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Raja having wonderful sex with his girl Aarti

Hi all, this is my first story in HumanDigest and I am great fan of this site. I am following this site for more than 4years. I am raja, completed my MBA and recently and working for an MNC in chennai. I am a fair and handsome guy with wheatish white complexion. And this is my first narration of my true story with my girlfriend, with whom I broke up last year.

This story is posted with her consent but with her name changed for privacy purpose. Let’s say her name as Aarti. her stats are 34c-30-36 and the proudest moment was tat I made her boobs size to 36b and her nipples size were also enlarged.. This is little bit long story and it is more like a soft porn.

After this incident, I had many encounters with my office colleague priya and wait for this in the next story. It happened 3 years back.I was doing my B.tech IT from a college in MAngadu, and the girl was my junior. It happened exactly during my 2nd year and the girls was in 1st year. I was he class rep of my batch and I was asked to coordinate the freshers party of my dept along with the seniors

And it all went nice and during the intro, there came my dream girl. She was wearing a tight curvy Black chudi with white salwar and she was the cutest among them with a cutest smile and her rimless specs added to her cuteness. I was instantly attracted to her and since I was compering, it gave me enough chances to play with my dream girl and she was such a girl to die for.

I enquired all the details about her and she was a hostelers. I was fully concentrating only on her and this aroused suspicion among her friends. And right from that day I had a crush on her. And I had a good name among my faculties so, I thought of not getting involved directly. So I told my hostel friend to get her number and somehow I got her number and right from that day, we started to chat and talk.

Then a month passed, I proposed her and she asked me some time to decide and after a week she accepted it. Then we both started roaming and we had our own limits and she was very strict in getting physical. After six long months, we planned to go for and movie and usual. We both went to mayajaal and enjoyed a movie and while returning, we had ample time, so I told her about my home and there would be no one.

At first she refused and I insisted her and she agreed. and upon entering, I went straight to my bedroom and switched on the AC and lied on the bed. She came searching for me and upon entering her, I held her hand and pulled her towards me and she fell over my chest, with her boobs crushing over me.

Trust me guys, thats the wonderful feeling of ur girls boobs crushing over your chest. And Aarti both her boobs and butter very curvy Which were to die for. That was the beginning of our intimate days. I started kissing her and then she responded and it went on for 10 mins and I rolled my hand towards her boobs and she guessed my move and held my hand back and after sometime,

we both grew horny and we started to roll over the bed and I started fondling her boobs over her dress and she started moaning and I found it as the right time to make a move. I started kneading her butts like a dough and it further increased our horniness. And after sometime, I broke the kiss and stood to remove my shirt and pant. And I told her to remove hers.

She resisted first, but I started fondling her boobs and pussy over her pants again and it made her horny and she and agreed to remove hers. I removed her chudi and nd greed nd there she was with her netted pink bra, with her untouched boobs waiting for a manly touch. I started pressing and lock her boobs over her bra and she was moaning and pushing my head into her boobs.

And I sensed her horniness and removed her bra. There she was, half naked with her curvy, not so shaggy boobs with light brown inviting nipples. I became mad like a child seeing an candy. And first began to press it lightly and nipples grew sharper and asked her why it happens. She blushed and started kissing me.

I kept both my hands over her boobs and it was a dream come true. It was so soft like an atta dough and my hands started to shiver and my heart beats increased and was pressing it and the with her case. I told her to sit over my legs and started pressing her bare boobs and licking and sucking one by one for more than 20 mins. It went on like that for another few mins.

Then I asked her to remove her pant, and I insisted her. But she told strict NO. Then I thought of not speeding up and told okie. And after this incident, our chatting went one step further. We started speaking about porn, intercourse and I gave her some porn films to watch and some COUPLE stories from HumanDigest. She liked those and our relationship became very intimate.

And a day came where my parents were out of town for a week and I said her about this and told her to come to my home and stay with me. Since she was a hosteler, there was no problem. We sneaked into our flat secretly. And upon entering, I started kissing her and I sat on the sofa and made her sit over me with her legs tied around my hips.

And started kissing, kneading and removed her salwar and started licking and sucking. Then I told her to remove her pant. This time she agreed and I removed hers and she was wearing a blue panty. Then I removed it.there was her love hole with bush around it.

I told her to have her pussy clean shaved. She told me to do it. So we went into the western style bathroom and made her sit over there and spread her legs and there was her pussy with her leaks all over hairy bush. Then I started to rub her clit which was hiding inside the forest.

The moment I touched her clit, she gave a jerk and held my head tightly and I increased my force by pressing her clit and she started giving out louder moans. And after a minute, I removed my finger and applied a shaving foam and cleaned the area.

While cleaning it with hand shower, I increased the speed of the water and it was pouring at full speed and she started to moan again and I told her to finger her clit and she told NO. But I held her two Fingers and taught her and she started to enjoy and I removed her and made her licking her leak for the first time and did the same again and I licked her fingers the second time.

It tasted good And I told her to spread her legs wider and I pulled her to the edge of the basin and put her legs around my shoulder and I took my face near her love hole to lick it. I started to lick her from the lower end to upper end and she gave a wild jerk and she started moaning and she was shaking continuously and I spread her pussy lips and found her love hole and inserted my finger

and she jumped in ecstasy and held my head tightly and she pushed me deep inside her love hole. I again started to lick and finger her simultaneously and her moanings were very high that time and after ten mins, she gave out a huge load a cum like a spray from the canister. I have seen like that in many pornos, but I experienced it for the first time.

Her body was trembling and I licked her clean and she was fully tired. And we both took bath over there. And I applied soap all over her body and once again fingered her till she leaked again. That’s all for this session and will post the remaining stream encounter with my Aarti in the near future.. waiting for your feedback.

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