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One Thousand Words

You said you want us to do more kinky stuff to spice up our marriage. For the longest time I did not really understand what you were after and even questioned myself. But I have learned, and I enjoy that shift of power in our relationship more than I thought I would.

So let us play a game, my love!

I have one thousand words here that I will read to you. It takes about four minutes to say them. For your sake, I will read them slowly, though.

When I have reached the last one, I want you to come. No sooner and no later. Present me with a gift of your masturbation!

So, I hope you are in the mood. Do not disappoint me. Prove your obedience and that you are actually willing to hand over your power to me. Remember, you asked for this. I want to control you and your orgasms.

There will be no negotiation and no bargaining. I want to hear nothing from you but your sweet moans and that beautiful sound you make when you come.

185 words are already gone, and we have not even started.

Please come walk with me to the large mirror in our bedroom. I will be standing behind you. So close that you will smell my body, but I will not touch you.

I want you to undress, and while you do it, look at me! I am fully clothed and soon you will be naked and vulnerable. I know that you are uncomfortable when you are naked. There are things you do not like about yourself. You focus too much on those. You become increasingly more embarrassed as you disrobe under my cold scrutiny. I love your insecure glances. There is no need to be, but you love me in charge, and you love my dominance over you.

Shirt first, pants next, socks of course.

Look at me through the mirror. Your eyes look so cute when you are submissive. You acknowledge my power over you! But how big is it actually? Can I make you come with only my words and your fingers? We will see. I sure hope so!

Take off your underwear! Expose yourself to me completely! Do not cover yourself! Your body is your gift to me!

Go ahead and touch yourself! But imagine those fingers are mine, as you caress yourself softly.

There are only 600 words left, my dear! So do not waste your time. Dive between your thighs! Stimulate your sex! Hurry and focus!

I will observe you closely, how your fingers move, where you touch yourself. I want to learn what you like, so that I can manipulate you in the future when I am controlling your sexuality. To tease you, and then deny you when I feel like it. From now on I own your pleasure. And today I am proving my sexual reign over you.

Look at me, and imagine yours to be my fingers granting you that pleasure. Are ‘my’ fingers seductive enough to get it done? Is my voice, whispering this sweet poison into your ear?

Half of my words are already gone. Your fingers are becoming more frantic. Out of desperation or lust? Do you fear that you might fail?

Your naked body is so sexy when it is tense.

Do you think you will get there in time?

Your nipples are hard. Pinch them for me with your fingernails. Squeeze them between your fingers! Give yourself some sweet pain. As a present for me from ‘my’ body!

Your knees are starting to become weak. Your attention is not on your muscles, it has all moved into the center of your lust.

If you succeed there will be more pleasure for you tonight. For the both of us. I have the whole weekend planned. A weekend of domination and submission. A weekend of pleasure. I have bought leather cuffs, a riding crop and even a leather collar. So we can forge a new bond in our marriage.

Imagine what I will do to you! I will make your wildest dreams come true!

But if you fail, you will get nothing. Not this weekend, anyway.

I might at best allow you to sit between my legs and watch me as I do it to myself. And I will not even let you lick me clean afterwards. I will just ignore you. Maybe you want punishment, maybe sweet relief. You certainly want my attention!

Work for it!

Your body is hunched over now. Your hands, both of them, between your thighs, digging in your groin for joy.

You are shifting your weight, your knees are wobbly. Your moans are becoming more passionate or desperate.

I love seeing your body like this. It radiates pure lust. I know you well enough to know you are close.

My words are almost up. There are less than 200 left.

You breathe heavily. Your fingers are flying now. It looks raw, almost violent. This will not be a joyful climax. It will be one of those blunt, grindy ones. I promise you more meaningful, elaborate, significant ones if you can just finish this in time. I am rooting for you!

Apologies for my cruelty, but it is what you asked for, and now I crave this, too.

You are grunting, spasms of excitement herald your new status as my submissive pet.

You are close. I want you to look into the mirror and find my eyes.

You should understand whose climax this is. My eyes are burning a hole into your soul. They send electric tingling down your spine into your horny hips.

You know that in the end it will not be your fingers that brought you release. It will be my seductive voice, my 1000 words that brought you there. Because I own your sexuality, and you know it. Just surrender to me fully!

There is only one word left to say:


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