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Pregnant by my moms husband 2

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The explanation – I finally hear him out

After making it home I went to my room and I cried. I couldn’t believe my situation. I had so many questions, the biggest one being why he wasn’t surprised. So many scenarios went through my head as I lay in bed ignoring my ringing phone. I decided I’d had enough for one day and allowed sleep to consume me. When I woke up the next day I went downstairs for breakfast and prepared myself to tell my dad the news. Unfortunately my mom had already called and told him, blaming him for bad parenting etc.. Breakfast was spent with me telling him my side of the story. He understood that since neither me or my mom never said his name that there was no way of knowing. I went to get myself ready for school. It’ll be a quick day since I no longer had practice. I checked my phone and there were even more calls from my mom and Jason. I wasn’t ready to talk so I powered my phone off and went to class.

Days flew by and I started to show and feel the baby’s movement. It made me think of Jason. I chose to call to get some answers to the questions hanging over my head. We agreed to meet Saturday for brunch. I still hadn’t spoke to my mom and decided to wait until I get answers from him to talk to her. I didn’t know who I was mad at or what I was mad about but it was time I got to the bottom of it. When I arrived for brunch I was beginning to think he wouldn’t show. I sat there for 20 minutes after our meeting time before he arrived. He sat across from me and we greeted each other. He asked about mine and the baby’s health and I filled him in.

“Now that we’re done with the pleasantries, you care to tell me why you weren’t surprised that I was her daughter”?

“When I saw you in the lobby I thought I was seeing a younger version of her. I was drawn to you because of her and a pert of me wished I was young again. “

“Exactly how old are you”?

“I’m 44”.

The look of shock on my face must’ve been his que to explain because he continued. “I don’t regret my decision; why don’t we go sit in my car so I can explain without listening ears”?

Something told me to walk away but the part that needed answers won and I agreed. We got to his car and as soon as the doors closed he began spitting out everything. “I’ve always had a fetish for fucking mother and daughter. When I saw you in the lobby I saw an opportunity to make it happen. I didn’t plan on you making me wait that long and even then I thought you would’ve known about me. So when you finally agreed to see me I couldn’t let you leave without making sure it happened”.
His confession shook me. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my eyes bulged and my mouth wide open.
“You should close that before I get the urge to put something in it” he said lightly tapping the bottom of my chin. I closed my mouth but I also had to squeeze my thighs together. Despite what he had just revealed, the idea of him being sexual was still exciting. He was staring at me and it felt like he was looking through me. I knew he knew I was bothered. He started his car and pulled off. I said nothing but I was thinking so much. No matter how much my mind protested nothing came out. He pulled up to his house and led the way inside. He undressed me right behind the front door, lifting me up with my legs around his waist. He undid his pants and dropped them low enough to release his member. Then he lowered me on the one thing I’d been waiting to feel for months. It seemed like my body had no self control when it came to him. Now that I knew his age I understood how he could fuck me so well. I came at the thought of him being old enough to be my father. He was talking but I wasn’t hearing him. I was only concerned about cumming for as long as it lasted. He started to rub my growing belly and it seemed to excite him. He was rough but it was good. He squeezed a nipple and put his thumb on my clit. My legs around his waist and the wall were the only thing holding me up. I started to buck on him and nut simultaneously. I was on fire and needed more. He grabbed me and carried me upstairs. I was laid on top of a soft bed and he begin his strokes again. It amazed me how no matter where he moved me he never allowed his dick to leave my love nest. He started his “sex talk” again and this time I was coherent enough to receive what he was saying. In a low husky voice he said “my wife would kill me if she knew I was fucking you again”. I tried to respond but his strokes were powerful and winning whatever fight I thought I’d put up. I lost before the battle begun. I put my hand on his stomach in an effort to push him away while saying stop. That was a failed attempt. I got louder and he just moved my hand. It seemed like my resistance turned him on. I begin to yell for him to stop but he just pinned me down and grounded every inch into me. He whispered in my ear about how he and my mom got married after that day. How he dreamed of telling me the news while being deep in my pussy. My body was betraying me because even though I was saying stop, my pussy was flooding his dick with juices. My swollen walls worked over time clenching his dick. No matter what I said he knew stopping was the last thing I wanted him to do. My legs began to shake around him and that was the encouragement he needed because he started pounding slowly into me after pulling out to just the tip. His penis was already coated in my milky blessings but as he filled me up his semen added to it and the sight was mouthwatering. He finally begin to let up and release him hold on me. I used the little strength I had to push him off me. I got up and dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled him into my mouth. I cleaned both our juices off him and we tasted as good as it looked. I was hooked and couldn’t believe I was now fucking my step-father who was also the father of my child.

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