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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 2

He literally began a pussy bashing and tongue fucked her. She pushed his head in to her pussy signaling she wants more action. This was way too much for her being accustomed to normal foreplay and sex and climaxed uttering Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rohit. He allowed a few minutes for her to recover before he began licking her sweet pussy juices and remarked whaaaaaa what a taste, tastes like honey dear and then transferred the taste to her by giving a French kiss. Winnie tasted her own pussy juices and she was experiencing new thrills and pleasures. She said it is mu turn to service you but he said let us go 69.

He adjusted the water further so that all of Winnie is in water, warm water and added fragrance to it and sweet smell of jasmine was all over the room adding further romantic ambience. He certainly knew how to please a woman thought Winnie. He then adjusted her in such way the pussy is above water but rest of the body is in water and began once again the great art of pussy eating. He first played with clit pinching it, tweaking and then taking it in his mouth. This time Winnie does not want to be left alone o she began to first kiss his thighs, which looked so strong and manly and showered kisses on them literally kissing every inch of both his thighs. This time it was Rohit who was feeling great pleasure sensation and he said to her it looks as if you decided to rain kisses.

She did not respond to his comments but merely continued and then gave a kiss to the tip of his rod. She kissed his balls too and licked them too. She then started to lick his by now hard dick and took it in to her mouth fully and her tongue swirled over his cock. She was pleasured to the extreme by his eating her pussy rather tongue fucking as by this time he was furiously pushing his tongue in and our of her Pussy and giving a BJ to her lover which gave her the desired extra pleasure. She too tried to match him by taking in her as much as she can and finally managed to even take him fully with her nose touching his pubic hair. The two were on like this for about 5 mins experiencing the pleasure of 69.

They then reversed with Rohit on his back and she on top of him, again a totally new experience to her and this allowed more water to be filled in the tub. She was unable to last the lashing of the tongue and cummed again saying oooooooooooooooooh, Rohit it is sooooooooooooo good. Winnie realized that she has already cummed thrice without his cock entering her. He realized that he may not last and certainly is not interested in filling her mouth. He wanted her to feel his cock in her pussy while the water is flowing. The water gushed and he quickly moved her again back to the shower. She was surprised but he told her that sex under a running shower is great. The foreplay being over, he adjusted her on the stool and pushed hiss cock in to her pussy. His cock went in smoothly like a knife cutting butter as the Pussy was well lubricated with her juices and she pushed herself towards him.

They are now together holding each other tight with their bodies touching each other with very little space. The water from the shower adjusted to the desired temp was flowing over them and as it touched the sealed lips of the lovers now in deep French kiss, detoured to fall from the sides of their lips only to find way to her gorgeous valley between her tits. The valley between her tits is full of streaming water flowing down and creating a strange sensation. The water then found way down her midriff to her cunt and having found it blocked by Rohit’s cock has to take diversion again to land on her thighs and finally falling on her feet. All this water passing through her body, she in deep embrace with him and her tits crushed on his chest and her lips locked with his and of course the pussy filled with his hard cock.

Rohit now decided to introduce a twist here. Normally couple soaps each other and then kisses and finally the fuck. He decided he will soap her with his cock in her. He took the soap and started soaping all her back and taking the clue she soaped him on his back and the water from the shower was immediately wiping it off. He then allowed himself a wee bit and began to soap her neck and of course her tits vigorously and she in turn soaped his manly chest and all the way to their lower portion before starting all over again. Rohit who was soaping her tits suddenly pulled her to him and all the soap both has on each other and the water was now cleaning them both at a time and they felt refreshed and soaped their faces giving scope to them to his each other all over the face.

Winnie is beyond inhibition now and she began to respond to his every move, even pushing back a little and pushing her pussy back, She was in sync with his fucking. Sort of mild fucking even when soaping was going on but she reached her limits and realized she can no longer wait. So she let the soap off allowed water to rinse her fully and began pushing in to him indicating that she needs to be fucked. Quick to please and the worshiper that he is, Rohit began fucking her in nice easy strokes moving with absolute rhythm. This also enabled him to kiss her neck, earlobes, cheeks and she did the same thing to him biting him on the neck. This lasted for a few minutes and then Rohit increased his tempo now moving in to faster mode. She began to moan and the sounds were becoming higher and she started uttering Yes Rohit dear fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeee fast and hard pound me and clinging to him with all her strength. At the same time she pushed back and was responding to his furious fucking. She climaxed with a big oooooooooooooooooh Rohit allowed his cock to stay in her pussy aware that she has climaxed and needs time to recover.

He took this time to slightly turn around and began playing with her tits and even tried sucking her nips. This sent her in to further waves of pleasure and the same is true of him. He realized that this woman was giving him pleasures well beyond his imagination and was fully enjoying the delights. He again started fucking her and this time was in full speed. He started pounding her fast and furious. As his cock went in fully and as his balls hit her thighs the sound of thapak thapak, the sounds that come when two bodies meet in great rhythm and force and are experiencing sexual bliss, can be heard even over the sounds the shower water is giving. There is no stopping them and she is reciprocating by giving her own jerks meeting him in full when he is withdrawing.

She is thrusting herself for his every move and she is a woman possessed out to get maximum pleasure. Winnie shouted come on Rohit fuck me even harder. Le lo mujhe, chodo aaaj jee bharke chodo mujhe , fuck me pleeeeeeeeeeeese fuck me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. They were like 2 people madly enjoying the fast fucking amidst the shower and the water too has started falling at great speed as Rohit has increased the water flow in tune with the pace fucking. Winnie was the first to climax and screaming Ooooooooooooooooooooh she climaxed and a minute later Rohit sent his hot jism into her pussy and held her close keeping his cock still in her pussy. He allowed his cock to go limp before with drawing and then fondly and then tenderly soaped her all over again. She in turn responded by soaping him all over and squeezing his cock. They then dried themselves and walked together back to her bedroom. The next round will start soon as Rohit and Winnie are not finished yet.

Having dried themselves Winnie and Rohit enter back the living room and Winnie now mixes drinks for both, a lighter one for herself and the usual one for Rohit. They sit on the sofa and Rohit pulls her closure and she switches on the TV and then the DVD player. She walks over and inserts a Disc and the TV plays an adult movie. Rohit pulls her closer and she plays with his cock while he plays with her tits and starts sucking them again. She teases him saying you had them for so long dear and still you want them and he replies Honey I will suck them for hours. He starts kissing her all over, her navel, her small tummy etc. She responds by kissing him in the back and playing with his cock.

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