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Quiet Weekend

This is a first part of ??. There will be a second part.

This past week was not good. My wife spent three days in the hospital because of her diabetes. Seems that for some reason, she couldn’t control it. She went, what they call brittle. Normally, she was always in control and even if it went low, she would know, and we gave her sugar.

They couldn’t figure out why she suddenly went brittle, but her sugar doc, as we like to call her endocrinologist, adjusted her injections and changed one of her insulins and that seemed to bring her back.

We were lounging on the deck having a welcome home drink. We were talking about what to do this weekend.

“No, I want to do something, but I don’t feel like partying or even being around a group of people. What do you say about just the two of us going up to Newport? I could go for a quiet weekend with just you and me.”

I thought about that. The more I thought about it, the more appealing it sounded.

“You know, you’re right. I don’t think we’ve had a weekend with just the two of us all summer. I haven’t had a chance to enjoy you alone in a long time.”

So, we kissed on it. Terry said that she would take care of stocking the boat with food, and I was in charge of the liquor. We also agreed that if anybody called and hinted that they wanted to get together with us that we would be out of town for the weekend.

Friday afternoon rolled around and when I got home from work, she had everything packed and at the door.

“I think I thought of everything. I have enough food to last us a week if we get so inclined to stay out. I also packed some… toys, in case we decided to play a little.”

I changed into shorts and a tee, packed the car, and off to the boat we went. On the way there, her phone went off twice… but she didn’t answer it.

“You know that they only want an invitation to spend time on the boat.”

She moved over closer to me and reached out to push her hand under the leg of my shorts.

“Oh my! You don’t have any undies on?”

“Since when do I wear underwear.”

“When was your last doctor’s appointment?”


“Would my husband allow me to suck his cock?”

“I would, but not now. When we get to the boat and ready to go, I’m yours.”

We got to the club and I signed the log about what our plans were. It took us over an hour to load and put away the food and booze. I checked the boat for the last time and we were ready to go.

The engines were warming up and I was sitting at the bar having a beer when Terry came out from our cabin. She blew my mind.

She had on a bikini, or so I thought from afar, but when she walked to me, I saw that it was nothing more than two pasties for her tits and the one that covered her pussy was a triangle that looked like plastic.

“Ah, what is that covering your pussy?”

She giggled and hen said. “That’s my new toy. Your gonna love it. it’s a remote control vibrator.”

She suddenly squatted down a little and pulled it out of her pussy. It was a flexible dildo about six inches long with a bulb at the end to hold it in. there was a triangular piece that came up to cover her front. It was very light.

“See, you put this in your pussy… oh, shit… and when it’s fully inside… oh crap, it’s ready to go. The front has a little nub that rubs against my clit. The best part is that you can control it with your phone. Just download the app. And you’re ready. I took the liberty to install the app when you napped yesterday.”

I told her that the engines sounded fine and I was going to shove off. I untied the boat and ran up to the upper helm. This is where you like having someone to help you. it was a good thing that there was no wind and slack tide.

I backed out of our slip and slowly made way for the bay and the one-hour trip up to Newport. I just cleared the club and into wider water when I saw Terry come out and lay on a lounge chair. She also had a rather large glass of wine.

One thing about Terry and wine. She will not only get woozy, along with getting horny, but I never know what sexual flavor she will want. That just means sometimes she’s in the mood for certain things. We shall see.

I got past a couple of boats and looked down. She was laying on her stomach but had one of her arms underneath her. It looked like she was playing with herself. Then I remembered the vibrator.

I picked up my phone, looked for the new app, and opened it. It was quite easy to figure out so I flip the switch and started on low. I looked quickly outside to see her lift her ass off the deck. She lifted her head to look up at me. I smiled and waved to her. In appreciation, she gave me the finger.

So I turned up the heat. Now she was really going at it. On her side in the fetal position shaking with both hands between her legs. Then she turned over to the other side. I backed off a little, and she relaxed.

Now I don’t understand that if she was having a problem just take the damn thing out. I guess it wasn’t that much of a problem.

 I let it go as I headed up the Bay. We were getting close to Newport. I looked down to see her napping. I was going to go down to wake her up but then I thought of the vibrator.

 I figured if I’m going to wake her up, I’ll wake her up. I hit blast off. And that’s exactly what she did. She must have come off the chair a  foot… I was in trouble.

She yelled up at me, “You having fun at my expense?”

“Well, you showed me how it worked, besides, if you didn’t like it just take the damn thing out.”

She didn’t have a comeback for that one, so she just got up and left. I had to yell down two her about making sure the lines were set. Another finger.

We made it in with nobody getting hurt. Terry did make quite an impression when she had to get out on the dock to tie the boat. I think she forgot what she was wearing, or not wearing.

She was getting whistled at, and I was getting… the finger. She told me she was smiling all the time she did it. Yeah, right.

“Would you be a dear, and get me a glass of wine while I take a shower?”

“Of course my love. Anything else you would like?”

“Yes dear, but not right now. I’m saving it all for later.”

I brought her in her wine. She always has a glass when she takes a shower, in the shower. As soon as I pulled back the curtain, she pulled down my shorts in one quick stroke. She was already on her knees so all she needed to do was grab my ass, pull me to her, take me into her talented mouth, and suck.

My wife has a very talented mouth. Now I’m not bragging, but in the practicing of our lifestyle, my cock has been in quite a few mouths. Terry is still number one in my book. I love to look down and see her looking back at me while she takes me deep.

She took me out of her mouth just long enough to say, “Don’t get a big head, except for this one down here. I owed you one from this morning.”

Then she took me back in to continue her work. She works hard. She looked so erotic with the water raining down on her back.

“Ah, don’t hold back, please. The water is getting fucking cold.”

Did I say erotic? Oh, well. It wasn’t long before that feeling came. She had one hand on my balls, so she knew they were retracted and ready. But then she surprised the hell out of me.

She quickly reached between my ass cheeks and shoved a soapy finger in my asshole. She didn’t even have time to find my prostate before I was shooting in her mouth. She did find it before I finished, but that just made it last longer.

She kicked me out, finished her shower, and went to do the rest of her finishing act. I proceeded to jump in the shower. Cold shower. I quickly did my thing and got out. Pants, shirt, shoes and ready. So I retired to the bar for a beer.

I took my beer out on the deck To watch the people. Tourist season in Newport is for people watching. Terry loves to do it. She’ll sit there and point someone out. Then she’ll tell you that person’s life story. Now, I have no way of knowing if she’s right, or if she’s wrong. But I know it’s fun listening to her.

I think I was dozing when she tapped me on the shoulder.

“Wake up. Time to go have dinner.”

I opened my eyes to see a different person. oh, it was the same person, just in a different wrapping.

Her hair was done up. She never wears her hair up. A little extra makeup. She never uses it unless absolutely necessary.

New dress. A halter dress that shows her slim waist. Tight in the hips then flares a little. short, quite short.

The top was just two strips of material that tied in the back of her neck. Her beautiful tits were mostly open on the sides and it dipped almost to her waist in front. Quite revealing.

It was light blue and you could plainly see her dark areola. I couldn’t see how her nipples would be anything but hard with the ocean breeze blowing gently.

Black stockings which I assume were thigh highs. Of course, she didn’t have her high heels on yet so she was barefoot.

“I’m going to take it that you’re not wearing any underwear, correct?”

“You would be correct. I’m in a horny, exhibitionist mood.”

“So tonight I’m going out with a horny flasher, oh goody.”

“What do you mean oh goody, you love when I show myself off. Even if it does mean sometimes it ends up as a threesome.”

“It sounds like you wouldn’t mind if it happened again.”

“You never know. Now let’s get going I’m hungry.”

I made a reservation at the Islander. When we got there the place was packed with a line out the door. It was a damn good thing I made the reservation. We still sat down about a half-hour late.

We had our usual two-pound lobster. There’s nothing like a fresh lobster in the summer. When we finished dinner, we were lucky enough to catch a couple of seats at the outside bar, so we figured we’d have a drink and just relax. Without all our close friends. That’s exactly what we did.

After about an hour, “I’m going to stand up and kiss you. I want you to look over my shoulder at the girl sitting at the table. The one in the white dress. critique her.”

So that’s what she did. I saw the girl, more like a model. She was with another girl, and being harassed by men she didn’t want to know. Terry sat back down.

“So what do you think? Wait, let me tell you first. She’s been staring at me ever since we’ve got here. Not to mention the fact she’s also been flashing me her bald pussy.”

“You don’t need me to tell you anything. You just told it all to yourself. Yes, I saw her bald pussy. And if she’s looking at you like that, then she wants you as much as all those guys want her.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure. I’m going to the lady’s room. If you’re right she’ll follow me.”

“Here’s a question. Do you want her to follow you?”

I didn’t get an answer. She just turned and walked away. Strange mood. The girl in white didn’t take more than 30 seconds to get up and follow her. Well, my wife has a stalker. I wish I was a fly on the wall in there.

Then about thirty minutes later, they came back arm in arm and laughing up a storm. So much for the mystery.

“Chuck, I want you to meet a girl that was my best enemy in high school. This is Mary. We started out as rivals, and ended up as close friends before college took us apart.”

We shook hands, and then she pulled me in for a kiss. Not bad for a stranger. So we joined Mary at her table. She introduced us to the other girl Linda. There was something about her. She was cute, and I had the thought that if she had on what my wife did, what she would look like. I felt a twinge in my shorts.  She was also one of the few that were wearing slacks and not shorts. A button-down shirt that looked like it was a man’s, which made her look very conservative.

So it seems that Mary is a model. Currently in New York working for some of the best designers. Back here for the weekend. Now of course you know what’s coming next. An invitation to the boat.

I opened the slider to the main salon and we sat at the bar. I fixed drinks for all and I was standing behind it when Mary and Terry got up and went in to sit on the couch.

That left me with Linda. She was quiet and shy. Hard to read with the bulky shirt and pants. I had to guess but thought that she had a body to look at and a face to die for. I wanted to find out.

“Are you a friend of Mary’s, or do you work for her?”

“Both. I help her when she’s working, and I Keep the appt. clean. We’re also very close friends.”

“Does close friends mean lovers?”

“Ah, yes, we’re lovers. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all. I would love to be a fly on the wall, that’s all. If I may ask… are you bi or lesbian?”

She laughed, “No, I’m bi. It’s just that when you’re with Mary, the men don’t even look at me.”

“Well, I am. I would love to see what you look like dressed more like Mary instead of those clothes you have on now.”

Then Terry came out of the cabin looking a little worse for wear. She came up to me and told Linda that Mary wanted to talk to her. When Linda left.

“I want to ask you for a big favor.”

“Sure, hun. What is it?”

“I would like to be alone with Mary for the night. I just want to be with her right now. Sometimes I miss talking to another woman.”

“Baby, you just do what you have to. After what you went through, I want you to enjoy yourself. I won’t be far away if you need anything.”

“Oh, we didn’t forget you. Mary is talking to Linda right now about taking care of you. Are you alright with that?

“You think I would argue?”

“I didn’t think so, but I had to ask. The four of us are going for dinner and then we’ll see what happens.”

“That sounds like a good plan to me. You don’t mind me being with Linda for the night?”

“I know we won’t be in the same room, but we’ll be in the same boat, so everything is fine with me. Now let me go get ready for dinner. I’m so excited and thank you for understanding. I love you so much.”

For the next hour and then some, I listened to three girls giggling non-stop. I couldn’t understand how they could get ready with all that going on.

Then Terry stuck her head out the door, “Five more minutes, and then we’ll need to pass your inspection.”

The longest five minutes turned in the longest twenty, but Terry asked me if I was ready. so they walked out one by one. Let me see if I can describe them.

Terry was first wearing a “little black dress” and I knew she had on nothing but that and thigh-highs. Cut low in front and back and high enough to see lace.

Mary was next wearing a tight navy skirt with slits up both sides almost to her waist. No stockings. A sleeveless white blouse that buttoned down the front. You could clearly see through it. I couldn’t get enough of her long legs.

Linda, Linda, Linda… this was not the Linda that I was just talking to. First, I have to describe her body to you. About five-eight and slim. She didn’t look this slim in baggy’s. Medium size tits and looonnnggg legs. I have never seen a dress like she was wearing. Pleated skirt up to a tight waist.

The top was so deceiving. Look at it from the front and it was a dress with a low V in front. Nice belly button. Thin straps over the shoulders. It was the back, or lack of that got me. the straps went over her shoulders and straight down her back to just below her waist. This was on both sides. The result was a completely bare back from shoulder to shoulder and down to below her waist. You couldn’t help but notice that her skin was flawless. Fantastic!

She topped it off with smoke thigh-highs. she also did her hair and had just enough makeup to let her natural beauty show through. She was a vision.

Terry walked up to me, “Pull your tongue in and close your mouth. She’s a beauty isn’t she?”

“You all are. I hope you don’t mind me tagging along with a massive hardon.”

“Well, I don’t think that problem will last long. Seeing as you get to have me whenever you want, Mary and Linda are going to flip for who relieves the pressure you’re under.”

I couldn’t even open my mouth to say anything. She took a quarter out of the tip glass we have on the bar.

“Alright, I’m going to flip, and while it’s in the air, I want Mary to call it.”

Terry tossed it, Mary called it, and Linda won it. I looked at Linda to see her smiling ear to ear.

“Come around and sit right here.” She poked the seat of a bar stool.

When I sat down, Linda came between my legs. She was blushing. As she started to undo my shorts, Terry came and stood on one side, while Mary stood on the other.

“Ah, what’s this. Do I need an audience?”

They had their hands on my thighs. When Linda reached in and pulled out my hard cock, “Oh, my. Your cock is so beautiful. I’m going to love this.”

With three heads so close to my cock, it was hard to concentrate. Linda slowly lowered her head, opened her mouth, and took me in. When she applied pressure and suction, I knew she was good at sucking cock.

“Fuck! Oh, Christ! I’m not gonna last long at this rate.”

Both the girls giggled and I wondered what was so funny. I had my eyes closed but open them. I had to see what Linda was doing and to have visual stimuli from the other two. They certainly were stimulating.

I was looking down watching Linda work my cock with both her mouth and hand when the two girls leaned across me to kiss. They were no more than six inches away from my head, and I watched as their tongues danced with each other.

I put a hand behind each head. “Damn, that’s so fucking hot.”

When they parted ways, I felt and saw my whole cock disappear in Linda’s mouth. That’s when I lost it.

I told Linda that I was coming. I didn’t know her frame of mind when it came to swallowing. That didn’t faze her. I came what felt like buckets and she handled it all.

“My God, that was fantastic. You’re going to have to give me a minute. If I stood up now, I’d probably faint.”

I finished my beer as the girls straightened up a little. We left the boat and headed for the restaurant. Luck was on our side and we got a table right away. It was outside under the stars.

The girls were talking amongst themselves and it gave me some time to think. I was so fortunate to meet Terry and to be in the position I’m in now. Most men only dream of what I’ve already done.

“Ah, earth to Chuck? Come on down. There is intelligent life on earth.”

We went on to have a wonderful dinner. We even stayed after the band started. Now I’m not much of a dancer but I certainly enjoyed watching Mary and my wife. So did every other man on the dock.

Linda for the most part sat right next to me. I had my arm around her and she had her hand on my thigh very close to my cock. She did get up to dance with Terry and that gave me a chance to take a look at her. She was very similar to my wife. It was no wonder why I took to her.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the boat. I could see that the wine was getting to the girls as they had to remove their heels. I also had to help them on the boat.

They all asked for drinks at the same time, so I proceeded to play bartender. We retired over to where the couch and chair were. I sat in the chair while Mary and Terry sat on the couch.

Linda waited until I sat down and then came over and planted herself on my lap.

Mary said, “Do you have anything exciting that you can play on the TV?”

My wife said, “Chuck, the remote’s in the drawer next to you. Just push play.”

When I did, a scene with two girls and one guy came on. It came on in the middle of the scene and everyone was going at it pretty good. Two girls and one guy. How does she do it? I looked over at Terry and all I got was a shrug of her shoulders.

The movie was exciting until Mary and Terry got going. Watching a live scene was more exciting than the TV.

I asked Linda, “You don’t mind me watching, do you?”

“No, they make a beautiful couple. I hope I can get some time with Terry, Mary tells me that she really knows how to eat pussy.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that she can suck a mean cock. Do you want to join them? I’ll watch.”

She took my cock out of my shorts and squeezed it, “Oh, no. I don’t get one of these every day, and not one like this. If you don’t mind, I’d like to take advantage of it.”

“Linda? You can take me anywhere you’d like.”

She turned her head and gave me an instant hardon kiss. Breaking the kiss she asked, “I have a request if you don’t mind.”

“No, no. what is it?”

Before she asked me, she leaned down and took me in her mouth. she sucked hard for a few seconds before giving it a kiss right on the end.

“Can we make love… outside?”

I had to think before I said anything. It was three in the morning and all the bars and restaurants were closed. I couldn’t hear any voices on the dock.

Then I thought. She said, make love and not fuck.

“I think we can use the stern deck. Let’s go for it.”

She smiled at me, threw her arms around me, and squeezed me hard.

“Oh, thank you, thank you!”

We got up and before we were at the slider, we were naked except for her stockings. The last image I saw was the girls locked in a sixty-nine. I will never get tired of seeing Terry like this or the sounds of two very wet pussy’s being sucked with passion.

I put two lounge chair cushions on the deck next to each other and when they hit the deck, she was right behind. She didn’t give me a chance to tell her that the cushions were a little damp from the mist in the air.

“SHIT! It’s fucking cold!!”

I had to laugh out loud. A sudden mood changer for sure but she took it in stride and patted the cushion.

“I’m not getting on that wet cushion.”

“Get your cute ass down here, it’s not that bad. It’s just the sudden shock.”

I said fuck it and plopped down. she was right and I echoed her comment.

I settled down on my back and she tucked herself right up to me. I had my arm around her and she was on her side with her head on my chest. She was lightly running her fingers over my now steel-hard cock.

We stayed like that for a few minutes.

“Look at all the stars. You don’t get to see them in the city. They’re beautiful.”

I gave her a squeeze but didn’t say anything. then she lifted her head.

“Would it be alright if I…”

I interrupted her, “NO!”

She just stopped and looked at me.

“Let’s get something straight. You don’t have to ask me to do anything. just do what you want. As long as I wake up with my cock still attached to my body, and not bleeding anywhere. I’m alright with anything you want to do.”

Her face went from one of fear to a giant smile. Then she started moving.

She got up on her knees between my wide-spread legs and looking up at me, took my hard cock in both hands.

“I’m going to suck this beautiful cock until you cum in my mouth. then I’m going to suck you hard again. When your hard, I want you to fuck me anyway and anywhere you want.”

What am I supposed to say to that? Now, my wife is the best at sucking cock, but Linda cums in a close second. She knew her way around a cock. The combination of mouth and hand had me on the brink in short order.

She licked me all over before sucking me in. a few short strokes, and then she slowly sank down until it hit the back of her mouth. She adjusted and then it was nose to pelvis.

She held me in her throat and I wondered how she was breathing. The feeling was even more intense than a tight asshole.

Then with a pop, she let my cock plop on my belly and started crawling up my body. She was kissing me all over until she reached my nipple. Then she sucked. I don’t usually like my nipples being touched, but Linda did something that felt different. Problem is that I can’t pinpoint what it was.

She left my nipple and continued to my neck where she gave me hickeys. Then to my mouth. She can kiss with the best of them. I didn’t want it to end, but she pulled away about an inch and said,

“I’m going to sit on your cock until all of it is in me. then I’m going to ride you like I was in the Kentucky Derby.

Without using her hands she seemed to know just where my cock was and slid back and right onto me. once she had me inside a little, she pushed off my chest and sat up.

I looked down between us to see my cock three-quarters in her. when I looked up into her face, she smiled and slowly sat down. I watched as she closed her eyes and moaned loudly,

“Oh, fuck. That’s wonderful. I’m full of cock.”

And then she broke out of the gate. She was slamming down on me and I thought my hips were going to break.

Her eyes were still closed but the look on her face was like she was on the home stretch and behind by a nose. Either she was trying awful hard to cum, or she was cumming.

I was wrong. when she came she grabbed my chest with her nails and I bled. Her body stiffened and she stopped breathing. I have never seen a woman cum so intensely.

It was like she held all her emotions in. nothing got out. Her face got red. Then she just collapsed on top of my chest.

We lie there with my now soft cock still in her. After a few minutes, she started to move her hips. Then she stopped and did something I’ve only felt once before.

She started to masturbate me with her pussy. She was using the muscles of her pussy to clamp down on me. We didn’t move, it was just her and it didn’t take long before I was starting to harden.

“That feels so fucking good.”

She put a finger to my lips, “Shhh, don’t speak. You didn’t cum yet, right?”

I nodded my head no.

“Good, then I’m going to let you have the last part of my plan. You can fuck me anywhere you want and cum anywhere you want. I’ll even add to that. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. Fuck a stranger? Call a friend, I’ll fuck him, and suck him too. Your choice. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be right now. I’m yours until we leave.”

She smiled at me and then put her head back down on my chest and waited for my answer.

A few minutes later, “I’ll tell you what I want later this afternoon.

I was resting when the voices of passion came through the thin walls. I looked at Linda and she had a look on her face that said, what am I missing.

“Go, go be with them. I’m not going anywhere and as soon as I can perform, I’ll come and get you. Now go enjoy yourself.”

She climbed on me and gave me a big kiss. She thanked me and was gone. I heard a lot of Linda’s and then silence. A minute later, the sounds of passion resumed full force.

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