Past Time to Pee

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My wife and I enjoy most aspects of our sexuality, by that I mean most anything that can be done in a monogamous relationship. For instance, sex is a mostly everyday event, and usually several times in a twenty-four-hour period even after over forty-one years together. I guess that makes us old-fashioned, but that’s okay with us. We live our lives on our terms, not societies. We live naked most days, and that includes peeing together.

From our second weekend together after we first met, I was in Heaven’s scent. We both went pee together on the side of a road before we had sex for the first time, and we have been peeing together ever since. After we got married in 1981, we had a water bed which was great for peeing in because it wouldn’t stain the mattress. Waterbeds were the ‘in thing’ back then and they took some getting used to, at least for us anyway. During our sexual unions, we could be in sync with the motion of the wave inside the mattress liner.

On this particular weekend, summer afternoon, we were both very horny and so, we decided to make love. We have sex at the drop of a hat anyway, but this time was different. We were both pretty drunk from wine and beer. I wanted to be inside of her warm, wet pussy, which I could not get enough of. She spread her legs wide and I went down and sucked her large pussy lips into my mouth. Then I spread both lips wide to expose the pink opening that was tucked neatly inside. My tongue started at the opening of her little brown butthole, then moved upwards to her swollen clitoris. Moving on top of her, I slowly entered her beautiful hairy pussy with my hard cock. I began thrusting into her wet opening with our pubic hair intertwining as I rubbed against her hairy mound.

I continued thrusting into her for several minutes when she abruptly said, “I need to piss!” in a drunken stupor and with that, came a torrent of piss from her open pussy as I was on my out-stroke.

I felt a warm sensation as I pushed in. Her pee splashed off of my stiff cock, flooding our waterbed sheet. I was overcome by a fever of sensual lust as I continued thrusting, while both watching and feeling the torrent of piss. We were both being bathed, our pubic hair and skin soaked. I was overpowered by my passion for my wife’s beautiful pussy as I started to feel the familiar build-up to my point of no return. Feeling her smooth pussy walls contracting inside, we rocked together in unison as she reached down and began to rub her clitoris. Faster and faster we both moved in sync until the torrent of piss tapered off to nothing.


We both nodded in agreement that our climaxes were near as we both spoke a silent language all our own, one that only we could understand. As we looked into each other’s eyes the first squirt of my warm cum came out of my pee hole. Then both of us felt the deep feeling that is beyond description as it came upon us. We both rode wave after wave of pleasure as my cum flooded deep into her channel.

I continued to thrust back and forth until the intense feeling subsided, and I collapsed on top of her. We were both exhausted, but we needed to change our waterbed sheet. Then we took a quick shower together to wash away the pee, after which, we curled up in bed and took a short nap. When we woke up, we began picking back up where we had left off.

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