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Nurse Ashley’s Care

After Mary breaks her wrists and lands in hospital, all of her needs are met by Nurse Ashley.

The Accident

I am in a bedroom I don’t recognise. Two gorgeous young twin girls are on the bed with me. We are all naked. One is licking my pussy as I’m lying on my back, and the other is straddling me with her pussy on my mouth.

I’m licking and being licked madly and I’m getting so hot and wet. I’m about to cum when I hear my phone ring. I stare at it to make it stop but it doesn’t.

I curse, then I wake up and realise that it has been a dream. Damn. A nice dream, but it could have gone on one minute longer so I could cum. I glance at my clock and see that it’s just after midnight.

I think about rubbing my wet pussy but my bladder takes priority, and I stumble out of bed to go to the toilet. I trip on the sports bag I have left in the middle of the floor and break my fall with my hands.

I hear a scream of agony, then I notice that it’s from me. I roll over on my back and hold my hands to my chest. I’m in agony. I start sobbing with the pain and continue for several minutes.

I finally figure that I need to do something. I wiggle my body over to the bedside table and reach up and knock down my phone. With great difficulty, I hit the phone icon, press 000 and call and turn on the speaker.

“Triple-zero. What’s your emergency?”

“I’ve fallen and my hands hurt so much. I broke something. I think I need an ambulance.”

She asks for my name and address and asks some other questions. “One will be there soon.”

I lie back, whimpering. Then I realise I need to unlock the front door so they don’t have to bash it down. I roll to my knees and manage to crawl to the door. My hand screams as I twist the lock to the open position.

I crawl to the sofa, sit on the floor with my back against it and wait. After an eternity I hear a knock and yell, “Come in!”

A young man and woman come in and attend to me, asking how I am, what happened, etc. I vaguely notice that the woman is very cute, but I’m in too much pain to think more about that.

After a while, he goes out and returns with a rolling stretcher. She asks if I have a handbag to take, and I point it out. They gently lift me onto the stretcher, put a blanket over me and she places my handbag on my legs.

She asks me if I have house keys in the handbag and I say, “Yes. Could you also get my phone, please? It’s on the bedroom floor.”

“Sure,” she says, and she gets the phone and puts it into my handbag. “I saw the charger so I got that too. Anything else you need?”

“No, that should do it, thanks.”

“How about a change of clothes?”

“Oh yeah. That would be good.”

“May I go into your bedroom and get some?”

“Of course.” She returns in a few minutes with a set of clothes.

“Is there anyone that should be called?” he asks.

I think. I’ve been living alone, and my parents have virtually disowned me since I came out to them as a lesbian, so I say, “No, it’s fine.”

They lock the door on the way out and wheel me into the ambulance. As they start rolling down the street, I pass out from the pain.

The next thing I know, I’m rolling down the hallway in the hospital. I get wheeled into an examination area and they pull the curtains around. The cute paramedic checks basic vital signs, then smiles and tells me that a doctor will come soon.


In a few minutes, a male doctor comes in and I’m a little embarrassed because I’m in my nightie, since I didn’t have time to change before leaving, not that I was thinking about anything other than my pain.

“Well, who do we have here?”

“I’m Mary Williams. My ID is in my handbag.”

“I shouldn’t open it myself.”

“Well, my hands hurt way too much for me to do it. Please go in and find it.”

“Well, I have to have a witness. Wait a second.” He leaves and comes back with a nurse – a stunning young woman with a smile that almost makes me forget my pain.

“Ashley, I asked you in because it seems that Mary has hurt both hands and can’t open her handbag. Would you get her ID out, please?”

“Of course, Dr. Jones,” she says with a smile. “Mary, are you in much pain?”

“Fuck yeah! Oh, sorry, yes, I am.”

“Don’t worry, Dr. Jones will fix you up.”

She gets my ID, making sure I am looking at what she is doing. Then she puts my handbag into a plastic tub and puts the tub under the bed. “Your handbag will stay with you as we take you for X-rays.”


Nurse Ashley asks me questions for the admission form and hands it to me to sign, and I look blankly at her and say, “You must be joking.” She then scribbles something before taking several readings of me while Dr. Jones examines my hands. When he touches them, I scream, so he says he’ll leave them alone until after the X-rays.

“Are you allergic to any medications, Mary?”


“Okay. Ashley, give her a Paracetamol plus codeine. I’ll organise her X-rays.”

“Yes, Dr. Jones.” She goes out and returns with a pill in a cup and a cup of water. “Mary, let me lift your head to take this.” She puts her hand behind my head and lifts it tenderly, offering me the pill, then the water.

I briefly gaze at her lovely face and body. She has short dark hair in a stylish cut, a cute button nose and full lips. Her body is trim, with firm-looking boobs, probably B cups. I have a little fantasy before the pain interrupts again. She puts my head back down and strokes my hair so sweetly.

“Poor Mary, I know you are hurting so much. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

I give a faint smile and say, “Thanks, Nurse Ashley.”

She smiles back, and says, “Just Ashley is fine, Mary.” She rests her hand on my shoulder to comfort me, which helps a bit.

Dr. Jones comes back in about ten minutes and says, “You’re in luck, Mary, there’s no queue in X-ray, so we can take you right down.”

A young man gets my bed ready for the trip. He wheels me out and down the corridor and I’m disappointed that Ashley isn’t coming with us. Ah well, she has other patients to attend to.

At the X-ray, my hands still hurt but not quite so much, so the pill is doing its job. I get returned to the examination room and Ashley returns to check my signs again. She never stops smiling. It makes me smile back and I feel a bit settled. The pill is kicking in and I feel a little drowsy.

Ashley stays with me, hand on my shoulder again, tenderly caring for me. I gaze at her beauty and smile.

Soon, Dr. Jones comes in and says, “Well, Mary, as you may have suspected, you have fractured both wrists. Just hairline fractures, fortunately, so there’s no need for any surgery. But we’ll have to put your wrists in casts, and you won’t be able to do much with your hands for a little while.”

I panic, but Ashley caresses my hair again and says, “Don’t worry, Mary, we’ll care for you until you can manage on your own.”

I relax a little and thank her.

Luckily, my private health insurance covers a single room and they have one available. They wheel me down to the room after putting my casts on.

“Do you need the toilet, Mary?” Ashley asks in my room.

“Yes, please.”

She helps me walk there and sits me on the toilet and goes outside the toilet to the room. “Tell me when you are done.”


I do my business and try to wipe, but I can’t manage.

“Um, Ashley, I need help.”

She comes in and makes a wad of toilet paper. She senses my embarrassment and says, “Don’t worry, Mary, we are used to this.” She wipes me clean, and the intimacy combined with her beauty turns me on a little.

She helps me up, then walks me into the room.

Ashley Helps With More

“We need to get you into a hospital nightgown, Mary. Let me take off your nightie.”

She lifts the hem and takes it off. She seems to take a little too long looking at my body, naked except for knickers. She is staring at my firm little boobs. Then she snaps back into professional mode and finds a gown for me and puts it on me.

Ashley helps me to the bed and tucks me in. I almost think she’s going to kiss me goodnight. Or am I just wishing that she will?

In any case, we smile broadly at each other. She says, “Good night, Mary. I hope you sleep well. I’ll be on duty until 7:00 am, then I’m back on at 11:00 pm tomorrow. Push this button if you need anything, like another pain pill. The first one you took will wear off in a few hours.”

“Thanks, Ashley, you’ve been a darling.” I almost add, “I love you.” Wow, Nurse Ashley has done something to me.

She leaves and I try to settle. My hands ache but the pain isn’t as sharp. I try to close my eyes and sleep, but Ashley’s face keeps popping into view. My body feels a gentle excitement, and I remember my dream right before the accident.

I think about rubbing myself, but with the casts and the pain, I can’t. I lie there, a bit frustrated until I drift off to sleep.

I wake up in pain. I’m wondering where I am. Then I recognise that I’m in the hospital, and I turn my head to see the call button next to my hand. I reach for it and wince as I press it.

A minute later, Ashley comes in. “Hi Mary, what do you need?”

“My wrists are killing me, may I have another pain pill?”

Ashley checks my charts and says, “Well, technically you should wait another hour, but I’ll get you one.” She goes and returns with a pill and water. She raises my head again and helps me take it.

“Thank you, Ashley.”

“My pleasure, Mary. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

At that question, my body tingles, thinking that she could rub my pussy for me. I gaze at her, afraid to say anything.

“Anything at all?” she says with a broad smile, her hand caressing my hair.

I gasp a little. “Oh, Ashley,” I say, then stop myself again.

“Yes, what is it?”

I blush and mutter, “No, no, I couldn’t. Sorry.”

She caresses my face tenderly and says, “Couldn’t what, my sweet Mary?”

Her touch and her soft words are igniting my passion, and I want her to touch me so much, but surely she’s not allowed to do that, and she might be freaked out, so I remain silent.

She brings her face close to mine and whispers, “Tell me, lovely Mary. It can be our secret. Tell me what you want.”

I sigh. “Oh Ashley, I have my hands all tied up and I can’t, you know, um, touch myself.”

She smiles broadly and says, “Well, Mary, I told you that I would take care of you, didn’t I? I understand. I can tell that you like me, and I like you a lot.” She glances at the clock. “It’s about an hour until breakfast, and it’s still quiet on the ward. Wait a minute, and I’ll be back.”

She kisses my cheek softly and leaves the room. My body is on fire now, wondering what she has in mind. She returns and says, “There’s only one other nurse around, and I’ve told her that I will be attending to you and that she should not disturb us.”

I look at her and see her smiling. “Now Mary, would you like me to touch you since you can’t do it for yourself? I know how horny I am all the time, and I need to cum as many times as I can.”

I am stunned. My dream has come true. This gorgeous creature is going to please me. I can’t speak, but I nod.

She smiles and peels the blanket down to my waist. “Oh, lovely,” she says, seeing my hard nipples poke up through the thin fabric. She caresses around my boobs, then on them, finally touching my nipples.

“Ohhhh,” I moan loudly.

“Shhh. Not so loud,” she chuckles. She plays gently with my nipples, making me so hot, and I’m sure my pussy is glistening now. “I confess that I have been admiring your lovely firm boobs from the moment I saw you, Mary. I’m so glad that I can touch them the way I have wanted to.”

I am panting as her lovely touch excites me. I glance down the bed then back up at her face. She keeps smiling as one hand slides down my stomach, rubbing it through my gown. One hand keeps cupping my boob and lightly grasping my nipple.

My hips start rocking up, begging for her hand to continue down. She notices and proceeds, pressing her hand on my mound. I stifle a moan. She rubs gently, and I gasp.

“Oh Mary, I have been wanting to please you.” She pulls the blanket lower, then brings the hem of my gown up, exposing my knickers. She grabs the waistband of my knickers and pulls them to my knees. “Ooo, nice and smooth,” she whispers. Her fingers glide over my naked mound then trace along my lips.

“Such voluptuous lips too, I love that.” Her fingers tease my lips, up and down, inside and out. Then one goes between my lips. “Wow, you are so wet for me, my lovely Mary. I’m so glad.”

Her finger slowly moves between my lips and into my pussy, going in so easily. The hand on my boob strokes my hard nipple through the gown.

“Oh, Ashley, your touch is so amazing. I’ve wanted you too since I first saw you.”

“I sensed that, Mary. I’m so glad we are sharing this.” She pushes deeper into my pussy, making me so hot and wet. “I want to take care of you, in every way.”

I have needed this so much. My body surrenders completely to Ashley. Her finger swirls around, driving me wild. My body shakes and I moan continuously.

Now she pulls out her finger and rubs my clit, which is so hard for her. “Ohhhh, Ashley, yesssss,” I scream softly. Her other hand pinches my nipple, sending sparks down to my clit. Faster and faster she rubs, and I am so close.

Ashley puts her hand over my mouth and rubs my clit madly, sending me over the edge into the orgasm I have needed so much. I scream into her hand and hump up against her finger. Waves of pleasure crash through my body.

She puts her finger back into my pussy, which pulses around her finger as my orgasm continues. Finally, she pushes deep and holds still, pressing her palm on my mound. She releases my boob and caresses my face. I open my eyes and gaze at her, smiling at me.

I lie panting for a minute before I can manage to say anything. “Oh, Ashley, you are so wonderful. I needed that so much.”

“My pleasure, sweet Mary. I have wanted to do that.”

“I want to please you, too.”

“I’d like that, but maybe tomorrow night, when I can plan better.”

She withdraws her hand from my pussy, pulls my knickers up and my gown back down and pulls the blanket up, tucking me in. Kissing me softly, she says, “We will have some lovely times, my Mary. Rest now.”

I smile up at her and she turns out the light and leaves the room. I sigh and enjoy the wonderful feelings she has given me.

First Morning

I wake to bright light and a new nurse checks on me. I tell her I need to pee, and she helps me up and wipes me after. Magda, as I see her name is, is a middle-aged woman who looks tired. She’s competent, but she doesn’t stir me like Ashley did. She brings me a liquid breakfast.

Dr. Gupta comes in, an attractive Indian woman, in her late thirties I guess. She checks my signs and asks how I’m feeling. “My wrists hurt a lot. Is it time for another pain pill?” She checks my chart and says, “Okay, I’ll have one brought in.”

“How long will I have to have these casts on? I can hardly use my fingers.”

“Another day or so, then we’ll take them off and take new X-rays to see how you are doing. We may be able to put on less restrictive bandages then, depending.”

I groan at the prospect of not being able to masturbate, but then I remember Ashley with her promise of her visiting tonight. I doubt that Dr. Gupta or Magda will indulge me.

“Can I get even my right index finger released, to use my phone?”

“Hmm, let me check your X-rays.” She finds them, locates the right hand and pops it up to read it. “Yes, I think we can give you one fingertip. Just don’t use it too much.”


Magda returns with my pill and I take it. In a few minutes, I am wheeled into an operating room, where Dr. Gupta uses a little rotary saw to slice off a couple of centimetres of the cast from my finger. I’m taken back to my room. I ask for my phone and I am left alone.

I think about using my finger on my clit, but pressing hurts too much, so I exclaim, “Fuck!” in exasperation.

I consider calling Mum, but the last conversation with my parents a few months ago was close to “Never darken our door again.” Their inability to accept who I am surfaces my bitterness. I briefly consider blocking her but don’t.

I scroll down my contact list and decide to call Sylvia, my roommate and best friend from uni. We were never intimate, as she is totally straight, but she always accepted my lesbian identity.

“Mary! How are you? It’s been too long.”

“Hi, Sylvia. Not so great, actually. Last night I broke both of my wrists, and I can’t use my hands at all for a little while.”

“Not at all? Oh, that’s not good. Where are you?”

“At Launceston General Hospital.”

“Well, aren’t you lucky? I’m in town, visiting my parents in Ravenswood. I can pop by today. What are the visiting hours?”

“I have no idea. I got in late last night and I haven’t had much time to think.”

“Well, I’ll call reception and find out.”

“Oh, Sylvia, you don’t have to bother.”

“Nonsense! I insist.”

“Oh, well, all right, I never could persuade you to do anything.”

“Settled then – see you later.”

“Okay, bye.”


I feel a bit better after the talk with Sylvia, but my wrists still ache. She’s such a dear. I tried kissing her once because I felt so much for her, but she laughed and said, “I appreciate the compliment, but let’s just be great friends.” And so we are.

I try to kill time looking at the news on my phone, but that’s too depressing. I log into Lush Stories, which I usually don’t do on my phone because it’s harder to use than my laptop, but I don’t see anyone I really like online. I read a lesbian story that gets me hot, but then I curse because I can’t do anything to get off.

I gaze out the window and drift back to sleep.

Lunch wakes me up, and I’m mortified that I can’t feed myself. The aide feeds me, and she tries to make me feel okay with it, but I curse my stupidity for causing this. Then of course I have to go to the toilet and deal with that indignity again. Ah well.

A new nurse comes in to check my signs, which are pretty normal. “How are you feeling, Mary?”

“Bored mainly, and hurting of course. Can I have a pain pill?”

“Let’s see,” she says, checking my chart. “Yes, I’ll bring one in.” She leaves and comes back with it and helps me take it.

“Anything else I can do for you?”

I blush, the thought of asking her to rub my pussy for me flashing through my mind. She looks at me and smiles, waiting for an answer. I finally stammer, “Uh, you could pass me my phone, please.”

“Of course!” She hands it to me and walks out.

I see a text message from Sylvia. OK to see you at 2?

I reply, Sure!

Sylvia’s Gift

Time passes slowly until Sylvia breezes in. “Silly girl, what have you done?” she beams.

I hold my hands up and say, “Buggered them up pretty well.”

“So I see. Well, I have a gift that might help.” She holds out a small gift-wrapped package. “Oh, I guess I have to help you open it.”

I nod, and she virtually strip-teases the package open. It’s a vibrator! “Oh, Sylvia, just what I need. My fingers are useless, except for one finger they kept open.”

“I knew you’d like it. I remember how often you masturbated at uni. Wait for just a second, and I’ll help you.” She takes a “Do Not Disturb” sign from her handbag, places it on the outside handle of the door and comes back.

“I would have brought some lube, but I remember you telling me how quickly you get wet.” I look at the toy – a dual model, with a long part for inside my pussy and a short part pressing on my clit. “Ready to try it?”

“Oh yes, I’ve been so horny.”

“Okay then,” she says, sliding my gown up and grabbing the waistband of my knickers. “Hips up.” I raise my hips and she pulls my knickers to my ankles. “Let’s get you wet.” I open my knees wide.

She takes out the remote control and turns on the long bit and rubs it on my pussy lips. I gasp as the vibrations run through to my clit. She smiles and says, “I have one just like this, so I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Running it up and down, she makes my pussy start to drip. After a minute, she smiles and says, “That’s my sexy friend, you’re already wet.” She turns the vibrations off and pushes the toy into my pussy easily. When it’s deep, I feel the clit vibrator press onto my clit.

Sylvia takes out a menstrual pad and places it inside my knickers, smiling and saying, “I know how wet you said you get.” She then slides them back up, and I raise my hips for her to fit them back on. She pulls my gown back down, saying, “Perfect. Nobody knows that you have it in. And you can control it with this.” She hands me the remote control.

“Wow, Sylvia, thanks so much. This will keep me happy.”

“My pleasure,” she giggles. “Especially when I use it myself. Sometimes I go out and tease myself in public. And my boyfriend loves to use it on me – that’s very hot, having to surrender to his control.”

I examine the control and I see there are two dials for speed, one for each vibrator, and two controls for patterns. I turn the inside one on low speed, and moan as it starts, humming away. I turn the clit vibrator on and gasp. “Wow, it’s so powerful, even on low speed.”

“Yes, and when you get really hot and turn them up to high, it gives you mind-blowing orgasms. Now relax and enjoy.” She sits in a visitor chair facing me, her short skirt hiking up to her thighs.

I experiment with the speeds and I am getting very hot and wet. I glance at Sylvia, and she is caressing her body, so she’s getting turned on watching me. That excites me more. I press the pattern button on the left and the inside vibrator starts pulsing. “Ohhh,” I moan.

Sylvia is rubbing her boobs. I gaze at that and feel my pussy clench. I try the right button, and the clit vibrator starts pulsing. “Ahhh, fuck,” I cry. She moans a little and moves one hand to her legs. I gaze fixedly as she raises her skirt to her hips.

“I’m not lesbian, like you, Mary, but I know you like pussies, so I thought I’d give you an extra treat.” She spreads her legs wide, and I see that she hasn’t worn knickers! Her plump pussy lips protrude through her trimmed bush, driving me wild.

I turn the inside vibrator to top speed as I moan, so hot to see my friend’s lovely pussy. She traces her finger inside her lips, then parts them with both hands to show me her pinkness. I turn the clit vibrator to top speed, and from the two buzzers and the pussy on show, I cum hard, screaming.

Sylvia smiles and pulls her skirt back down. There’s a knock at the door and a call, “Is everything all right in there?”

Sylvia calls back, “Yes, everything is fine. Thank you.”

In the back of my mind, I should feel embarrassed about alerting the staff, but my pussy doesn’t care. It’s just had a wonderfully powerful orgasm.

I turn off the vibrators and lean back, panting. After a minute, I grin at Sylvia and say, “Wow, that’s the best present I ever got.”

“I’m happy you like it. Oh, I’ll put a spare pack of batteries on your table here.”

Relaxed now, I chat with her, catching up on news for an hour or so. After she leaves, I turn the toy on low speed for short times, teasing myself.

The Remains of the Day

The rest of the day drags. I poke at my phone to read the depressing news, text a few friends to let them know what happened. Should I text Mum or Dad? Speak of the devil – Mum is calling. No, I can’t deal with her. I tap to reject the call.

I have to pee, but I have the toy in me, and I’m not sure I can take off my knickers to get it out. I try, but with one fingertip it just doesn’t work. I will have to call for help, but I’ll be embarrassed. I find the call button and press it.

Nurse Amelia comes in, a young, attractive woman. “Hi, Mary, what can I do for you?”

“I need to pee, and with my hands, I can’t wipe.”

“Sure, I can help – no worries.”

“Uh, there’s something else. I, uh, uh, have something to take out.”

Amelia asks, “Okay, what?”

“It’s in my knickers. Can you take them off for me?”

“Sure, no problem,” she says as she pulls down the sheet. “Oh, I see.” She giggles.

I blush.

“Hey, it’s cool.” She pulls my knickers down and pulls out the toy. “Oh, I’ve been meaning to get one like this. Is it good?”

Her nonchalant manner eases me. “Is it ever! And it has a remote control.” I show it to her.

She presses controls and watches the results. “Awesome! I want one. Where did you get it?”

“It was a gift from a friend.”

“Wow, great friend.” She helps me get up and do my business. “Do you want it back in?”

“Uh, maybe not right now, thanks.”

“Okay, let me know if you do. I’d love to help.”

“Thanks, Amelia.”

She leaves and I’m left alone to kill more time.

After some time, Dr. Gupta comes in. “How are we doing, Mary?”

“Uh, well, there’s only one of me.”

“Haha, if you’re joking you must feel better.”

“More bored than anything.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. Are you feeling much pain?”

“Not too much.”

“Yeah, the cast is doing its job.”

“How much longer will I have to have this on?”

“We’ll take an X-ray tomorrow to check the healing. If it’s good, we may be able to replace it.”

“Will I be able to move my fingers then?”

“Yes, but not full range. We’ll keep immobilising up to the bottom knuckle. You won’t be playing tennis for a few weeks.”

“I’d just like to be able to touch things.”

“Sure.” She smiles at me (knowing what I meant?), checks a few things and leaves me with a breezy, “See you later.”

I check my phone and respond to well-wishing texts from a couple of friends.

The rest of the day is agonisingly tedious. I can’t wait for 11:00 to come around so I can see Ashley again. I usually love doing nothing, but when I’m forced to do nothing, it seems like punishment.

After dinner, I ask the duty nurse to help me with the toilet and then put my new toy in. She is embarrassed but does what I ask. I don’t put my knickers back on. Back in bed, I turn my toy to low speed to keep me amused for a while. I don’t feel like cumming, so I turn it off after a while.

I turn on the television but there’s nothing on so I turn it back off. It’s 9:00, so I have to wait two hours for Ashley.

Ashley Returns

The door opens, and in comes Ashley! “What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I couldn’t wait to see you, so I came early. I’m out of uniform, so I’m officially a visitor.” She smiles as she comes to my bedside. “How’s it going?”

“I’m bored, but at least a friend came by and gave me a gift.”

“Oh? Where is it?”

I laugh and say, “Inside me.” I hand her the remote.

She looks at it, puzzled, until she realises what it is. “Oh my god, I’ve always wanted one of these!” She plays with the controls, making me gasp. She giggles. “I’m going to have fun with you. One sec.”

She takes a sign from her handbag and places it outside the door and comes back. “Now, let’s have a look at this.” She pulls back the covers and takes my nightie up. She sees my pink friend in my pussy and on my clit.

“Let’s see what this does.” She turns my inside vibrator to medium.

“Ohhh, that’s lovely,” I say. She smiles and watches. Then she turns the clit vibrator to low speed. I gasp and my pussy clenches, giving me a wave of pleasure.

She turns the clit vibrator all the way up and I scream. Then she turns it off, leaving only my inside one buzzing. “Oh, you bitch!” I say with a huge grin.

My pussy is starting to drip. Ashley puts a hand under my nightie and starts caressing my boob. I moan as she fondles the nipple to hardness. She turns the clit control to low and turns the inside to pulse with a pattern, and my moaning increases.

She says, “Oh, it’s so hot watching you. I have to touch myself.” She sits in the chair facing me and sets the remote next to her. I see her spread her legs and hike up her skirt. She’s not wearing knickers, so I see her luscious full pussy lips.

Between this lovely sight and my toy, my excitement is building. She reaches to her pussy and strokes her lips, then spreads them wide, showing her gaping hole. I moan as I see that.

Ashley then picks up the remote and turns the inside vibrator to high, with random pulsing patterns. I gasp at the sudden intensity. She slides a finger into her pussy and starts a slow fucking.

My body is starting to shake. The pulsing is driving me wild. Ashley smiles and with one hand turns up my clit vibrator to full speed. “Oh, fuck!” I shout as my clit is buzzed.

Waves of pleasure blast through me, rendering me barely conscious. I hear Ashley moan as I see her rub her clit. I scream as my orgasm crashes through me. The vibrators going at top speed drive me on and on, making me cum and cum.

After several orgasms, I scream, “Stop, enough, enough!” Ashley smiles and turns off the vibrators. I collapse, my pussy still pulsing around the toy. My heart is pounding and I’m panting.

Ashley pokes a finger into her pussy and holds it there, watching me settle. When my breathing is almost normal, she says, “Wow, that looked intense.”

“Oh my god, Ashley, that was maybe the biggest cum of my life.”

“I have to get me one of those. Now it’s my turn if you don’t mind.” I smile, and she stands, climbs on the bed and positions her pussy over my face.

“Oh yes, please, let me lick you, Ashley,” I implore.

She lowers herself to me, and my tongue licks her lovely full lips. I taste her juice on the inside. I suck on one lip, licking it inside and out, then repeat on the other. She sighs contentedly.

Having cleaned her lips, I lick deeper between her lips, finding her pussy. I moan with delight at tasting her sweet juice. I stab my tongue as deep as I can go, eliciting groans from Ashley.

“Oh, you’re so good at this,” she whispers, as I lick deep inside her. Then I extract my tongue, sucking her clit. “Ohhh yesssss,” she hisses. My tongue bathes her hood, feeling her clit grow hard underneath.

I wiggle my tongue under her hood and lick her clit slowly up and down. I love her hard clit with my tongue, gradually bringing her excitement level up until she is moaning continuously. When I hear her panting, I press hard and lick her clit from side to side rapidly.

“Ahhh, Mary, you are gonna make me cum,” she cries. I redouble my efforts, thrashing her clit hard and fast. “Yessssss. Ahhhhhhhhh,” she screams. I lash away until she pulls off, stepping off the bed and collapsing back in the chair.

I smile at her as she pants. “Oh, Mary, I knew I found you sexy when I first saw you, but wow, you are a champion pussy licker.”

I smile back and say, “I’ve had some practice.”

“Lucky girls who helped!” Ashley remarks. We giggle.

There is a knock on the door. “Medication time.”

Ashley leaps up, pulls down my nightie, covers me with a blanket, smooths down her skirt and goes to the door, opening it with amazing calm, “Do come in.”

“Oh hi, Ashley, you’re in early,” says the evening nurse, Phoebe.

“Yes, I’m not on duty until eleven, but I was visiting my friend Mary.”

“So I heard, um, never mind…” Phoebe stammers. Ashley and I figure that she has heard us, and we stare at each other and burst out laughing.

Ashley steps away and says, “Do your job, Phoebe,” with a smile. She wanders out, saying to me, “I’ll check on you later, in uniform.”

Phoebe checks my chart and gives me my pill. I ask her to help me with the toilet and she does. When she sees the toy in me, she calmly says, “I’ll wash that for you.”


When I am back in bed, she asks me if I want it back in, and I say, “No thanks, I’ll leave it out for now.”

“No worries.”

“I’m sure Ashley can take care of you when she goes on duty,” she says with a smile as she leaves. I smile back, guessing that these nurses have seen it all.

I manage to gently rub my clit with my finger while waiting for Ashley. Shortly after 11:00, she comes in. Seeing my toy on the table, she says, “Did it wear you out?”

I giggle and say, “No, but I might need a change of batteries.” We both laugh.

“I can do that.”

“Oh, I was just kidding. I think they are fine.”

Ashley picks up the toy and looks it over. “Mmmm I love the look. Um, Mary, do you mind if I try it?”

I smile and say, “Not at all, I’d love to drive you crazy with it.”

“I can’t right now, have to do rounds and make sure everyone else is settled for the night. I could come back around midnight. Is that OK?”

“Sure! Let me have it, and the instructions, too, please.”

She hands them to me and leaves. I read through the instructions, and I see that as well as Bluetooth, it can use internet connectivity. I poke around on my phone and discover the guest Wi-Fi network, and set the toy and control to use that.

I turn it on (not inside me) to test it, and it works fine. I have a devious plan for when Ashley uses it. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

My Turn to Please Ashley

Ashley wakes me up. I smile at her. She hands me the remote and I look around. “Where’s the toy?”

“It’s already in me, Mary,” she says with a grin. I decide to test it by turning both up to full speed. “Ohhh, fuck, Mary!” she cries, her knees buckling. I turn them both down to low speed. She staggers to the chair and sits.

“My turn to control you,” I say with a wicked grin.

“Yes please, but I have to warn you; if I get paged, I have to leave, but I will come back.”

“No worries, Ashley.” She settles in the chair, and I explore the inside pattern options. “Tell me which pattern you like.” I turn it to pattern 2.

“Mmm, that’s a nice gentle one,” she replies. I leave it there for a while, then try pattern 3. “Ohhh, that’s more intense.” I turn up the speed on that pattern and she gives a soft moan.

I try clit pattern 2. “Ohh, that’s exciting.” I turn up the speed. “Mmmmm.”

She relaxes into the chair and lets the toy build her excitement. I’m getting hot watching her, but I’ll have to wait to do anything about it.

I try inside pattern 3. “Oh fuck, that’s intense,” she cries. I smile and try clit pattern 3. “Oh my god!” I grin and let these patterns drive her excitement higher.

Her pager beeps, and she calls in, working hard to control her voice with the toy doing its work. She hangs up and says, “I have to attend to a patient, Mary.”

I turn the clit off and the inside down to low, back on gentle pattern 1. “Aren’t you going to turn it off?” she asks.

“Oh, I think not. That way you won’t forget me.”

“I’ll never forget you, Mary. Don’t worry.” She walks out, buzzing gently inside. The toy is quiet at low speed, so nobody should be able to hear it.

She comes back in about ten minutes. “Oh god, Mary, it didn’t stop. I thought it would when out of range, but it kept throbbing inside me.”

I smile and say, “Yes, I figured out the Wi-Fi connection.”

“You evil bitch!” she blurts with a grin.

“You loved it.”

“Well, haha, yes. But it was hard to keep a straight face, and I’m dripping into my knickers.”

“Ready for more?”

“Yes, I think I have time.”

I turn both to pattern 3 and the speeds to medium. Ashley moans and lies back in the chair, letting the toy do its magic. Her body starts humping the air and she gets more excited. I turn the inside speed to full. She gasps and her body shakes.

Finally, I turn the clit speed up to full, and she screams and cums hard. “Ohhh fuckkkk.” I let her cum and cum until she pulls down her knickers and yanks out the toy. “Oh my god, that’s incredible. I may not give this back to you.”

I turn it off. Ashley collapses into the chair, panting. After several minutes she rouses herself and says, “Well, now, I need to take care of you, don’t I?”

“I did get wet watching you.”

“Okay then, let me lick you.”

“If you insist,” I chuckle.

“I do indeed!”

She comes to me, pulling down the blanket and sheet and raising the hem of my nightie to my waist. Climbing between my legs, she sniffs and says, “Oh, you smell so nice.” She licks my lips and sucks them off.

“Yum, so sweet,” she says. Then she licks deep inside, making me start to moan. She alternates between licking deep inside my pussy and flicking my clit, which has gotten hard.

Obviously an expert at this, she steadily builds my excitement until I cum and pour out juice onto her face. “Mmmm, so delicious,” she says as she licks it all up. “I’m going to want lots of this.”

“Drink all you want, Ashley.”

“I wish I could bottle your pussy juice.”

She climbs off and kisses me. I lick the juice off that she couldn’t reach. She kisses me deeply and I return the kiss.

“Well, Miss Williams, in my professional opinion, you are healing very well.”

I laugh and hold up my hands, saying, “Except for these.”

“I hope you never heal there, so I have to care for you forever.”

“That’s tempting, but I really need them.”

“Oh, all right. I’d better get back to work if I want to keep my job.”

“See you tomorrow night?”

“If they don’t kick you out of here, of course! Good night.”

She turns out the main light and leaves. I drift off to sleep.

Second Morning

I have slept well, and this morning I am very hungry. I guess that’s a good sign. Dr. Gupta comes in and checks on me. “How are you feeling? How’s the pain?”

“Not bad, Doctor.”

“Would you like less on your wrists?”

“Oh, would I!”

“Okay, it’s been a while since you had a pain pill, so I’m going to keep you off of them until we can take those casts off and X-ray you.”

“Sounds great.”

“I’ll be right back.”

After a minute, she comes back in and says, “You’re in luck. I can do this in fifteen minutes.”

“Wonderful. Could you call the nurse? I need to pee.”

“Of course.” Magda helps me wipe up after peeing. She sits me in a wheelchair she has brought in. Dr. Gupta then wheels me to an operating room, where she saws off my casts.

“How do they feel?”

“They hurt, but not too badly.”

“Okay, let’s take those pictures.” She wheels me there and I wait a few minutes and have my wrists X-rayed. An aide wheels me back to my room and helps me into bed. After a few minutes, Dr. Gupta returns.

“Well, Mary, you don’t look too bad. The fractures are very narrow, and there’s a little healing already. How’s the pain?”

“It’s more of an ache than a sharp pain.”

“All right, I’ll put some constrictive bandages on which will give you some finger movement. Then if you feel good, we can release you this afternoon. I’ll give you a prescription for pain pills with codeine, but try to use normal Panadol if you can.” She wraps my hands up.

“I hope I can cope without anyone around.” I am not feeling optimistic.

“You live alone?”


“Well, you are probably fine.”

“I hope so. Can you hand me my phone, please?”

“Sure.” She hands it to me and leaves.

I open the case and I see that Ashley has left her phone number on a card inside. On it was written, “I want to take care of you after you leave. Please call when you can.” I smile a little, not wanting to be a burden to her but appreciating the sentiment.

After lunch, Dr. Gupta checks me one more time then says I’m good to go home. I’m not sure, so I remember Ashley’s card and text her, OK to call?

She calls me back. “Hi, Ashley.”

“Hey Mary, how are you going?”

“They’re kicking me out now.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure I can cope alone quite yet.”

“Well, there’s a perfect solution for that. My roommate moved out last week, and her room is empty. You can stay here.”

“Oh, Ashley, I couldn’t impose on you. That’s not…”

She cuts me off, “Nonsense! Nurse’s orders. I insist that you stay with me for a while.”

“That’s sweet of you, Ashley, but really.”

“Don’t argue! It’s settled. Are you ready to leave now?”

“I have a little paperwork to do here, but pretty much.”

“I’m on my way.” She hangs up. Wow, she’s not giving me a choice. Well, I will appreciate her help.

I’m led to the reception area where they have me complete paperwork and pay a small gap. Thank goodness I have private health cover. I sit and wait for a minute when Ashley bursts in. “Come on, Mary, let’s get you home to my place.”

“Oh, Ashley, I feel like I’m imposing.”

She turns and walks out, saying, “Come, come.” I sheepishly follow her to her car. She opens the door for me and I get in.

When she’s in the car, I say, “Ashley, I don’t have anything with me. I need to go home.”

She thinks for a second and says, “Okay, we’ll drop by your place and pick up what you need for a couple of weeks at least. But no backing out. I’m not letting you stay home.”

“This is very kind of you.”

“Mary, I’m not entirely selfless here. Being with you makes me feel lovely, so I really want you with me.”

I glow at her expression of wanting me, so I say, “All right, for a couple of weeks, then.”



We get to my place and she helps me pack clothes and a few toiletries. Then it’s over to her place. We walk in. “This is very nice, Ashley,” I say as I look around.

“Thanks, it’s compact, but not too bad for a nurse’s salary. Your room is this way.” She points out the bathroom on the way to my room. She leads me in and tosses my suitcase on the bed and unpacks it into the dresser.

“Oh, Ashley, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Mary, I think you can.” She comes up to me, wraps her arms around me and kisses me softly. I respond by kissing her back, and the kiss deepens.

“Ashley, I want you so much, but I feel grubby. I haven’t showered in a few days.”

“No problem, Mary, get undressed and I’ll help you take a bath.”

When I get to the bathroom, she’s already there, drawing a nice hot bubble bath, naked. I stand and gaze at her stunning body. She returns my gaze and smiles. “Like what you see?”

“Wow, do I!”

“Well, so do I. Step in. Try not to get the bandages wet.” I get in carefully and ease myself in.

She gently sponges me everywhere, teasing me with kisses every once in a while. I feel like I am in heaven. Special attention is given to my boobs, which makes me moan softly.

She stands up and gets a towel. I stand and she dries me down to my waist, then I step out onto the bathmat and she finishes drying me. We haven’t spoken since I stepped into the bath; I have been under her spell, enjoying every second.

“All right, my lovely Mary. Now that you are dry, I’m going to get you wet again. Come to my room.”

I smile and follow, still speechless. She turns down her bed and climbs in, opening her arms for me. I lie next to her and fall into her arms.

We kiss softly again, and I start caressing her, then wince with a little pain in my wrist.

Ashley says, “Don’t hurt yourself. Just lie back and let me please you.”

I lie back and she strokes my whole body lightly with her fingers – down my stomach, down the sides of my legs, then back up in front. My body is warming up to her delicate touch. It’s not intense, more relaxing with a hint of excitement.

Her fingers find my stomach again, and caress my front, avoiding my boobs. My excitement increases. I gaze at her beautiful face and smile. I look imploringly, wanting her to touch my boobs.

She senses that and smiles, caressing them but avoiding my nipples. I let out a little whimper, and she closes her fingers onto my nipples, making me gasp.

My nipples harden at her touch, and she strokes them, making them even harder. “Mmmm, I love your big nipples,” she whispers. My body is now fully aroused.

She eases her body lower so she can kiss my nipples. She takes one into her mouth and I moan. Her tongue slips out and licks it, and my surrender to her is complete.

She lovingly licks my nipple for a minute before switching to the other, giving it the same treatment. My legs fall apart, and I can tell that my pussy is getting so wet.

Ashley notices my legs moving, and her hand slides down to rub my pussy lips. Her mouth raises and says, “Oh, my Mary, you are so wet for me.” Her fingers play with my lips before two enter my pussy.

“Ahhhh,” I moan. Ecstacy washes through me. She gets between my legs, face peering at my dripping pussy.

“Your juice is so creamy, and there’s so much of it. I love that,” she whispers. I look down at her beautiful face. She takes her fingers out and licks them off. “Mmmm, so tasty, too.”

Her tongue laps below my lips where I have dripped, then licks off my lips, sucking on them to clean them. Then she dives her tongue into my pussy. I moan loudly and spread my legs wide to give her better access. She obliges by stabbing deeply.

When she’s licked up all that I have dripped so far, she replaces her two fingers, slowly fucking my pussy and twisting inside. When she plants her lips on my clit and sucks, I scream.

She responds by starting to fuck my pussy hard and fast and lick my clit. My body convulses in preparation for a big cum, and it isn’t long before I’m shouting, “Ahhhh yes, Ashley, fuck me, fuck me.” I cum hard and scream loud enough to alert the neighbourhood.

She gradually eases the pace of her fingers and sucks my clit without licking it. I keep having little cums for a minute until I collapse. She withdraws and moves up to caress my face and kiss me softly.

When I can manage to speak, I say, “Oh, Ashley. That was wonderful.”

“Well, Mary, I did promise to take care of you, didn’t I?” We smile at each other.

In the remainder of the two weeks, my wrists become much better, hardly hurting at all at the end. I can caress Ashley and please her as she has pleased me.

On the last day, Ashley asks, “Is there any real reason for you to move out? I’d love having you live here.”

I haven’t considered that, so the question takes me aback, but my mind can’t come up with a single reason why I shouldn’t. So I make the decision to move in with her.

That was a month ago, and we are deliriously happy. Who knows, this might be forever. I think I’m in love.

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