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Our Story of Childhood Incest

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This is a true story of incest. Something I want to share with the world.

This happened years ago. When I was about 11 or 12, about five years younger than my cousin bro. He won’t like to be mentioned by his name, so I’m not going to. Actually since this whole thing is sensitive, I’m going to omit major things to keep our true identities private.

Bro and I were born to sisters. Bro was from the eldest. His mother was a government employee, like his father. They were basically from middle-class society. Whereas my mom was an air hostess and Dad was a software consultant for a foreign company, which meant he was often abroad. So basically I was from quite a rich and well off family.

Now, both our families had the same grandparents. And they were living with my cousin’s family, in their house. So it was normal for us to get together to meet the grandparents. And that brought us children too close.

In my family I had a younger sister, whom I’ll not name. My cousin had an older one.
Every time all four of us were always playing and then it was only three, with my sister, me and my cousin.

One day, I just blurted something out about porn and girls to my cousin. He too responded quite eagerly and we got talking. He talked about his fantasies and I told him mine. We talked about how he masturbated and how I did. I was surprised to learn that he hardly ever shaved down there because he was scared he would cut himself.

The next time we met was some months later, in my cousin’s house. We were as usual wrestling on our grandparents bed and thoroughly admonished by both our mothers. So we decided to make it to the upstairs bedroom.

There we began again. I decided to add a twist though. I told him that whoever would lose in each round, would have to remove their clothes. One piece at a time. Bro agreed and we continued. Now he was definitely stronger and fit than I was, so both of us knew who was going down. But Bro kept losing, deliberately.

The first two rounds, he lost. So he removed his shirt, then his shorts. He was in his underwear when he told me to close the door and I did. The next two rounds he defeated me and I removed my shirt and shorts. The next round ended up with him defeating me. Without much hesitation, I removed my underwear and exposed myself completely to him. I saw him marvel at my shaved regions.

When he too became naked, we began to wrestle like that. Naked and struggling with our bodies. Bro had thick pubic hair surrounding his balls, but his dick was longer than mine. Mine was thicker than his. And also completely without hair.

The next time we saw each other we did the same. After that it became a routine. We would obviously not include either of our sisters in this game. Despite our fantasies for them. We never completely confessed our desires for them to each other, but I guess we both knew. We just didn’t want to admit it.

I got a Kindle which had internet connection and was more of a tab and brought it to our wrestling session. There we both got naked and began to watch porn. We even began to film ourselves in that tab jerking ourselves off. I deleted the videos after we both came, but bro wanted it on his phone for some reason.

It was a year or two later, when things got quite different between us. It was common for bro to stay with us together in our home. Even there we used to have these joint masturbation sessions. Once bro suddenly asked why not both of us take a bath together. I was surprised and quite weirded out so I refused, which annoyed him to no end, but he didn’t say much.

Then when we were back in his house again, after locking the doors to ‘our room’, we lost no time in getting naked. But this time, I came up with another game. Stone, paper, scissors. Whoever lost the best of three rounds would have to give the winner a handjob. At that time, it made us both or at least me a bit horny.

So he won the first time. I grabbed his dick in my hands and at the first jerk his precum flowed out. He was darker than me, so was his dick and he smelt more like the overpowering smell of sex. I gave him a few strokes and we continued to play. The next round he lost and he gave me a handjob.

So like this, we both ended up kissing each other. All the while, both of us were imagining the other as a girl, for this was the best way to ever enact our sexual activities.

The next time, as we were playing, bro told me about adding blowjobs to the list. I wasn’t really enthusiastic, but agreed anyway. When I lost the next time, bro told me to get up from the bed and walked me to the end of the bed, in front of the closet which had a mirror attached to it. He told me to get on my knees and after I did, he beckoned my face to his erect dick.

His smell of unwashed dick which was wet with his fluid made me a bit nauseous, but I obediently went forward and opened my mouth to swallow his dick. He was twitching inside and I saw him look at our reflection on the mirror. He was slowly thrusting inside, while I was moving my head at the same pace. I can’t quite remember the taste, but I believe it wasn’t too pleasant. But I was thankful that he didn’t discharge inside my mouth, for if he had I would have surely puked.

When it was his turn, it looked funny, to see my older brother go down on me and suck me off. But he did it. This continued for the next few times we began to see each other.

In our last visit, when I was sucking him off, he nearly came inside but quickly pulled himself out. For some reason, I licked my lips and tasted my fingers which he saw but chose to ignore.

After that, I moved to America with my parents and he stayed back in India. Neither of us know exactly what the other was thinking about, why we acted the way we did or if we are even Gay or not, but one thing is clear. We both enjoyed our brief moments in that locked room and chances are if we meet again, we might do the same.

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