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One Night Stand

The deep, seductive bass of the music coursed through my body as soon as I stepped into the crowded nightclub. Breathing in the air heavy with smoke and sweat and the heat of the balmy summer night was intoxicating. I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink. It had been far too long since I let go for an evening, and on this Friday night I was ready to indulge completely in all the hedonistic rituals this libidinous atmosphere encouraged.

I had come alone, fueled with a bottle of wine, a bit of cocaine, and the desire for passion. I felt a good night of sex was long overdue. My eyes scanned the room, taking in the scene as I sipped my whiskey sour. The music had my entire being pulsing when my eyes met the gaze of a handsome stranger. This could be the one, I thought as I smiled at him.

He nodded for me to meet him on the dance floor. I went to him and he reached around my waist, pulling my hips toward him. We moved together, our sweat soaking through our clothing. His hands rested against the small of my back, my ass, my neck. I took in his scent – musky and masculine.

As we danced, our movements became more carnal. His hand moved up my back pulling me closer to him. I could feel his hot breath against my neck and his lips at my ear as he whispered, “I want you, stranger.”

His words were music to my ears, and our lips met ravenously. His tongue rubbed tantalizingly against mine as I wound my fingers in his hair and ground my horny hoohoo against the bulge of his crotch. He trapped my lip between his teeth as my hand reached down to find his cock, firm under his jeans. My breath caught in my throat. Enough of these preliminaries. I pulled him through the crowd at the door. I lived around the corner from the club, and it only took a minute to get him into my apartment.

Once inside, I put on some music while the sexy stranger sprawled on the couch. He cut a few lines of cocaine from a small zip-lock bag and called me over. The white powder traveled up my nose and had a wonderful effect that radiated from my head down to my pussy. Our mouths met again, tasting metallic. I felt his electric touch on my skin. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled his shirt over his head and ran my hands over his smooth back. His muscles moved fluidly as his arms encircled me. We kissed passionately and minutes later we were in my bedroom.

I pulled off my slinky blouse and pressed my bare breasts against his hard chest. His hand came up to knead my breasts, and he teased my nipples as his tongue darted in my ear. I worked on getting his pants undone and quickly freed his cock.

Pushing him onto the bed, I brought my face to his crotch and ran my tongue along the underside of his cock from base to tip, then slowly taking it between my lips. I sucked his cock, savoring the quickening of his breathing and the musky taste and odor of his sex.

Before long, he had me on my back, with my hard nipple between his teeth, while he yanked off my unbuttoned jeans and panties. He parted my legs and kissed my inner thighs. I could feel my moisture glistening on the lips of my pussy and trickling from inside. He licked my slit from bottom to top, and he drove me crazy sucking and flicking my clit with his tongue.

Driven by my wild passion, I curled my fingers in his hair, holding him in place as I ground my now hot and juicy cunt against his face. A loud moan escaped my lips, and my back arched upwards as he moved a finger inside. I felt the pleasure building and spreading through my loins, causing my breathing to shorten and my muscles to tense.

As he moved me closer to a climax, I pulled his face up towards mine and licked the sweet nectar of my pussy from his lips, and I asked him to fuck me. Our tongues twined as he entered me in a single, firm thrust, knocking the breath from my lunges for a moment. I gazed up into his eyes as he moved in and out of my throbbing cunt. I pushed my hips up to meet each thrust, wrapping my legs around his thrusting hips as the fire grew hotter between us.

We changed positions, and he entered me from behind, his long smooth thrusts bringing me to new heights of ecstasy. He massaged my ass, my back, and my shoulders while he continued feeding my pussy his cock. Our grunts and moans filled my bedroom leading to the release I’d been longing for. My thighs began to tremble as I felt my release hitting me like a fucking Mack truck. My vision darkened as my pussy clenched around his thrusting cock. Waves of euphoria swept out from my core to the ends of my limbs.

I felt his cock twitch, heard him groan, and felt his warm fluids surging inside me, and slowly escaped as he pulled out of my gaping hole and slumped against my back, his ragged breathing matching my own. I got what I went out for, and after we dressed, I thanked him and sent him on his way, after I talked him out of his bag of cocaine.

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