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Pregnant by my moms husband

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My boyfriend turned out to be her husband

I was raised by my dad most of my life. Me and my mom never really got along. Lately she’s been wanting to have a better relationship with me so we’ve spent more time together. Mom lives in the next town over from us so I’d take the train out to her house after school on days I were to meet her. We talked about things, she showed me around and we would eat out a lot. One day when we were supposed to meet I arrived early so she told me to meet her at work and wait in the lobby. She was a paralegal for a nice firm in her town so I guess you can say she was well off. I waited in the lobby to hear from her and while doing so this man approached me and complimented me and my features. We made small talk for a few minutes and he handed me a card and suggested I call him some time. He was a nice looking man. I didn’t ask his age but I knew he was older than me. I slipped his card in my bag and waiting for my mom. When she finally came down we headed out for a late lunch and made small talk as usual. She talked about all the things going on in her life and begin to open up about the guy she was dating. She seemed so happy when she spoke of him. At 17 I hadn’t really established a dating life. I tried things here and there but nothing stuck. Being a junior in high school and captain of the cheer squad didn’t leave much time for a dating life. I was focused on my grades and my career. The look on my mom’s face had me curious so I took out my phone a texted the guy from the lobby.

For weeks we chatted getting to know one another. He knew all about my demanding schedule and I even explained getting to know my mom is what brought me to his side of town. His name was Jason and he worked in construction. He’d been asking me out for a while but my schedule wouldn’t allow it. Finally after 7 weeks I carved out some time for him. He picked me up in a blue BMW and we headed to dinner. In all this time his age never came up, I figured if it didn’t come out when we talked about my age, he’d tell me on his time. I mean he was ok with how old I was so he couldn’t be too much older than me right?! We made it to dinner and we talked about my future plans and his as well. When we left we went for a walk in the park. We ended up on one of those running trails and the further you walked the less we were visible to people frequenting the park. Jason pulled me close caressing my face telling me how beautiful I was. Before I had a chance to respond his mouth was devouring mine. Eventually our tongues begin to wrestle and he begin pressing up against me and I could feel his hard dick. I was nervous but I was hot and bothered so I didn’t protest or stop. He started to unzip his pants when a runner came past us. He pulled away and got himself together and suggested we head back to the car. On the walk back it was quiet but brief. He had a little pep in his step as if he couldn’t wait to get there. Once we arrived to his car we got in and he pulled off still not saying a word. We drove for 30 minutes in silence before we pulled up to a brownstone not too far from my dads house. He got out and opened my door, grabbed my hand and led me inside. It was beautiful inside. It was royal blue, gold and white throughout. He offered me a drink and I declined. He fixed himself one and beginning sipping as he made his way back to me. Between sips he would lean down and kiss me and I could taste the alcohol on his lips. He picked me up and sat me on the counter while still kissing me. He stepped between my legs and pulled me to the edge. As he lifted my legs with his arms he begin kissing down my clothed body until he got to my sweet nectar. He kissed my pussy through the thin fabric that separated his lips from my caramel flesh. He was driving me crazy. I closed my eyes and hung my head back and before I could exhale I felt him tonguing my flesh; I was in orgasmic heaven in seconds. Panties slid to the side, warm lips wrapped around my clit, a tongue lapping up my juices and I was melting mess. I came for what felt like hours of him sucking the soul out of my pussy. This man had skills and I was very pleased to be on the receiving end of them. He didn’t stop there though. He sucked softer with each orgasm I had but the intensity remained the same. Eventually I collapsed on the counter unable to control my limbs or orgasms. I had never cum so hard off head. There was a moment of no contact then I heard his glass on the counter. So I knew he’d just chased my cum with liquor. I smiled inwardly at the thought but before the thought was complete I felt him; ALL of him enter my most prized possession. It seemed like he was the perfect height to enter me with no interruptions. He was slow but he was DEEP. I opened my eyes but they fluttered with every move he made. I was full but I could feel something else. My right leg would twitch every time he bottomed out. This beautiful chocolate man was glistening and his lips shined from my pussy juices. I was so turned on it was overwhelming. I wanted to nut. I needed to release before I blacked out. I placed my hand on my clit and went to work. I begin to cry out and cum all over his dick. Each thrust inward gave a wet sloshing sound. This excited me further and I came again. By this time I was wailing uncontrollably because my pussy was so sensitive but my insides were clapping for joy at how good he felt inside me. My vaginal walls were involuntarily grasping his dick non stop and he just rode it out. He fucked me like he was a robot without feelings. Finally he begin to moan and slowly thrust inside me, squeezing his cheeks tight to make sure every inch was inside my tunnel. I could feel the heartbeat motion of his penis and I knew he was cumming inside me. I had no energy to tell him to pull out and I wasn’t on birth control. This was my second sex partner and I hadn’t had sex in over a year so I didn’t know I needed it. He laid on top of me and we both caught our breath. Once he pulled out i saw the curve his dick had and it explained the twitch my right leg had. I sat up on the counter and downed his drink. I was ready for round two…

He went and sat on the couch. I followed behind him stripping the rest of my clothes off. I stood over him admiring his physique. I was wet and full of cum so I knew I had an advantage. I straddled him and eased down on his dick. He smiled with his eyes still closed
“Good girl” he said as he allowed me to find my own rhythm. I was slow and consistent but it wasn’t doing the trick. I slid all the way down and grounded my hips back and forth. It was better but it wasn’t what I was looking for. His dick throbbed inside me so I knew he felt me but I wasn’t satisfied so I sat still. His hips started moving and a chill went up my spine. He was giving me what I needed. He slid his arms under my legs and guided me up and down on him. For some reason with his help the feeling was different. We fucked liked that until my thighs started burning and I leaned back into him to rest. He picked me up, grabbed my wrists and bounced me on his dick effortlessly. I came on stroke two in this position. It was the way he would lift me to the tip without it exiting and fully insert it again that drove me wild. I was leaking from being so turned on so coating his chocolate dick with my milky with cum had our sex looking beautiful. Imagine watching a dick go from being chocolate and glistening to looking like it was dipped in milk each time he pulled out. Anyway… he sat back down on the couch and grounded up into me holding my shoulders. As I begin to cum again I started a chant for him not to nut in me. Over and over I’d say “please don’t nut in me”, “please don’t nut in me”. A few minutes later he gripped my shoulders tight and and grind himself deep into my organ and said “I’m nutting all in this pussy”. And of course I came after hearing that. We lay in silence for a while and decided to shower. I found my way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I needed to get cleaned up so I can get home. I had school in the morning and practice right after. I showered and put my dress on and went back into the living room. He was dressed in shorts and a shirt ready to go. He dropped me off with a kiss and told me he’ll see me soon. I went inside and was sleep before my usual bed time.

3 months passed and my visits with my mom had been on the up and up. We talked more even when we weren’t around so I’d say our relationship was going well. We of course talked about our dating lives and she would explain how happy she was and I’d explain my frustrations. Although me and Jason stayed in touch, I hadn’t seen him since that night. I craved him and his touch. I felt played but I took accountability because I could’ve said no. I was a horny mess all the time and needed him inside me. The conversations with my mom ended that day with her saying she wanted us (me and her guy) to meet. I agreed and she begin cleaning up the kitchen and I went to watch a little television. I still hadn’t gotten a car so I had to wait around for her to take me back to my dad’s. Although I could’ve stayed there and went to school from her house I just felt better being home. While she was straightening up the door bell rang and she went to get it. I was in my phone and listening to the TV. She greeted her guest and they made their way back inside his chuckle sent a chill up my spine. It couldn’t be him, I know it’s not him. I stood up and turned around as they came around the corner. We locked eyes and I couldn’t believe it. Jason stood front and center but he didn’t seem surprised. Mom proceeded to introduce us but I couldn’t hear anything. I was hot and started to take off my sweater. My mom begin asking if I were ok and I sat down and asked for water. I couldn’t believe her man was my man; or so I thought. She brought me water and I begin to calm down but I also wanted to leave. I stood up again and went to grab my things. They both had a look on their faces that I couldn’t figure out so finally I spoke “WHAT!”? You’re pregnant? My mom asked looking from me to my belly. I had forgotten I was hiding it. I never even told him, I felt like that was a face to face conversation but he wouldn’t see me so he didn’t know. I said yes, I am. I met someone and we had a moment and against my better judgement I let every guard I had down and this was the end result. He didn’t know but he does now. I never took my eyes off him while I spoke. My mom looked from him to me a few times. I spoke again and said mom I’d like you to meet the father of my child, Jason. Jason I’m pregnant, I headed towards the door and didn’t look back.

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