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Own Son watches Mom with her Secret lover Chapter 2

“What’s wrong?” his mother asked.

“Uh… can… can I… can I cum on your face?” he asked sheepishly.

His mother’s face broke into a wide smile. “I’d love it.”

With trembling hand, Chris began to stroke his penis again, aiming it at his mother’s excited face. It didn’t take long before he felt his climax nearing. “Oh God, here it comes,” he gasped. He squeezed the base of his penis tight, holding back the inevitable explosion as long as he could. When he let go, his juice flew from his penis and across his mother’s face. The first blast flew over her head, landing in her hair and on the sheet above her head. The second and third, hit her across the forehead and some went into her eye, which fortunately she was able to close before it landed. The rest splattered on her nose and chin, with some going into her opened mouth.

When the last drop was squeezed out, Chris collapsed onto his mother. He scooted down until he was lying close to her and staring at her cum drenched face. With a sheepish laugh he used his finger to push the juice on her eyelid down her cheek and into her waiting mouth.

Allison sucked his finger clean before finally opening her eyes. She smiled and said, “Wow, you’ve been building that up for a long time huh?

“I guess I’ve been thinking about it,” Chris answered with a touch of embarrassment in his voice. “You’re face is a mess,” he added quickly with a laugh.

“Whose fault is that?”

“Mine. But you look beautiful.”

“I feel that way whenever I’m around you… whether my face is covered in cum or not.”

Chris wanted to kiss his mother but her lips were covered with his juice.

When she saw his hesitation, she asked, “Are you afraid to kiss me?”

“Uh… well… I’ve never…”

Allison interrupted him and pulled his face down to hers, lifting her lips.

Chris only resisted for a second. When he felt her wet lips on his, excitement began to grow again. He pressed his mouth harder to her and pushed his tongue inside. He tasted the remains of his cum in her mouth. Both of them moaned and the kiss grew more passionate.

Allison pulled away to catch her breath. She said, “Well, was that so bad?”

“No, I guess not. You really love sperm huh?”

Allison nodded her head.

“What is it about sperm that you like so much. It doesn’t taste that good,” Chris said. The taste was still in his mouth.

Allison was silent for a moment. She got a dreamy look in her eyes and said, “I’m not sure why I love it. It started with Jason. The first few times, we only did oral sex… me giving him blow jobs. I quickly found that I loved it. Not necessarily the taste… although that’s not bad… it’s more about where it comes from and the fact that I’ve created the excitement that made it squirt into my mouth.” Then she added with a laugh, “Or squirt on my face.” Then she paused for a second and looked into her son’s eyes. “With you, it’s even more special. You’re my son and it’s like… like… oh, I don’t know… it’s like I gave you life and you’re giving it back to me in the form of your sperm. Does that make any sense?”

“I think so,” Chris answered. He didn’t really. It was a pretty heavy conversation for a teenager. “Anyway, it’s obviously not my thing, but I guess if you’re willing to swallow my sperm, I should be willing to kiss you.”

“That’s why I love you so much,” Allison said and pulled her son down to her again.

Another incident occurred several days later. His father, mother and he had been watching TV in the family room. Chris came into the kitchen with his mother to get a snack. As soon as the door closed, Chris pulled his mother too him and kissed her hard. His hands dropped down to her soft ass cheeks and he pulled her to him.

“We came in here to get a snack,” she protested.

“You’re my snack,” he said.

“Well, behave for now.” She turned from him and went to the freezer to get a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

When Chris saw her bend over he stepped up behind her and pressed his already hard penis to her ass.

“Chris, please,” she said with a sigh and pushed him away gently. She got a bowl and filled it with ice cream. When she saw Chris look at the large bowl of ice cream she said, “I’m a chocolate addict… especially at certain times of the month.”

“Oh,” Chris said, not really knowing what she was talking about.

Suddenly Chris got a naughty look on his face. “Would you like a topping?”

“No, I’m not really into syrup on my ice cream.”

“That’s not the topping I was thinking of.” Chris looked quickly at the door and then he reached for her hand, pulling his mother into the dinning room with him.

“Take my cock out,” he whispered.



A light suddenly came on in his mother’s eyes. “Chris, this is crazy.”

“Mother, just do it… now,” he said as he took the bowl from her hand. Then he saw a strange look come to her eyes that he didn’t recognize. It might have been fear, or maybe it was a hint of submissiveness. He remembered her telling him about Jason making her do things. “Hurry up,” he said.

With now trembling hands Allison unzipped her son’s jeans, pulling his half-hard penis from his pants.

“Jerk me off into your bowl of ice cream.”

“Are you kidding?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Come on, before Dad comes looking for us.” However, he was pretty confident he would not come looking for them. Once he got into his favorite chair, he rarely left.

Allison began to slowly stroke her son’s penis as he held the bowl of ice cream under the head.

“That’s it, that’s it, stroke my cock. Work that juice from my balls. I know you want my juice on your ice cream so you can eat it. You love my cum.”

“Yes… I love your cum,” Allison said with a now trembling voice.

The nastiness of what they were doing brought Chris to a crisis quickly. He closed his eyes as his mother pumped his shaft until he was ready to climax. “Oh God, I’m going to cum,” he whispered through clenched teeth.” Then they both watched as his juice began to shoot from the head.

Chris held the bowl below his squirting penis, catching his copious juice on top of her ice cream.

Allison found herself trembling as she watched his white cream cover the dark mounds in the bowl. When the last squirt was done, she squeezed the last drop out. Then she looked up at Chris, waiting for him to tell her what to do.

“Let’s go back into the family room so you can eat your snack.”

Allison followed her son back into the family room and they sat on the couch.

Chris looked at his mother as she stared into the bowl. Then he watched as she mixed up the sperm and ice cream and began to eat it. He had to smile at the look on his mother’s innocent face as she secretly ate his sperm mixed with her chocolate ice cream. When she had taken several large spoonfuls, he saw her begin to squirm on the seat. Then her body began to tense and then she shuddered; he knew that she was climaxing. His father sat in his favorite chair totally unaware.

After that incident Chris began to push his relationship with his mother as far as she would allow him. He had become desperate to use his mouth on her. However, so far she had not allowed him even to touch her between her legs. They were on his bed getting ready for the nightly ritual when Chris said, “Mom I want to look at you.”

“You can look at me anytime you want.”

Chris rolled his eyes and said, “You know what I mean. I want to look at you down there. You’ve seen me plenty of times, but I have only seen glimpses of you.”

Chris’s request wasn’t a surprise to Allison. She knew that it would be coming. “All right, but just look, no touching.”

Chris watched his mother get up and walk over to stand in front of a comfortable armed chair. She shrugged off her robe, leaving her in a pair of tiny white lace panties. She was naked from the waist up.

“Model your new panties for me.”

“Do you like these panties?” she said as she spun around for him. They were tight on her, hugging her hips and were cut low in front, far below her belly button. In the back, they came to just above the top of her crack and left the lower half of both cheeks exposed. They were almost see-through, allowing Chris to see the outline of her sex lips.

“I love them,” Chris said honestly.

Putting her thumbs in the waistband, Allison slowly stripped the panties down her legs. She remained bent over for several seconds, teasing him. Then she stood up and paused for a moment letting Chris look at her naked body. A moment later she sat on the chair.

Chris got off the bed and moved closer. He knelt a few feet away.

Allison lifted her legs and placed them onto the arms of the chair, spreading her legs wide. She almost gasped as the cool room air found her hot sex lips. She saw her son’s wide eyes and her face flushed with a combination of embarrassment and excitement. She had never felt so exposed.

Chris gasped when he saw his mother’s beautiful pussy displayed before him. He had seen it from afar, but never this close. He loved the way the fat outer lips caressed the swollen inner lips. And, he especially loved that she didn’t have any pubic hair. It made it so much neater and he wondered what it would feel like under his lips. He could see that his mother was excited as there was juice already bubbling from her hole. He moved closer.

“Chris,” his mother warned when he was almost touching the chair.

“I can smell you.” Chris reached out to touch the sensitive inner flesh of his mother’s thigh. “I’m going to kiss it,” Chris said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Oh Jesus Chris, we can’t,” Allison protested weakly.

Chris moved closer, his face on a level with her knees; his eyes fixed on her swollen flesh as the scent drew him closer.

Allison placed her hands on her son’s shoulders in a vain attempt to stop him from getting to close. However, there was no strength in her arms.

Chris ran his hands down his mother’s trembling thighs until his fingers touched her smoothly shaven outer lips.

“Chrisssss,” Allison protested.

Chris ignored his mother and used his fingers to open her. His penis throbbed as he gazed at her slick lips. The hole was open and pulsing with juice running between the valley of her ass cheeks. Chris saw her hole contract and wondered how he had ever come from that tiny opening. Slowly he brought his mouth closer until he could touch her with his tongue.

“Noooooo Chris,” his mother whined. “Oh my God, oh my God,” she cried as if helpless to stop what was happening.

Chris began to run his tongue gently up and down her slit. As the juice coated his tongue he pulled it back into his mouth and swallow. The taste almost made him climax. It was better then he had dared dream. She actually tasted sweet, so unlike his own bitter taste. Up until that time he had only tasted her on her panties and that was not fresh like this. With a moan he pushed his tongue deeply into her hole.

“Ahhhheeeee!!!” Allison screamed. Her shrill cry echoed against the walls of the room. It was fortunate that Bradley was a deep sleeper… helped by his medication… or he would have surely heard.

Chris buried his face in his mother’s warm and wet groin. He was in heaven. He had always loved to eat Melissa, but his mother tasted so much better. There was no hair to get in the way… only his mother’s soft, wet, and warm flesh.

Allison’s bucked her hips on the chair and her hand grabbed the back of Chris’s head as if he would try to escape.

Chris had no intention of moving. His mouth and tongue went to work on his mother’s slick pussy. He sucked the lips, then pulled away to run his tongue up and down the grove. He found her little pee hole and tickled it with the tip of his tongue. For a moment he wished that he could push his tongue in there. Then he pulled back out before plunging deep into her flooding hole. Each time, he pulled her thick cream back into his mouth. Several times he pulled away to gaze at her now red and swollen sex lips. Chris was amazed that her clit had swollen until it had the shape of a small penis. He could barely find Melissa’s. His mother’s protruded from the protective covering a full half-inch and pulsed like it was alive. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked.

“Oh God Chris, eat me, suck my cunt, suck my clit, bite it,” Allison hissed. Her body began to shake from head to toe.

The words hardly registered in Chris’s brain. He was far too engrossed in what he was doing. Even when his mother’s legs wrapped around his shoulders and squeezed his head, he barely noticed.

Allison had begun to climax when her son’s mouth found her swollen clit. Her fingers dug into his scalp as her juice flooded his mouth. When that climax ended, another began and then another until she could no longer separate one from the other.

It was almost an hour later when Allison finally had to push her son’s face from between her legs. Every nerve ending grown sensitive until it was almost painful. She couldn’t cum anymore.

Chris sat back in a daze. His face was covered in juice from his forehead to his chin. It actually dripped from his cheeks. Whatever was on his face was what he had missed because he had swallowed a quart of her juice.

“God Chris,” Allison gasped. “I’ve never cum that hard or for that long in my life. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it comes naturally from my heritage,” he answered, clearly referring to his mother’s oral talents.

“Come up here and give me a sloppy kiss,” Allison said with a smile.

When Chris leaned over his mother to kiss her, his rock hard penis touched her stomach. The combination of her sucking lips and the touch of her warm skin almost brought him to a climax.

When Chris pulled back, they both looked down at his throbbing cock. Allison reached down and grasped in.

“Jerk me off onto your pussy.”

A moan escaped Allison’s lips and her eyes closed. She began to stroke him, aiming the pulsing head of his penis at her still throbbing sex lips. It only took a few stroked before Chris tensed. “Yes, cum sweetie,” she whispered. “Cum on my cunt. I want your sweet cream on my pussy.”

Her words brought on his climax. The hot juice shot out and splattered across Allison’s shaved sex lips, covering the surface with his creamy discharge. It splattered on her stomach, outer lips and even hit her still exposed clitoris.

Chris finally fell back and watched his mother stand up in front of him. He suddenly had a close up view of his cum as it ran across her sex lips and threatened to fall to the floor. “Put you’re panties back on,” he said.

That same look that Chris had seen when he had her jerk him off into her ice cream came to Allison’s face. She stepped away from him quickly and reached for her panties. Then she pulled them up her legs, trapping his sperm between the gusset and her sex lips. Chris saw her close her eyes in excitement. “I hear cum is good for the skin, especially after it has been ravaged. You won’t have to use any cream tonight.”

Chris smiled as he stared at the ass of his sexy Mom as she left the room. She had her robe over her shoulder and swayed her ass sexily. As she left the room she looked over her shoulder one last time and smiled. Chris masturbated again that night thinking of his mother lying in bed with his cum covering her pussy and soaking into the panties.

The following day Chris’s mother told him that they had gone too far last night. She said that he would have to be satisfied with her doing it to him or they would be forced to stop. Chris would have been worried, but the conviction of her words didn’t sound very strong. Besides he figured that she needed to try to act in control, to be the adult. Yet when she was sexually excited… well, Chris was learning more about his mother every day.

For the rest of the week they followed the general routine. She came to his room and sucked him off. The only difference was that she would take off her panties and lay with him. Chris liked that. It seemed so intimate to be naked and in bed with his mother.

On Saturday morning, Chris was asleep when his door opened. He didn’t hear his mother come into his room. The movement on his bed brought him awake. He was confused hen he opened his eyes saw his mother straddling his chest. She was naked and her vagina was but inches from his chin. “What… uh what’s going on?” he asked sleepily.

“Eat me… please,” his mother said breathlessly. “I’ve been thinking about it all week and it’s driving me crazy.”

Chris’s sleepy face broke into a wide grin. However, his smile was covered as his mother lifted up and sat her already wet vagina on his face. A second later he began to suck her.

“God yes Chris. Suck me, suck my sweet cunt,” she gasped as she squirmed her wet flesh on his face.

Chris couldn’t think of a better way to wake up. He stuck his tongue deep inside his mother and swirled it around. Her juice ran in a stream from her hole and into his waiting mouth. There was so much of it that he could barely swallow fast enough to keep up. However, he thought it would be a great way to die.

Allison began to buck her hips on her son’s face, smearing her juice from chin to forehead. She found the tip of his nose with her clit. Her hips moved in a circle, letting his nose tickle her clit while his tongue foraged for her juice. It didn’t take long for her to reach her peak. “Oh I’m cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggg,” she screamed. Bradley was on the golf course so she didn’t have to worry about noise. The room quickly filled with her grunts of pleasure and the squishing sound of her wet pussy rubbing on her son’s accommodating face. Allison collapsed after multiple climaxes.

Finally Chris got to see the light again. He looked at his weakly smiling mother and said, “What a wonderful way to wake up.” Then he asked, “What brought that on? I’m not complaining mind you.”

“After what we did last week, I though about your mouth constantly. I figured since we had already done it once… well, you understand.”

“I’m glad you changed your mind. I’ll eat you anytime and any place that you want.”

Allison kissed him hard. Then she crawled over him and turned with her legs spread around his head. “Eat me again while I suck you.”

They both climaxed.

After that, they added the pleasure of Chris eating her before she sucked him off.

Chapter 11

It was an early spring morning when Allison and Chris’s lives changed forever. Spring was in full bloom and the weather had turned unseasonably warm. The windows of the Hudson house were open and the noise of birds singing in the trees outside awoke Chris earlier than normal. He slipped out of bed and stuck his head out of a window overlooking the driveway and saw that his father had already left for his regular Saturday morning golf match. Seizing the opportunity, he quietly padded down the hall and slowly opened the bedroom door to his mother’s room. Up to that point, his mother had never allowed the two of them to have sex in her bed. He wasn’t sure why since she had done it with Jason. Her explanation that it was too dangerous didn’t make sense. He thought it might be because of remorse at her mistake of letting Jason do it.

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