Raj enjoying first kiss and first sex with Simran

Hi readers. I am going to tell you a real life incident which had happened with me on my results of 12th standard. I had aced in my school with 98% and my dad had thrown a party for that at our bungalow.

Many guests and dad’s friends had arrived at party, dad raised a toast on my name and everybody congratulated me for my grades but too be frank I wasn’t enjoying party,my friends were not present in party all were out in the lawn playing pranks on each other and I was really bored so rather staying down I preferred to go in my room and read a book.

As I was heading upstairs, mom shouted from behind,”Where are you going Raj?”. “In my room mom”. “But…”, she was about to say and suddenly I interfered her saying,”I will come back when the DJ will start!”. I didn’t looked back and simply headed to my room. I picked up a random novel and started reading it

Actually I was a sort of loner in class and didn’t had much friends. I was most of time lost in my books and video games so most if the girls considered me a geek. As for my rest of the friends they all had girlfriends and even they had sex. I felt a bit jealous of them but I couldn’t do anything. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Before I could say anything the person outside opened the door and barged in.

”Remember me?”,The girl said who had barged in my room. “No”, I replied bluntly. ” What!?”, she shouted. “Don’t you remember her?”, mom said from behind of that girl. ” I was just kidding. You are Simran from my native place right?”, I said smiling. And Simran had a big smile on her face. “I am glad that you remembered me”. ”

She came all the way from native place to congratulate you Raj!”, mom squeaked from behind. Suddenly Simran’s parents came in. They both congratulated me for my good grades and gave me presents. Even simran’s little brother gave me a present box. But Simran was standing in corner of my room holding something behind her.


After a bit of talk as uncle and aunt were leaving(her brother already left with my brother to play PS3), they asked Sim if she wanted to come down but she said that she will come afterwards as she wanted to chat with me a bit. And the parents left off.

Sim came and stood in front of me. She was wearing a Black T shirt and a black skirt. She really had got huge boobs as compared to her age. She was really fair looking and and had long hair up to waist. She gave me a letter which she had been hiding all the time behind her back. “What is it?”. ” Just open it Raj!”, she said.

I opened it and inside was a small paper on it, it was written: 1. Close your eyes 2. Don’t move from your place 3. Don’t do any thing but sit calmly. I smiled nervously and said,”What do you want?” “Just do it!”, she replied with devilish look on her face. I was helpless so I simply closed my eyes. But I could hear her. I heard noise like curtains were closed then my room latched from inside.

I could hear it because the AC was on and fan off. Suddenly I felt warm breath near my nose and I felt like something was pressed against my lips. I opened my eyes and saw that I was having my first kiss with her. But it felt like her tongue was pushing my teeth so I opened my mouth a bit and after that I rolled my tongue over with her tongue and it really felt awesome!

As if I had reached on top of world. We broke the kiss after almost 5 minutes with a slight trail of saliva between our lips. I was speechless. But still I said,” why?” I looked at her, her face was completely red. She took a deep breath and said,”its only because I love you.” I felt my cheeks heated up. A girl had confessed me her feelings!!! “I loved you since we were young.”

she continued,” Do you love me too Raj?” ” Yes”,I said. She smiled and really looked happy. “Thanks for the gift, Sim.”, I said. She got angry and pushed down on my bed and and shouted,” That wasn’t your gift idiot!” I was confused. “Then what is it? ” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her Boobs and made me press them. I started feeling strange.


“what do you intend to do Simran!” She came closer to me and said, “I gift you my virginity.” My face must have been as red as apple by now, cause she was asking for sex! “I only want to do it with you. You are my first love.”she said.I could see the true feelings in her eyes.

So I pulled her towards me and kissed her more passionately. I hold her back and I also grabbed her ass. She looked astonished by my such movement. I bend towards her and said,” Let’s do it.” She looked happy.She raised her arms and simultaneously I removed her t shirt. She had wore a black D cup sized bra and it looked like her boobs were trapped behind it.

She told me to remove her bra and as I was removing the hooks she dropped her skirt. She was wearing a hot black panty. I had already got a boner by looking at her tits, she had round firm balls with pink nipples. Within a second I started licking her nipple and squeezing her other boob. She was giving alight pleasure moans. ” Ya… Aah… Suck it baby…… Ooooo….” It really turned me on.

She started to lift my t shirt so I stopped playing with her boobs and raised my arms and helped her remove my t shirt. As I removed my t shirt she whistled and said,”Aha ! You got quite a physique! “. ” Daily workout madam and healthy food.”, I replied(60 pull ups, 70 push ups and 50 crunches daily is enough to make a good body). She laughed.

Then she went and removed my belt and pulled my jeans down with underwear. She was shocked to see my 16 cm long rod. ” its big than what I had expected in my dreams”, she blurted out. I laughed a bit. After that I laid her on my bed and got on her top. I kissed her several times on her face and lip locked her. “Take your gift Raj. Fuck me now”, she said coyly.

Without thinking of anything, I removed her panty which had got wet by now and saw the gateway to heaven. Her pussy was clean shaved and was like pink slit. I slowly inserted my rod in her and she gave a loud moan(not too loud.) The DJ had started so it was covering up our noises. Taking advantage of it I started fucking her with more speed.


My strokes kept on increasing and her moans were getting deep and filled with pleasures. I kept on fucking her for around 25 minutes more and finally I wasn’t able to control myself and I shouted, ” I am gonna blow!”. “Do it inside me Raj!!!!, she shouted back on me. And finally I cummed inside her. I let out a whole load of myself inside her.

Despite of ac on, we were sweating like hell. I removed my rod and kissed her once more. And we started to dress up. While dressing it strikes me and I shouted,” We haven’t used protection!!!!”. She smiled and said,” Don’t worry darling. Today is my safe day. I won’t get pregnant because of this.” I gave a breathe of relief.

After dressing up completely, we both kissed each other once and headed downstairs. We both danced and had a lot of fun together. We chatted for hour and were holding hands all the time. When mom asked me what we both were doing I said we were talking about our futures. Mom did not minded it. As party ended…

My and Simran’s parents were discussing something. “What are you planning about?”, I asked them. My dad smiled at me and said,” Well I and your uncle were planning about a holiday trip.”. “A holiday trip to ?” “To Goa ”, aunt said.”

We both families will be going there together and staying at uncle’s bungalow there.”,mom said. I felt over joyed cause I was going on a holiday trip with NY girlfriend. We both looked at each other and smiled

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