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Own Son watches Mom with her Secret lover

It was six fifteen and Allison Hudson was late… again. The Friday afternoon traffic had been a bear and there was an accident on the freeway that tied up all three lanes for over a half-hour. It seemed that the traffic was getting worse by the day. Just a few years ago, suburbia was open land, rolling hills and lush greenery… now there didn’t seem to be a square acre on which to put another house or strip mall. Allison was glad that she lived further out where neighbors were not at the end of the driveway, however the daily commute was getting harder to take, if not already unbearable.

Allison thumped the steering wheel with her fingers impatiently and looked at the other commuters who were just as anxious to get home as she was. Well, maybe not quite that anxious. Bradley, her husband was out of town and her 18-year-old son, Christopher, was staying with a friend tonight. It wasn’t often that she got the house to herself. Well, not exactly to herself… Jason was due over at 7:30. The thought of Jason created a stirring between her legs. Yet, there was also fear. It would be the first time since they had started the affair over a year ago that he was coming to her house. They would be fucking in her bed… the bed she had shared with her husband for almost nineteen years. It was dangerous and crazy but excitement had overcome her fears.

At thirty-eight years old, Allison thought that her sex drive was greater now than it had ever been. She had read somewhere that women do not hit their sexual peak until their mid-thirties. That had certainly been true in her case; it seemed that all she thought of these days was sex. In fact, sometimes she thought that she was a nymphomaniac, although she had heard that nymphomaniac’s didn’t receive fulfillment. That certainly wasn’t true in her case… sometimes she climaxed so many times that she thought she would lose consciousness. Still, maybe it was Jason and his kinky ways that made the sex so incredible. He was unlike anyone she had ever met. He was handsome, strong, and very dominant. He made her do things… and feel things… things that a married thirty-something businesswoman with a PHD in biotechnology shouldn’t be doing or feeling. It was so wrong, but felt so good. She couldn’t deny him.

Incredibly she still loved her husband, Bradley. He had always been good to her… maybe that was the problem… he was too good to her. Or maybe the problem was that he was eighteen years her senior and had developed health problems two years ago… a triple bypass. Their sexual relationship had never been spectacular, but it dropped to nothing, nada, zilch, after the surgery. The doctor said the blood pressure medicine and blood thinners could have a negative effect on his libido. However they hadn’t said it would kill it all together.

Allison and Bradley had met in college. He was a professor at the time and she an advanced graduate student. She had graduated from high school at sixteen and was recruited by almost every major university with a biotech program. Everyone said it was her destiny to do great things. Unfortunately, most of her young life had been filled with books and studying… no time for boyfriends and sex. In fact, she had been a virgin until Bradley.

From Allison’s appearance, no one would know of the simmering desires below the surface. For most of her life, she had done what she could to hide her good looks and shapely figure. At work she wore unattractive horn-rimed glasses and rather dowdy clothes, covered by the always-present white lab coat. She was tall at five foot eight, preferring to wear low heels most of the time… since Bradley was only five nine. She weighed 135 lbs, with mid-length dirty blonde hair that she kept in a bun most of the time. She had a trim waist with a mature flare to her hips, created by the birth of her only son, Christopher, and she still had a very shapely backside as a result of hours on the Stairmaster. Her eyes were gray/green with a sparkle that belied her prudish exterior. She felt that her nose was a little to sharp, but it fit her somewhat sharp and model-like features well. Her cheeks were naturally rosy and her pouting lips always seemed to show a hint of a smile. Her breasts were the size of small grapefruits, still firm for her age, with large dark brown nipples that grew to almost a half inch when she was excited. On the rare occasion when she allowed herself the remove her lab jacket at work, she got plenty of unwanted stares. That was distressing to her because she worked hard to keep the appearance of the perfect professional woman. She was a strong and firm manager. Although some of her jealous male subordinates would say that she was “a ball buster.” Some even called her a “dyke” behind her back. She had heard the whispers. But she didn’t really care.

Now in her late thirties however the glasses were gone, thanks to Lasik surgery, and she had upgraded her wardrobe to a more modern and somewhat fashionable style. While still not incredibly sexy, the skirts were a little shorter and the sweaters a little tighter. It seemed to help with her career as she had gotten two promotions since she changed her style of dress. She knew that she had accomplished a lot on her job, and deserved her promotions, but she also realized that a little harmless flirting never hurt.

Allison looked over at the tired commuters as they sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, their windows closed to keep out the belching smoke. A smile came to her face when she saw the guy in the car next to her look over. His weary face turned to a smile as well. She wondered what he would think if he knew that she wasn’t wearing panties, or that she had her skirt pulled up, almost to her waist, revealing the soft flesh of her inner thighs above the thigh high nylons that Jason always made her wear. Without turning her eyes from his stare, her hand dropped between her thighs and her fingers found her swollen sex lips. The guy was still smiling at her as a finger slipped deep into her warm hole.

She squirmed on the probing digit and thought of the phone call from Jason. She had been sitting at her desk making notes on a legal pad when the phone rang. For some reason she had been thinking about sex all day. “Take your panties off,” he had said without so much as a “hello”. “I can’t. I’m at my desk,” she protested. “Do it,” he returned firmly. Looking though her door and seeing her assistant talking to someone with her back toward her, she obediently reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off. A gasp escaped her lips when she saw the wetness on the crotch. She quickly stuffed the slip of material into her pocketbook. Then he told her to play with her already swollen sex lips until they were dripping. When she protested again, saying she had an important meeting in ten minutes with her staff, he just laughed and said that that was perfect. Through the entire meeting she could feel her swollen lips pulsing and worried that she would have a wet spot on the back of her skirt when she got up.

Now she was stuck in this infernal Friday afternoon traffic, only made bearable by the feeling of her finger slipping in and out of her now dripping hole. The car quickly filled with a squishing sound and the sweet aroma of her excitement.

The blare of horns from behind awoke Allison from her daydream. When she looked ahead, she saw that the traffic had begun to move. She pressed the gas petal to the floor.

The house was gloriously quiet when Allison rushed through the door. She had less than an hour to get showered and changed before Jason arrived. So much for taking a bubble bath and relaxing with a glass of wine… or two. No, now she would have to rush to get ready. She needed to shave her legs and… shave her private parts… that was always a requirement for Jason. He wanted her sex lips smooth. She could still remember how shocked Bradley had been the first time he had seen it. Still, he didn’t really care since he hadn’t made love to her for over two years. Now she had gotten used to the feeling of her hairless sex lips rubbing against her panties. It was a constant reminder of her sexuality.

Allison was still rushing around when the doorbell rang.

Jason was at the door.

The sexy woman checked herself in the mirror one last time. The white blouse looked normal unless one saw it in the light. Then it would be apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the silky material did nothing to hide her naked flesh. The tiny short skirt barely covered the cheeks of her ass and left a long expanse of bare thigh between the hem and the top of her nylons. The four-inch high heels emphasized and defined her long legs, all the way up her strong thighs where they disappeared under the pleated material. Off course she wasn’t wearing panties. At Jason’s orders she had put her hair into two braids that were held at the ends by pink ribbons. It all led to the appearance that she was a young and naughty schoolgirl… a naughty schoolgirl whose swollen and mature sex lips were dripping juice down her thighs as she walked down the stairs.

Chapter 2

Chris used his cell phone to call home but gave up when he got the answering machine for the third time. He wanted to tell his mother that he was coming home tonight instead of staying with Jeff. He had come down with the flu and was sick in bed. Chris didn’t leave a message for his mother, assuming that she wasn’t home from work yet.

It was dark when he pulled into the driveway. There was a car sitting in front of the garage that he didn’t recognize it. He parked next to it and got out, wondering who was at the house since his Mom hadn’t said anything about a visitor.

The car was an expensive Mercedes model, sleek and black. That wasn’t unusual in their upscale neighborhood, but he still didn’t recognize it. He glanced inside but couldn’t see anything that would indicate who the car belonged to. When he looked at the house, there didn’t seem to be any lights on inside. A weird feeling suddenly came over him…. almost a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. While he wasn’t a suspicious person by nature, something didn’t seem right.

He opened the front door and closed it again as quietly as possible. He then walked gently through the large foyer, glancing first into the kitchen and then the living room, finding no one there and no lights on in any room. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from down the hall in the vicinity of the family room. His heart skipped a beat as he slowed his pace and tiptoed closer to the noise. There it was again. It sounded like moans of pleasure. He halted for a moment before moving again, feeling like a sneak in his own house. Turning to the side, he placed his back against the wall and inched forward. Then he squatted down and moved his head far enough out to look into the room. Like all the other rooms, the family room was dark. However, a fire was roaring in the fireplace throwing eerie shadows onto the walls. A sudden gasp caught in his throat. On the sofa were two people. One of them was his mother… or at least he thought it was; her outfit was like nothing he had ever seen her wear. As his eyes adjusted, he realized with shock that it was in fact her. And, she was kissing someone that was definitely not his father.

“That was so naughty of you to take your panties off at your desk at work today,” the guy said as he pulled his lips away with a loud smack.

“Yes, it was,” Allison answered breathlessly.

Chris recognized the voice of his mother, but it sounded strange, almost meek. He strained his eyes at the embracing couple and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Up until that point of his life, he had never seen his mother as anything but his mother. Sure she was pretty… maybe even sexy, but she was his mother and sons don’t look at their mothers that way. Now, he saw her sitting on the sofa with a stranger, wearing… well he wasn’t sure what kind of outfit she was wearing… and kissing a stranger. She had on high heels, which he rarely saw her wear, a very short skirt, which she never wore, and a white blouse. Her hair was braided. She looked like a teenager. What the hell is going on, he wondered?

“Open your blouse for me,” the man said.

Without protest, Allison began to unbutton her blouse.

Chris’ eyes opened wide as he stared into the dimly lit room and watched his mother’s fingers open one button at a time until the blouse was hanging open by an inch or so, still hiding her breasts but revealing the insides swells. He almost passed out when the guy reached over and pushed open the blouse, exposing both of his mother’s breasts. Suddenly a log crackled in the fire and the resulting flare sent bright light into the room. The light flashed off her breasts, revealing the soft white flesh and hard brown nipples.

“Mmmmm, very nice,” the stranger said and reached over to cup one orb in his palm. Then he took the nipple between his thumb and index finger and squeezed, bringing a gasp from Allison. “You like it when I squeeze your nipples hard, don’t you?” He squeezed harder.

Allison gasped again and hissed, “Yes,” through clenched teeth.

“Spread your legs for me.”

Allison obeyed, opening her legs as wide as she could, throwing the short skirt to the top of her thighs.

Fortunately the crackling of the fire continued to cover the gasps that slipped from Chris’s mouth. He couldn’t believe that he was staring at the bare crotch of his mother. Even more incredible, he saw that her sex lips were totally devoid of hair. The fireplace light showed a sparkle of juice on the obviously swollen inner lips. The outer lips were large, smooth, and puffy, unable to hold the inner lips inside.

Chris wasn’t naive about sex, but he was still a virgin, at least technically. He and his girlfriend, Melissa, had engaged in manual and oral sex… or at least he had performed oral sex on her… she refused to do it to him, but always accommodated him with a hand job. However, he had eaten her many times, which he loved to do, and therefore had learned a good bit about the female sex anatomy from up-close. But this was his mother’s sex he was staring at… it wasn’t right. In spite of that, incredibly, he began to get an erection.

The guy slipped his hand between Allison’s legs and began to rub her swollen lips. “Ah, very wet indeed. You are such a slut aren’t you Allison?”

“Yes, I’m a slut,” Allison gasped as her hips began to move on the sofa. “Ohhhh!!!” she suddenly cried as a finger found her hole and slipped inside.

The guy bent his head and took one already hard nipple into his mouth.

Chris watched in shock and mortification as the stranger pumped his finger in and out of his mother’s willing hole. She spread her legs wider for him. He could hear the squishing sounds from his moving finger over the crackling fire, dissuading any doubts that he had with regard to her level of excitement or complicity.

For a long time the stranger worked on Allison, sucking one breast and then the other before adding another finger to her wet hole.

Allison’s cries grew louder as she drew near a climax. It didn’t take long since she had been worked up all day. Now, her hips lifted frantically from the sofa, taking his fingers as deeply as she could. “Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “Oh God, I’m going to cum. Mmmmmmmm.” Her body tensed and then began to convulse.

Chris watched with his mouth opened in amazement as his mother climaxed in front of him. He was stunned and shocked beyond belief. His head was spinning with so many feelings that he could hardly think. Yet, his penis throbbed and threatened to shoot off in his pants.

“That’s it. That’s it my little slut,” the stranger said as he continued to pump his fingers in and out until Allison’s climax slowed. When she finally relaxed, he pulled his fingers from between her legs and held them up to the firelight. They were glistening with juice. “I’ve never seen a slut that made so much juice,” he laughed. “Clean my fingers,” he ordered, holding his fingers up to Allison’s mouth.

Without hesitation she took his fingers into her mouth one at a time and sucked them dry.

“Take my cock out.”

Chris’s heart almost stopped as he watched his mother lean over and unzipped the man’s pants. Then she fished inside until she found his hard shaft. When she couldn’t get it out of the opening, she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

“Go ahead and pull them down.” He lifted up and allowed her to pull his pants to his feet.

Chris closed his eyes and shook his head as if this was a dream and he would be awake when he opened his eyes again. What he saw when he did was the stranger’s large penis pulsing in his mother’s hand. It was long and had a huge head that was shaped like a giant mushroom. His sparkling juice was running down the shaft in a small river.

“Lick me… but don’t touch the head yet,” the stranger ordered.

Allison moaned and bent her head to the stranger’s throbbing shaft.

From Chris’s angle he could plainly see his mother’s tongue come out and begin to lick the juice from the underside of his shaft. She worked her tongue up and down, cleaning off the juice and leaving her saliva behind.

After a few minutes, the stranger said, “Now suck the head gently.”

Chris found himself holding his breath as his mother’s tongue moved up the shaft until her mouth was hovering over the pulsing head. Then he saw her open her mouth wide and take the head inside. He closed his eyes. He felt dizzy, disoriented, and swayed on his knees. This couldn’t be happening. That couldn’t be his mother sucking a stranger’s cock in their own house… on the sofa he had sat on a million times.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice. You are such a nasty cock sucker.”

Chris’s eyes flew back open. He suddenly had to fight the urge to rush into the room and thrash the guy. He couldn’t believe his mother was letting this guy call her a “nasty cock sucker”. He was sure that she would have slugged anyone that called her that if this were a normal circumstance. However, this wasn’t normal. It was surreal and suddenly seemed to be moving in slow motion as Chris watched his mother suck and lick the swollen head. Little murmurs of pleasure came from her sucking lips.

“Yes, suck me. Suck my cock bitch!” the stranger hissed. “You’re a nasty cock sucker aren’t you?”

Allison moaned as if the words were turning her on and she began to suck the head with greater enthusiasm. The room quickly filled with the solitary noise from her sucking lips.

The sound echoed in Chris’s head, bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. “No… no… no…” his brain screamed. But the juice from his penis poured into his underwear, threatening to create a wet spot on his pants.

“Pump the shaft,” he ordered. “That’s it. That’s it, I’m getting close.”

Suddenly Chris realized that the stranger was going to cum in his mother’s mouth. He almost screamed out to her in warning. He opened his mouth, but he closed it when he heard his mother moan and then saw her hand begin to move faster, pumping the shaft like she was milking him… like she wanted his cum in her mouth. Maybe the stranger was right… maybe his mother was a “nasty cock sucker”. “No… no… no…” he screamed silently. “Nasty cock sucker…nasty cock sucker.” The words exploded in his head.

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