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Pat admits to an early and minor discretion.

Series: A new path.

Pat and I were in bed. She was sitting on my dick which had begun to deflate after filling her tight pussy with my cream. For a fifty-six-year-old, Pat has exceptional control over her vaginal muscles. It’s incredible how she can pull the last few drops of cum from my balls with them.

Instead of dismounting, Pat remained on my dick. She had a disconcerted look on her face, so I asked if she hadn’t enjoyed our romp.

“Of course I did. I always do. It’s just that there is something I have been meaning to tell you. I have for some time but couldn’t bring myself to.” Pat paused and took a deep breath, “Do you remember that night you caught Brian Wainwright and me in the bedroom at a party?”

I couldn’t believe it. That party was thirty-five or so years ago. We had only been dating a few months, but unfortunately, I still remember it.

I hadn’t seen Pat for some time at the party and decided to look for her. I found her in a bedroom with Brian, a so-called friend of ours. They were in each other’s arms kissing. Clearly, Brian was more friendly with Pat than me. Pat assured me all they did was a kiss, and he got his hand in her bra for a quick feel. It caused a big argument between us, and I didn’t see Pat for two weeks.

Pat’s question brought back bad memories, “I remember. Why?”

“I wasn’t honest with you. If you had have sniffed Brian’s fingers, you would have known where they had been. He had had his hand in my panties and fingers inside me,” Pat confessed.

“So if I hadn’t have come in, what would have happened?” I wanted to know.

Pat took another deep breath, “Can’t you guess? I had already told Brian he could fuck me. That’s why we were in the bedroom.”

We stared at each other in silence. It was difficult for me to react badly because my cock began to respond.

“Anything else I should know?”

Pat smiled, “You are getting hard?”

“Never mind that. Is that everything?” I asked sharply. I tried to keep myself composed, but it wasn’t easy under the circumstances.

Pat leaned over and kissed me. Then she whispered, “I can feel it getting harder.” She sat up and told me what I already knew, “It’s stiff enough to fuck now.”

I let Pat ride me for a while and then pushed her over. We spooned first and had energetic sex in several other positions. Pat screamed when she was having an orgasm and moaned loudly when she wasn’t. I came while doing her doggy—our favorite position.

The next day there was an atmosphere in the house. I wanted to tell Pat I didn’t mind what she did with Brian. Not even that she had told him, she was willing to have sex with him. She hadn’t, and it was a long time ago. The most important thing I got out of Pat’s story was how aroused I became thinking about Pat opening her legs for another cock.

I thought Pat might have said something, but she didn’t.

The following evening we were getting ready to go out and meet some friends at a bar. While I was in the ensuite shaving, I could see Pat in the mirror. She was in the bedroom, naked. I took my time and watched her dressing.

First, Pat stepped into a pair of black bikini panties. She had her back to me, and I admired her ass while she put the bra from the set on. Then came a surprise. Pat put a black garter belt on and then black stockings.

I had always liked Pat in a garter belt and stockings, but she hadn’t worn them for quite a while.

Next was a black skirt. The skirt had a slit up the right-hand side that went past her stocking top. From a hanger, Pat got her white blouse and put that on. She turned to face me and asked, “What do you think?”

“Great,” I told Pat, but at the same time, a cold shiver went down my spine. I had a flashback. Pat was wearing almost the same as the night at the party. Not the same clothes, of course, but in all black, barring a white blouse. And I remembered she wore a belt and stockings then too.

It was more than weird when Pat slipped her feet into a pair of heels. She never wore them so high back then, but she had that night.

Not wanting to make a fuss about something that was probably a coincidence, I kept quiet.

At the bar, we were having a good time. I couldn’t help but notice that Pat seemed to go out of her way to sit, so her skirt showed the stocking top and bare thigh. Neither did our male friends we were with.

Last to arrive was twenty-something Des. He is single and was alone. Pat and Des have never been that friendly, but Pat seemed to cling to him. She kept touching him while they spoke and laughed at things he said that weren’t funny.

Pat got Des up for a slow dance. He was reluctant, but Pat insisted. On the floor, Pat put her hands around Des’s neck. There was quite a difference in their height, so Pat had to reach. It caused a bit of a stir because Pat’s skirt rode up. Anyone that cared to look could see Pat was wearing stockings.

Derick, who was sitting next to me, joked I should keep an eye on Pat and Des. He didn’t have much room to talk. Derick had his eyes fixed on Pat’s thighs and ass. I put his comment down to jealousy.

On my other side was Derick’s wife, Glenda. She nudged me and asked, “Do you like women in stockings?” I told her I did, and she whispered. “I have a full corset with suspenders somewhere. I could dig it out if you like.”

I coughed nervously and said I needed to speak to Jerry, who was sitting at the other side of the table. I didn’t escape completely. Glenda’s foot could reach my leg under the table.

Pat and Des came back after a few dances. They sat together. Pat pushed herself up against Des, and I was sure she had her hand on his leg, stroking it.

When it was time to leave, Pat excused herself to go and have a pee. On the drive home, I asked Pat what the hell was going on.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Pat said, acting innocent.

“You, playing up to Des. Do you want everyone to think you two are having an affair?”

“Maybe we are. Shall I show you something?”

Pat went into her bag and brought out the pair of panties I watched her put on earlier.

“What would you say if I told you I let Des take them off?” Pat asked, smiling wickedly.

Deep down, I knew he hadn’t. They hadn’t been out of my sight for long enough. But Pat had sown the seed of doubt.

I put my foot on the brake, “What the fuck is going on with you, Pat?” I asked when the car came to a stop.

Pat laughed, which made me a little annoyed, “Don’t worry. They didn’t come off until just before we left. When I had a pee.”

I looked at Pat, still not sure what was going on.

“Aw, come on, lighten up. It’s an invitation. Don’t you want to fuck me?” Pat asked, almost pleading.

There was a time when Pat wouldn’t have needed to ask. As soon as I knew her panties were in her bag, my cock would have been buried inside her.

As it was, I had stopped on a quiet country road. I checked around, and there were no houses. I couldn’t turn the opportunity down.

“Get in the back,” I told Pat.

I was the first in the back seat. Pat took longer because she took her skirt off before getting in. My cock was stiff and out of my pants as Pat climbed in the car. It gained another level of rigidity when I saw the stockings, garter belt, and her hairy bush.

Pat sucking my dick was the easy part. When it came to inserting my dick into her, that proved more difficult. It had been a long time since we fucked in a car, and we were older. After some effort and giggling, we settled for Pat kneeling on the seat, straddling me, and doing it cowgirl.

I want to say it was the best sex we ever had. But it wasn’t. We both managed to cum, and that was good enough at the time. Pat sucked my cock clean and got out of the car.

There was a devilish glint in her eye.

“What?” I asked.

“There is something I want to do.”

Pat began walking down the road. I frantically put my cock away and went after her. By the time I caught up to Pat, her blouse and bra were on the side of the road, leaving her wearing only stockings, garter belt, and heels.

Try as I may, I couldn’t talk Pat into going back to the car. The best I got from her was for me to go back and bring the car to her. I got back as quickly as I could. When I looked down the road, Pat was almost out of sight and still walking.

I turned the engine on and started down the road, but then I slowed to a crawl.

“God, that is a beautiful sight,” I said to myself, watching Pat’s bare ass moving side to side as she walked.

I was so mesmerized I didn’t see a vehicle’s lights coming up behind me. Before I could move, the car was past, and Pat was in its beam. She had turned to face the on-coming car, giving them a full-frontal view. Pat waved with both arms, and her tits swayed with their movement.

Luckily the car didn’t stop and drove past tooting the horn.

I caught up to Pat, “Get in the car, you stupid bitch,” I growled.

Pat got in laughing, “That was amazing. A real rush,” she bragged.

Back home, Pat hurried me to our bedroom and wore me out.

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