Please Hide Me!, Chapter 1

Why is it that just when you are looking forward to a nice quiet peaceful evening at home chaos always seems to find you?

I had just gotten home from another day at the office and was planning to order a pizza and sit in front of the TV and unwind. That was the plan anyway. And I thought it was a good plan, too. However, it just wasn’t the right plan!

I had just sat down with the first of a six-pack I was planning to finish off when I heard a frantic knocking at my front door. Now I live in a usually calm and peaceful neighborhood, so such clatter is completely out of place, which was what sparked my interest to go to the door.

“Please help me! Hide me please! He’s coming home and he’ll kill me!” she said as I opened the door.

There, on my front doorstep was an obviously terrified, half-dressed young woman. I’d seen her around the neighborhood a few times when I was driving to and from work – she lived several houses down and around the corner from me. She looked disheveled with her hair all tousled, And she was panting as if she had just run a long distance.

“Come on in,” I said. I took her by the arm, pulling her into the house and then I looked out the door up and down the street to see if anyone saw us. When the coast was clear, I shut and deadbolted the door.


“I don’t think anyone saw you come in here so your safe. Now, what’s this all about?” I asked.

“I’m sorry to come to you like this, but you see my husband is a very jealous and violent man. And he thinks I am planning on running away from him. He has gotten it into his head that I have been seeing someone and that I am going to run off with him.

“Today I was talking to my mother… I can only talk to her when he’s at work because he doesn’t like me talking to my family. He always thinks I am talking about him and plotting against him.

“Anyway, I had just got off the phone when he called and said he tried to call me but the phone was busy. He accused me of talking to another man and said he was on his way home! Oh God, I’m so scared!”

“Well, are you planning on running off with another man?” I asked.

“Of course not! But Michael, that’s my husband’s name, is just being paranoid. The last time I called my mother, he found out and he was so angry!


“He hit me and left me with bruises and a black eye. I told him that if he ever hit me like that again, I was going to the police. He said if I did that, I would regret it.”

“Don’t you have friends you could stay with?”

“No, I’m not allowed to have any friends. Like I said, Michael is very jealous… of everyone. He punched a guy out once just because he complimented me on my dress!

“I can’t go anywhere without him right beside me, I can’t talk on the phone or get on the computer unless he sees what I write and what I get in return. I’m trapped and I live in constant fear.”

“But why me? I’m sure there are women’s shelters and places you could go.”

“He knows all of them. And they only keep you there for a short time – a week or so. After that, they have to kick you out to make room for the next person.


“Besides, Michael would never let a woman’s shelter stop him from getting at me.”

I could see her shaking and this was June in Phoenix, Arizona so it wasn’t due to being cold. I had to believe her story.

She sobbed. “Please mister, I had to run all the way here from my house when I heard he was coming home. I don’t have any place else to go.

“Michael has the only car we have, and I don’t have any money – he takes it all. I can’t even buy a bus ticket! If you let me stay here out of sight, I’ll do anything that you want me to.

“I’m a prisoner in my own home, but I would rather be a prisoner here with you where I am safe. Please, just until things settle down enough to let me get away and start over somewhere with a new life.”

I took a good look at the woman asking for refuge. All she had on was a half unbuttoned simple white blouse, an above-the-knee black skirt, and a pair of black pumps.


She was about thirty years old I guessed, five-foot-tall, quite pretty, and she had a great looking body. Myself, I was forty-five, a full foot taller than her, and in pretty decent shape I guess.

This was a very unusual situation and I knew I might be setting myself up for a lot of problems, but I couldn’t very well tell her no.

“Okay, I believe you and I will help you. But how do you know I’m not some kind of predator or pervert who will put you in danger here as well?”

She looked down, embarrassed, and softly said, “I picked you out. I have seen you around the neighborhood and I know that you live alone and I know that you are a nice man. I took a chance that you would be willing to help me.”

I looked at this beautiful helpless young woman. I asked, “So let me get this straight… you want to stay here with me and you’ll do anything that I want you to?”

“Yes. Anything.”


I asked, somewhat jokingly, “How about sex?”

The woman looked up with a playful grin, “Yes, even sex.”

Now she really had my attention! It had been some time since I last had sex.

I had gotten a divorce about ten years prior and while I had dated a few times since then, most of the dates were just dinner or a movie or something and ended with a peck on the cheek at the door.

I could count on one hand the number of times I’d had sex since my divorce, and I wouldn’t have to use all my fingers either!

“My name is Maria. Maria Sanders,” my new houseguest said as she slipped her shirt off her shoulders, down her arms, and tossed it onto the back of the sofa.


My name is John Davidson,” I replied, without taking my eyes off her.

“I know,” she smiled seductively.

Then she reached behind her and unclipped her skirt waistband and wriggled it seductively past her hips, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. The woman wasn’t wearing any panties!

“I didn’t even have a chance to put any on,” she said when she noticed I was staring.

I watched slack-jawed as she reached up and unclipped her front-hook bra and smiling coyly, pulled the cups apart to show me the nicest set of tits I ever saw in pictures or in person.

“Damn!” I said as I gawked at her magnificent tits.


“You really like them?” she asked. “Michael hardly paid any attention to them. Or me for that matter, except to keep tabs on me, that is.”

“Well, any man that can pass up a chance to have those is either blind or a damned fool!” I told her.

“You’ve already proven you aren’t blind by noticing my tits… are you going to be a ‘damned fool’ and ignore them?”

I answered her question by taking her hand and walking over to my easy chair and sitting down.

Then I pulled her up on my lap, straddling me and sitting on my lap facing me. I reached around her and pulled her to me, taking the first luscious globe into my mouth and licking and sucking on the stiff meaty nipple at the top.

“Oh God that feels wonderful!” she responded, but I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my mouth working on her nipple, or the bulge she had to be feeling under her.


She put her small hands on either side of my head running her fingers through my hair and holding my head as she guided me back and forth between her tits so I could give them both the attention they had been missing.

Maria mewled and cooed her delight as I nibbled on her tasty “appetizers” while my hands went for a stroll to see what kind of play they could find. They slid around her hips and slipped under her panties, causing her to moan

“Oh God, John! Your hands are magic, baby!”

A few more moments of chewing on those tender tidbits and she was grinding on the growing lump under her, rocking back and forth on the steel-hard cock under my pants.

“John, honey, I need you. I need you to fuck me! Take me to bed and fuck me! It’s been ages since I felt a nice hard cock plowing my poor pussy! Please, baby, please!” she whimpered.

“You mean your husband doesn’t fuck you silly on a regular basis?” I asked incredulously.


“Are you kidding me? To him, I’m nothing more than the housemaid. He barely lets me even sleep in the same bed with him.

“No, the only ‘satisfaction’ I get is from the toy he finally bought me after I whined so much he ordered it just to shut me up! I haven’t felt the real thing in over three years!” she said.

That borders on cruel and unusual punishment! I thought as I looked into Maria’s big brown eyes. I was determined to show her she didn’t have to put up with that kind of neglect and rejection anymore.

I took her by the wrists and put her arms around my neck. Then I moved my hands to her ass and holding her tight, I stood up. Maria weighed all of ninety pounds soaking wet, so it wasn’t a problem.

Then, carrying her in a reverse piggyback with her legs wrapped around my waist, I walked down the hall to my bedroom. Maria lay her head on my shoulder as I carried my houseguest to the bedroom where we could play easier and more comfortably.

Once we got into the bedroom, I kicked the door closed with my foot and listened for the click of the door latch. Then I took Maria over and sat her down on the bed. She moved to the center of the king-sized bed and waited for me there, legs spread eagerly.


In the meantime, I began to get undressed myself. Maria brought one hand to her mouth and sucked her index finger to get it wet.

Then, with the fingers of the other hand, she spread her pussy lips apart and used the wet finger to rub her clit in tiny circles, playing with herself as she watched me undress.

From my vantage point at the foot of the bed, it was a perfect view straight up between her widespread legs and it got very hard to focus on getting undressed (or anything else) after that!

When I finally did manage to shed my clothes, I crawled up the bed to her. Maria stopped me just before I reached her though… she was enjoying putting on her little show and wasn’t finished just yet.

It seemed that my sexy little roomie had an exhibitionist streak in her and, until now, had no one to show off to! Just one more thing that her husband had missed out on!

Now that she had gotten her little man all worked up, she used the two fingers that had been holding her open to push deep into her hole, splitting them apart to capture and massage her clit even more. I began to see the glistening on her fingers and pussy lips and it only added to the very attractive package.


“Mmm… you like my tight little pussy John, honey? You want to feel how hot and wet it is inside? How my pussy grabs your cock and hugs it until you blast my pussy walls with your sweet creamy cum?

“Ohhh, I want to feel that big hard cock fill my pussy up. I want you to stretch this tight hole until you split me in two!”

Then she pulled her juice-covered fingers from her hole and put them in her mouth. “Mmm so sweet and delicious! I’ll bet you’d looove to taste my sweet juicy pussy wouldn’t you baby?”

She was right, watching her dip into that sweet, syrupy heaven was making my mouth water. It took everything I had in self-control to keep from jumping her and ravaging her on the spot!

And I could tell by the way her pussy was drooling that it wanted to taste some man-sausage just as much.

She saw me taking notice and fingerfucked herself harder. “Ooh yeah, baby, let me get this hot tight, pussy nice and wet for you! Yeah, that’s it, get it so wet and juicy for your big cock!”


She pulled her fingers out smearing her juices around the hole and slapped her pussy a couple of times then she went back in fucking herself some more.

Just as I was reaching my breaking point, she raised the bar once again. She brought her legs up and reached under her hips to spread her ass cheeks, showing me her tight crinkled asshole.

“You know, my ass likes the feel of a hard cock, too. So you see, you get three holes to play with now that I’m staying here with you.

“And you can have them any time and in any way you want, baby. I am your playtoy, your personal fuck doll. I will never say no.”


“That’s right. I love sex, I always have since my first time, I couldn’t get enough. And I love trying new things and experimenting. But being married to Michael made me realize what I was missing.


“And now this is my chance to do a little catching up. So like I said, if you want to do something or try something new, just ask so I know what it is.”

“That’s quite an offer, Maria.”

“Well, you don’t look like the kind of guy who’s into anything too gross or dangerous. I mean like scat or drinking blood or anything like that.

“And you aren’t the serial killer type either. Let’s just say nothing really gross and nothing that causes too much pain or leaves scars. How about that?”

“Sounds reasonable to me,” I said with a grin.

“Good, now come here and let’s make this arrangement official!”


I didn’t waste any more time as I climbed up on the foot of the bed and crawled up her open inviting body. When I was face to face with her, I looked down on her sweet beautiful face.

Her big brown doe eyes looked up at me darting back and forth as if seeking something… approval perhaps? Recognition of who and what she was? Whatever it was she was seeking, I would give it to her.

I slowly lowered my face to her to kiss her, watching her eyes as I got closer and closer. I heard her softly gasp as my lips gently brushed hers for the first time.

For a moment, I thought I might have rushed her or misread her intentions. But just as I was about to pull away apologetically, her arms wrapped around my neck and she pulled me down into her deepening kiss.

The deal had been struck and accepted and now came time to seal it. She began devouring me like she was starving and I was a prime rib.

I have been kissed by many women in my life, but no one kissed me with such passion, such ardent desire as this woman did then.


Even my own wife, when we were good, wasn’t as desperately hungry as Maria. It was as if she was making up for all the years she had missed out on being married to her neglectful husband.

Maria moaned into my mouth as we kissed and I felt her lips part and her tongue came out a little looking for a playmate. My tongue came out to accept the invitation and she sucked on it giving me a preview of what she planned to do to other parts of my anatomy soon enough. Our tongues played as I felt Maria’s hands slide down my body headed for my waist.

I knew what she wanted and since she had started the game by undressing herself it was my turn to shed my clothes. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over so that she ended up on top of me.

She smiled looking down and quickly began to unbutton my shirt. When she had gotten it completely unbuttoned, she threw the shirt open and slid her hands up under my t-shirt.

July in Dallas, Texas is hot, there’s no way around it, and even with air conditioning, it can get uncomfortable if you have too much on.

I always wear those “wife-beater” type t-shirts because they are about the coolest and most comfortable types.


It turns out that Maria had a “thing” for these types of t-shirts. “Oh, John! I love a man who wears these kinds of t-shirts! My daddy used to wear them all the time!

“Michael hated them – probably because my dad wore them – and said he would never wear something like that. He said only poor trash and Mexican’s wore those kinds of shirts! But I think they are sooo sexy!” she said.

She reached up and ran her fingers over my chest. “Ooh so big and strong. And not real hairy either – just the right amount! Michael looks like a stand-in for The Planet of The Apes when he takes his shirt off!

“Of course, that rarely happens anymore… I hardly even see him. He comes home late at night and leaves before I wake up usually. It’s like being married to a ghost!”

“When I do see him, he’s yelling at me for something I didn’t do or did wrong. He never seems to have a kind word for me anymore. I’m not a total fuck-up, you know!

“And I might try harder to please him if he would just treat me like I am a human being and not just something that he scrapes off his shoes on a muddy day.”


I could see that this conversation was not conducive to her sexual arousal.

“Okay, Maria, no more talk about ex-husbands or ex-wives. You are here with me now and I’m going to make sure you feel appreciated and worthwhile. I’m going to make you forget all about what’s his name!” I said.

“Mmm… I’d really like that John, honey.”

I sat up a bit to remove my shirt. When I went to remove my t-shirt, she stopped me. “No, leave your t-shirt on… please. I want you to fuck me wearing that t-shirt,” she said.

I lay back down and she happily moved lower to work on ridding me of my pants next. As I watched her fuss with my belt and pants fastener, I marveled at how any sane, reasonable, heterosexual male could treat this woman as anything less than an absolute goddess.

I mean Maria would knock the socks off any guy I knew, and the fact that she came to me when she could have just as easily went to some other lucky stiff (and they would have been, believe me!) was amazing to me.


“Oh, John!”

Her exclamation brought me back to reality and I looked at her again. She was staring at the considerable bulge in my boxers now that my pants had been opened and my cock had more freedom.

“Let’s get these off you, I want to have a look at that beast!” she suggested. I raised my hips up a couple of inches so she could slide my pants down and off my legs. Then she turned her attention to my tenting boxers.

I’m not a porn star by any means… John Holmes and Manuel Ferrara have nothing to worry about from me. But I do have enough to keep the average woman interested and Maria, who apparently hadn’t seen a live cock in some time, was most definitely interested!

“Oh, this cock is going to feel soo good inside me,” she said as she gripped my hard shaft through the boxers. “It’s so hard and so thick… can I see it?” she asked shyly.

I smiled at her and she took hold of my boxers and slowly pulled them down. The head of my cock started to peek out from under the waistband and Maria smiled.


“Hello there, big fella! Want to come out to play?” As if answering my cock twitched just then and Maria giggled softly.

She pulled my boxers down a little further and more of my cock appeared. As she continued her eyes got bigger and her mouth dropped open a bit. “Oh, John!” she exclaimed. She finished pulling my boxers down and got the full effect of my hard throbbing cock.

“Oh John, you are so much bigger than…” she caught herself before saying a name. “well you’re just bigger than anything I’ve seen in a very long time!”

Maria moved to kneel between my legs and then bent down to give my cock a long slow lick from the base to the tip. When she reached the mushroom cap she ran the point of her tongue just under the rim and all the way around before laving her tongue all over the top of my cock.

“Mmm, you taste even more delicious than I imagined!” she said. It was a rather curious choice of words I thought, but this was not the time to get into a discussion or debate about verbiage.

I could ask her what she meant another time. Right now she wanted a mouthful of cock and I was all too happy to give it to her!


After a few more long lingering licks she pointed the tip at her mouth and slowly pushed her head down onto my shaft feeling it part her soft, full lips and disappear into the warm wonderful mouth.

I groaned as I felt her mouth engulf my cock. It had been ages since I had last had a woman’s mouth around my cock and the feeling was incredible.

Maria was not your ordinary knob-gobbler and she knew what she was doing when it came to pleasing a man with her mouth! The sensations that women gave my cock were unbelievable!

She began bobbing up and down on my cock, slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of having me sliding between her lips. It had been far too long for her as well and she was going to relish this experience – she didn’t know when, or if, it would ever come again.

After a few round trips up and down the old fuckpole, she dropped a bit lower to give my nuts a little oral adoration too. She sucked one ball into her mouth, licking and loving on it and then the other. Then to my complete surprise, she stuffed both my nuts in her mouth just to show her versatility!

Then after duly impressing me with her oral capabilities, she went back to giving me the best blowjob of my life. And I would have been perfectly content to stay in that amazing mouth forever, but Maria had other plans for my now hard as a railroad spike cock.


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