Quickie In The Parking Booth

Quickie In The Parking Booth

Amy is waiting for Tom to drive to her booth. Every morning, the big cat zookeeper stops at a parking booth to get the keys he needs for the cages and today Amy is in that booth with the many keys. As Tom pulls up, she gets off her stool to get his keys.


She goes to the window to give him the keys — and is stunned. His car is parked but no Tom inside. Suddenly, she hears the booth door swing open. She looks up and there’s Tom, his pants were undone, his cock bulging in his underwear. Amy, still at the window, was in shock.

Tom moves to her and lifts her up on the counter near the open window. She immediately opens her shorts and he pulls them off. He’s surprised to see her so wet. He pushes the computer on the counter to one side and eases Amy against the window. He raises her knees to her chest and lifts up her polo shirt. No bra? Naughty girl! 

If anyone pulls up to her booth, they will see this hot, steamy, sex scene. Amy moans as Tom pulls hard on her nipples, then tugs on her hardening clit. Amy is glassy-eyed: this is a fantasy come true. 

Amy’s boss, Mark walks up to the booth and opens up the door. He’s shocked when he walks in and sees Tom getting ready to fuck Amy.

Amy watches Mark take a seat to watch the sex show. Amy goes wild, not only is the hot zookeeper about to fuck her, but her hot boss is going to watch her get fucked. Tom nods at Mark — then thrusts so deep into Amy she squeals loudly. Mark rubs his crotch as Tom lifts Amy’s legs up high and pounds her pussy hard. She squirts on Tom’s cock, she couldn’t last any longer. She’s moaning even louder as Tom fucks through her orgasm.

Many cars are entering the zoo now. It’s opening time, but Amy is still being fucked in her booth. Quickly, Tom pulls her off the counter and onto the floor. Mark leaves the booth to park Tom’s car at the side. As customers pull up to the booth to pay the parking fee, they’re wide-eyed at what they see. Freshly-fucked Amy is naked, sitting on the floor, her hair messy. She’s smiling.

Amy gets up, puts on her polo shirt and starts to work. Pulling up to the booth, men see her hard nipples through her shirt and give her a salacious smile. Amy’s shorts are still off and Tom kneels on the floor, licking her cunt while she works. Mark is in the back of the booth where customers cannot see him. He is stroking his hard cock, watching Amy trying to work. She wiggles her ass as Tom eats her. Mark wants his cock in that wiggling ass.

After the morning rush, there is a lull in the cars coming to the booths. Tom tells Amy to get on the counter in the doggy position. She does — and finds Mark waiting to fuck her ass. He thrusts deep into her wet cunt, and after smacking her ass hard, he finally penetrates her hot ass. Amy pushes back on Mark’s cock while Tom leans on the counter to lick and bite Amy’s nipples. Amy sees a car coming, but can’t stop wanting to be fucked. Nervously, she looks at Tom.

Too late.

A guy stops at the booth and sees what’s going on. He’s with his wife but she’s too busy looking at her phone to notice what’s happening in the booth. Putting the car in park, he can’t believe his luck. He hasn’t fucked his wife for months and he strokes his cock as he watches the show.

Tom pushes Amy to the window so the guy can get a better look at her breasts. She has huge bite marks and her nipples are rock hard. Mark cums in Amy’s ass as he sees more cars coming. Tom smacks Amy’s ass hard, then pushes his cock back into Amy’s pussy. He fucks her while looking at the voyeur guy in his car. Amy also sees him and she pushes her boobs on the window, moaning. Roughly pulling her long red hair, Tom unloads in her cunt.

Amy, dripping cum from pussy and ass, gets off the counter and puts the computer back in position. She dresses again in her polo shirt and shorts before fixing her hair in a ponytail. The man in the car smiles at her while his wife still has her eyes on her phone.

Tom leaves to open the big cat area. Mark pats Amy’s ass and whispers that she’s definitely getting a good raise. Amy is all smiles as she greets the visitors coming to the zoo. 
Amy now knows to get to work very early each day. She’s hoping for many more fuck sessions with Mark and Tom. As she works, Amy is all smiles. She knows what a friendly zoo this is.

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