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No Request Needed

Life had certainly improved for eighteen-year-old Ella as she became subjected to the discipline regime which she had actually asked for, which involved Mrs L, her forty-three-year-old landlady and friend of her mum, giving her the cane when she broke any one of the innumerable rules set for her.

Ella sometimes just couldn’t stop herself thinking about being caned and got more and more aroused as she pictured herself bending over once again for her bare bottom to be caned. Sometimes she would hide away in her bedroom on the pretext of doing homework but would look at caning videos. Invariably, though, she would then break one of the rules on purpose, like answering Mrs L back too rudely, which she knew would earn herself at least six and normally twelve very painful strokes of the cane. However, afterwards, she would always go back to her bedroom, supposedly to cry, but actually would finger herself to the most amazing orgasms.

Ella found herself getting into the routine of being naughty so Mrs L would cane her, and it seemed to her that Mrs L was never against punishing her. However, Ella was very careful not to be caned a day or two before going out for the evening because she particularly liked wearing very short skirts and knew that the cane strokes would easily show.

Mrs L was quite sure that Ella disobeyed her or broke one of the rules on purpose in order to be caned. She didn’t worry, because, just as she dealt with the girls at the sixth form college, she knew that some of them got aroused by being caned and misbehaved on purpose. She always felt that if she reprimanded the girls and told them to behave but didn’t cane them then that would send out the wrong message to everybody else. So, what she actually did, was tell the teaching staff to be even stricter with those girls and send them to her to be caned much more often than they would any of the other girls. Initially it didn’t seem to make much difference to the girl’s behaviour, but what became clear later on was that the girl’s behaviour did improve and they were sent to her to be caned less often because they did eventually behave properly. Indeed, Mrs L knew that caning the girl’s more often than they wanted to be caned made them change their attitude.

That experience set Mrs L wondering about Ella, and Mrs L decided she would start to deal with Ella in the same way as she did the girls at college who seemed to want to be caned, and became even stricter with her to see whether she behaved better or continued to be caned regularly, and, of course, go to her bedroom straight afterwards and give herself multiple orgasms. So, Mrs L continued to discipline Ella even for the slightest misbehaviour.

Ella never complained until one day when she had failed to make her bed which was something that earned her the cane. Ella was shocked and pleaded, “Please Mrs L, I’m due to go out tonight and will be wearing one of my very short skirts, so please could you cane tomorrow.”

It struck Mrs L that Ella had really made the mistake, and not on purpose, and so decided this was a good test of her belief that Ella got herself caned on purpose. Indeed, Mrs L was used to students playing games, and thought that Ella had a smirk on her face, as though she just expected to have the delayed punishment agreed. Mrs L did know that Ella was due to go out tonight and supposed that she would wear a short skirt, but decided it wasn’t for her to correct Ella’s mistakes in any way other than to give her the cane. So, she replied, “No, Ella, you have broken a rule which earns you the cane, and so I will be giving you the cane. In fact, take it you will be getting six extra strokes for even asking, so that will be eighteen strokes on your bare bottom.”

Mrs L glared at Ella, daring Ella to argue, just as she would do with her students at college, and found her experience there being particularly useful when dealing with Ella. Of course, she knew that Ella wasn’t a particularly naughty young lady, but, given her initial clear request to be caned, and her agreement to be subject to the discipline regime, she thought it right to enforce the rules every time, whether Ella wanted it or not. Again, the students didn’t have a choice of either agreeing to the rules or not because it was taken for granted that they would have to obey the rules all the time or suffer the consequences.

Ella was clearly upset when Mrs L refused to delay her punishment, but knew that she had broken the rule that correctly earned her the caning, so she could hardly complain on that score. Nor could she admit to Mrs L that she got herself caned on purpose so many times. So, realising that she could not avoid the caning she just hoped her short skirt would still hide all of the cane strokes, so long as she didn’t bend over when at the party. She would have to check after getting dressed after the caning, she told herself.

Mrs L saw that Ella was upset but was not arguing, and wondered whether she was as aroused as she normally was when deliberately breaking a rule. She had actually hoped that Ella would argue because then she could add a further six strokes to make it twenty-four, but it did look as though Ella was accepting her decision, and so she ordered, “Go and fetch me the cane, Ella, so I can deal with your very naughty bottom.”

Ella had heard the command so many times before and each time she was already so aroused by the thought of being caned and knew that her hair mound was already wet. Today was different, though, because she didn’t want to be caned, and saw this as a very real and very different punishment. She momentarily wondered whether she should refuse to go and get the cane, but then worked out just as quickly that if she did that then maybe Mrs L would stop the caning regime altogether, which was something she definitely didn’t want to happen. So, she told herself she would obey Mrs L, as she always had to, and as upset as she was, she replied, “Yes, Mrs L, I will get it straight away,” turned and went upstairs to Mrs L‘s bedroom and took one of the hook ended canes out of the cupboard and brought it back downstairs.

Mrs L smiled as she watched Ella walk out of the room, and was looking forward to caning her so gorgeous bare bottom. She was wearing a very short skirt, which would have to come off as well as her knickers, but would let her keep on her very skimpy vest top and bra.

Mrs L was pleased that Ella was being so obedient, although had come to expect her obedience just as it was the reaction from every single girl at college who was sent to see her. She knew that Ella was in a different position as she was boarding with her rather than being a student she was responsible for, but given the number of times that she had bent over with her bare bottom beautifully presented, and stayed in position as she painted those welts across her bottom, she had come to expect that total obedience from Ella as well.

As soon as Ella came back and handed the cane to a stern-looking Mrs L, she knew that she had to remove her skirt and knickers and proceeded to do so. She quickly undid the zip to her skirt and pushed it downwards, catching her knickers on the way, pushing both her skirt and knickers down to her ankles and stepping out of them, then scooping them up, and, and as she knew she had to, she neatly folded her skirt and knickers before putting them on one of the other chairs. As she stood there in her very tight vest top, she knew she still had nothing but respect for Mrs L and she waited for the instruction to bend over and grab the seat of the chair.

Ella loved Mrs L’s authoritative no-nonsense attitude, and loved how she was in a sleeveless summery dress with bare legs, and knew how often she had looked at Mrs L’s upside-down legs as she prepared to cane her. It was a sight she pictured so often when fingering herself in bed.

Mrs L kept the normal stern look on her face as she watched Ella prepare herself to be caned. It wasn’t so different to the girls at college who had to lower their knickers and step out of them, before lifting up the hems of their college dresses and tucking them into their belt to hold the dress in place so that when they bent over the caning table the dress would never fall out and cover the girl’s bottom. Here, Mrs L made more sure by insisting that Ella removed all of her clothing below her waist, including the tights she normally wore during the winter. Now was summer time, though, so as well as being naked below the waist, she only had a skimpy vest top on to cover her upper body.

Ella saw Mrs L nod towards the dining chair and she knew to immediately bend over and clasp hold of the seat of the chair, moving her legs apart and lowering her head as far as she could which, to be fair, gave her the perfect view of Mrs L’s upside-down legs as they were positioned. It was only a few moments later that Ella felt the cane being rubbed from side to side across her bottom and now her thoughts of tonight’s party had left her, and she prepared herself not just for what had become the norm of twelve strokes of the cane, but eighteen today because of her really silly attempt to get the punishment deferred until tomorrow.

Mrs L always rubbed the cane from side to side across the naughty girl’s bottom at college several times because she knew that would settle them down into the submissive state of mind that was so necessary when caning them. After all, even the girls that were naughty on purpose to be caned struggled to stay in place as the pain intensified, and so these several moments whilst the cane was rubbed across their bottom got them into the right frame of mind to focus on keeping a firm hold of the seat of the chair, knowing that letting go and standing up earned them additional strokes.

It also worked with Ella who reminded herself that she had broken a rule and earned the caning, and it didn’t really matter that she had asked to be caned, and agreed to the caning regime, because those were the rules she had to live by, whether she was due to go out that evening or not.

Ella knew though that her feelings were very different when she earned herself a caning on purpose, compared to now with the sudden instruction that she was going to be caned. She knew right now there wasn’t the same feeling of arousal, although, as she positioned herself bent over clasping the seat of the chair, and looking at Mrs L’s upside-down legs and felt the cane being rubbed from side to side across her bottom, she did feel the beginnings of flutters flying around her vagina.

Mrs L was wondering whether Ella felt the same tension she was sure that the girls at college had as they were bent over just before being caned and were regretting their behaviour, but let that thought hang in the air as she pulled her arm back and, focusing on exactly the spot she wanted to land the cane, brought the cane back down with the normal swishing sound. The cane landed exactly where she had intended, and sank into Ella’s waiting bottom cheeks, and she heard the loud thwack followed by Ella’s gasp of pain and was sure that the one thought going through Ella’s mind was going to be how she was going to cope with seventeen more strokes.

When the second stroke landed Ella gasped with the pain again, and even as her bottom stung, she focused on Mrs L’s upside-down legs waiting for her calf muscles to tense again which would tell her that the cane was on its way down again towards her bottom. They did, and moments later Ella again gasped as the cane bit into her bottom.

Mrs L saw the three parallel red welts on Ella’s bottom, the first halfway down her bottom cheeks and then the next two one under the other, and planted the fourth just below the third and watched as that welt developed. As she landed the fifth stroke, she registered Ella’s louder gasp and knew that Ella would find it harder and harder to deal with each stroke, just as the girls did college. When she landed the sixth stroke, she knew that for lots of girls that was the last one, but today was very different because she worked it that she would be giving eighteen strokes as she wanted to test Ella’s resolve.

Ella was counting out the strokes and was happy that she had got through the first six of the best, and then as the seventh stroke landed so she told herself she wasn’t even halfway through this caning. As the eighth landed Ella realised that her feelings of arousal had completely disappeared although, on the other hand, as the ninth stroke landed, she told herself that she was experiencing a real discipline caning and could definitely see how being caned would make most people behave better.

Mrs L wondered if Ella knew that she was now halfway through the pre-set number of strokes as she landed the tenth stroke, and, keeping parallel lines, she was getting very close to the tops of Ella’s thighs. In fact, the eleventh stroke really was as low down Ella’s bottom that she could go and knew that whenever she gave any of the girls at college twelve strokes at least one landed on the tops of the girl’s thighs.

Ella yelped as the twelfth stroke landed and it stung much more than any of the others and wondered if it was because the stinging was simply intensifying because of the number of strokes. She told herself she would know the answer when the next stroke landed, and clasped hold of the seat of the chair to try to make sure she stayed bent over even if it stung as much as she now expected it to.

Mrs L heard Ella’s pain-filled yelp and knew it was because the stroke landed on her very sensitive sit spot, and then she landed the thirteenth stroke that bit into Ella’s thighs and knew that the freshly developing welt would be sure to show if she bent over in one of her very short skimpy skirts she loved to wear when going to parties. As Mrs L planted the fourteenth stroke, she knew that some girls got the cane because they persistently wore their dress hems too short but they never minded their friends seeing the cane strokes, and, despite Ella’s protests, she wondered if she would still go to the party wearing a short skirt. On the other hand, as she landed the fifteenth stroke, she was very sure that Ella would find sitting down during the party very testing.

Ella had lost count of the number of strokes she had received but as the cane once again bit into her thighs she realised that she could only see the blurred outline of Mrs L’s upside-down legs because her eyes were full of tears. As the next stroke landed so she knew her tears were running down her face and were probably dribbling onto the seat of the chair, but she couldn’t worry about that. As the next stroke landed, she couldn’t stop herself yelping and throwing her head back because of the pain, but at least she managed to keep a hold of the seat of the chair, although imagined that her knuckles were white.

Mrs L had kept count of the strokes and knew she had reached eighteen. She wasn’t at all concerned that Ella was now crying uncontrollably but did like the way she clasped hold so firmly of the seat of the chair as her knuckles had turned white, and also enjoyed that final yelp Ella let out, which, together with the fact that she did stay in position, told her that she was certainly totally submissive and accepted her punishment. In fact, she was so pleased that she told herself that she should soon increase the tariff and make eighteen strokes the normal amount, and then twenty-four, with thirty for exceptional misbehaviour. She also fully intended making sure that she caned Ella more often when about to go out in the evening to ensure the clothing she wore was less skimpy.

Ella was aware that the caning didn’t resume so that she had got through all eighteen strokes. Even better, although pleasantly surprising as she stayed bent over knowing that she was crying, was that she realised that she was getting increasingly sensational feelings of arousal and was desperately wanting to run her fingers along her pussy lips to see whether she was as wet as she thought she was.

Mrs L savoured the sight of those eighteen parallel strokes before saying, “Okay, Ella, you can get up now. Go to the bathroom and wash your face, calm down, and then get ready to go to your party.”

Ella eased herself up and with one hand was wiping the tears from her eyes and with the other she was clutching and rubbing her stinging bottom as she stepped from foot to foot in what she knew was the best spanking dancing she had done since first being caned. She also realised from feeling the raised welts down the back of her thighs that she would have a problem when dressing tonight. As she calmed down, she said between sobs, “I can’t go, Mrs L, as the strokes of the cane will show beneath the hem of my skirt.”

Mrs L was pretty sure Ella still had blurred vision so wouldn’t see her smile, but just as she did when at college, after caning one of the students, she always kept a straight face when discussing with the girl she had just caned her future behaviour. So, she did keep a straight face as she said, “That’s not a problem, Ella. You can wear cropped trousers to hide the welts.”

Ella was still sniffing back tears but thought that might work, and so decided that she would go upstairs and get dressed to see how it would look. She walked away from Mrs L now rubbing and clutching her almost unbearably stinging bottom and the backs of her legs and went upstairs and into the bathroom. When she turned and looked at herself in the mirror, she gasped out loud because she had never expected to see quite so many raised welts not just covering her bottom but also her legs. However, at the same time, she ran her fingers along her pussy lips and realised that she was so wet, and she laughed at the realisation that, for her, the pain, maybe no matter how bad, got her so aroused. Moments later as she had kept running her finger along her pussy lips easing inside and flicking her taut clit, she even exploded in an orgasm that was as enormous as any she had given herself after being caned.

So, feeling much calmer, Ella washed her face and pulled her vest top over her head and unclipped her bra and put them both on the chair, and again looked at herself in the mirror, naked, seeing that her nipples were taut, and knew that she relished the discipline regime, even if she now got caned at times that she didn’t want to be. How crazy was that, she asked herself, but how amazingly erotic as well?

After showering and going back to her bedroom Ella took out the clothes that she could wear for the party, including, as Mrs L suggested, cropped trousers. Feeling unsure, she took out her phone and called her close friend Maisie, on video, and asked, “What do you think about cropped trousers?”

Maisie looked inquisitive and asked, “What’s wrong with one of your short skirts?”

When Ella bit her lip and was clearly blushing, Maisie asked, “Have you been spanked? Olivia wears cropped trousers after she’s been spanked by her chummy mummy.”

Ella was surprised and asked, “I didn’t know Olivia was spanked, although I do know that she prefers much older girlfriends, so maybe that is why?”

Maisie knew that Olivia liked to tell her how often she was spanked, and wanted all of her friends to know now. So, Maisie continued by explaining, “I did a sleepover with her and her chummy mum spanked her. She suggested I deserved a spanking as well, but that didn’t happen.” After a few moments Maisie added, “I suppose, though, that I actually wished I had been because Olivia was all over her chummy mum afterwards.”

Ella wasn’t sure how to react but replied, “I didn’t get spanked, but I got caned. Eighteen strokes in fact.”

Maisie was amazed as she replied, “Crikey, girl, that’s a heck of a lot but you seem to be okay. Go on, turn around and let me see.”

Ella bit her lip again but knew they had both seen each other naked often enough, and so held the phone to show her bottom and legs and heard Maisie let out in an astonished tone, “Well, girl, they must really sting. Anyway, Olivia tells me her bottom really stings after a spanking and still she comes out in the evening with those cropped trousers, so you can wear them for sure.”

Ella felt a lot better when Maisie did explain about Olivia, and even joked, “Okay then, Maisie, that’s what I’ll do. Of course, if you wanted to come for a sleepover here, I’m sure Mrs L would happily paint several stripes across your bottom as well.” She laughed thinking how unlikely it was that Maisie would agree.

Maisie had thought for a long time how she wished that she had been spanked by Olivia’s chummy mummy, and couldn’t stop herself replying, “Saturday night would be good, because then I have all of Sunday to recover.”

Ella was open-mouthed, and the flutters flew around her vagina as she replied, “Done.”

To be continued

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