No More Tears

The letter arrived today that Dina had been expecting, yet it didn’t ease the sting of the formality of the words as she read them to herself, Petition for Divorce.

Since her husband walked out on her over eight months ago, they’d been living separately. Although Dina had no hopes of reconciling with her cheating husband, the realization that their ten-year marriage was now in its final chapter really hit her hard. She wanted to scream, shout, or throw something. Instead, she sank to the settee in the foyer and fought back the tears that threatened to leak from her eyes. The only thing that stopped them was his last words haunting her.

You’re frigid in bed… I needed more action… Someone who fucked me like she wanted it.”

Those were the hurtful excuses he had hurled at her for his cheating the last five years of their marriage. When she least expected it, those words replayed in her thoughts. 

“Fuck him!” she said to the empty foyer.

Dina should be happy about the pending divorce, excited, and celebrating it. She should be living her best life. She realized she needed a distraction from her thoughts. 


“Mrs. Williams, I’m all done with the setup. If you want…” the service guy stopped when he saw her wiping away tears. 

Dina quickly stood up and dabbed at her watery eyes. She’d forgotten that the security maintenance guy, who introduced himself as Adam, was still in her home installing the new security system because her ex had access to the old system. Her ex was due to return the keys and pick up a box of his belongings that she’d packed away. The system would be activated and he would be one more step to being out of her life.

“Sorry, I was just…” 

“Are you alright?” Adam asked. 

“Yeah, sure,” Dina lied as she folded and stuffed the divorce letter into her back pocket. “So, you’re all finished now?”

“Yeah, I was just going to run a few tests and make sure you’re comfortable with the new setup,” he said.   


As Adam walked Dina through the system, which she could control on a smartphone app, she noticed a text from her ex saying he was on his way. She ignored the message, but his hurtful words again flashed through her thoughts. She didn’t want to see him, not like this, on the verge of tears.

“You know what? I’m actually not okay,” Dina finally said. 

“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?” he asked concerned. 

“I just received divorce papers from my husband who cheated on me because he got bored with me in bed.” Dina realized it was probably oversharing to the security installment guy but she was tired of holding things in.

“Oh, wow, that a pretty shitty thing to say to someone.”

“Right! I mean, I’ve slowed down a bit since twenty-five, but boring… Nah,” she said shaking her head with a naughty idea as she looked at the attractive man standing before her.


Dina stepped toward him and pulled at the buckle on his belt. She pushed her hand into his jeans and grabbed his dick. She didn’t believe she would go through with it at first but feeling how fast his cock grew hard in her hand, she didn’t want to stop now. 

“Do you find me boring?” she asked as she began to give him a handjob.

“Not at all,” Adam moaned as her hand squeezed and tugged at his shaft.

“How about now?” she asked as she dropped to her knees before him and took him into her mouth. She couldn’t help comparing him to her ex. Her ex was definitely the loser in the size department. Dina didn’t waste time moving her mouth up and down his length. 

“You’re bigger than him,” she told him with a smile. 

Adam stood there with his jeans around his knees, he wanted to touch her, but she made it explicitly clear that he was not to touch her. Not that she needed any instructions on sucking his dick. Her mouth was perfectly hot and wet as it moved on him. He moaned when she sucked the tip of his head with her full lips. Her tongue danced around the hole, lapping at the precum seeping out then slid back down his cock until her chin met his nutsack. 


She had never sucked her ex like this before. He’d been too controlling, triggering her gag reflex, but now she was free to do as she pleased, and taking Adam down her throat felt just right. She actually enjoyed the wet friction of his heavy cock dragging across her tongue, the thickness of his cock as her lips gaped around its girth, the musky scent of his balls as she rolled them in her palm. She could feel the thick veins on the side of his cock throbbing against her cheek as his moans quickened and became more labored. 

“I’m going to cum,” he warned her. 

Dina smiled, “Good,” she wrapped a tight fist around his shaft and began a twisting pump on his stiff rod. She aimed his loaded cock at her face, “Cum on my face,” she heard herself say. It just seemed like the most opposite of anything she’d ever done before and therefore exactly what she wanted to do. 

“Oh, God, yes!” he closed his eyes and moaned as she continued to jerk him off.

All Dina’s focus was on making him cum that she didn’t hear the car pull up in the driveway. She was ready to be showered with his jizz. She was tired of the tears running down her face and the thought of his hot jizz in replacement only made her more focused.

The front door suddenly flew open as her soon to be ex-husband stood there staring in disbelief as she knelt before Adam,


“Fuck!” Adam groaned as he released a gush of white-hot jizz onto Dina’s cheek.

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