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Park Bench

You are out for some exercise in your sweat shorts and sneakers. The weather is great. Perfect for a walk or a run. Fluffy cumulus clouds dotting the sky as the sun drifts in and out behind them. But it’s a weekday and not a lot of people out and around.

You see them sitting on the park bench as you come around a bend in the running and cycling path. Two young people, late teens. Laughing and giggling. They see you and settle down as you see her hand swiftly jerk away from his crotch. What are they up to? As you slow down a bit you take in that they are dressed for the weather. He’s got on jogging shorts and a t-shirt while she’s wearing a short, kicky skirt showing gorgeous legs. Perky tits under a thin blouse. You love pretty legs.

But you jog along the trail past them and they begin making muffled laughing sounds. You move around another bend in the pathway.

You stop on the path and glance back, just seeing them slightly. His arm is around her as you pass out of their sight. You wonder. A little slap and tickle, and smiles. Anything more? Right out here in public? That would be wack, but entertaining.

With stealth, gazing way down the trail, you see no one coming from this way. There had been no one behind you for a long way, you are certain. There is a wooded area along the creek moving through the park and bordering the cycle path. Grinning deviously you get off the paved path and move across the narrow bit of grass to the bushes along the riparian area. It’s incredibly quiet. Just a few songbirds calling back and forth, claiming their territory.

You are shortly rather close behind the pair, together on the bench, still concealed by the shrubbery. There they are and they are up to something. You are groping into your own sweat pants and pulling out your hardening prick, keeping yourself hunched down but seeing them clearly. Fuck, yeah. She’s got his cock out! He’s as hard as you are. Shit, this is fucking cool! No one around except them and you.

Swiftly once again you glance around, making sure no one is coming or can see you. Your hand is pumping your prick and a little juice is leaking out of the mushroom head. You are rubbing and spreading it over and around with your thumb while cupping your squirming nuts with the other hand. Jesus, you are sweating. You lick your fingers and hand and then continue squeezing and jacking.

Don’t make a noise. Breathe with your mouth open. Quiet. They’re really going to get it on. Oh, yeah, lean down and suck that cock, little one. 

He is trying to pull her head down to his cock. Harsh whispers now. She’s obviously hesitant. He’s kissing her now. They part and he stuffs fingers into her mouth. You can hear the messy saliva, and then he slaps her face and she moans. She slowly leans over to his rigid member, long tongue out and licking.

Taking it all in and then lapping at it like a dog. She wants that cock for sure. Jacking faster now your cock is like a fucking piece of iron. Crouched down with your legs spread wide, balls dangling free in the breeze. You want so badly to grunt but you don’t. You want to see this for fuck’s sake. Never get another chance, man.

“Finger fuck me, Jason. I’m so greasy now, baby.” She has removed her mouth from his prick begging for relief. One of her hands is gripping his member while her other one is busy under her skirt. 

“Shit, Debby, I wanna fuck you so bad now. Suck me, baby doll. Suck it. Your pussy is so sticky now.” 

He grabs her hair with both hands and you see him try to hump up into her throat and she gags. She is choking on it all but taking it. Oh, shit. You know his pants are going to be sloppy wet with her drool now. 

You can feel it in your own mind and body as you jerk off, knowing what that sweet mouth would feel like. Wet, hot. Sweating and feeling your balls tighten up into your groin now while you fap your cock. Your pants are down around your ankles, knees spread. Breathing hard with your mouth wide open.

He is getting into it so much that he stands up and forces her to twist her around so he can force his cock down her throat, face fucking her. And you feel it, man. You feel that shit. Jerking your cock and wishing it was you feeling her choking on your thick prick, ready to take it all when you shot your spunk out. 

“Jesus, fuck, Debby. Oh shit, shit.” He’s grunting as he fucks her mouth, holding her curly hair while he slaps her face harder and harder. 

Your own cum is building up inside as you lick your lips, trying to keep your mouth wet and breathing faster. 

It comes for the couple. He freezes and his body stiffens with short jerks of his back and thighs as his cock starts to fill her mouth. She is trying to push him away. He starts shooting his cum out onto her pretty face, grunting like a fucking animal.

Shit! Here it comes for you. Your cock is squirting out onto the ground and you groan out loud but keep stroking it out. 

You glance over and see her staring over at you. She slowly smiles licking her lips. Her boyfriend has no clue. You reach down and pull up your sweats and slip away to the creekside and down until you reach the pathway again.

Except for sticky pants, it’s been a nice day.

Now if you can just remember where you know her from. You grin.

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