Old man searches for a young live-in

I’m getting old; past my prime. At 62, with grey hair and a bigger waistline than I’d like, at least I have more money than I could spend in the rest of my life. I may not be able to attract women like I did years ago, but my money attracts women easily. But I’m not a womanizer. I was only a one-woman-at-a-time kind of guy. I’ve been married twice. I have two sons and a step-daughter and none of them are in my life. They tried to get back in my life after I came into my fortune, is that a surprise? So, I’m trying to use my money to buy some happiness in what’s left of my life.

I designed and had built a big, beautiful home. It’s way bigger than I need at around 10,000 square feet but it’s what I wanted. It’s two stories plus a full basement, which in itself, is unusual in Southern California. It’s in an exclusive part of town and I surrounded it with a ten-foot wrought iron fence. The front door is a 2” thick slab of mahogany. What makes it unusual is that on the outside, there is no door handle or knob and no external lock. The door can only be opened or closed from inside the house. Inside, the door is released by an electric latch like you find in an office where a secretary buzzes you into the internal offices. In addition, there is a three-bolt high security lock made in Israel. This house is designed to be secure. All glass in the house is shatterproof. You could take a sledge hammer to a window and maybe make it crack, but it won’t break. No one can get in this house unless they are let in.


The entire property, inside and out, is monitored by 32 high-definition security cameras. The only places not covered are the bathrooms. I would have put them in there too, but I was advised that was an invasion of privacy as people have the right to expect privacy in a bathroom. At the front door, there is a small screen which displays the camera views of all the cameras in the front of the house. Before opening the door, one can see who is outside and how many are outside. In addition, the front electric gate can be controlled from the front door.

The house has a game room with a full-sized pool table and large TV screen and a full wet bar. There is also a large home theatre that was professionally designed for the best sound system available with a 72” Samsung TV and seating for ten people. The house is completely powered by solar electricity. I have a large solar farm that generates more power than the house needs and sends it to an array of batteries down in the basement. The whole house actually runs on battery power. All the water that goes down the drain except the toilets and the kitchen sink goes down to a processing station in the basement which completely filters the water for reuse. The filtered water is actually more pure than tap water. Even all the rain gutters around the house and the drains in the concrete around the house all drain into the processing station for reuse. This house is very nearly completely self-sufficient.

The house has an attached three-car garage, but I also have an out building with enough room for another 10 or 12 cars. I have started a car collection since I have money to burn. So far, I only have four cars, but I intend to go to more Mecum auctions to buy more.

Now what the house needs is some female presence. I have ads out for a live-n housekeeper. It’s going to take a very special woman to get this job as the requirements will be unlike any housekeeping job around. The housekeeper will also function as my personal assistant and will assist me in any and every way possible. To get this kind of an assistant, I intend to pay a lot of money; much more than could be made by a regular housekeeping job. I’m looking for someone young, between 19 and 25. I want someone who will hopefully work for me at least five years. I’m afraid that a woman any older will be looking for a husband and wanting to start a family and I might not get five years out of her. I have a few girls scheduled to come in for interviews.

Chapter 2

My doorbell rang right on time for the first interview appointment. I went to the door and looked at the camera feed next to the door and saw a somewhat attractive girl waiting at the door. I pressed the button to close the front gate so that we would not be disturbed before opening the door.

She introduced herself as Zarii. She was a young black girl with a dazzling smile which made her quite a bit more attractive than I originally thought from the camera. I invited her inside and guided her to the great room. This room is in the center of the house with all of the other rooms around or overlooking it. The ceiling is twenty feet high with a very large rectangular skylight above providing a great amount of natural light into the room. In the corner of the room is a planter box which has a very well made fake twelve-foot tree surrounded by real plants like ferns and small palms. I would have liked to have a real tree in the house, but with the basement down below there would be no room for the roots of a real tree.

Zarii sat on the couch while I sat on a chair off to the side of her. She was wearing a fairly plain dress that came down to her knees. I would have hoped for something shorter. I asked the usual questions about her experience and why she was considering a live-in job.

I took her for a tour of the house and explained what I was willing to pay and she was clearly excited. That is until I told her what was expected of her as my personal assistant. She quite quickly declined the job and left. I expect that will happen several times before I can find the right girl for the job.

The third girl to show up for an interview looked very young and was quite attractive. She was a Mexican girl named Maria. I asked to see her ID because she seemed quite young and just as she’d told me, she was a couple months away from being 19. She had lovely shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. From what I could see, I was guessing maybe a B-cup in the breast department, which is right in my wheelhouse. I thought she might be young enough to be eager for the job regardless of the duties of the job.

I asked her why she was looking for a live-in job and she told me that her parents work hard and they barely get by. She has an older brother who just started college and that added cost has been a real hardship for the family. They don’t have the money to put her in college so she needed a job to help out the family. She figured a live-in job would pay more and would save her parents money. As she was so young, I figured she didn’t have any experience as a housekeeper. She told me her mother works as a housekeeper and to help out at home, it was her job to take care of their own house so her mother didn’t have to come home and clean there as well. Her dad works as a janitor so neither job pays especially well.

She was wearing what appeared to be a pretty cheap dress and it ended just above her knees. From what I could see sitting and talking to her, she appeared to have very nice legs. I hoped to see more of them.

I took her for a tour of the house. I showed her the large kitchen with the 48” stove top, two wall ovens, and Subzero refrigerator. Next to the kitchen is the dining room with a long table with seating for ten. Next, I led her across the room to the game room and the home theatre.

From there, we walked up the stairs and I showed her the two guest rooms to the right. Back past the stairs I showed her the room that would be hers if she got the job. I got the reaction I was hoping for. It is a beautiful room and it should be for what I spent with a decorator. I wanted the room to be one most any woman would die to live in. I assume that a woman wanting a live-in position had probably never lived in such luxury. I think I hit it right. Maria couldn’t believe the room and had to ask again for confirmation that it would indeed be her room if she got the job. I assured her it would be and that if she wanted to change any of the décor, I would call in the decorator to work with her to make it perfect for her. She assured me she wouldn’t want to change a thing.

I then showed her the therapy room and explained that part of her benefits of the job would be a weekly massage from a masseuse, a bi-weekly manicure and pedicure, and a monthly hair cut/trim. I would arrange for all those services to be rendered right there in the house. It was cute watching the expressions on her face when I told her of all these benefits.

Next came the gym. I explained that I would want her to exercise regularly to keep a trim body and that I would hire a personal trainer to work with her. Lastly on that floor, I took her to my bedroom suite. The suite is almost 1100 square feet and is designed as a his and hers suite. There is the bedroom itself which has a king-sized bed, a large TV screen and a fireplace. There are French doors that lead out to a deck facing the front yard which covers the top of the three-car garage. There is a dressing area which is divided into his and hers with separate closets, built in dressers and cabinets, and padded benches. The bathroom is a large space about 15’ x 15’ which is also designed as his and hers. The ‘his’ side to the left has a long vanity with a sink and a toilet just beyond that. The ‘hers’ side has, in addition to the vanity, a makeup area with a lowered countertop and a lighted mirror. Beyond the vanity is both a toilet and a bidet.

At the far end of the bathroom is a large shower with four showerheads and a large jacuzzi tub which easily fits two people. In between the tub and the shower is a towel heating station. It is a glass enclosure with two stainless steel bars which can heat up and either warm a towel for use or dry it off after use. The enclosure has doors on each end allowing someone from either the tub or the shower to access the towels without getting out first. The entire wall of the shower and the tub is covered by solid granite.

In the center of the bathroom is a sculpture of a naked woman standing about six feet tall with the marble base. There are three lights in the ceiling directly over the sculpture connected to a dimmer switch and a photoelectric cell. In the evening, when it gets dark, those three lights come on automatically and dimly light up the sculpture making it a very sexy night light. At my age, my prostate is big enough that I have to get up at least two times a night to pee. I don’t have to worry about turning on lights as I go.

Lastly, I took her down the glass elevator to the basement and showed her the laundry room complete with two commercial front load washers and a commercial double load dryer. Laundry for two gets done very quickly in there. I also showed her the battery array that runs the property and the water processing station. I explained about the dual continuous water heaters that ensure never running out of hot water.

After having her thoroughly impressed with the house, I took her back up to the great room. I explained the compensation I was offering which is way more than one would expect as a housekeeper. The base salary the first year would be $60,000 and there would be quarterly bonuses paid either in cash or fine jewelry. Each year the salary would increase by $5,000. If she stayed a full five years, she should have earned over $450,000.

I could have afforded to pay $1,000,000 a year without a problem, but then I wouldn’t have a housekeeper that stayed more than a year, two tops. I had to find the sweet spot that would be a lot of money to her, but not enough for her to quit too soon.

Now was the hard part that made all other applicants run for the hills. I had to tell her about her other job functions. I told her that her housekeeping duties would really only be a minor part of her day. I wouldn’t expect that the two of us could make much of a mess that would require her to spend more than three hours most days. The reason the pay and benefits are so great is that I would need her to also act as my personal assistant. In fact, if I ever needed to introduce her to anyone it would always be as my PA, not my housekeeper.

As my PA, I told her, anyone else that works for us at the property would essentially be working for her. They would need to satisfy her that they were doing a good job. This would include the pool cleaner, gardeners, a guy to keep my cars washed, the masseuse, hair stylist, manicurist, etc. I would provide a cash fund in the house and she would be responsible for paying their fees and could add any gratuity she wished for jobs well done.

Now we were getting to the hard part; the dress code. I told her that while in the house, she was to be naked at all times unless I told her specifically to put something on. She could wear sandals, if she wanted, or could go barefoot. She was to answer the door and greet anyone that comes to the house naked and is never to try to cover herself to prevent anyone from seeing her body. I think her mouth was already hanging open at this point in disbelief. I know she really wanted this job, but could she do what I wanted?

I told her that I would be allowed to touch her wherever I wanted however I wanted at any time, whether at the house or in public. She would perform any sexual acts that I told her to do. She would also allow any of the outside workers that she was in charge of, or anyone else I desired, to touch her unconditionally as well. Essentially, her body would belong to me.

When we went out in public, she was to wear only clothes that I approved of, but I would buy all of those clothes. The clothes would all be very sexy and revealing and she was never to wear a bra or panties underneath her clothes. She could only wear a bra or panties if that was the only thing covering that part of her body. For example, she could wear a crop top and panties, a bra and a skirt, or just a bra and panties in public. And she should assume that at some point I would take her out in public wearing just a sexy bra and panties set. I also went on to tell her that while out in public if I tell her to remove a piece of clothing that she was to do it without hesitation or protest, even though removing the clothing would leave her either partially or totally nude in public.

As my main hobby is photography, she would also allow me to photograph her whenever I wanted but I assured her the pictures would never be posted anywhere or would leave the house. They are for my enjoyment only.

If her beautiful mocha complexion would have allowed it, I think she would have been blushing. She was speechless for a bit. “I’m sorry, Mr. Joe,” she said. “I just don’t know if I can do all that. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone but my doctor, let alone always be naked. I certainly could never tell my parents I did that. I really want this job, but I’m just not sure if I can do the nudity part.”

“Maria, I wouldn’t want you to do something you don’t want to do. I know this seems strange to you, but I’m an old man and I enjoy seeing a beautiful naked woman. You have to decide whether you want to do this or not. If you do it when you don’t really want to, you will surely end up hating me and probably hating yourself as well. I’ll tell you what, today is Tuesday. I have a couple more girls coming in to interview for this job but I won’t make any decision until Friday. Call me by Friday morning and let me know one way or the other. If you want the job, you can come back for a second interview and we’ll see if you really want it. If you don’t want the job, call me anyway because I have a couple of other ways you can at least make some money, if you want. Please think it over and call me. I like you a lot and you’re a very lovely girl so I’d love to be able to give you the job. This job pays a lot because it asks a lot but I want to make sure that whoever gets this job will never have to clean someone else’s house again after working for me. In addition of your pay, I’ll be paying 100% of your expenses while you are here. You would not need to spend a penny of your pay unless you wanted to. In five years, you would have more than you could have otherwise earned in 20 years. Give me a call by Friday.”

With that, I led her to the front door where she thanked me for the opportunity and assured me, she’d think it over and call me. I hoped so, because I really didn’t have any other prospects lined up to interview and she was a sweet little thing.

Chapter 3

Maria called Thursday evening. I was pleasantly surprised when she said she thought about it a lot and thought it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. She thought she could do it. She agreed to come back again on Friday for a second interview. I told her that she was to wear the sexiest thing she owned and was not to wear a bra or panties. She tried to beg off because she would be taking the bus to my neighborhood, but I told her she needed to do it. To test her further, I told her to wear a dress and while sitting in the bus she was to sit with her legs open and allow anyone who wanted to look between her legs to let them look. In fact, I told her, if she sees someone trying to look between her legs, she is to open her legs more and give them the best view possible. I intended to put her through a test to see if she could handle it.

Maria was at my door at 11:00 on Friday. She was wearing a dress that wasn’t much shorter than the one she’d worn before, but that wasn’t a surprise. I doubt her mother ever bought her something sexy. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples appeared to be hard and poking out her dress. Before I let her into the house I asked if she was wearing panties. She said she wasn’t. I asked her to raise her dress and show me. “Right here, outside,” Maria asked? “Yes, Maria. No one from the street will be able to see you, but you’ll get a thrill from thinking someone might.” She grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it up to show me her beautiful bare pussy with just a nice landing strip above it. I didn’t immediately tell her she could put her dress down and she started to fidget. “Okay, Maria, you can put your dress down. You have a very lovely pussy. Come on in.”

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