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Our New Cosmo Merch Is Cute as Heck (and on sale for Black Friday!)

Here at Cosmo, we love cute things, sharing, and discounts. Put this Holy Trinity together and you get (drum roll, please and thanks) us sharing with you our new Cosmopolitan merchandise! That’s on sale for Black Friday!!!

IYKYK, and if you don’t: Yes, we make merch—everything from stunning Tarot cards and cozy sweatshirts to a full-on astrology-themed collection and a pouch that has “Sex Things” printed on it (whatever you store in there is up to you; choose your own adventure). But now we got that new new, and I’m being serious as heck when I say that these four just-launched pieces are freakin’ adorbs. For real. If you’re looking to check some loved ones off your holiday shopping list (or just looking to treat yourself), then sit up straight, because this mini capsule is can’t-miss—plus, we got a nice discount code for ya (but more on that below).

Comin’ in hot is this “DO NOT DISTURB” sweatshirt that lets everybody know your current mood (v relatable, might I say). It has all the makings of the ultimate sweatshirt: a slouchy fit, a super cozy feel, and a fun saying on the front that’s just perf for family get-togethers this holiday season. (Also, please peep that bb “COSMOPOLITAN” logo on the back. Ily.)

Next up is this so-precious-I-could-cry pet bandana meant for any doggo or kitty with a flourishing Insta. It says, “YES, I HAVE AN INSTAGRAM,” because yes, that account deserves more promo and We! Are! Here! To! Help!

Last, but not least, is this stunningggg, retro-inspired phone case (available for both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones), designed by our very own Khadija Horton. I’m just saying, all those mirror selfies and outfit pics are about to become even more—how do you say—fire.

Of course, we couldn’t deliver this news to you on Black Friday without giving you a lil discount. Getchu something nice at 25% off with the code MONDAY25. And while you’re at it, feel free to peruse the rest of our merch site (the discount works there, too). Happy shopping!

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