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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit

Hi, I am Rohit working in an MNC and was in charge for an area. I am in middle age at 42 yrs and good looking for my age. There were several sales personnel reporting to me. Avinash is one such, he is 30, quite good in marketing and has done very well. I considered him as one with potential to come up in career.

We used to meet at social functions like birthdays and even socialize with having a couple of drinks and diner. Outside the work we used to move like friends. We were having a party and I asked colleagues to bring their wives along for an evening of fun, joy and make merry. It is here that I met Nisha his wife. Nisha is 28 years (of course I came to know later only). Nsha is not a pencil figure that we see now. She is obviously a happily married lady and they have not planed on having a kid yet. She is 5’.2” and at first look she looks no different, just a happy housewife, more so because she is a bit voluptuous, has a good pair of tits, fair complexion and has brown eyes and black hair. I noticed she is wearing body hugging clothes and a blouse that shows some hem line but then these days it is all too common in cities. Nothing really that flutters a man at first glance. But as she was introduced to me and we began chatting, I realized she is special, has a nose that attracts attention and possibly tells you she is very independent and those lovely brown eyes are full of expression and are naughty some times.

She has very sensuous lips that you will find hard to resist if one is with her for a longer period. All in all I found her attractive. During our chat and I found her talking freely. She told me she would like to wear modern dresses and I teasingly asked her whether she wants to wear deep cut and she replied yes in proper places. I teased her further saying that I would like to be at that place and see her in different and attractive attire with a deep cut blouse. She just laughed.

Let me say here that I am no saint and I had my share of adventures and I did sleep with a few of my colleagues or their wives. But I am attracted to this house wife who to me is sexy all the way. I felt though she looks like a contented wife she can be hot. So I started thinking of seducing this lovely woman and along with Nisha there were several other wives and lots jokes and harmless flirting is on. I enjoy flirting with these women which some times leads to screwing them too later.

Hi I am Nsha and I was introduced to Rohit, my hubb’s boss and I found him mixing and chatting freely despite being in senior position. As we were chatting he suddenly told me Nisha I find you very sensuous. I was not anticipating any such comment and just blushed and replied I am just a housewife. As I was replying Mrs. Hitesh (Ritu) overheard and asked Rohit, Rohit then what about me. Ritu is wearing revealing clothes and as she leaned lots of cleavage can be seen. Rohit obviously feasting on the clev replied do you really want an honest opinion. Ritu said yes and then Rohit said, you are not beautiful certainly and as the color was lost on her face he added and you are not sensuous too. Color was totally drained of Ritu’s face as women always want compliments. Rohit then said hold let me complete and then added mischievously that Ritu you are dressed to kill and you will make every man here hard. Ritu blushed and said you are very naughty today. Ritu actually likes some harmless flirting but she uis still a loyal wife. For Good measure Rohit added if I have 2 more drinks my hands will be all over you and he was looking at her tits and indicating where the hands will be. Ritu was sporting and said then call me after you finish those 2 drinks and before going allowed the pallu to fall and bent and showed her big tits and even her nip can be seen. Quite a lot of flirting but strangely I began enjoying this and enjoying company of Rohit. He of course moved around mixing with other men and women too…

As the evening progressed there is winnie, ravishing at her age of 40 and also showing her ample bosom.

She asked Rohit so what are the plans and the reply came straight that he planned to have a few more drinks and hoped some middle aged women will lay him, again feasting on her tits. Winnie being older was quick to give even better show of her tits making her pallu fall and teasingly asked why an experienced woman and why not a young girl. Teasing further saying you are old and may desire young woman. He replied that after all the drinks, jokes laughter etc he would like to be passive and an older women can take charge for a change. This made every one laugh as all understood that all this was in lighter vein especially because Rohit and Winnie’s husband are good friends.

Unknowingly I began to like Rohit and like his company as life has become very routine of late and even sex with hubby is also becoming routine affair. There was more flirting and clearly the people were enjoying the evening in full. Ritu returned too and showed her tits again to Rohit and asked if he finished 4 and he merely replied no and pricked her ass. Lot of women married and in the age of 30 to 40 were clearly enjoying the party and showing their tits too. And Rohit was flirting with many as are other men. I found that Rohit has not flirted with me though I was with him for quite some time. Just before dinner he said Nisha give me your mobile so I can call you. What came over me I do not know but I gave my mobile no without even asking why he wants to talk to me. Later as we were leaving I saw Winnie and her husband leaving with Rohit in same car and somehow I felt a little jealous for unexplained reasons. My husband told me as I looked at the car that they stay in same locality and as such Rohit drops them home. It is only much later I came to know she is one of his specials.

We went home and all the drinks, flirting made me horny and we were nude in minutes and I kissed Avinash passionately and Avinash too was horny and he started sucking my tits and he is licking them too. He spent more than 10 minutes licking and sucking my tits and I started moaning oh, oh.

He then kissed my navel passionately putting his tongue to action. He then started from toe and kissed thighs and then began eating of my pussy as his lips were sucking my clit, his tongue was eating my pussy. Oh what a sensation? What a pleasure a man can give to woman with his lips and tongue. Then to do justice to him we went in to 69 and I worshiped his cock really and he said Nisha you seem very horny today.

I reached orgasm with his eating skills. As I recovered in a few minutes my hubby asked me to ride him. I was already in heaven. l rode him asking him to suck and lick my tits as I rode him. My boobs are bouncing as I heaved up and down over him. Avinash was surprised at my passion. But soon I am tired and asked him to ride and he is taking missionary I asked him to ride me doggy. He asked me to bend taking support and pushed his rock hard cock in one quick motion, Oh what a pleasure it is to have the cock in one swift motion and I moved in sync with his movements and we both climaxed same time. That night I made him to fuck me again. He fucked me 3 times and I woke up saw his morning wood and could not resist and sucked his cock in the morning to start the day. He was hard and we fucked again like animals in lust. I thought thanks to an evening of fun and frolic; we had passionate and wild sex. But deep inside me I was asking myself whether I am thinking of Rohit? Up till now I am loyal to Avinash and have never thought of having an affair or getting laid.

A couple of days went by but no call has come and then a week went by and I thought Rohit has forgotten totally and probably asked the mobile no to tease me. I cannot explain why I waited for the call nor why I felt disappointed but truth was I am disappointed. Strange that a happily married housewife like me should give mobile no and feel disappointed and even unhappy that he did not call.
A couple of days went by but no call has come and then a week went by and I thought Rohit has forgotten totally and probably asked the mobile no to tease me. I cannot explain why I waited for the call nor why I felt disappointed but truth was I am disappointed. Strange that a happily married housewife like me should give mobile no and feel disappointed and even unhappy that he did not call. contd…….

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