Passion on the Main Trunk Line

It was over fifty years ago: I had turned twenty-one three months earlier, and only six weeks previously had left my engagement party to catch a train to Waiouru, having had the misfortune to be drafted to serve my country as an Army recruit in the National Service. Now, following a weekend pass with my fellow recruits, I was on my way back to Waiouru on the train, travelling second class, courtesy of the Army, in old, draughty and noisy wooden carriages.

When the train stopped at Palmerston North I paid for a cup of tea, which I took back on board to drink. Half an hour later I was asleep, my rolled up greatcoat jammed between the window and the seat back and cushioning my head.

I woke from an erotic dream about me and my fiancé, feeling a hand softly fondling my erect cock through the stiff serge of my battledress trousers. As I opened my eyes I realised that the compartment light had been turned off, and was lit only by the dim light from the corridor outside. Turning, I saw the dark outline and shadowed features of a woman. I began to open my mouth to question what she was doing, only to have a finger pressed to my lips, quickly replaced by a pair of warm lips which parted as a warm tongue slipped into my mouth.

Disoriented and confused, I nonetheless began to return the kiss as the stranger’s fingers struggled with the buttons of my trousers, until a warm hand finally reached into my flies and released my erect cock into the cool air of the carriage. I was kissed more passionately as my cock was expertly manipulated.

Reaching between us I found smooth, stocking-clad thighs which parted readily as my hand reached between them past the stocking tops, finding to my amazement and delight that she had removed her underwear, and my questing fingers found an exposed and hairy mound. I probed deeper, finding her wet and open. I began to finger her; she began breathing heavily into my mouth for several minutes before reaching down to still my hand, breaking our kiss to murmur urgently into my ear, “Go to the toilet at the end of the carriage, and I’ll follow you in a minute or so!”

Tucking my stiff cock away awkwardly I pulled my flies together and tugged my battledress blouse down, before getting up and making my way from the compartment to the end of the carriage, wondering as I went whether this was some sort of joke at my expense. Apart from a group of four playing poker, the rest of my fellow squaddies were fast asleep, as I had been.


On one side at the end of the carriage was a toilet, and it seemed unoccupied so I opened the door and entered, closing the door behind me. In less than two minutes there was a light rap on the door, and I opened it to let my new acquaintance join me. In the light from the bulb above us I could see that she was much older than me, quite attractive, late thirties or early forties I guessed, a little shorter than me with soft curly brown hair, dancing blue eyes and a complexion flushed with excitement.

“Quick!” she said urgently, “We haven’t much time!” as she began to hike her skirt up. By preference I would have bent her over the toilet in the tiny compartment to enter her from behind, but as the door catch was broken I knew it would have to be up against the door. Undoing my trousers I pushed them and my underwear to my knees, pressing her up against the door as I bent to grasp her thighs and raise her to me.

As I lifted her up, she reached between us to guide my erection between her thighs and to her wet and ready opening. As I thrust urgently up into her, her hips writhed against me to meet my thrusts. We were kissing, openmouthed, panting, and close to climax several minutes later when there was a sudden knock on the door and we both froze.

“Is that you Phillip?” she asked in a low voice. There was a murmur of affirmation from outside the door. “Nearly there!” she told him, “I won’t be long!”

Stunned, I stared at her. “He likes to know I’ve been with other men. He’ll want to have me when we’ve finished,” she told me with a wry smile. Her hips began moving against me once more, and I began to thrust again. After only a few minutes I could feel my climax approaching and began thrusting faster. Taking an arm from around my neck she reached between us to finger herself and we both came together. Letting my cock slip from her I lowered her to her feet, and pulled some toilet paper from the roll to pass it to her to clean herself up, but with another wry smile she told me her husband would want to feel my sperm running from her, so I used the paper to dry my cock and belly.

She watched as I tucked my cock away and rearranged my clothing, then reached up to kiss me on the lips, before stepping aside and easing the door open to let me out. Across the aisle from the toilet was a burly man waiting for me to exit the toilet. We moved around one another and he pushed open the toilet door, closing it behind him.


Making my way back to my compartment in a daze, I struggled to comprehend what had happened. I knew that I should feel guilty for having betrayed my fiancé, but the events of the past half hour had occurred so fast that I hadn’t even thought of her.

I fell asleep again, not waking until we had arrived at Waiouru. 

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