Pandemic Boredom – Ch. 5

The first highlight of my day started when Cole, a sexy cop that I met online, stopped by my house around eleven that morning. He came for sex and he boned me hard, but couldn’t stay because he had to get home to his wife. When he left, I figured that would be the end of my day, and it would go down in my diary as a good day. Little did I know, my day wasn’t over yet!

Thirty minutes after Cole left, I was still lying naked on my bed, looking up at the ceiling and basking in the afterglow with a big smile on my face. My pussy was still gaping from Cole’s hard pounding, and his semen was still leaking from my vagina. I forced myself to get out of bed. My tummy was rumbling for some actual food.


Walking into the kitchen buck naked with the tickling sensation of sex juice trickling down my inner thighs, I ate one of the salads I had premade, and drank two bottles of water. Even though I was feeling a bit of soreness, I was still horny as hell from the hot fucking I got from Cole, the sexy cop. I got on my computer and went to the adult social site that I was a member of, to see what kind of action I could find, and to write Cole a massive “Thank you for the sex” email.

Just then, my cell phone buzzed, and it was Matt, one of the guys I met through my adult sex ad and was fucking on a regular basis, meaning about once a week. Matt indulged in just about anything that had to do with sex. He was kinky and perverted. He told me he was sitting alone at home with his dick in his hand and looking for a reason to stroke it.

When I heard him say that, I said, “Why don’t you come over, big boy, and I’ll stroke it for you.”

“Hell yes, baby. I have a rock-hard cock with your name on it. When do you want me to come by?”

“How fast can you get here?”

“Give me thirty minutes,” he responded.

We ended the call and I jumped into the shower to scrub away any evidence of my sexual engagement with Cole less than an hour ago.


I rushed to change the sheets on the bed and cleaned up for him the best I could. I douched, brushed out my hair, and spritzed on perfume. I applied some fresh lipstick to my lips. Thirty minutes later, as Matt promised, he was standing on my front porch in a dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks with a big bulge in them, and a pair of sandals on his feet. I was wearing a white G-string and a white mesh bra when I opened the door to let him in. Matt came in, giving me a hot kiss as we stood in the open doorway, his hand pawing at my ass.

“Mmm, look at you, you hot little bitch,” Matt said as he stepped back to admire me.

“I’ll show you HOT, Matt. Follow me,” I replied, holding his hand and turning to lead him to my bedroom.

“I got to take care of that bulge in your pants, and I can’t think of a better place than between my legs,” I teased as I turned to kiss him when we were standing in front of my bed. Leaning up on my toes because Matt was so much taller than me, I buried my tongue in his mouth. I felt his warm bulge rubbing against my abdomen and I couldn’t wait to get naked again.

We both got naked. After removing my bra and G-string, I was on my back on the center of the bed, now spreading my legs, offering my shaved, drooling pink pussy to Matt. Pulling my knees back more, I lifted my head and eyed Matt’s throbbing erection. My naked lover crawled over me, covering me with his manly body, and slowly sinking his cock into my recently fucked cunt. He was surprised at how easily he went in.

“Yeah, baby,” I cried with pleasure, my hands reaching for his tight buns, pulling his seven inches of hard meat into my craving cunt. “Yes, that feels good… fuck me, Matt!”

Matt was sneering, grunting, his teeth clenched, and began boning me hard and fast, howling with delight. “Ahhh…yeah… here you go, baby… here you go. Are you feeling it, baby? I’m so hard for you! You love it, don’t you… you hot, sexy slut!”

“Mmm, yes… yes!” My body arched, pushing my hot tits up against his hard chest. “Mmm, so good, Matt! Oh, baby, I love your cock!” I cried out passionately.

The sex with Matt got even more intense. He was thrusting in me furiously, lying on top of me, pressing my body against the bed, while I was digging my nails into his butt cheeks, turned on by this crazy sex. “Yes, baby, fuck me, fuck me! I yelled. He loved what I slut I was, and I held nothing back!

Then he leaned up, both of his hands on my slender ribcage, staring down at my sexy, nude figure, my pretty face, and hot tits, as I undulated beneath him, feeling the slick friction of his cock driving me insane with heated passion. He snickered, looking down at me, admiring me, loving the sight of the hot bitch he was fucking. I knew this because I could see it all in his lustful eyes.

“You love sex, Serena…you’re so perfect,” he gasped, thrusting in a rhythmic pace now. I could hear my pussy squish each time his cock plunged into me. “You know I love what a slut you are. You are the best fuck in town,” he continued.

“Gee, thanks,” I giggled, “so good to know!”

Matt started kissing me, forcing his tongue down my throat, while his cock was impaled inside me. I ground my body beneath him, drawing my legs back further, feeling his balls slapping my ass as he buried every bit of his length inside me. He used me, getting himself off, stuffing my cunt, and kissing me until he was squirting his seed inside me. “There you go, baby,” he said to me as he drained his nuts inside my cunt. I felt like a sleazy slut and I loved it, and I certainly wasn’t bored because of the social restrictions any longer.

We lounged on the messy bedsheets, kissing, and groping each other. Matt went down on me and cleaned my pussy with his tongue, and brought me through a beautiful orgasm. Then he suggested we take a shower together. We didn’t have sex in the shower, but we had fun lathering each other’s bodies in soap and we did make out, fondling each other, getting horny again. My pussy wasn’t hurting anymore from all the fucking I had done today. My pussy wanted more! We exited the shower playfully fighting to see who could grab the towel rack first, by which time I was laughing, tickling him, and getting wet for his cock that was now rock-hard and ready to love me again.

We never made it to the bedroom. Instead, we started making out without taking the time to dry off. Our wet bodies came together, and Matt maneuvered me to the sink counter. He lifted me and set my ass on the edge of the countertop. I reached to the side, grabbing the towel rack to balance myself since I didn’t have a leg to stand on.

As he stood in front of me with a raging hard-on, he spread my legs open, hoisting them with his arms under the crook of my knees. I watched as he leaned toward me and sank the head of his cock through the flowery lips of my pussy. I closed my eyes and heard myself gasp as I felt the perfect roundness of his cock sliding further in.

It was almost romantic, until I heard, “You want more of this, bitch?” I opened my eyes and saw Matt laughing at me. “Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you,” he went on to say.

I turned back into the slut that he came to fuck, and I started pleading for him to fuck me. “Don’t tease me, you bastard! Stick it all the way in!” I cried out.

“Not good enough! Say it as you mean it, you slimy slut,” he said feigning a mean face up close to mine.

“Fill my cunt, Matt, and fuck me like you mean it!” I yelled back. My words made his cock sink in a little further, and I squealed in delight. “Yesss!”

We were both panting, grunting, staring down at the sight of his big cock fucking my horny twat. I wanted to move against his thrust, but all I could do was squirm on the countertop. My legs flopped and dangled over his arms. He chuckled at the lustful look on my face as I gazed at his thick, long, round, glistening shaft traveling in and out of my hot juicy cunt. I moaned for him to drive in deeper since he was leaving an inch or so unsubmerged.

“What are you waiting for?” I said as I looked up at his face.


“I want it all, baby, every inch of your cock… I can take it,” I said.

Matt snickered and did something I’d never have imagined. He reached to the side and grabbed the can of shaving cream, and pointed it at my crotch. The rush of white shaving cream streamed out when he pushed the nozzle and coated my pussy lips and his cock. He kept sliding his cock in and out of me, coating his cockhead and shaft in shaving cream, using it as a lubricant to keep fucking me, as if I wasn’t already wet enough. But this did add a slippery creamy texture to our sex, and he fucked me deeper and faster.

I threw my head back and moaned toward the ceiling as the pleasure began to build. I let go of the towel rack and wrapped my hands around the back of his neck, basically hanging off him as he kept fucking me. The shaving cream quickly turned thin and began dripping to the floor in loud splats. Matt’s dick was easily sliding in and out, making loud squishy noises each time he shoved back in.

He had me moaning, grunting, crying out with pleasure, and enjoying one orgasm after another, as I clutched him firmly, my body aching from the position of my ass on the edge of the countertop. Matt was relentless, fucking me without stopping, driving that hard-and-throbbing cock of his into my hot-and-juicy cunt. I felt the pleasure reaching deep into my soul.

Matt had a big load building up in his balls, and when he came he mixed his cum into that shaving cream that was dripping from my pussy along with my juices that dripped off the edge of the countertop onto the bathroom floor. He grunted and groaned as he emptied his nuts.

It was nearing 4 pm when Matt pulled his cock from my gaping cunt. He said he had someplace to be, and with me completely spent from fucking Cole and him, I needed to take a shower and probably grab a nap to regain my strength.

Matt gave me a very warm kiss on the lips and said, “Thanks, baby!”

After Matt left, I moaned and rubbed my wet, sticky pussy, considering my day as a serendipitous one with two different men. I had no idea that my day was still far from over.

More to cum…

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