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Quid Pro Quo

There was a community of escaped slaves in the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia.

It had been a long, hot day of picking and planting in the blazing sun when trouble came running over the hill. With locks as red as the devil’s tail a flowing and titties shifting from side to side, she said, “Come on James. I’ve had my eyes on you. Come with me,” as she grabbed my hand and rushed me to the tool shed.

And I went, even though I knew there would be trouble. She was the lady of the house, Sally Grimes, the wife of the owner of the plantation, the master of all the slaves therein.

“Quick James, do me before he finds me,” she said in the dim light of the shack.

She threw her long white neck back as she ordered me to kiss it. “You know it’s gonna cause problems, Missus,” I said. She wasn’t listening, she was just gonna take whatever she wanted and she just wanted me. She unbuttoned her blouse and her bosoms plopped out, plenty of them. And then she took my hand and put it on her mound. Next, she be tracing her hands down my spine and then shaping along my ass cheeks, reaching and whispering, “Lookie here now, what a grand tool I found. My God, what a thick one you have, like a big snake.” The white woman clutched me hard, right in the middle of my hammer, like my dick was some kind of God damn life saver. Missus Grimes was urging me on, “Put it in my garden, James. Do some ploughing, boy!” She was almost breathless. Then we be duking.

God damn, that woman could kiss and fuck. She struggled like a drowning person, her lips clinging to my lips and with her tongue sucking on mine like she wanted to pull the devil out of the bottom of a bottle.

I felt old man Grime’s presence to be close by and I knew it was time to run, so by night fall I was half-way to Richmond. I found myself in the midst of the Great Dismal Swamp, full of gators, snakes and spiders, on the escape route north, looking for the legendary Madame Rue to write me a pass. Damn hell hounds a barking in the distance, I was running to be a free man.

I headed for the high ground. It turned out to be an island in the middle of the swamp and that’s where I discovered Madame Rue. She was a towering figure, who wore a red dress made of burlap, and her face was covered by a blue veil.

She saw my worried look and told me the bounty hunters wouldn’t dare intrude on her island. We moved toward a little village of homemade dwellings and stood beside the campfire that lit the night.

She explained that the people who lived there were all escaped slaves who hunted for their own food, made their own clothes and weapons, planted their own crops and that they were all loyal to her. The slavers had granted them freedom because they were afraid to do otherwise.

Madame Rue invited me to eat and asked, “How can I help you, my friend?”

I told her I needed a written pass that granted me free passage to Richmond (something usually given to slaves doing special business for the master).

“Certainly, my friend, however I shall ask you for something in return,” she said. I asked her what that might be.

The interest of those around the campfire was peaked and they appeared to huddle together and listen closely.

“In exchange for a pass that will guarantee your freedom, I want you to service me.”

“In what way, Madame Rue?”

“In the most intimate way.”

I was confused, then I was dumfounded as Madame Rue whirled around and lifted up her dress, revealing a solid rod that had been a secret part of her legend.

“You’re a…a…hermo!”

“That’s right bitch, now suck it.”

And I admit, I did so. What one does for freedom! I licked her big cock like it was a pass to freedom because it was and when she squirted in my mouth it gave me not the bitter taste of slavery but the sweet taste of liberty.

“Thanks, James, that was divine. Now, let me write that pass to freedom, unless you want to stay. You would make a fine body servant. I would pay to have you. You could stay awhile and make some money for your new life. I would give a lot to have your ass.”

Very tempting it was, but I knew I had had enough of being someone’s slave.

“Thank you, but no, Madame Rue. Just give me the pass and, perhaps, a map to go along with it, and I will be on my way.”

So Madame Rue complied with my wishes and I looked up and spied the North star, and I resumed my journey to freedom. My plan was to get to Richmond, then take a boat to Boston, and then another boat to Nantucket. There I planned to sign onto a whaling ship where I could be a free whaling man. I prayed and it all happened just that way.

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