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Office masturbation

Based on a true event but embellished for your orgasmic pleasure.

Following a torrid affair with a work colleague, I decided I had to leave my job and found a new one as an administrator in an office. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere, having mostly girls in the office as the guys were mostly out and about seeing customers.

There were two girls that I worked closely with: one was a receptionist, Katie, who was the ideal person for a reception job being very outgoing and bubbly, and then there was Lucy, who did the same job as me and was much quieter and extremely pretty (and I fancied very much).

We all got along very well, though, at first, I did keep to myself most of the time. I joined in the banter between the girls when I had something to offer. This banter often would get very raunchy, especially on Monday mornings when Katie would tell us about her exploits over the weekend with no holds barred. Lucy would goad her on to tell us more because I’m sure it turned her on like it did me.

Like most girls at work (in my experience), from time to time we get aroused and have to relieve ourselves and I would pop out to the ladies’ bathroom, lock myself in a cubicle and rub a quick one out.

On a few occasions, I was aware of girls coming into the toilets and using the cubicle next to me and I would frustratingly have to abandon my jilling session till later.

Then one day, I had to get some stuff from a storeroom and my mind started to race. This would be great for a private jilling session as not many people had to use the room. It was a small room full of boxes of equipment, office supplies, and archived papers, stacked floor to ceiling, some on shelves arranged with alcoves to allow access from both sides. These alcoves meant that I could tuck myself away and not be seen even if someone came in. I immediately felt excited and wet with the sheer naughtiness of it all as I decided that now was as good a time as any.

I tucked myself away in a corner bay and sat on a box, surrounded on three sides by walls of boxes. I lifted my sweater and pulled my bra down so that I could play with my achingly stiff nipples. I was so excited I could hardly breathe. My pussy was in full flow and my free hand was up my skirt pulling my panties aside and probing into my hole. The waves of orgasm crashed over me in a matter of minutes, the boxes absorbing the sound flow from my mouth and the box I was sitting on absorbing the wet flow from my cunt.

I tidied myself up and put another box on top of the seat to hide the wet patch before returning to the office with the items I’d been sent to look for.

That was the start of a regular thing for me and I would use my “personal masturbation room” at least twice a week and never came close to being caught.

That was even without Katie’s recounting of the weekend…

“I met this guy at the club on Saturday,” she started.

“He was kissing me all evening and, boy, was he good. My panties were soaked and that was before the slow dance at the end. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my thigh. It felt huge!”

I was all ears by now.

“I love it when they do that,” encouraged Lucy. “I like to grind my pussy up against it.”

“He offered to share a taxi home so he hailed a black cab. I had the back seat behind the driver and he sat in the fold-out seat in front of me. I’d only just sat down when he pulled his cock out and pulled my head down onto it. It only took about five minutes of sucking for him to almost drown me in his spunk!”

“Did you swallow?” Lucy asked with a smirk.

“As much as I could. I didn’t want a cleaning bill from the driver, after all.”

“I’d have made him spray it into the air. I love watching cum shoot out, especially when I’m responsible.” Lucy said with a dirty grin. God, I love that girl.

That was it for me, I was really wet listening to this and needed relief NOW!

I gave it what I thought was a decent enough time to avoid suspicion and went down to my “personal masturbation room.”

I sat in my usual bay and pulled my trousers and panties down to my knees and started to finger my already soaked cunt. I was just getting close to orgasm when I froze. The door opened. Two girls chattering. Laughing. It was Katie and Lucy. I couldn’t move in case they heard. I could just about see them through a small gap between two boxes as they looked for something. They found two boxes and pulled them down from the shelves, one each. They were just about to leave when Lucy asked,

“What do you think of the new girl, then?”

“You mean Di? She seems nice. Great bum. Seems quiet though,” said Katie, “why do you ask?”

“She’s not as prim as you might think.” WHAT?!

“Tell me more,” Katie said with rising interest.

“Well, once I went to the ladies toilet. When I finished, I flushed and opened the cubicle door slightly but my phone bleeped so I sat down to reply to a message. I heard someone come into the next cubicle and could hear the sound of masturbation. I think that, because my door was slightly open, she assumed mine was empty. Some heavy breathing and squishy noises. She gave a very little moan when she came but I could tell it was Di.”

I was mortified. I was always so careful!

“Have you noticed when she has that “I’ve just cum” look on her face?” Lucy continued. “I think she does it a lot.”

“That is sooo hot!” said Katie, “I’m all wet now and wish I’d have heard her. I would have definitely asked her if I could join her and get my hands on her bum!”

“Yes, I think back to it when I masturbate. It really gets me going and I’m wet as hell now telling you about it.”

I watched as Katie put her box down, sat on it, and said “I don’t know about you but I’m going to have to do something about it, here and now.” She undid her belt, stood up and dropped her jeans and panties to the floor, and stood in front of Lucy rubbing her pussy which I could see was very neatly trimmed to a landing strip.

Lucy didn’t need asking. She dropped her box and lifted her summer dress over her head and off revealing a lacy bra and matching thong. The thong hit the floor and I could see her bush, neat and trimmed but still quite a bush (I like!). They both sat down on their boxes and started to finger and rub themselves.

I suddenly realised that, whilst all this was going on, I still had two fingers in my hole, too scared to move but the wetness that suddenly started flowing again brought my attention back. I re-started my fingering, slowly so as not to make any noise. Meanwhile, the girls were facing each other rubbing their pussies and their breathing becoming more ragged.

“Fuck it! Can we do each other?” Katie asked.

“Yeah. Please,” Lucy replied between gasps.

The two moved closer together and reached across to finger each other’s cunts. The squishy noises were filling the room, masking those coming from my pussy. The sex smell wasn’t just mine anymore.

I could see Lucy was getting closer. With her free hand, she grabbed Katie’s hand and pumped it fast in and out of her pussy. She was using Katie’s hand like I use a dildo!

“That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! Fuck yeah!” as her arse bucked up off the box she had been sitting on and came all over Katie’s hand with a splash. God. I love Lucy!

“Keep going!” called out Katie as Lucy had stopped fingering while her orgasm passed. Lucy started pumping again and from my angle, I could see at least three fingers in her friend’s hole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Cumming!” Katie’s hip thrust forward with each contraction of her orgasm and Lucy did well to keep her fingers in there.

I hadn’t cum yet but I was gushing. I couldn’t dare to move.

I watched as the girls redressed with giggles.

“Thanks for that Lucy, I really needed it and I’m going to keep a close eye on that slutty Di from now on!”

With that, they left. Once that door closed with a click, it only took a couple of seconds for my orgasm to hit with an intensity that spreading my juices all about me.

I hid the wet items and dressed before walking back to the office as nonchalantly as I could muster and wondering if I hid my “I’ve just cum” face.

I glanced across at Katie and Lucy (oh, I love you!) just as they looked from me to each other with a dirty smile each. I think I failed to hide that face.

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