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Oh, Brother.

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I gave in to my brothers sexual harassment, I couldn’t let him suffer any longer. We had amazing sex, but now I’m in trouble.

I am 12 and my brother is 16 years old, I won’t use his real name, let us call him Colin, and he has a mental illness that makes him do things, and he doesn’t understand right from wrong.

I started growing boobs when I was 10 and Colin noticed, he was a 14 year old boy going through the tough stage of puberty, he kept touching my boobs and grabbing me in inappropriate places and always trying to kiss me, he exposed his cock to me quite often, mom told him off and tried to explain it was bad but he didn’t understand.

But things settled down for a while, until one afternoon I just got out of the shower and I was drying myself off, Colin came rushing in to the bathroom naked, and with an erection, he grabbed hold of me and hugged me tightly, pressing my naked body against his, he pushed me down on to the floor and tried to have sex with me, “Get – OFF! – Colin!”, I managed to get a leg under him and I kicked him off of me.

He fell backwards and hit his head on the side of the bath tub, I covered myself with a towel and he curled himself up in to a ball and started crying and rocking himself.

I was also crying because my brother had tried to hurt me, but I also knew that he didn’t mean it, it wasn’t his fault he was just confused and he didn’t understand the feelings that he was having and that he was hurting me, it was just a bit of fun to him, I love my brother and I couldn’t bear to see him crying like he was.

I crawled across the floor and gave him a hug, “It’s alright. Don’t cry. Shush – Don’t cry.”, I had learnt about sex in school so I thought maybe if I just give him what his body wants, maybe he won’t need to do these things anymore, I made my decision, I was going to help my brother because I loved him.

His erection was still sticking out from between his legs, so I reached down, I hesitated because for a moment I had second thoughts, then I just forced myself to do it, I closed my fingers around his cock and I stroked it up and down, it was hard, like a wooden stick.

I was relieved when he stopped crying and then he looked at me and smiled and then he kissed me, but then apologised for kissing me, “No – that’s okay.” I told him, I put my hand behind his head and I pulled him close and I kissed him back, it was a long wet kiss, all the time I was still stroking his hard cock.

Then I stood up and I held his hand helping him to his feet, “Come on.”, and I lead him in to my bedroom, once inside I closed the door and we got on to my bed, I laid on my back and moved him to be on top of me, but he got worried, he looked sad and afraid because he remembered that I kicked him the last time he was on top of me.

I lifted my knees up, using them to cage him between my legs with his cock twitching against my steaming hot pussy, “Colin, it’s okay. Do what you feel you need to do. It’s okay.” I reassured him he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

He smiled and then hugged me again, as he hugged me tightly his cock penetrated my pussy and he thrust his hips a couple of times sliding his cock in and out of my hole, he stopped when he heard me scream from the pain of his cock entering me, “No. No. Don’t be scared, Colin. I’m fine.

I’m okay…” I smiled at him, putting on a brave face for him, “…keep going.” I said.

I closed my eyes and endured the pain of him fucking me wildly, he rapid humping was out of control, he was fucking me hard and crazy, I could feel the hardness and ridges of his cock sliding along my tunnel, and do you know what?, it was a fabulous feeling.

I couldn’t keep my eyes closed any longer, I opened them, I held his face and I kissed him hard on the lips, threw my arms and legs tightly around his big heavy body, and I moved my hips in sync with his and we fucked, I never imagined sex could feel so wonderful, “Oh, Colin – Ung – Ungh – Ung” I was told it felt good, but I never imagined it would feel this good, it was incredible.

Colin was having the time of his life and he slipt his head down to my chest and clamped his teeth on to my left nipple, it hurt like hell but it turned me on and made me wetter, “Argh – Ung – Oowh”
It was at this point I had my first orgasm, every muscle in my body tensed up, my back lifted off the bed, my head shot back, my arms sprang out above my head and pressed against the wall, my eyes rolled in to the back of my head and I moaned uncontrollably as fireworks went off all over my body, it was like a 4th of July inside my pussy it was magical, the flood gates opened and water gushed out of my hole, forcing its wat out around his cock.

Colin laughed at the sounds I made, he thought it was funny, but it wasn’t funny, it was amazing, 10 minutes later, after continuing to fuck my pussy as hard as he could, he came inside of me, I could feel it, his cock expanded and filled me with warm fluid, my brother had seeded me.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve started being sick every morning now, I can feel my body changing, I think I’m pregnant with my brothers baby and I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my mom.

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