Patty Cakes, and Petaboo

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I started playing naughty games with a little boy I babysat after school.

His name was Pete, and he was 6 years old when I started babysitting. At first, his favorite game was “Peekaboo,” but he’d just jump out, and yell “BOO!” Then run away laughing.

My name’s Patricia, so I grew up playing Pat A Cake with the girls at school. Also Peas Porridge Hot, Pretty Little Dutch Girls (Or just “Dutch”) but being called Patty, Pat a Cake was my favorite.

Sometimes I had friends over, after school. We all went to the same school (Since he was in Kindergarten) and both his parents worked, so we’d play Patty Cake on the bus, and sometimes when we got him home.

I think he turned 7, I don’t remember exactly when he had his birthday, and when he touched me first, but I was definitely 11. I picked him up, and he was getting heavy, but his hands patted my boobs, and I dropped him.

I was just going through the training bra stage, and I had a training bra on for school, so I was even flatter. That was part of the dress code, we had to wear training bras, or bras once we started showing. So the boys wouldn’t get distracted, they’d pull girls out of class, and send us home to put one on.

“Huh!” I just blushed, and turned away, but he never made me think that he was turning into a little pervert. Honestly, at 6, or 7, it’s insane to even think that in the first place, so it was probably just an accident.

He ran, and hid, though. So, I yelled, “Petey! You little perv, where are you?”

“BOO!” he jumped out behind the door, as soon as I walked past it, and made me jump.

“You little shit!” I grabbed him, and pulled his pants down, just to see his hairless little dingle, dangling over his balls. He laughed, and pulled his pants back up, but then he pulled them down again, and yelled “Peekaboo!”

That was a stupid mistake. Pantsing him like that, I didn’t even think about it. He scared me, and I was so pissed, I pulled his pants down to prove it was a sexual assault. For some reason, but all I proved was it wasn’t.

If he was turning into one of those boys, and we had them in school, then he would have popped wood as soon as he groped my chest. It turns out, he didn’t even know I had breasts, because I didn’t exactly show them off to him. After school, I’d have to take my top off, then my bra, and then put my blouse back on unbuttoned just to show them off to anybody.

Boys, mostly older boys, because even 6th graders were pretty oblivious, but not the middle schoolers. They mostly went after the middle school girls, snapping bra straps, or “Oops!” Accidentally touching them inappropriately, but they came up with all kinds of creatively inappropriate ways to touch girls, and then make excuses.

“My hands slipped, honest!” Right, your hands slipped right up her legs, and accidentally squeezed her butt before she made you let go. When they didn’t come right out, and pull your skirt up when you’re bent over. “Boys will be boys,” so when it was a real accident, i didn’t believe him.

But then, he started flashing me, and yelling “Peekaboo!” Even after I told his mom, and she told him not to, but he just did it to get a reaction. It wasn’t the proper reaction, I always blushed, and I always turned away to hide my feelings, even from myself. The truth is, I liked it, and I even started taking my bra off to see if he would go for my boobs again.

I know for a fact this went on after I turned 12, and he turned 8, so I was out of 6th grade on summer. His parents still worked, and they still needed someone to watch him until they got home, but now the games were getting really dirty. I started flashing him back, and he started slapping them to run off so I would chase him.

He even said “Pattycakes!” when he tagged me with both hands, and started calling my boobs that. My “Pattycakes,” or sometimes Cupcakes. So he could talk about them, even in front of his parents, or the other girls. They knew I used to play Pattycakes when I was younger.

I even played it with his mom, and she taught me songs out of Counting Out Rhymes. A book she still had from when she was little, but she didn’t have a daughter to teach them to. I think that’s where I learned “Hello Operator” from, actually.

That all came to a head (Pun intended) when he started getting boners. “Hey look!” He’d lift up his shirt, and show me his pants sticking out, if anyone else was around. Real quick, so he could hide it, and I was the only one that saw it. Right?

Right, he started getting in trouble for showing it off at school. Flashing the girls that started puberty, so 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, but I felt guilty. Even if he was really a pervert all along, when he groped me the first time. I should have just told his mom, and quit. Honestly, I didn’t because I liked it. I encouraged him, and I even gave him ideas he used to flash the other girls at school.

After I left school. I started middle school, so that left him with all the hiding places we found, and all these other girls with training bras, and no idea he might be hiding there. Of course, by then, I had middle school boys to play with. I heard about them from older girls, but they were just warning me. Watch out for this trick, or don’t go there.

Unless you wanted to get groped, and fondled. So, I guess I was a pervert too, but I had my hand out, ready as soon as I saw them pull it on another girl. The other girls, they didn’t go after me first, because I was too aware. They want to sneak up, and surprise you, so if they see you looking around, they’d just leave you alone.

I had to learn how to pretend not to. I got some sun-glasses, and even a base-ball cap, because they used those tricks, too. To look down your top, but if you can’t see their eyes, you can’t see them looking at your tits. Talking right to the teachers, even.

Nodding, “Uh huh?”

From the side, I could see their eyes looking right down their tops, and pretending to listen to what they told them. Right there in class!

So, that’s how I found new perverts to grope. Oh yeah, I groped them back. You can’t go for the bra cups, and cover your balls at the same time. “UH!” The first one grunted, and pulled away so fast he chipped a nail on his zipper, but he wasn’t even hard. He barely got his hands under my arms, but he missed because he couldn’t see what he was doing.

Stupid, there’s a window right there. I saw him, and his friend’s reflections, when they were daring him to sneak up behind me, and keeping a lookout for anybody else coming along.

“Huh!” I went right between his legs, and even caught a little balls, before he let go and ran. “Hahauhuhn! What’s wrong?” I yelled off, “Where you going? I know you’ve got Some balls, because I just felt them!”

The other boys turned around, and backed up from their lookout positions. “What are you looking at?” I jumped, and they ran. “Hahahah! Get back here, let me see your nuts!”

“SH!” I jumped, when on of them ran after me, and caught up. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh, come on.” I turned around, and backed up. “What do you think you’re doing?” I mocked him, “Seriously? You grope every girl you can get your hands on, but.” It was the boy that just tried to grab me, “If a girl gropes you back, now it’s what do you think you’re doing?” I caught his hand, and pulled it back. In both hands, I even clamped my arm around it, and held my braless A cup right up against his fingers, until he finally stopped fighting. “This is what you wanted, right?” I let go, and grabbed his crotch. “Well, if you give me what I want, then you can have all the titty you want. Huh, you like that?”

“Uh!” His hands went weak, and his knees knocked, when I rubbed it out in his pants. I thought he was going to faint when his eyes rolled up, and fluttered, but I caught him, and sent him down gently. “Huh!” He panted, and blinked up at me, with the cutes smile on his lips, and a a rozy blush on his cheeks, so I kissed him.

“I’m Trish, what’s your name?” So, that’s how I got my first real boyfriend.

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