Pandemic Boredom – Ch. 2

They say an idle mind can easily be persuaded. By “idle” I mean, “bored”. Bored because the pandemic took my livelihood away, locked me up in my house, and starving for the company of men. All the places I used to go to for social gatherings were closed up because of the pandemic. That left me wondering where I could turn to meet people, and I found a friend-finding site. I liked what it had in it and I became a member.

In the first part of this story, I explained how I went about meeting men online and develop virtual erotic relationships. I also went into great depths about how I spent my day with this hot, sexy electrician, named Rick, who came to my house and fixed a lot more than my wiring. Well, Rick with the big dick, came by a few more times, but it turned out that he was married and his wife was getting suspicious when she found my panties in her husband’s glove box. So, it ended, leaving me without a man to sate my needs.

My need for sex was becoming more like an addiction, a fucking – nagging addiction that has my nipples aching and my pussy craving for that one thing… a man and his cock. So I turned back to my friends on the social site that I was a member of and started talking to my virtual friends about meeting for real.

I know for a fact that this part of my story happened a year ago in late September. I’ve kept the stub from the hotel parking lot as a memento of my first time meeting a virtual friend. I had a bunch of online boyfriends, young ones, old ones, and men of different color, and some who wanted to meet me and lived near enough to make a meeting possible. I had no shortage of choices, and I gave a considerate amount of thought about each one. I thought about them when I was lying naked on my bed with a vibrator buzzing in my cunt, having incredible orgasms, and fantasizing about the men I wanted to meet in person and fuck.

I knew what I wanted, and two weeks after making my choice, I was holding my breath, staring at myself in the wall-to-wall mirror in my bathroom, spreading my legs as wide as I could, and ever-so-carefully scrapping the sharp razer around the edges of my pussy. Leaning against the tiled wall of my bathroom, my body ached from the unforgiving porcelain tub under my naked butt, but I managed to do a perfect job, leaving my pussy clean-shaven and super-smooth.

Usually, when I shave my pussy, I like to run my fingers over it afterward and enjoy that wet, naked feeling, and I usually end up masturbating. I didn’t masturbate this time because I had to get ready for a very important date. Yes, I was going to meet my chosen man, hoping he would be as good in person as he was online getting me off with his cunning words.


I left the bathroom when I finished with my hair and makeup and moved to my bedroom and pulled my brand new see-through red thong up my long and sexy legs. I glanced at myself in my bedroom mirror. My beautiful naked body would soon have a man’s hands and mouth all over it. My tattletale nipples were already showing their arousal. And soon, a new man will be entering my cunt. His name is Chuck.

I could have chosen someone who lived closer to me. Chuck lived a two-hour plane flight away, and way too far to drive. I chose him because he knew all the right things to say to me, and he had a way of turning my pussy wet and hot just by the sound of his voice over the phone, and I wondered how much hotter he would make me with his mouth against my ear.

Chuck was a businessman who often traveled to my city. He told me of his upcoming travel plans that included my city. He was coming for a convention and would have a lot of downtime in his hotel room. He was offering to share his room and a lot of meaningless, hot sex if I wanted it.

Chuck was married, but his wife wasn’t putting out the way she used to, and he was on the search for someone who would. He had an awesome body, a tall runner, very fit, with shaved balls and a gorgeous, seven-inch cock that was shown in his profile. He’s one of those guys who is proud of his jewels and had more than two-dozen photos revealing his prized possession in his profile. I often enjoyed getting naked and rub my cunt while thumbing through his photos.

He arrived earlier in the morning and called me. We made plans for me to meet him at his hotel. No beating around the bush when you can dive right in! Sex is a big deal for me. It means that I am going to be experiencing the most intimate connection with another human being. I don’t take it lightly. The thrills and excitement were all there, but I am always a little nervous meeting someone for the first time for the sole purpose of having sex.

On this appointed day in late September, I walked into the lobby of a fancy downtown hotel a little before lunchtime. The lobby, lounge, and restaurant was buzzing with people. People were scurrying around for this convention and whatever else people do in hotels in the middle of the day. I knew what I was going to be doing, and my heart was already beating faster knowing how close I was to meeting my potential lover. Chuck saw me before I saw him. He came up behind me and put his arm around me.


“Hiya doll,” he said confidently, smiling at the face he only saw in my emails and online pictures. “I am glad you came to meet me. I’ve been stood up by many women who got cold feet at the last minute. But here you are, looking more beautiful than your pictures. You have no idea how excited I am!”

“Oh, is that right?” A glance at his crotch, sporting a prodigious bulge, confirmed what he told me. “Hmm… we’ll have to do something about your excitement

His cock looked quite endowed in the photos he shared with me, and the proof was now standing in front of me. I felt the urge to give it a squeeze, and I might have if there weren’t so many people standing around us. We greeted each other like old friends or longtime lovers. He took my hand, and we had a gentle kiss on the lips.

He had to make a couple of work-related calls, so I sat on a comfortable chair next to him while he babbled in his corporate language. He seemed very confident throughout his conversation. Ten minutes later, he put his phone away, winked at me, and asked, “So, Serena . . . My lord, you are incredibly beautiful. Uh…are you hungry for lunch? Or? – Well, you tell me how you want to go about this.”

I watched the little smirk on his face as he said this while checking out my eye-popping figure in my clothing. He threw the ball in my court, and with him striking me as a confident man, it came as a surprise that he left it up to me to take the lead. I was over my case of nerves soon after we shook hands and kissed. I didn’t have an appetite for food, but I certainly was hungry for sex. Like I said earlier, ‘Why beat around the bush when you can dive right in.’

“I want,” I said slowly, drawing my words out quietly, playfully, “is for you to take me to your room, strip me naked, and fuck me savagely all afternoon.”


“Baby, I’m going to do just that,” Chuck said and wrapped his arm around my waist, and led me to the elevator.

Even though weren’t alone on the ride up to the 12th floor, we held hands, then he stood behind me and ground his bulging crotch against my ass. My pussy started turning juicy by the time we reached his floor. A quick stroll down the corridor, then, a moment later, we were behind a closed, locked hotel room door, just him and me, for the rest of the day. I set my purse on the table in the corner of the room. Chuck was right behind me. I felt his hands on my shoulders and he turned me around and kissed me. With his hands still on my shoulders, he said, “Down baby,” and pushed me to my knees.

Standing in front of me, his big paws clutching my long hair and skull, he rubbed his zippered penis against my face. I felt his hardness and heat, and I could smell the heady odor of his sex through his pants. I wanted it so bad. I looked up at him timidly, letting him rub his cock against my face, until he finally let me unzip his pants, unfasten his belt, help him take off his shoes and socks, and pull down his slacks and underwear.

“Gawd, your cock is big!” I gasped as it popped free. I gripped it in my hand and could barely wrap my fingers around his fat shaft. I stoked it and drew out more precum that I leaned forward to catch with the tip of my tongue. “Mmmmmm… delicious! I love your cock. May I suck it?” I asked coyly, playfully.

“If you don’t, I’ll be painfully disappointed,” he responded.

I kissed the head of his cock, swirled my tongue around its brim, and then took it into my mouth, tightening my lips and drawing my cheeks in. His cock slid beautifully between my tongue and palate. I heard him groan when the head of his cock reached the back of my throat. “Oh, baby, that feels good!”


I sucked him until he was good and hard, and then he removed all of his clothes, except for his black socks and the gold chain around his neck. Then he laid on the bed and stroked his cock while he watched me strip. I gave him a good show, slowly unbuttoning my blouse, then peeling off my slacks and heels. I had my back to him when I removed my bra, then I turned and revealed my luscious tits and buttery nipples to him, drawing a raving sexy smile from his lips. Finally, turning my back to him again, I peeled off the thong, showing my ass and cunt from behind, and turned to face him again, giving him a full frontal view of my sexy slender body.

His cock was throbbing, streaming precum, as he laid on the bed. “You’re so gorgeous, so fucking gorgeous,” he said. It made me feel great to hear him say that. My brown eyes were staring at that incredibly thick, hard-as-oak pole jutting in the air. I didn’t know what I wanted more, either to suck it or fuck it.

I climbed over him, slowly, teasing him, playfully lowering my pussy over his erection until I was brushing my wet cunt against his swollen pecker a few times. I stared into his eyes as my soft wet entrance found the head of his dick. I sank, just a little, taking some of his thick manhood into my cunt, and we both moaned.

His hands groped my naked tits, squeezing them, fingers teasing my hard nipples, as I closed my eyes and sank onto his prick. His cock was thick and I felt it stretching me as I took it further into my cunt. I began riding him, slowly at first, up and down, up and down, closing my eyes, feeling dizzy from the wonderful sensations his cock was giving me.

“Oh, Chuck… Oh, Chuck…” I cried as I started riding him faster, feeling utter excitement and hot passion running through my veins. I fucked him harder, faster, with more passion. My tits were bouncing in the air, my hair flailing over my face and shoulders, and back. “Oh, god, I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna . . . “OHHH – Yesss – Yesss – Yeasss!” My toes curled and my body convulsed a dozen times as my orgasmic juices saturated his cock and balls.

“Yes, cum for me, baby,” Chuck groaned as he felt my juices dripping off his balls.


We started kissing, I was lying on top of him, not riding him. We rolled around until he was on top this time, running his cock slowly in and out of my hot, quivering cunt. “Oh, baby, yes, I love your cock! Fuck me, Cuck… make me your slut.”

“Mmm, then turn over, you gorgeous slut,” he said as he got up off of me.

I got onto my hands and knees, thinking he was going to fuck me doggie-style. He fucked me doggy-style alright, but not in my pussy. I wasn’t prepared for his cock pushing against my rosebud, but that was where he wanted to go, so I relaxed and allowed him to push through my tight sphincter. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart, looking back at him over my shoulder, and I cried, “Push, honey… I can take it … I can take it all.”

I don’t know just how much of his length he got inside me, but I felt like I was going to explode. I reached under and started strumming my clit while he fucked my ass. I began cumming repeatedly, while Chuck drilled deeper and deeper into my ass until his thrusts were balls deep. He kept fucking me, never letting up, and telling me how gorgeous my ass was, and how wonderful it felt. He had my ass on fire before he pulled out and slid back into my pussy.

He kept me on my hands and knees, screwing my tight juicy cunt from behind. I had two more orgasms, and when he reached his crest, he pumped his hot semen deep inside my seething cunt. It was an excellent climax for both of us.

We had sex two more times that afternoon. But somewhere in between all the fucking, we lay together in the bed, talking. He was telling me his wife was all wrapped up in the kids and being a full-time mom, and that she wasn’t giving him enough attention. He started looking for it elsewhere, and that’s how he found me. He wanted me to give him everything that he was no longer getting at home.


The last session of that afternoon involved his camera. He wanted to take some photos of me and promised not to show them to anyone. Sitting naked in his hotel room, my pussy wanting more cock, hearing what I wanted to hear, I agreed to his request.

Chuck took photos of me sucking his cock, licking it up and down. He photographed me posing naked on the bed, spread open, and more from the backside as I bent over. He had me lay on my back, him kneeling between my legs, and took a few pics of his dick submerged halfway inside my wet pussy. He also took pictures of his cock sandwiched between my tits. Last, but not least, he took photos of me on my back with him straddling my chest, spewing his hot jism all over my sweaty, smiling face.

We promised to stay in touch, and he emailed me copies of the photos he took of me. I loved myself for doing it. I was hot, and I made a very sexy man and myself happy that day. The sex was amazing. Pandemic or not, I wasn’t going to stop.

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