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Over The Fence At Dusk

The week leading to Friday dragged, and every time I set eyes on Rebecca in the morning made it worse. I don’t know how many times I masturbated in the evenings but it was unhealthy for a forty-two-year-old man. All I could see when I lay down on the bed was a writhing teenager ploughing her pussy with her fingers and bringing herself off.

At least, the day had finally arrived and I ate my evening meal at seven at the garden table; the neighbours were doing the same, their voices drifted over the fence as they chatted.

Rebecca was the only child of Mike and Sarah, he had split up a couple of years ago and I believe Mike found himself a younger model, only about five years younger, but one that didn’t live with them, at least not yet, though I had seen her covertly leave the house once or twice in the early morning.

I divorced seven years ago and never bothered finding anyone and now I am so set in my ways that I don’t think anyone would put up with me.

I listened as much as I could to the conversation from next door. Snippets of information, such as the fact that Melissa would be around at eight-thirty caught my attention and the even more interesting one was that Mike would be staying over at his girlfriend’s house that evening. There followed a plethora of rules and regulations that were not to be broken, no smoking, no drugs, no strangers, no parties and no alcohol were top of the list. The father’s naivety didn’t think of no masturbation or no exhibitionism.

I had some time to wait before being surprised so I wandered around the house doing small jobs here and there, like washing up, cleaning the cooker and putting some clothes away; all the while my concentration was flitting back to that night and my cock seemed to be on permanent alert knowing that something nice was going to happen.

From the lounge, I could see Melissa approach; she looked smaller than Rebecca – around the five foot three, blonde hair and a very pretty face. She too had an impressive rack on her. What was it with girls these days? They all seemed well-endowed, well-rounded like they’re developing into pleasure playgrounds for men. I shook my head, sexism was not one of my traits and I could only surmise that the night’s events were making me think like this.

I wanted to go out to the garden, but Mike’s car was still in the drive. I waited until nine o’clock before he drove off.

I poured myself a beer and walked out to the garden, it was still a nice evening and while the sun had dipped below the horizon, the warm evening air was lovely. It was calm with very little wind. I sat in my chair and looked up at the velour window and noticed that it was only just open. There was certainly no view to be had. Not yet.

I took a sip of my beer and let out a satisfying sigh. That’s when I heard giggles from the other side of the fence.

I wondered what was going on but I drank my beer, looked at my flexing cock, and listened to the girly chatter from next door. In truth, I only caught a few sentences except when they giggled and their voices were much louder.

“No, Melissa, we have to wait until MR. EVANS is watching us,” my ears piqued, not so much because of my name being mentioned but because it was deliberately louder than anything else they had said.

“I want to play now, I’m horny,” I heard Melissa reply, again her voice was raised much higher.

I took the bait, I got up from the chair and walked over to the dining chairs that were closer to the fence. I stepped up on one and peeked over it before raising myself so that my head and shoulders were above it.

My mouth must have fallen open as I looked at them both. My eyes were dragged involuntarily from one girl to the next and back again as well as doing the up and down traverse.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, my cock twitched and throbbed and I immediately undid the cord that held up my shorts and let them drop to the chair. I stepped out of them and allowed my cock room to breathe. It nearly pierced the wooden fencing panels.

The sight was indescribable; you have to believe me when I say this.

There were two recliner chairs both facing the fence. On top of them were two very naked girls with their breasts wobbling effortlessly on their chests, their legs were splayed apart but their feet together. I had an unhindered view of their pussies that were covered by their hands as they stroked them, seductively.

The whole sight was lewd and erotic. My hand came upon my cock and my eyes were glued to them.

I saw Rebecca glance at Melissa and I was taken aback by her words.

“We can go for it now, babe.”

Melissa didn’t waste any time at all. She started to massage her cunny, rolling her fingertips over her delicious downy covered bud, her hand came upon a breast and she pinched and squeezed at it. Her moans were fevered and low-pitched, which moved me to no end. The higher-pitched moan from Rebecca caught my attention and I watched her push two fingers into her cunt like she had done that fateful night she pounded her sex. She was holding her thigh with her other hand. I watched as Melissa’s hand crossed between the recliners and started to caress Rebecca’s breast.

Rebecca pushed her bottom off the recliner so that her cunny pumped into her waiting fingers. The sight before me epitomised perfection. I concluded that I was previously wrong about her pubic hairs, they would have been red if she had had any, but they were missing.

My gaze became drawn to Melissa once more because she raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked greedily on them. Her eyes fixed on mine as she performed the wanton act. Almost laughing at me.

My cock was rigid and close to bursting point. I hadn’t stopped shafting it as I watched them perform, all my slow strokes were now building up to that edge that you can’t back away from, the edge that is so close it becomes dangerous but you know in your heart you’re going to throw yourself over it. I had no intention of going first, though. I was determined to follow these two girls to my death.

Melissa came first, her fingers were once more back on her clit and she was circling her nub; her fingers were a blur and I watched her raise and lower her body several times as she squirmed against her hand. There was a sudden outburst from her mouth, a single word, ‘FUCK,’ forced from her lungs like a bullet from a gun. Her body looked like she was riding a bucking bronco on the recliner. With her legs raised and clasped to her chest, my attention diverted to Rebecca.

My cock was nearing the end of its journey but I needed to watch Rebecca come first. I wasn’t disappointed. Rebecca’s fingers pushed into her cunt effortlessly. The concentration on her face, turned to one side, was sublime. Her eyes closed, her body was needy, her breathing coarse and ragged. She didn’t notice Melissa move, kneel before Rebecca’s recliner, crawl up to her thighs and watch her finger her pussy; her eyes and lips a mere couple of centimetres from it. Rebecca must have felt her breath on it.

In my heightened state of arousal, even I heard the whisper from Melissa. “Come for me, babe, come on, you know what’s next.”

Those words, whatever they meant, pushed Rebecca over that edge. She fell quite dramatically down her orgasmic slope. She let out a loud groan that the whole neighbourhood would have heard. Rebecca’s body convulsed on that recliner like no other body I have ever seen. The chair nearly collapsed. Melissa’s hands came upon her thighs and she pressed Rebecca into the recliner. Rebecca’s hands flew to the side and then behind her neck and with her legs splayed to each side, Melissa’s mouth latched onto her clit.

I can only imagine what Melissa’s tongue was doing. My cock was hovering and I watched in awe at the sight before me. This was every man’s dream come true. Melissa’s act described to perfection, what was meant by ‘you know what’s next.

I could feel my balls tighten and I slowed deliberately. Most of the time that’s all it takes, but all men know that feeling when they stop wanking, hold their cock hard to prevent that urge from taking over, that it’s all too late. There is nothing that can be done about it. At that moment, you have but one choice, wank harder and fucking enjoy it; you’re going to squirt anyway.

That’s exactly what I did. I pumped my hand over my cock and let it all out. All that teasing and tormenting had come to an end. That lesbian performance was the icing on this voyeuristic cake and their exhibitionism would put porn stars to shame. This was it, my spunk shot over the fence panels and onto my hand. It felt so fucking nice. So satisfying.

My outburst coincided with Rebecca’s second orgasm. I presumed it was her second. As my spunk flowed, her body writhed under Melissa’s expert tongue; she was practically bouncing off the chair and pleading with Melissa to stop one moment and carry on the next. The girl was in an orgasmic contradiction. Wanting more but not able to take it.

Melissa eventually pulled away from her friend and turned her eyes on me.

My verbal outburst was not as powerful as theirs but then I guess they had been teasing themselves for this for over a week. Who could blame them? I never knew Rebecca was that way inclined though. You learn something every day, as my dad used to say.

When everything had calmed down, Melissa walked over to the fence, her luscious breasts wobbled from side to side and I was mesmerised by their fullness and sway. Seventeen-year-old girls were not built like Melissa or Rebecca in my day.

“Did you enjoy that?”

I nodded, I couldn’t form any words on my lips and anything I could think of would never be able to put into words what a glorifying sight I had just witnessed.

“Give me your hand?”

I let my left hand hang over the fence.

“No, the one with spunk on it, silly,” she corrected me.

I did as I was told. I gasped as Melissa took a finger and sucked it into her mouth; she gathered up the spunk all around my thumb with her tongue and sucked that in too.

“Come and taste this, you’ll love it,” half turning to Rebecca to get her attention.

Rebecca bounced out of the recliner and joined her friend and before I could moan any louder, both of their mouths were sucking at the exposed spunk on my hand. My hand was clean in less than a minute. I quickly pulled it back over the fence and squeezed as much as I could out of my cock and onto it to give to them. They sucked it all up. Not quite lesbians then, I gathered.

“Well, we have to go to bed now,” Rebecca informed me, “Daddy said we must be in bed by eleven.”

I looked at my watch and it was ten fifty.

“Thank you for watching,” Melissa said, winking at me, and then as an afterthought, “would you like some?”

I nodded and she dipped her fingers into Rebecca’s cunt not her own, scooped up her juices and lifted them to my face. I sucked the two fingers she offered me, savouring the smell and taste before her retreating hand caused them to plop out of my mouth.

“You’re not going to bed to sleep, are you?” I said raising my eyebrow.

Rebecca just bit her lip and nodded, “Daddy said that we had to be in bed before eleven?”

I watched over the garden fence as they both disappeared inside, closing the door behind them.

They’d be awake until two in the morning I reckoned, eating each other’s pussies until their stomachs were full of girl juice and their minds wrecked from orgasmic bliss. Their bodies would be firmly shipwrecked on the dawn’s shores.

What I would have given to have been invited next door? But I remember their dad saying no strangers in his instructions, not that I was a stranger in that sense. I climbed down from the chair and then it hit me as to whether they had a strap-on or two to hand, and what else did two women get up to?

I picked my trousers up and went inside. My cock strained at all the thoughts going through my head, needy for more attention. I was fired up and my brain restless. I wish I’d videoed it.

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