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nudist family story still not married

Hello everyone. nudist family story My name is James and let me narrate to you a story which happened to me last year. I had come home for my summer break and was enjoying my vacations at home, when one day one of our relatives called up my dad and asked for me to visit his place for some ritual. This relative of mine lived in a village nearby and had the couple themselves and 4 daughters in their family. Out of the 4, 3 were already married and I had heard that they have fixed the last one’s marriage being due after like 6 months, in the winter. When I enquired with my dad about the ritual, he just said, its because they fixed up the younger daughter’s marriage so they have this ritual to be conducted by the cousin brother who is still not married.

I didn’t bother too much and decided to go in the next day in the morning itself. nudist family story I did call up the relative about my coming tomorrow and reached to his place the next day at around 9-9.30am.

His name was Rakesh, in his sixties, his wife Ramila was in her fifties and their 3 other married daughters, all of them in their late twenties or early thirties, were there on summer vacations with 2 kids. I think the elder 2 sisters had one child each. nudist family story All of them welcomed me in their living room and gave me light breakfast and tea. We chatted for a while and then Rakesh uncle told me to come with him to his shop, where he needed to talk about something. I left with Rakesh uncle to his shop which was not too far from his house.

Uncle – I would really like to thank you for coming over for the ritual.

Me – There’s no need to thank me. Its totally fine.

Uncle – So, did your dad explain to you about the ritual?

Me – No, not really. What is it?

Uncle – OK, so as you know, my younger daughter Krupa’s marriage has been fixed with XYZ. And, nudist family story we have this ritual in our family that a cousin brother who is not married, would deflower the to-be bride before the marriage. So, we want you to spend time with Krupa and show her the joy of making love.

Me – (Shocked and laughing) Are you serious or is this is a joke of some kind? Is this really a family ritual?

Uncle – Yes, beta. Everyone in the family has gone through this.

Me – So, what happened during your other daughters?

Uncle – Your elder cousins, Ajay and Vijay did the others. But because they are married, they cant do the ritual.

Me – OMG, how come no one ever told me about this ritual ever?

Uncle – It is a ritual which is followed from generations where, we don’t send virgin brides for the marriage.

Me – ok, got it uncle. I’ll do it, nudist family story but doesn’t Krupa know about all this.

(I am not in touch with Krupa as such but I have only chatted with her, here and there)

Uncle – Ha beta, she knows about the ritual, but we haven’t told her about you and the ritual taking place today.

Me – Ok. Got it uncle.

Uncle – So beta, I want you to go home where your aunty would help you and you can complete the ritual. I’ll see you later in the day then.

I reached home and aunty called me inside the house and shut the main door. nudist family story They have a house with one room on the top and rest everything on the ground floor.

Aunty – Just wait here in the living room. Have uncle told you everything about the ritual?

Me – Yea, I think so.

Aunty – OK. I want you to go take a royal bath and freshen up first. The girls are going to help you.

The three sisters, who were in their salwar-suits, showed me the way to the bathroom for the royal bath. nudist family story There I got to know that there was this ritual where these sisters have to wash me clean before the act. So, all three of them entered in the bathroom with me. I was a little ashamed to get naked in front of all of them; hence, I decided to be in my undies and sat on the stool in the bathroom. The eldest sister started by dropping warm water on me after some mantra and then the others followed her.

After that, all of them took soap and started cleaning different parts of my body. The elder sister cleaned my front part, including my face, neck, chest, stomach and armpits. The 2nd sister had my back, nudist family story including my hair, back and my arms. The youngest of them, had my thighs and legs. I was soo turned on by all this, that i was having a hard on now. The younger sister saw it and started giggling. The elder sister too it as a clue and said both the other sisters to move out.

The elder sister shut the door and came back to me, sat on the wet floor, and started caressing my hard cock above my undies.

Elder sister – don’t tell anyone nudist family story about this.

She removed my cock out and started sucking it. nudist family story I was feeling on the top of the world. After getting a 2-3 min blowjob from the elder sister, the other sister came in and the elder sister walked out. She did the same, blowing my cock. I even caressed her boobs while she was at my cock. Then, when the third sister walked in and I asked her to get naked before the blowjob as both her sisters did it. She didn’t hesitate and got naked and started blowing me like anything. I caressed her boobs, pussy and her asshole before she came and then we stopped. She wore the clothes and then all three sisters were back in the bathroom. They cleaned all the water from my body using the towel and then nudist family story was taken out of the bathroom naked.

Aunty was ready with some plate with a diya, flower and a glass of water. Aunty was plump, with big boobs, big ass and long hair. nudist family story She was wearing a yellow sari with yellow blouse.
She came to me and started saying some mantras and rotating the plate in circle around my face. After that she threw the flowers on me.

Aunty – Let me tell you something about ritual. You can make any rules anytime and demand for anything while being here.

Saying this she grabbed my penis with my pant and started caressing it.

Me – really?

Aunty started blowing my penis with her right hand. nudist family story Then she took that water in the glass and cleaned my penis. I grabbed her left breast in my right hand and placed my lips on hers. She didn’t even know how to smooch, so we were like that for a while after which, she pushed me and asked me to go upstairs. Before I go upstairs, the girls came with a red dhoti which I was suppose to wear before going upstairs. While I wear my dhoti, Aunty comes back with a plate full of condoms and offered me to take as many as I want. I took a half a dozen for the sake of it, when she said – Make sure that the first time you enter her, its without the condom, its a ritual.

I smiled and climbed the stairs upstairs. They have made this upper compartment of wood, nudist family story just as an extension and utilization of space. There was a parda and when i entered in, Krupa was reading something on the bed. She was in only white gagra-choli with nothing inside and open hair. She looked nervous when i first saw her there. Krupa is 5’7, 60 kgs thin girl with her hair going till her bum. She greeted me with a smile and so did I and moved towards her.

Me – So, do you know why I am here today?

Krupa – Not really, my sisters told me that its a ritual

Me – I have bought something sweet for you, which is it.

Krupa – ohh, is that it?

Me – Yea, but to have it, you have to do something.

Krupa – whats that?

I went close to her, held her face with both my hands and placed my lips on hers. She tried pushing me to start with, nudist family story but then got into the flow and started responding. I moved my hands down and pushed her gagra down, making her naked from the bottom while kissing her. She started trembling. I slowly moved below to her neck and went behind her kissing her neck. She was feeling the heat and I moved my hands towards her back to open her choli and make her nude.

As soon as her choli came off, she ran towards the bed taking a dupatta, lying there. She lay on the bed on one side, folding her legs and covered herself with the dupatta. She was shy. I moved slowly towards her, and pulled the dupatta off her. She moved further into a shrink out of shyness. I caught both her legs in both my hands and opened her up to take a look at her pussy. She had a lot of pubic hair out there. nudist family story I got myself on the bed, opened my dhoti and laid myself on top of her. I used my right hand to position myself towards her pussy and pushed my penis inside her in one shot. She screamed out really loud and I let my penis in there for a while as it is. She had a few tears rolling from her eyes. Aunty, quickly ran upstairs to see us.

Aunty – hey, what happened, is everything alrite?

Me – If you come upstairs again without being called, I’ll fuck the shit out of you first. Just get lost.

And she just left. I looked back at Krupa and saw blood coming out of her pussy. I started the fucking motion before Krupa starts reacting with blood coming out. nudist family story The pain for her was turning into a pleasure and she was enjoying the fuck, moaning and trembling like anything. Kissing is something which helped me gain trust with her and make her believe that all is good. She started reacting to my smooches and later to the fucking motion.

After about 7-8 mins of fucking in missionary, I got up and lifted her up to stand up on the floor. Both of us were naked. I started smooching her again and she started reaching. Then I went down to her boobs and sucked them alternately.

She caressed my chest and then started caressing my hair and back. We went back to smooching, nudist family story before getting her on all fours and entering her from behind. She was trembling and mourning at the same time. She was enjoying herself as the pleasure was kicking in. I kept slapping her huge bums which turned red in no time and then used her shoulder or hair to control the fucking.

After about 6 mins of fucking, I pulled my cock out and started sucking her pussy. She had already cum 2-3 times and her cum was delicious. While sucking her pussy, I moved slowly towards her asshole, when she shouted – Please don’t enter there. Its a request.

I moved back to the pussy, but wanted to know why said that

Me – Why? What happened?

Krupa – One of our brothers, nudist family story entered my elder sister in there during the same ritual, and she couldn’t walk properly for a week. I am really scared of bearing that much pain. My mom said that this ritual is to impress Kaam Dev, who are you and you, can give any orders or make any rules as you like while you are here.

Me – Thats ok, I wont enter your ass don’t worry.

By this time, both of us were horny and I was about to come. I told her how to give a blowjob and she performed above expectations, blowing my nut and I sprayed my cum on her breasts. nudist family story Both of us just lied on our backs next to each other, waiting to rest before the next round.

Just then, Aunty came upstairs again with some food. Even though I was hungry, I was upset with the way, she just comes upstairs disturbing me.

Me – What the fuck is this? I told you not to come here unless called.

Aunty – I am sorry beta. I just wanted both of you to eat something.

Me – you’ll have to pay for it. Come here, and give me a blowjob.

Krupa and I sat up and were having food, while Aunty was sucking my dick. I was hard within no time and really wanted to fuck someone.

Me – Aunty, quickly remove your clothes, get naked, nudist family story put a condom on my cock and sit on it.

She quietly followed the orders, uses her mouth to put the condom on and then used her right hand to guide the cock in the correct hole. I smooched her and her breasts while she was going up and down. Krupa, nudist family story after finishing the food, changed the bed sheets which were red due to the blood from her hymen. She was horny too and was now on my side ensuring I get the maximum pleasure. She brought a colgate toothpaste and started entering her mom’s asshole and making it big using her fingers while she was being fucked in the pussy. Aunty came many times. Then, I got her into doggy style and entered her ass directly in one go. Aunty screamed loudly too and I asked Krupa to control. She started smooching her mom and fondling her breasts. This was too horny for me to keep going.

Hearing Aunty voice, nudist family story Uncle came upstairs to see me fucking his wife and his daughter kissing her.

Me – Hey, Why are you here?

Uncle – I was just ensuring if everything is ok.

Me – Everything is ok.

Uncle – ok then, i’ll go.

Me – Listen, go downstairs and get my iphone from my trousers.

While he did that, we three were still in our flow.

Me – ok, now take a video of us three in the iphone from all the angles possible.

Uncle quietly did that. He was hard within no time looking at his wife being fucked by someone else. nudist family story Krupa was horny too and she grabbed her father cock from above his pants while he was videographing. Krupa, zip opened his pants and took his cock in her mouth and started blowing him. After 2-3 mins, Uncle couldn’t control and came in Krupa’s mouth. Krupa, went to the washroom to clean herself and uncle gave his tool to aunty to suck. I was about to cum, hence I increased my speed and came in her asshole. It was late in the evening by then. Hence, I got freshened up with an erotic bath with Krupa in the bathroom.

Me – Uncle, now that the ritual is done, nudist family story can i take your permission to leave and wish all of you best of luck for the future.

Uncle – I think, its too late for you to travel in the night with crazy drivers driving in the night and you being really tired with the day’s workout. I suggest you to stay the night.

Me – Ok uncle as you wish.

All of us ate dinner and later were just chit-chatting about the day’s happenings. I showed all of them the video which uncle shot. The kids were fast asleep. Watching the video, the other sisters were jealous and really wanted to enjoy this discrete sexual experience. nudist family story They asked if I would be up for a game.

Me – I don’t mind, until it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments and rituals.

Elder sister – pooja, early 30s, big boobs, petite with long hair till her hips. Has a son

Middle sister – Reena, late 20s, average boobs, about 5’8, with medium hair.

3rd sister – Rita, around 27, average boobs, nudist family story medium height, with medium hair.

Pooja – ok then, we would have two bowls, one filled with chits of one of the girls’ names including aunty and krupa and the second one filled with chits of fantasies which the girls have. Every incident would be recorded by the rest of the girls and once, everyone assembles, we go for the next round.

Within no time the bowls were ready and we were ready for the game. Uncle, picked up the chit from first bowl and it was Pooja. The second bowl had “threesome with mom” written on it. Uncle, aunty and Pooja, moved on one side of the hall. Next was my turn. I had Reena and some specific scene from kamasutra mentioned there. Krupa was our designated videographer and Rita was theirs. My uncle, aunty and Pooja, went upstairs with Rita.

I went towards Reena, and asked her about the pose. She said, nudist family story it was not given by her, but it was her mother’s handwriting. I smiled and lifted her to stand up with me. She was in a Punjabi suit with her hair tied behind. I moved my hands to her hips, slapped her and then pulled her towards me. I kept my lips on hers and she didn’t hesitate in responding. While kissing, we removed each other’s clothes within no time and were ready to get into action. I came down to her boobs through her neck and she started saying stuff about how her husband doesn’t suck her boobs. I pushed her to get on her knees and guided my half erect penis into her mouth. She did it just fine.

After which I pushed her on her back and took a good look at her hairy pussy. nudist family story I wanted to make sure its lubricated before the intercourse, hence I inserted my finger to find her pussy soaking wet. Now, I knew she was ready for the real game.

I asked her to lift her legs in the air, I put on a condom and move my penis in her tight pussy. After the intercourse, I ask her to put her legs behind my hips and I hugged her such that I am sucking her boobs. I lifted her so that we were in the sitting position. nudist family story This was the pose that was asked for. Both of us were new to this hence, we gave our extra energy to make sure each of us enjoyed. I started thrusting her harder and harder and she kept on saying good things about me and bad things about her husband. Both of us were least bothered about we being taped and Krupa being present there. After a good 15-20 mins fuck, with a lot of sweat, I came in the condom itself which ended our session. Both of us went to the bathroom to refresh ourselves and then waited for Uncle and gang to complete their session.

They came down after a good 30 mins while Reena, nudist family story Krupa and myself were hydrating ourselves. Within, no time, the girls were ready for the next round. Uncle picked up a chit of Rita and threesome with Uncle and me with no taping. It was Pooja, who wrote this down. Rita, didn’t bother as she was the only one left to get a penis in her. We three went upstairs and got into action within no time. Rita, was so desperate and wet that, she wanted us to directly start fucking her. Uncle started humping her pussy, while she was blowing my tool.

After after 5 mins, uncle laid down on his back and Rita sat on his cock. I pushed Rita on uncle and without asking, just inserted my penis in her tiny tight asshole. It was her first time and she screamed like anything. Both of us didn’t stop and started speeding up. nudist family story We changed into multiple positions to service all her holes.

When we came down after the session, all the ladies were doing their lesbian act, sucking each other off. nudist family story Uncle and I were exhausted by then; hence we decided to call it a night. I left the next day.


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