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Own Son watches Mom with her Secret lover Final Chapter

“You asked,” she laughed. “I’ve got to be careful here since it wouldn’t be good to go to the doctors with a wet pussy. Now, what about the test.”

“Here,” Chris said, handing her a folded paper.

She opened it and saw a B+. “That’s wonderful Chris,” Allison said excitedly and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Now am I out of the dog house?”

“No. You still have to pass the final with a B.”

Chris moaned.

A few minutes later, Chris was sitting in the waiting room and his mother was in with the doctor.

“It’s so good to see you Laura,” Allison said, hugging her long time friend.

“It’s been too long. When was it last… oh yes, at Carolyn’s birthday party,” Laura said.

Laura was an attractive 42-year-old doctor. She was slightly older than Allison because Allison had gone to college very early. Laura was a little shorter with a smaller frame then her friend, but with an attractive figure, with a narrow waist and shapely hips. Most of the time she covered up her substantial breasts with her white doctor’s jacket and put on a conservative demeanor (not unlike Allison did at work). However, off the job she was anything but conservative. She had shoulder length brown hair that was turned under in an attractive but professional style. Her face was pretty with just a few wrinkles around her eyes… eyes that were a dark blue and seemed to be able to penetrate into one’s soul. It had been an on-going problem for her with men. It seemed that they felt like she could pry into their very thoughts.

She and Allison had been roommates and friends, with the older woman taking Laura under her wing. In fact, although no one but the two of them knew, they had been more than just friends. There was a running debate as to who seduced whom. Allison always professed to be the young and na‹ve girl, fondly accusing Laura of trapping her in her web of sin. The truth was that it had been mutual. Allison was in fact na‹ve, but also desperate for affection. One rainy night she found it in the arms of her female roommate. Their affair had ended when Allison met Bradley. However, their friendship had lasted through the years.

“So how is Bradley?” Laura asked, taking a seat behind her desk and directing Allison to a chair.

“About the same. The depression medicine has helped, but I don’t think he has ever really recovered from the heart attack and subsequent by-pass. Physically he is fine.”

“Unfortunately, that happens in some cases. I’m not sure that medical science really knows the reason, but something happens because of the operation that has a definite impact on a patient’s mental state. Most men and women get over it without therapy or drugs though.”

“Well, it has been difficult. I would have never had the affair if Bradley hadn’t changed. The sex was never spectacular, but it was enough… or so I thought.”

The two of them talked for a few minutes about the old days, neither alluding to their personal relationship, although it was never far from either of their minds. It had been intense and unforgettable, but seemed somewhat embarrassing today. Allison knew that she would never have given up men, and she thought that Laura felt the same way. However, it had been fun.

“So, what are you here for today,” Laura said opening Allison’s folder. She paged through the sheets from her last visit, which was several years ago.

“Well… uh… I was originally coming to get a prescription for birth control pills.”

Laura looked at her friend with surprise. Then she smiled. “Are you still seeing Jason?”

They never kept anything from each other… or so Allison thought.


“Well then I have to ask why you want the ‘pill’? I know that you are not telling me that Bradley has become amours again.”

“No.” Allison was suddenly very nervous and squirmed in the chair. She had rehearsed what she was going to say, but suddenly the words deserted her.

“You are having an affair with another man then?” Laura asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well, kind of.”

“How can you ‘kind of’ have an affair? Come on Allison, out with it.”

Allison’s face grew red and her heart was suddenly thumping in her chest. She wondered if this was the right thing to do. On one hand she knew that Laura could be a big help to her. On the other, she was risking everything. Unfortunately she didn’t think she had an alternative. “Laura, I know I can trust you. We have been friends… more than friends… for a long time. Please don’t think bad of me but… but, I am having an affair with my… my…”


“My son!”

“Your son… Chris!” Laura said in a loud voice.

“Shhhh, he’s right outside.”

It was Laura’s face that flushed this time. She leaned forward and lowered her voice. “Sorry. But you’re having an affair with you son? I can’t believe it.”

“I know it’s crazy and I never wanted or planned for it to happen. But, I love him. Not like a son alone anymore. He does things to me… things that I didn’t think I would ever feel again.”

Suddenly Laura face broke into a broad smile. This was perfect.

“What?” Allison asked.

“Go on, tell me more, I’ll tell you why I’m smiling in a moment. How did it start?”

“Well, I’m not sure how it started, but he caught me with Jason. We were in the family room and he was supposed to be at a friend’s house. He came home and saw us on the sofa kissing and… and… well, you get the picture.”


“I tried to explained my way out of it. Chris was obviously angry. Unfortunately, we had a major blow up and I slapped him. But in the end he apologized and so did I. I said that I would stop seeing Jason and he promised not to tell Bradley. Somewhere in the process I found myself attracted to Chris. It started when I found that I was jealous of his girlfriend. I walked in on them by accident… well, on purpose. Then I felt so bad that I went to his room that night and… I used my hand on him. Then he took me out on Valentines Day to dinner and I had a little too much to drink. I ended up giving him a blo… blow job. At first it was just… just oral… you know, me sucking him. Eventually it progressed to him eating me. Then, a couple of weeks ago, we… I let him have me.” Allison paused, near tears. “The worst part is that I don’t regret it.”

“What an incredible story.”

“Please don’t judge me,” Laura begged.

“You know better than that. So now you want me to write you a prescription for the pill?”

“It’s worse than that. When we… when we had sex for the first time, I let him cum in me. Now, now I… I’m… pregnant.”

Laura sucked in her breath. An incredible wave of excitement rushed through her. A million thoughts were running through her mind, but she knew that she had to calm herself.

“You’re sure that you are pregnant?”

“I took one of those tests.”

“They are pretty accurate. But are you sure it belongs to Chris… I mean you were with Jason.”

Chris, Jason, Bradley, suddenly Allison felt like a slut. Her voice began to tremble as she said, “Well, I’m sure that it’s not Jason’s baby, but I had sex with Bradley… as a precaution, so it could possibly be his.”

“I don’t think that’s likely because of Bradley’s issues, but it could be his. It was smart thinking to cover yourself.”

“It was Chris’s idea.” Suddenly Allison started to cry.

Laura got up and came around to her and bent down and gave her a hug.

“I’m terrible, I know it,” Allison sobbed.

“No you’re not. If you are, then so am I.”

Allison wiped her eyes with a Kleenex and looked up at her friend. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve never met my husband Randy, have you?”


“There is a reason for that.”

Allison looked at her curiously.

“His real name is John Randolph Mercer.”

“That’s you’re last name… before you got married. I thought you had just kept your unmarried name.”

“Allison…” Laura said and paused for a second. “John, my husband, is my brother.”

One could have heard a pin drop in the doctor’s office.

Allison’s eyes were as big around as saucers. “John your brother… little John, is your husband?” she asked in total astonishment.

“Not legally, but in every other way. He was fourteen when you met him ten years ago. He has grown up quite a bit since then and is definitely not ‘little John’ anymore.”

“Oh my God… I can’t believe it.” Suddenly Allison looked at the photos of Laura’s three children on the desk. “Are… are… the ch…”

“Yes, the children are his… and mine.”

“I can’t believe it,” Allison said again. “And, they are all healthy?”


“When… how did it happen?”

“Well, when my father died, Randy had a difficult time. He rebelled and Mom couldn’t handle him, so he came to live with me. We had always been close and in fact had experimented a little when he would visit for vacations and such.”


“Well, like you, I had a little too much to drink one evening. I accidentally walked into the bathroom when he was getting out of the shower. He had grown up quite a bit since I used to give him baths. He had an erection. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up sucking him off. From then on, when he would come to visit, I would please him with my mouth. However, that’s all we did for a couple of years. Then one day, we went all the way. I don’t remember the circumstances exactly, but I do remember that it was incredible. So that’s my story. I guess we have a lot in common now.”

Allison started to cry again.

“What’s wrong?”

“I… I… sob… sorry… I thought… sob… that I was the only one. Don’t mind me, I cry about everything lately.”

“I understand, pregnancy can do that to a woman. It screws up all your hormones. But you shouldn’t think that you are alone. Incest relationships are more prevalent than you might think. I’ve seen some estimates that five percent of births in this country are between close relations. That’s just in the US. In other parts of the world it is much, much higher. In fact, it is so common that there are underground groups here in our state that get together to talk about issues with our type of relationships.”


“Yes, I’ll tell you about them later. But first things first. Let’s get you examined and then I want to talk with Chris.”

“Uh… I’m not sure that’s a good idea. He might freak out.”

“Let me handle that. Now, get undressed and I will be with you in a minute,” Laura said, leading Allison to the examining room.

A few minutes later Laura came in to the examining room with her clipboard. “Okay, let’s get you up on the table.”

Allison was just a little embarrassed to climb onto the table and lift her legs into the stirrups.

Laura took her place on a low stool between Allison’s raised legs. “Oh my, I see that you are shaved. I love that,” she laughed. “I always thought you had a very pretty vagina… speaking both professionally and personally. I can still remember spending hours between your legs eating you.”

“You’re embarrassing me,” Allison said. However, she was even more embarrassed by the fact that Laura’s words had excited her and she could feel her vagina getting wet.”

“Sorry,” Laura said, reverting to a more professional demeanor. “Mmmm, I don’t think I need any lubricant today.”

Allison’s face turned bright red.

Laura found herself fascinated with her former lover’s vagina. She had in fact loved to look at it in the old days. She had spent many hours with her head between this woman’s thighs. Sometimes she thought that Allison was the reason she became a gynecologist. Her vagina was still one of the prettiest ones she had even seen. The inner lips were fat and wrinkled when filled with blood. They practically begged to be sucked. Her clit was positively huge and would extend from the fleshy covering and throb in excitement. Sucking her clit was like sucking a tiny penis.

Allison could feel her friend’s eyes on her and she wondered why she wasn’t starting the exam. Her own thoughts wandered back to college when her greatest thrill was to have this beautiful woman between her legs. She knew that Laura positively loved to eat her. She would suck her until she had climaxed so many times that she almost passed out. Then she would have to push her head from between her thighs. A tremor when through at the memory and she felt herself getting very wet.

As Laura stared at her friends sex, she saw the bubble of juice grow until it ran from between her lips. She had to fight the urge to lick it up. Her head moved closer and she almost drooled as the aroma brought back some wild memories. She shook her head and got back to work.

When the examination was done, she let Allison get dressed. Then she asked her to invite Chris into her office for the consultation.

Soon they were seated in front of Laura’s desk.

“It’s good to see you Chris. I suppose you don’t remember me. Your mother and I were good friends and roommates in college.”

“Yes, I recognize you,” Chris said, now remembering seeing the pretty woman several times.

“Well, let’s get down to business. Everything looks fine physically Allison. You are in good health and there is no reason to think that you won’t have a healthy baby under normal circumstances. However, as you know there are certain risks that are associated with a baby conceived within a family. Any genetic mutations that a mother might have and shared with a son, when combined, can cause problems for the baby. The good news is that, statistically, it is a relative small risk.

Allison looked at Chris and she could see that he didn’t understand what the doctor was saying.

“However, there are tests that we can do along the way that will determine if there is anything wrong. In that case we can decide on what action to take.”

Suddenly it dawned on Chris and he looked at his mother with a combination of anger and shock.

“I’m sorry, but I had to tell her,” Allison said and reached over to take his hand.

“She knows! You told her?” Chris said in astonishment. He looked from his mother to the doctor in disbelief.

“Yes. I had to. We are going to need all the help we can get. Laura is a good friend. Our secret is safe with her.”

Laura looked at Chris and said, “Chris, I understand your relationship with your mother… better than you think, and I’m happy for you. True love doesn’t happen that often and believe me relationships are a difficult thing to manage for any couple. There will be rough times for you and your mother… but I can help. I really can.”

Chris was too stunned to answer.

“I would like to get some blood from you so I can do some tests. It will help if I know your blood type and if there is anything that might complicate the health of the baby. If you want me too I can also test to see who the baby belongs too during the second trimester.”

Allison looked at Chris, but could see that he was still in shock. “Yes, we would like that,” she answered for both of them.

Chapter 15

Chris was silent as he pulled out of the parking lot of the doctor’s office. He couldn’t believe his mother had shared their secret so readily. On one hand he understood that she needed someone to confide in. However, on the other, it was taking an incredible risk.

“I had to tell her Chris,” Allison said.

“I know. I guess it’s a guy thing. We like to keep things to ourselves… work them out on our own. I guess it was for the best.

“She can help. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but she is living with her brother.”

Chris shrugged his shoulders and said, “So what.”

“I mean ‘living’ with her brother. They have three children together.”

The car swerved as Chris swung his head to look at his mother. “You mean they are… like… like us?”

Allison smiled. “Yes. That’s why I said that she could help. She’s been through it.”

“They are like married and stuff?”

“Something like that,” Allison said as she reached over and took his hand. “They can’t get married, but they are living as husband and wife.”

“Holy crap.”

“The world is a strange place. Let’s go get something to eat and celebrate your B+. I’m so proud of you.”

They stopped at a restaurant and had dinner. Allison declined on wine and drank water instead. She knew it wasn’t good to drink alcohol when pregnant. As they were heading home Allison said, “Chris, isn’t that place when the kids go to make out near here?”

“You mean Pine Lake?”

“That’s it.”

“Yeah, just a couple miles,” Chris said, looking at his mother expectantly.

“Why don’t we go up there for a few minutes. Your father won’t be home until later.”

Now there was a big smile on Chris’s face as he turned off the expressway and headed for Pine Lake.

The sun was going down as they pulled onto a dirt road that led through the woods to the lake. When they reached the lake, the sun was an orange ball, just on the horizon. There were no other cars there. The two of them got out of the car and walked over to a large rock that overlooked the water. The sun was slowly slipping below the horizon, creating a glistening reflection off the still lake water.

“Wow, it’s beautiful here,” Allison said.

“The kids don’t come here for the scenery.”

“I know,” Allison said and leaned over for a kiss.

Chris moaned as he placed his hand on the back of his mother’s head and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss quickly grew passionate as Chris pushed his tongue into his mother’s waiting mouth. Without thinking, Chris’s hand came up and found her breast. He squeezed her soft flesh before sliding his hand down to pull her blouse from her skirt. His hand went underneath and up to her bra-covered breast. With now experienced fingers he slipped underneath to find her already hard nipples. As the kiss continued, Chris’s hand moved down his mother’s back until he was grasping her ass cheeks.

Allison squirmed as she felt Chris squeezing her buttocks. She pulled away and said, “You’re still being punished you know.”

“Come on Mom, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Only a couple of weeks more and you can have whatever you want.”

“I’m not going to survive that long.”

“I think you will. Let’s get in the back seat for a few minutes.”

Chris looked at his mother in confusion.

“You’re being punished, not me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Come on,” Allison said, taking his hand and walking him to the back door of the car.

Chris followed her into the back seat where they resumed kissing. The car quickly filled with their moans of excitement.

“Take my panties off,” Allison whispered, lifting her skirt above her thighs.

Chris hurried to comply, reaching under her skirt and pulling her red panties down. He glanced at the crotch and saw that it was soaked and wondered how she got wet so quickly. He laid the panties on the center console between the front seats and turned back to his mother.

Allison had moved back on the seat and spread her legs wide. “Eat me,” she whispered excitedly.

With a moan Chris slipped to the floor. He ran his hands up his mother’s thighs and spread her open. She was dripping.

Allison grabbed her son’s head and pulled it between her legs, not allowing him to tease her. The session with Laura had made her incredibly hot and she didn’t need any preliminaries. “Ohhhhhh Goddddd!!!” she gasped when his lips touched her. It seemed like it had been months since she had felt his mouth on her. It was heaven.

As Chris pushed his tongue into his mother’s swollen vagina, he wondered how this was punishment. With enthusiasm he began to eat her. He sucked her inner lips into his mouth and heard his mother gasp. He lifted her legs and pushed them back, giving him free access to her now pulsing hole. His tongue went in deeply, searching for the pool of sweet juice that he loved so much.

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