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I had sex with my boss’s 14 year old daughter at their New Years Eve party, it was made even better by the fact her dad was just a few feet away.

It was New Year’s Eve and I was at my bosses hour having a great time at what was without a doubt the single greatest party I’ve ever been too.

There must have been about 40 people crammed in to my bosses four bedroom house that night and after everyone spent about 8 hours drinking themselves in to oblivion, 2 hours after the new year celebrations and more drinking, most people left and it was just me, my boss, his wife, his adult son and their 14 year old daughter, Sadie.


My boss and his wife crashed and went to sleep in one of the chairs in the front room, it was one of those chairs where the leg part comes up and you can lay back and relax, they fell asleep on it, their son had gone up to his bedroom, which left me to sleep on the couch.

His daughter Sadie, who had been allowed to drink with the rest of us, climbed on to the couch with me, and we laid sprawled out on our sides, I was behind her, we were spooning, there was nothing weird about it, she was a lovely girl and because I worked for her dad I saw her quite a lot and we were friends, nothing more.

After a few hours of disturbed sleep, I woke up to my bosses annoying snoring, it was so loud and so annoying, I looked down at Sadie, she was already awake, she looked up at me and giggled silently at her dad’s snoring, I laughed with her, she turned on to her back which put her in an awkward position with me, I was almost on top of her but only half of me.

We looked at each other for a minute, then I brushed my hand through her hair and rubbed my hand across her thigh, she reached up and pulled my head down and we kissed, it wasn’t a child’s kiss, it was a very passionate sexy kiss.

We were both drunk and our judgement was impaired so we couldn’t stop ourselves from going further, we were kissing wildly, frantically rubbing our hands over each other and up each other’s clothes, I felt her firm plump breasts and her curvy ass, she rubbed my chest and squeezed my butt cheeks.

Then she unbuckled the belt of my pants, unzipped them and pushed them down whilst I lifted up her skirt and pushed my finger up her soaking wet pussy, she wasn’t a virgin, I could tell that instantly, but she was still sexy as hell and I wanted her.


She jerked on my hardening cock until it was ready to do its job, I pulled her panties aside before rolling on top of her and pushing my erection up her small tight hole, I hoisted up her top and chomped down on her luscious breasts, they were the freshest firmest breasts I’d ever tasted.

Once again we were kissing and I was pumping my cock in to her pussy at an incredible rate of speed and very deeply may I add, somehow she managed to stay silent through the entire thing, with only the occasional loud gasp and groan, despite her squeezing her eyes closed and opening her mouth like she wanted to moan our with orgasm, she stayed as quiet as she could.

I looked up and over at her sleeping parents who were just a few feet away from us, they were right there, within arm’s reach, and here I was, fucking their daughters brains out on the couch, it was a big turn on and made me smile knowing how dangerous it was and that they could wake up and see us any seconds.

She bit my ear lobe and then placed her lips to my ears and begged me to let her be on top, so I flipped us over and she straddled across me, still with my cock inside her pussy, instead of bouncing up and down on my cock, which is what most girls do, she just placed her palms hard on to my chest and then swung her hips forward and back, sliding across my lap, it was the most incredible feeling, my cock was sliding and bending around inside of her.

She continued for about 5 minutes and then finally began to push herself up and down, bouncing herself on my cock like she was at a rodeo, by this time I’d already pulled her top all the way off and had my hands clamped to her breasts and watching my thick cock slide in and out of her.

Just as she had a visible orgasm and soaked my cock and balls with her fluids, I could feel myself about to explode, I flipped her once again on to her back and I pounded my cock in to her hole like my life depended on it, proper hammering it in.


We were fucking so hard neither of us noticed the couch had started moving across the floor, just as I forced my cock balls deep in to her and ejaculated like an atomic bomb, the side of the couch hit the arm of the chair her parents were asleep on, it woke her parents up and they looked around confused.

Both Sadie and I fell completely still, she nervously giggled in my ear and almost made me laugh out loud, her dad looked directly at us but I guess he was still drunk and his vision was blurred because he clearly didn’t see Sadie on the couch with her tits out and me with my cock between her shaking legs.

They both dropped their heads and dosed off again, Sadie and I laughed, we kissed and hugged, then got dressed before they properly woke up.

Sadly, it was just a onetime deal, we were both drunk at the time, although we both clearly remember it happening, we did speak about it a few days later and both agreed it was a one off, but also agreed it was great sex.

I probably would fuck her again though, given the chance.

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