Off The Pole

“Whew,” said Mai, as sweat dripped from her sticky body after working the floor for hours.

Standing at 5’10 and having a slim figure, Mai was quite the catch at a San Francisco strip club. Of Asian descent, Mai looked exactly like Lucy Liu and had a slim figure with medium-sized breasts that fit her well. Now, the golden body of the beauty looked shiny with sweat as the late afternoon hit.

“I am gonna be taking a break,” said Bub, the bouncer.

“Yeah, we are going away for now since this place will be mostly dead, help yourself to some food or whatever you need,” said Ross, the owner.

“Got it,” said Mai, wearing a black thong and being topless. Minutes later, as the two walked out, Mai stood around to see the club mostly full of older guys. 

Off at a distance walked in a dark-skinned man who looked a lot like Sanjay Gupta from CNN except he had a bit more muscle tone to him. The man’s name was Sav and he worked as a salesman for a medical device company. Sav came in wearing a button up shirt and black dress pants. Mai slowly approached the regular who finally made eye contact with her as a couple of blonde strippers entertained the remaining guests.


“Bored from work?” asked Mai.

“That would be you right now but damn, glowing girl!” said Sav, as Mai hugged him. The lemon-like odor was arousing to Sav and Mai felt the massive erection immediately.

“Let’s go somewhere private while everyone is away,” said Mai, her body somewhat shaking from arousal as Sav’s hard dark hands touched her soft golden skin. 

The stripper took Sav to the back of the club right where the private rooms were. Usually, a bouncer would be around but Bub was on break which meant the rooms were empty. Mai found one empty room in the back away from any oversight and it was also one where it was tough to hear. Tightly grabbing Sav’s hands, she pulled him inside and closed the door.

“Whew!” said Mai, letting out a loud breath as she pushed Sav on a large comfortable couch.

“You have me for about thirty minutes to do whatever, I can use a good fuck from a tiring workday!” said Mai, in a stern and direct tone as Sav smiled. The whole ordeal took less than a minute and Sav was already nude, Mai seeing the massive dark cock with a nice girth on it.


“Yes, thank you!” said Mai, as the nude man laid back on the couch. 

Mai was immediately over Sav, licking his cock while stroking it. Instead of being on her knees, the stripper laid upside down on Sav with her pussy pressed against his face. Sav was hit with a hazelnut-like odor from the stripper’s crotch as a black thong moved to the side; pressed against her sweaty inner thighs.

As Mai went to work on the cock, trying to stuff as much as she could into her mouth; Sav used his rough hands to press down on the thighs which got an arousing reaction from Mai. Gently, the man took the thong off of the stripper as her freshly shaved pussy stared at him. The romantic Sav closed his eyes and french-kissed the overworked stripper’s pussy.

“Uh oh!” said Mai, her head springing up as Sav’s hands held her lower body down due to being pressed against it. Mai bit her lips and looked back, reaching to massage’s Sav’s hair as her body shook from Sav kissing and licking her pussy.

“Perfect, perfect, whew that’s wet enough!” said Mai, turning her body around to face Sav as squatted her feet over each of his thighs.

Mai got into a cowgirl position as her eyes locked with Sav’s, the cock being able to slide halfway into her pussy. The stripped leaned in to lock lips with Sav as the cock went more and more inside of her before the two got a rhythm going. Sav had a way of going nice and slow, savoring how his lips locked with the stripper.


The rough dark hands of Sav grabbed the stripper’s waist; gently pressing into her soft skin and massaging it as her lower body started to grind with the cock inside. Mai released herself from the kiss, her face springing up from arousal as her dark hair splashed around. The stripper grabbed her hair and started to try and get them into a ponytail while biting her lower lip and moaning. Being active with his mouth, Sav kissed Mai’s waist and sides whenever the opportunity presented itself.

“Lots of loving daddy, now fucking kill these god damn goodies, I am ready! WOW!” said Mai, letting out an arousing breath as her heart sped up.

Sav loved the smells of the sweaty hardworking stripper and continued to lay back as she rode him. Mai’s body pressed tightly against Sav’s as both lovers coiled their hands around each other’s heads, locking lips and french kissing. What started out as a proper bouncing of the stripper’s body on the hard cock turned into a soft yet thorough grind. The beautiful golden skin pressed tightly against the darker skin of Sav as both lovers found their hearts violently pounding.

“Urrrgghh, yeah, yeah, whew!” said Mai, letting out a long pleasurable breath as a load the size of a beer bottle shot inside of her pussy. Mai massaged Sav’s hair while laying on him, the two softly kissing each other’s faces.

“Gonna need something other than a janitor to clean this,” said Mai, as the two laughed, laying on top of each other sweaty and nude.

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