able to say anything? I mechanically began to remove my jeans and shirt and soon was naked. Seeing me standing beside her, Hasina broke down and amidst her slow crying, she begged at me. Not to Rafiq. She believed only me to spare her off this ordeal.

“Please…Don’t.” I rose on top off her and she screamed as our bodies made contact. I was stunned. Rafiq came forward and slapped her. Her head whipped sideways and she dared not move.

“Randi, today this is happening. So you better shut your trap and be quiet. And scream only when you’re about to climax.” I felt bitter to be putting her in such a situation, but I still knelt down and leaned on Hasina’s face. She had become stiff and tried to move away.

“Hasina, this will all be over soon. Please, don’t fight this. Not when he’s here. Nod if you understood.” She did. I looked over at Rafiq who had now adopted a serious attitude, wondering whether I was probably having second thoughts. I silenced those thoughts by rubbing my glistening prick on Hasina’s bushy vagina and all three were suprised when a moan emanated from Hasina’s mouth.

Her salwar was lifted up to expose her breasts and her lower garments were completely removed, leaving her naked below her chest. She was breathing heavily.
I was now quite hard and without thinking too much, leaned forward, plunging myself into my hapless victim and taking both of our virginities at the same time.

Hasina screamed again and Rafiq shut her up, by placing his cock on her mouth. I was in ecstasy. This was my first pussy and a virgin at that too. I had felt something slide away as I navigated deeper into Hasina. I laid on top of her, my heavy chest squeezing her soft boobs beneath me and I held her gaze, as she tried to close her eyes. I lovingly, caressed her cheeks as Rafiq moved away unable to get Hasina to do as he pleased.

I felt him watching us making love (or me raping Hasina) and stroke himself. I was holding onto Hasina’s head and with her legs pushed apart fucked her harder, her hips reluctantly accommodating my own thrusting manhood into her. Her face was so close to mine, that I could hear every impassioned gasps from her and then I heard something from her that quite possibly broke me.

“Ammi, ammi….. Ammmiiii…..” she whispered and muttered under her breath. A grown woman crying for her mother in desperation. Then she gasped more and looked at me in shame, tears streaming down her face, but somewhere within her the carnal pleasure had been awoken and she whispered now in a different tone to me.

“Harder.. Harder. Aur zor se….zor se.” I was scared that Rafiq would hear this side of her and do something, so I comforted her by stroking her hair and I saw a gentle smile envelop her tear smeared face. Her legs began to shake and I saw Hasina bite her lips, her hands struggling against her binds, as a orgasm slowly tore through her. I didn’t stop fucking her and instead leaned down to kiss her lips.

She hesitantly accepted mine, taking support from it as her shaking legs stopped moving, she held my hand with her movable fingers through the binds seeking a contact other than my thrusting and throbbing penis inside her belly.

I escaped her hold and rose up, raising Hasina’s body with mine and as she strained to look down at what I was doing to her, I drove harder and deeper into her with a force I didn’t know I possessed. I could feel my energy multiplying as I saw Hasina’s entire body shake, her breasts, her hear, her hips, legs. Her hips were in the air, held by me, her legs supporting her and her upper body on the table, basically allowing her to be fucked in midair. Her inner walls of her pussy were feeling otherworldly on my cock. I saw Rafiq literally panting. He was looking at me and Hasina repeatedly and had stopped masturbating or maybe he had…

“Yaar, where are you from? Where was this all before, huh?” he asked me as I was busy banging away. I didn’t want to come yet, so I slowed dow as I answered my best friend.


“Fuck, I just came after I saw the way you handled her. You literal fucking beast.” I was huffing and puffing, as I completely stopped inside Hasina. She was literally in the same state as me. I pulled a lighter from my back pocket and burned through Hasina’s binding, ignoring Rafiq’s protests.

“She won’t run. I think I made sure of that.” Rafiq was unsure, but when Hasina rubbed her tummy with me lodged inside her, i knew I had her and began to raise her hips. I began to pound her furiously and I saw Hasina lean back on her head, her neck completely lifted above the ground.

I saw Rafiq stand before her extended neck and his jaw fell open, when she opened her mouth and took him. Rafiq’s dick was smaller than mine, I noticed when we had undressed and not to be judgemental, but I think he would have not satiated Hasina the way I had, but I let the thought slide. For now.

I could feel my balls twitch and a knot form in my inners, as I felt incredibly turned on knowing that I was going to blow my load into Hasina and with that I uttered a shout and gently inserted myself deeper into Hasina and lodged myself there as I came inside her with hot streaming spurts of jizz. The intense feeling made me roll my eyes and shudder in pleasure, each ejaculation helping me attain a stronger twitch in my loins, my muscles tensed completely and relaxing.

I felt a series of groans escape from Hasina with every filling I dumped inside her. She continued bobbing her head upside down on Rafiq before removing herself and spitting on the ground. Rafiq had ejaculated inside her. He looked the same as I did, stunned, surprised and incredibly satisfied.

I merely removed myself and looked longingly at Hasina’s dripping cunt, before I moved to Rafiq’s spot and took my position in front of Hasina’s mouth. Hasina submitted without much protest to our further demands. Rafiq turned her over.

“Oh dear. You came inside her? Well, that leaves her ass then.” I saw Hasina’s eyes change from desperation to fear once again as she felt Rafiq descend on her from behind. She screamed loud, an ear piercing one.

“Silence her, will you?”

“Shh, shh, shh….Here.” I bent down and offered her my limp cock. She quickly swallowed it and gagged on my shaft. I bent lower and completely throated her with my cock, as Rafiq began to pound into her ass. I voraciously mouth fucked Hasina, while her ass was getting used to Rafiq’s probing dick. Soon, we both came. Me inside her mouth and Rafiq in her ass and we sat down on the floor, letting Hasina rest on the table.

After a few minutes, I looked at Hasina. She was still lying on her back, her legs raised at the knees and her chest back to normal breathing. Her eyes were closed and she looked to be sleeping. Rafiq had left, after effectively threatening Hasina if she opened her mouth and taking some pictures of her.

I sat mutely, following whatever Rafiq said then after a while, did the same when Hasina began to stand up, struggling to support herself. I watched her dress herself and make her way out of the room. She never turned up for work after that day and neither did the cops. It was like the thing had never happened.

The only thing that served as a reminder was when one evening, when I was about to close the shop, I saw Hasina walk towards the shop. I began to prepare myself for the confrontation, but before I could, I saw the bundle that she was carrying carefully in her arms. It was a child. Her child. She asked me for some medicines and baby formula.

The new assistant, Roopa squealed at the sight of the baby and asked for holding her. The baby was named Zeena, Hasina said to her and as I watched both of them fuss about the baby, I was shaking inside with anxiety and fear. I wanted to know but didn’t dare ask Hasina the obvious question. Hasina sensed my hesitation when I stopped her before she left and looking at Roopa who was equally puzzled.

“Yes. She’s ours.” She said, before smiling and turning away from me.

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