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Rahul Gigolo having sex with Bhabhi

My name is Rahul and I’m from Ahmadabad. I’m new to HumanDigest. Recently I came to know about it and I became big fan of this blog. Now let me start with my story. Its about fulfilling my fantasy for real.

I always fantasize about having sex with young bhabhis but being a was afraid of asking any of them. Finally I found a way to enjoy with them by becoming a gigolo. I knew the pickup points in the city and hence I went there wearing red t-shirt (usually that is the signal for being Gigolo). I waited there for about two hours but no-one came and then I thought its just a myth about the pickup points.

And suddenly a black sedan came through the main road. I couldn’t see the face of the driver But the car came in front of me and stopped. Automatic window slides down so I went closer and there was a beautiful lady, probably in her thirty’s. She asked me in a melodious voice, “Are here to have fun?” I was dumbstruck, and just nodded to her.

She waved me to get in the car and without any clarification I just got inside. I still couldn’t believe that I was sitting beside a Sexy lady whom I’m about to fuck like hell. She introduced herself as Ankita. Then I also tried to break the ice and introduced myself. She was wearing deep neck black top and blue jeans. She was as fair as milk.

I was already aroused by the mere thought of squeezing her 34D boobs. She was damn gorgeous And her voice was also charming. We drove to a bungalow which I figured that it might be hers. Ankita said, “I hope u r comfortable with me.” I said,”Who is gonna say no to a Sexy lady!” And with that I was already flirting with her.

We reached her place and all the servants seemed to be on holiday. When she was opening the door, I had a chance to look at her figure, she was perfect with 30 waist and round ass. She caught me staring at her ass but didn’t said anything, just gave me a devil smile. We went inside, she asked me if I was hungry. I said, a bit.

She had a bar in the basement along with the home theatre. She poured down wine in two glasses and offered me another.Wine was exotic. We had two glasses and then I asked, “You have a great place here. Do you stay alone? ” Ankita casually said,” No, I’m married to a workaholic person who stays out of country for half of the time, if that’s what you are worried about!!”

”I was just curious, why such a hot Sexy lady wants it this way?” “No strings are attached this way and I’m faithful to him. This is just a treat for myself nothing serious.” I moved close towards her and whispered, “Then u have chosen the right person. I’m going to treat you like my Queen.” Ankita moved closer and sensually kept her hand on my chest, “I want you to be my cowboy and make me ur slave.”

Crunching my collar and bringing her lips towards mine, wildness taking over in her voice, “Show me what you have got.” I pulled her towards me from her waist. Now her soft boobs were being pressed against my chest. I looked at her juicy red lips and said, ” I’m gonna dry u out.” She couldn’t control more and touched my lips slowly. I responded to that and started kissing her.

She was getting wild, her hands over my neck and another grooming my hair. My hands were now on her boobs, squeezing them hard. Kissing slowly turned into eating each other with our tongues exploring another’s mouth. I put my hands inside her top and bra and started playing with her boobs.

She was trying to remove my short and her hands moving on my back. I was doing French kiss with a Sexy bhabhi in her cosy home theatre, what else do I needed? I started removing her bra within her top and was tipping her nipples which gave her little current and she gave a mourn” Ahhh” now I removed her top and unzipped her pants.

Her boobs were perfect round milky and pink nipples, I thought she should be awarded with “Perfect Boobs” award. Her hand was already scrolling over my pants. She put her hand inside my pant and caught the devil. That gave me new feeling as I was still a virgin.

I started going down on her sexy boobs. And then her belly, kissing her inner thighs. Teasing her,i didn’t touched her lower pink lips. She pleaded, please suck me rahul. I agreed and started licking her pink lips. My hands on her soft ass. I started kissing it and then sucking those petals. I moved my tongue inside her pussy and he caught my head in between her legs.

Ahhhh yesss, it feels good baby!! I was eating her pussy and she was making noises- Hmmmmm AHHHHHH BABY!! I started squeezing her boobs and nipples. She was about to cum with my tongue tornado. Her face was red and she was shouting AHHHHH OHHH YESSSS OHH RAHULLLL!! She almost squirted.

Then she kissed me and tasted her cum. She was now going down on me, removing my pants, she kissed my dick and then started sucking like lollipop. She was having fun with my dick and I was holding her burgundy long hair while she worked down there. She was very good and I was like ahhh honey suck my juices. She sucked the very last drop and gulped it.

We started french kiss and I left her in my arms taking her to her bedroom which was beside this theatre. Ankita said,Give me your meat inside me baby!! Love me baby!! I was again aroused by kissing and sucking her greats milky boobs.

She sucked my dick for a while and the laid on the king-size bed spreading her legs for me. I was standing with my dick on her pussy and I again teased her and she said, I’ve already ran out of patience, please fuck me harder. I want to… I jerked my whole dick into her juicy pussy and she shouted AHHHHHHHHHH. I then started pounding her deeper and faster.

She started mourning ohhh yeaa baby!! OHHHHHH YESSSSS OHHH RAHUL! FUCKKKKKKK AHHHHHHH!! She was about to come. I kept the pace and stroked deeper inside her, squeezing her boobs harder. She came inside and then we changed the position.

I took her from behind with her one leg over my shoulder and kissing her I started fucking her tight wet pussy. I increased my pace and kissed her, tears started rolling out of pleasure when I stroked deeper and harder. Her face was red and shouting AHHHHHHHH OOOHHHHHHH RAHUL YESSS MORR YESSSSS YEAAAAHHHHH AHHHA OH YEAS AHAHA AHAAHAHA AHA HA AHA HA AH.

Even I was about to cum, she said cum inside me. And we both came together. It was suvj a great experience. We caressed each other and again we explored each other’s mouth. She said, I never had such a great pleasure.

When I was about to leave she gave me an envelope which had 20k. I refused then she said that she wont be able to call me again if I wont take the money. So I took 10000 and gave her my number. I often get a call from her and we have fun with different experiment.

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