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‘Outer Banks’ Fans Think Chase Stokes Called Madelyn Cline “Mads” Instead of Sarah in a Super Emotional Scene

Gonna assume everyone has binged Outer Banks at least once at this point, but just *in case* you haven’t watched the show’s second season yet….


Kay, now that that’s out of the way: fans think they caught Chase Stokes accidentally calling his real-life girlfriend Madelyn Cline “Mads” instead of Sarah during a super emotional scene from Season 2. In the scene, Sarah is near death and John B is fighting to save her (which, don’t worry, he does). As he’s crying and thinks he’s about to lose her, Chase appears to say “Mads.”

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Gahhhhh, my heart!!!

Cosmopolitan spoke to Chase and Madelyn about filming Season Two of Outer Banks now that they’re in a relationship (nope: they weren’t together in Season One), and Madelyn told us that their real-life chemistry definitely helped the dynamic between their characters.

“I think being in a relationship only makes the relationship moments stronger onscreen,” she said. “In the breakup scene, if it’s heart-wrenching for us, then we can only hope it’s heart-wrenching for the audience.”

That said, the couple definitely created some distance between their on-screen characters and their off-screen life. As Chase said, “For Maddie and I as young actors trying to march our way through the industry, it was important for us to establish a difference in character versus personal relationship.”

Check out more of their interview below:

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