Quiet Weekend Part 2

I don’t know how long I was lying there. The stars were fascinating. When I came back down to earth I got up and started to go to the girl’s cabin.

I had my hand on the knob but then thought, I promised her she could have her time and I have no right to interfere.  I went to the bar.

I woke up to my back being scratched. Only one person I know can do it the way I like. I lifted my head and turned it only to have my lips engaged buy another pair.

“Well good morning tiger. it’s not a good thing to sleep that way, you’ll be complaining about your back for the next month. What happened last night? I thought you were going to join us.”

“Well, I was going to, but I promised that last night was yours. I didn’t want to barge in on you.”

I must have said the right thing but before I could protect myself, she launched herself onto me. She put me in a headlock and covered me with kisses.


“I love you!! I love you. I owe you one. Think about what you would like me to do and consider it done. I will do whatever you want with no questions asked.”

Now I have two women wanting to do anything I tell them to. Has she been talking to Linda?

“I love the gift, but what in the hell made you pick that?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that one for a while. It’s a new fantasy for me. You just allowed me to tell you about it.”

“Alright, I’ll let you know when I want your gift started by tonight.”

“Sounds good to me. Now come on. After all that pussy, I am in desperate need of a cock in me.”


“Not now. I really need to get some sleep.”

“Oh no, I need to get fucked. You need to fuck me.”

“Believe me I would love to, but I don’t think I could even get it up. I’m too tired.”

“OK listen Buster. If you don’t get your ass in the cabin, I’m going to go out on the dock and invite the next college hunk I see walk by to fuck me.”

“Can I watch?”

She stomped her foot down once, turned, and left. I went and got a beer, sat back down at the bar, and started to drift off.


The next thing I know, I hear loud footsteps and look to see my wife. I don’t think she was kidding about going and picking someone up. She had on her Daisy Duke shorts and an oversize tank top. She was dressed to seduce someone.

“Alright, already. You’ve made your point. Come on and I’ll sock it to you.”

“Too late. I’m going to get me a nice fresh young cock to fuck.”

The funny thing is… she means it. I was just about to have another beer and wait to see who she brings back when Mary strutted out of the cabin she’s been in for hours… naked.

“Chuck? I’m all alone. Linda’s sleeping and your wife is turning on me, so how about joining me, and bring me a glass of wine. The bottle will do.”

My wife heard everything and stopped in her tracks.


“Oh, no you don’t. You can’t have my husband without me being there to watch.”

She turned around and watched Mary come over to me and started freeing my cock. Terry came over and was watching her with her arms folded in front of her.

“Mary!! Don’t you dare!”

She continued, “Now let me just pull this zipper down.”

“MARY!! Stop right now, or else.”

“Just a little bit lower, there. Now lift your sweet buns so I can get your shorts off.”


I was doing the best I could to hold the laugh in. But we all failed at the same time. we laughed so hard that we woke Linda up.

“Can’t a girl get any rest… out… what the hell is going on?”

It had to look funny. Terry dressed like she was hanging out in a corner. Mary naked as a jaybird, and me with my shorts open and my hard cock waving in the gentle breeze off the ocean.

After we all calmed down from laughing so much, we all managed to make ourselves look presentable, and went to get coffee at the Dunk.

“So ladies. What’s on your agenda for today?”

“Well, Linda and I should be heading back to the big city today. We have a fitting to go to. But my buddy Terry here could let her husband fuck me. that way, I would have an excuse to stay another day.”


“Hey! If I give you my husband, what do I get?”

“Me… and Linda.”

“More than fair!”

“Wait! What about me? Don’t I have a say in this?”

All three at the same time: Nope!

The girls decided that they were going to go up to the brick marketplace and window shop.


“Honey, give me your credit card. I don’t have mine.”

As I was getting my wallet out, “I thought you said window shop.”

When I held the card up, she did the thing where you pluck the card out of a hand with your pinky finger up using your thumb and first finger.

It worked. She had my card, “Please leave enough on there so I can get gas. Thank you.”

They left and I stuck around for a while before heading back to the boat. It was going to be a beautiful day so I just sat on the afterdeck and watched all the legs in short shorts go by.

I dozed and was woken by somebody kissing me. it was Linda.


“Where are Mutt and Jeff?”

“Oh, they were having a mimosa and talking to a couple of guys. I felt like a fifth wheel and left.”

“Oh, and what…”

“Don’t worry. Terry saw me leaving and she told me to tell you that article five of the agreement is in force.”

I laughed out loud at that.

“Can I ask what that is?”


“Ha, sure. Article five states that if we meet someone and want to fuck them, it will be done with the other’s permission, and at the minimum of being in the same house. Preferably in the same room.”

“What are the other articles?”

“They’re all the same. She likes to put a different number on it every time she mentions it. Ah, were these guys good-looking?”

“Chuck, in the short time that I’ve known you and Terry, I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. Let me tell you something. You and I have done about everything together. Well, that is except for you eating me, but anyway, she loves the crap out of you. If you have an agreement, you can bet that she’ll always abide by it.”

“That’s a comfort to know. Want a drink?”

“Sure, white wine, please. Want to suck my pussy?”


“Sure, I’ll get your drink while you strip and hop up on the bar.”

“The bar? Why the bar?”

“Easier on my back. No bending over.”

I was behind the bar getting her wine while she was out of her four pieces of clothes including sandals, and positioned herself on the bar. I walked around to the other side of the bar and there she was, spread wide and waiting.

“I’m nice and smooth. Terry helped me shave this morning.”

“Oh, good. I hate razor stubble. Tough on the tongue. How would you like it, hard and fast, or slow and easy.”


“Oh, Chuckey. I give good directions. You just start around the edges and I’ll tell you the rest.”

 I hate ‘Chuckey.’ I had a test going on so seeing as I had a new pussy, I tried it on her. The first thing I did was take the first two fingers of both hands and spread open her pussy as far as I could.

“OH, FUCK!! What are you doing? OH shit!!”

She was like every woman I’ve tried it on. For some reason, they go nuts over having their pussies opened up. (Let me know if you like to have yourself spread for inspection.) Once I got my results, I put my tongue to work.

I licked up one side and down the other just staying on the outer lips and keeping away from her clit. I gradually circled inward and then up to her clit.

I gave it a few light licks even before sucking that little nub into my mouth. She moaned, shook, and pulled her legs back, opening herself up to me even more.


Then I played ‘slap the pussy.’ I never met a woman that doesn’t do this to herself when masturbating. Just hit your clit. Either easy or hard.

Whatever you can take – I started out easy with Linda but soon found out that this is a fav of hers. She came right off the bar and asked for harder after the first hit. After a few increasingly harder slaps, I could feel her shaking and knew she was close. When she stopped breathing, arched her back, threw her head back, opened her mouth, and grabbed my ears, I planted my mouth on her and sucked her clit hard.

Boom! Times Square on New Years Night. She almost bounced off the bar. She shook, and her legs went straight out and did a high-speed shake.

“Holy shit! That was fantastic. I thought that I was going to pass out.”

“We aim to please ma’am.”

“Now it’s your turn. What can I do for you? Don’t forget. I owe you anything you want, so just tell me what to do.


I had no idea what to have her do. I didn’t even know her until yesterday. I was thinking of a way to get out of it gracefully when there was a knock on the slider.

Linda jumped down from the bar and ran naked into a cabin. I answered the knock. I slid the door open to see a man, no, more like a boy standing there. Six foot about one-eighty, give or take, blond hair, and blue eyes. He looked like he worked out every day. Wearing a tight tank top and equally tight shorts and flip-flops.

“Yes? May I help you?”

“Ah, is Terry here?”
“No, she’s out right now. Is there something I can do for you? I’m her husband.”

“Oh, you must be Chuck.”

“Yes. I’m him. How do you know my wife?”


“We met at the block. We had a very nice discussion about art. I go to RISD. She said she had some paintings of nudes and thought that I would like to see them. I’m studying that right now.”

“Let me guess. She offered to pose for you nude.”

“Yes, she told me that she does that part-time.”

I was trying to hold in my laugh and I could hear Linda in her cabin doing the same thing.

“Your name would be?”

“Oh, sorry. It’s Kevin.”


I think I knew what my devious wife was doing and so I figured I’d go with the flow.

“Come in Kevin.”

Now I didn’t know what happened to Linda after she high-tailed it nude into her cabin. When I turned to let Kevin in, she was standing there in one of my wife’s teddies. a light blue number with cutouts for her nipples. It was the sexiest number she had.

“Oh, sorry Kev. This is Linda, we were just waiting for Terry.

I thought he was going to make a run for it.

“Hi, Kevin. Nice to meet you, can I get you a drink while you’re waiting?


“Ah, sure… soda?”

“Sorry Kev., this is a soda-free boat. How about a beer?”

“But it’s only…”

I interrupted him. “Kevin, remember somewhere in this world, it’s noon. Have a beer.”

When I went to get his beer, Linda was on my heels. She whispered to me.

“Terry called me on my cell and told me everything. Seems you’ve done this before, so I’m going to go along, and maybe add a little something.”


“You just want to get in his pants, right?”

“I don’t just want to, I’m going to. With the help of your wife.”

I was just giving Kev his beer when Terry came bouncing in.

“Hello, gang! Hi, hun. Hi, Linda. Did my husband take care of you while I was out?”

“Hell, yeah. Three pussy shaking orgasms.”

While Terry was talking with Kevin, Mary walked in.


“Hello, all.”

She no sooner got in the slider than she whipped off her top.

Kevin had a priceless look on his face. I had to add to his enjoyment.

“I think you can see that my boat is a party boat. I hope you don’t have anything to do today.”

Then I got an idea that would make Kevin’s day. I went to Linda.

“Ok, you owe me, so here’s what I’m ordering you to do. Take Kevin into our cabin and teach him how to fuck. Make sure he has a good time, and I want to hear you when you cum. What do you think?”


Then I told her that I wanted to add something else.

“Sure. What do you have in mind.”

“I’ll have Terry join you. how does that sound?”

“Works for me.”

I called Terry over, “Work with Linda. She’s going to seduce your boy toy for you, ok?”

“That’s what I wanted anyway. Let’s go see if Kevin lives up to his mouth Linda.”


I watched as Linda kissed Terry. While they were kissing, Linda reached down and pushed two fingers into my wife.

“Shit, Linda! Save that for Kevin.”

They left arm in arm.

“MARY! Where are you.”

“I’m right here, you don’t have to shout.”

“Sorry. I thought you had a boy-toy too, what happened?”


“I guess he chickened out. If he’s not here by now, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him?”                 

“So what are you going to do?”

“Terry and I were talking, and I told her that I was sick of making decisions. I wanted someone to take charge of me. Then she told me about your basement and what you do to her there. It’s been a fantasy to be helpless and ordered to do things. A part of that fantasy is being punished for not doing as ordered. I’ve been tied to a bed a couple of times, which was alright, but when I watch a porn flick and see a woman hanging from her arms and being whipped, well, I don’t even have to touch myself and I cum like crazy.”

I told Mary that all good things come to those that wait. I asked her if she could extend her visit and stay at our house for a couple of days. I would make her fantasy become reality. She smiled and said that she would see what can be done.

Then she kissed me and said, “I’m going to barge in and ask Terry if it’s alright to fuck you.” And she left.

This has been quite the weekend that was supposed to be a quiet one. And we may extend it.


I was wondering what’s been going on with Kevin so I caught up with Mary who was just about to open the door.

“Do it as quietly as you can.”

She did get it open enough to see that the three of them were on the bunk with Kevin on his back and Terry posting up and down on his cock. Linda had her pussy well planted on his face. The two girls were playing kissy-face and feeling each other’s tits.

I could tell by the length of the stroke she was making that the kid had a good-sized cock. She looked like she was having fun. Then Mary had to break the spell.

“TERRY! Is it alright if I fuck your husband?

All three stopped mid tongue and cock.


Terry said, “You shithead. It took us an hour to get him hard. You just ruined it.”

Sure enough. Terry got off him and he was a limp noodle.

“Well my wife, did you at least get off?”

“Yeah, a couple of good ones. One at each end.”

I had to say it, “Kevin, buddy. You have to go. Your mother’s calling you.”

I got hit in the stomach by both girls… at the same time. It was getting crowded in the small cabin so we all went to… were else… the bar.


Kevin was blushing as he tried to get dressed. All three girls were pawing him and yanking his stick.

“Leave the poor kid alone. You gave him enough material to jerk off for a year.”

Kevin thanked the girls with a kiss and a boob feel. He left and we talked about what we were doing tomorrow.

Linda said, “I’m hungry. What are we doing for food?”

“Let’s just get a couple of pizza’s delivered.”

So I took the order and phoned it in. Mary asked me how long and I told her about a half-hour.


“Ok, girls. When the delivery guy gets here, let’s see if we can get the pizza for free. How’s that sound?”

They started to plan an attack on whoever delivered. I shook my head, got a beer, and sat at the bar to see if we get free pizza.

The girls were dressed to fuck. All dolled up in stockings and heels.

The pizza showed and the delivery boy turned out to be a man that looked to be around seventy-five.

Before I knew it, I was looking at three sleeping women all wearing just stockings.

I managed to get to the first empty bunk and flopped down. I don’t know how long it was before I fell asleep, hoping that Mary and Linda would be able to stay another couple of days.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The morning came and I woke up to a pleasant feeling on my cock. No, it wasn’t someone sucking it, they were gently stroking my cock. I looked up to the site of Mary sitting on the edge of the bed, right next to me. She was using both hands that were covered in oil. I was a slippery mess.

“Morning, Chuck. Sleep well?”

Now that I was somewhat awake, my cock started to do the same.

“Oh, my, he’s coming around nicely. I hope you don’t have to jump up and take a piss?”

I looked past her hands to see her small tits. Her nipples were hard and looked so inviting.


“No, I’m good. You want to watch me cum?”

“I won’t be able to see it from where he’ll be.”

And then she moved to stand on the bed. She put a stocking-clad leg on each side of my hips and lowered herself. She came down slowly. When her pussy, which she calculated in her mind to be at the exact height of where her pussy would just be in contact with the end of my cock when held in a vertical position, she stopped.

Grabbing my fully extended stick, she raised it to her entrance. After failing to put her clit in the opening to my cock several times, she sank until I could no longer see light between us.

“Oh, fuck! I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

And she came. I could feel her juices flowing down around my balls and over my asshole.


Having had that one, she started using her very long and slim legs to ride my cock better than any cowgirl ever could. She put her hands on my chest and quickened her stroke on me.

“Shit, I’m going to cum again. Pinch my nipples like you do to Terry. Oh, yeah, just like that… Fuck… fuck… Oh, shit… NOW!!

She came down on me hard, went up, held herself there without breathing, and then with a scream, slammed herself on my cock.

I could tell that she was milking every bit out of her orgasm. She made it last for over a minute. Her face told it all. I love to see the different faces they make while having a big one.

She just collapsed on my chest.

“Ohh, fuck. I needed that. Now I know why Terry is always talking about you.”


“Oh, really? And what does she say about me?”

“Nope, won’t go there. For women’s ears only. Ah, you didn’t cum, did you?”

“Nope, and don’t intend to. At least not now.”

I saw Terry out of the corner of my eye. She went to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine. She came over and sat down next to me.

“Well, it sure sounded like you were having fun. Mary, you need a shower, dear.”

“I know, but your husband caused it. He raped me.”


“I don’t think my husband would rape anyone.”

Mary got up and gave Terry a minute kiss and went to take a shower.

“Thanks, hun.”

“Whad I do?”

“You let her fuck you. I know you’re tired from everything this weekend. Listen, you rest and I’ll take care of fixing a nice lunch.”

I kissed her and pulled her down to me. “Wana fuck?”


Just then Mary and Linda burst into the bar area.

“Guess what!! I’m staying until Wednesday.”

I said to Terry softly, “Does she still want to do the basement?”

“Oh, yes she does. That’s all she talks to me about. She keeps asking me questions about it.”

“Ok, next time she talks to you, ask her to give you a safe word and explain what it’s for and then relate to her the time you had to use it.”

“Oh, God, that was the night of nights. I wore turtlenecks for weeks after. Whatever made you hit me that hard?”


“You… you asked me to. You kept saying harder, harder. So I did.”

“Why did I keep asking you to hit me harder?”

“You were in the zone. A place where you lose all feeling. Not many can withstand what you can when it comes to pain. They mostly will get sick and throw up or just give up. Game over. You have a much higher tolerance to pain.”

“Oh, God. Don’t get me going. I’m starting to get wet just thinking about the last time. will there be any new punishment?”

“I’m not telling you. All Mary would have to do is kiss your pussy and you’ll tell her. No, it’s going to be a special surprise.”

A part of me had hoped that Mary couldn’t get the time. the other half was thinking of new ways to torment her, and I think I have a couple.

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