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Nina’s Night Visitor Ch. 03

This story is pure fiction. This story Is for adults only. Do not read this story if under eighteen years of age or live somewhere where adult material is illegal. Needless to say, all through young, all Characters are eighteen years of age or older.

A whole three days had passed, and Nina had not heard from her night visitor.

She was feeling lonely and sexually frustrated.

Ever since the night, a half-asleep Grandma staggered down from her apartment, Catching Nina and Clark interlocked in a torrid lustful act.

When her grandmother dropped in, Nina was coated in sweat, her honey pot so sodden and yawning open.

Clark was busy, so deep inside her battering her cunt with his beef stick.

His stamina had been increased by the transparent yellow ribbed condom he wore.

The sensation had been incredible; Nina was so close to cumming that she could almost taste it.

Then disaster struck, or so it seemed.

That was when her grandmother interrupted their lascivious interlude.

Nina’s quick thinking and convincing denial all but erased it from the older woman’s failing memory.

The longer she spoke, the more Nina was able to deny Clark was even there. Grandma now believed that the dreamy late-night confusion was due in part to the late hour, her blindness, and her medication.

In fact, by the time Nina finished calming her down, the older adult had all but forgot what she was upset about in the first place.

Grandma never picked up the phone to call her mother and embarrass her.

Nina wanted Clark to know that She had handled things with Grandma beautifully.

She didn’t want him to worry or be scared off for good.

Clark was nowhere to be found.

Even the nights she and Tara hung out with Johnny and the rest of the guys, Clark was conspicuously absent.

Nina didn’t inquire of his whereabouts for fear of tipping off her secret affair with Clark.

Nina wanted Clark to know but didn’t know how to tell him without drawing suspicion.

Clark had been laying low due to the incident with Nina’s grandmother. Time had passed, and his confidence grew.

His summer job had ended, and he blamed his absence from the gang on looking for a job and helping his dad Paint the halls of their apartment building. Things that were true but not the reason he was not around.

Clark had thought that the secret between Nina and himself was now exposed, and the other shoe would fall any day.

But it never did.

His mother certainly knew Nina’s mother and grandmother for that matter, yet no uncomfortable conversation had taken place.

He spoke with Johnny and the rest of the guys over the phone, and nobody seemed the wiser.

Nina waited for three weeks for the opportune time to call Clark.

She called during the day when she knew he was home and his parents would be working. Being home alone, he would feel free to speak to her.




“Clark, It’s Nina.”

He didn’t need her to identify herself; her voice was like soft, crushed velvet.

Clark would know it anywhere.

In the past, he suggested that she be the perfect operator of one of those One nine hundred phone sex numbers.

It was the voice that had the power to arouse him anytime he heard it. This time it only served to make him sick with worry.

“How much trouble are we in?” Clark blurted out nervously.

Nina sensed his worry.

“Look, everything is alright.”

“Alright? how?”

Nina went on to explain, and it soothed Clark’s worry.

“Thank you, Nina, that’s a big relief,” Clark said.

“Good, you can stop laying low now nobody knows .”

His mind flashed to the last time he saw her before all hell broke loose.

He had left without being able to release all the cum his balls had produced while they had sex.

He felt the weight of it now; he needed to release it.

“What are you up to now?” Clark asked, wondering if it would be safe to sneak over and finish what they had started.

“I’m waiting for my Mom to come home. I have to help her pack.”

“She’s going away again?”

“Yeah, she was here a whole two and a half weeks, so I should consider myself lucky.” Nina’s sarcasm sounded more like sadness than sass.

“Now would not be a good time for you to come here to get your rocks off.” Nina sounded put off by Clark’s subtle solicitation.

“Okay, well, maybe later this week, we can all hit a movie; you know how Johnny likes to see movies on Fridays.”

He wanted her to know the invite was for platonic reasons. Feeling that he needed to be her friend right now, not her fuck buddy.

“Yeah, I don’t think we should do it anymore?” she said


“You know, fuck. we shouldn’t fuck anymore.”


“That was a close call, we’re in the clear, but eventually we’re going to get caught,” Nina explained.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Clark agreed.

As Nina hung up the phone, she knew that they just made a promise that they couldn’t keep. The evidence was in humidity in her Panties.

Four more days passed, and Saturday night rolled around.

Clark was bored.

Johnny and Slim were out on a double date with some girls from the next neighborhood over. Harvey was at his cousin’s house for the weekend.

The other extended members of the gang had all had their plans as well.

It created an opportunity to make a unique primetime visit to Nina.

He wasn’t sure how long her mother would be on her latest business trip.

He walked past the parking lot where Nina’s mother would park her car while she was out of town.

To his surprise, it was there on a Saturday.

It must be a long trip this time; he thought as he gazed at the car parked silently in the night.

Nina, Was feeling sad.

The Fall season always had that effect on her.

What’s more, nothing seemed to be working out.

The loneliness was terrible.

Everyone had plans.

Nina and her mother had a long-standing tradition of girls night and watching the MissAmerica beauty pageant or the “female SuperBowl.” The name Nina and her mother had given it.

This year her mom was away. Her grandmother (who was up every day with the sparrows) would be in bed by nine-thirty P.M.

When he saw the lamplight through the blinds, the butterflies started to knock around in his stomach.

Always careful, Clark scanned the street up and down. Then carefully approached Nina’s window.

Nina pulled down the livingroom blinds and tuned in anyway. She was watching the talent competition when there was a tap on her window.

Her heart jumped with excitement.

“Hey,” Nina whispered with a smile as if being heard at this early ten o clock hour was worse than one A.M.

“Hey, what are you up to tonight?” Clark said and returned her smile.

“I’m watching Miss America. , all by myself, come on in they are about to do the swimsuit competition, come in you’ll love it. “

Clark was about to walk to the front door when Nina stopped him.

“I don’t want to wake you know who by opening the door; climb in here.”

Clark gave the street a quick once over to make sure nobody was around and then climbed in the living room window.

Nina quickly closed the window and drew the blinds.

She switched off the lamp; the only light in the room was the television’s blue glow.

They sat next to each other and watched the pageant.

Clark thought it was boring but didn’t say anything.

The pageant ended, and with a newly crowned Miss America.

Nina had correctly guessed who the winner would.

Clark wanted to be a gentleman and not make a move.

But the darkness and the setting and his full testicles betrayed him.

He was horny, just setting foot in Nina’s living room.

The living room had become a chamber of carnal joy.

Just being there made him horny.

His mind could not let go of the fact that, The couch they sat on was the couch they fucked on.

Nina had expressed her wishes to “Not do it anymore.”

However, they had sex many times, and Clark had to beg her every time. Why should tonight be different?

They watched the late news, and Nina seemed to melt into him; her lean slowly became more of a cuddle.

“Saturday night live” was a repeat, so the usual channel surfing began.

Clark slid his hand up Nina’s thigh.

“No.” She said as she slid his hand toward her knee and away from her crotch.

“Awww, Nina, I have had blue balls for weeks. I know you’re horny too.”

Nina just stared at him with a stern face.

“Come on, Please?”




“I need to cum so bad, please.”

“Go jerk off in the bathroom. Nina said, sounding cold and disinterested.

Then Adding “Just make sure you clean up after.”

“Aw, come on, Nina, you’re killing me. The worst part is I know you want to fuck me too.

He was right; Nina’s body ached for him. who the hell was she fooling? She was hoping he would come over for a late-night visit.

Nina was deep in thought; she was mind slowed by her wanton urge for Clark to impale her womanhood.

Her eyes scanned Clark, and his trim athletic built his dark bedroom eyes.

His physique entranced her. Her body took over, and she jumped on him like a lioness catching her prey.

Clark used to Nina, making him beg her.

After she expressed her need to end the sexual part of their friendship, Clark thought her rebuff was real. Then it happened. Nina wrapped her arms around him, and open mouth kissed his face.

Her movements were rushed and graceless, driven by her Desires.

Clark was surprised. He kissed her back

then took her hand and gently placed it on his hard dick.

She let him as if she had lost the power to reject him.

Nina Fought herself; she wanted Clark’s massive hog, filling her deep wet lust. She had wanted it from the first second she heard his knock on the Payne.

Now through his jeans’ thick material, Nina felt the hardness and flushed warmth of his rod. Her pussy began to dampen.

Clark stroked the valley between her cunt lips with his hand.

He saw she was getting hot, so he slid his hand inside her pants.

Clark began to masturbate her by tickling her clit.

He looked at her; Nina’s mouth was slack and opened; her eyes were closed.

None, the less Nina got hold of herself and pulled Clark’s hand out of her pants.

“No, we cant.” She said.


“I want to, but we can’t.”


“Because I don’t want to get caught again.”

“Can’t you just lock the door?”

“No, she’s staying down here. She’s sleeping in my mother’s room.”

“We can be quiet.” Clark offered.

“Hold on,” Nina said as she quickly shook him off and walked to the other end of the apartment.

Nina wanted to check on Grandma and make sure she was still asleep. As she made her way, she realized that she had to walk through three rooms and a hallway to get to the bedroom where her grandmother was sleeping. Before she even entered, she could hear Grandma’s snore. Nina also noticed she could not hear the T.V. from here either.

Nina headed back to the living room, stopping off at her bedroom.

She thought

” If put on a nightgown without a thong, I can hike it up. Then pull it down quickly in case Grandma walks in on us again.”

Clark saw Nina return; only she was wearing a nightgown that came down just past her knees.

It was not anything from “Victoria’s secret,” but he saw her intent in it. It was a turn on.

The fact that she had changed into something that granted him easy access to her naughty parts yet allowed for a quick cover-up set his need on fire.

“We have to be real quiet,” she whispered to him.

Then lay on the couch and pulled up the gown.

She reached down and spread her labia seductively.

As Clark slid himself deep inside her molten hot pussy,

he heard her breathless pant; she was already past him somewhere father along in this encounter. The evidence was in juice from her steaming gash running down inner thighs.

Nina Tried to hold in her moans and coos of pleasure.

It was a task that was a lot tougher than she thought.

Every time Clark imposed his stiff manly part inside, her body would react. She was failing to stifle herself, and the couch seemed to creak and move even louder.

Everything seemed amplified.

As Clark Pounded Nina’s cunt he wasn’t looking into her eyes like he often did; he couldn’t help but keep an eye towards the blackness of the next room, waiting for someone to walk out of it and catch them. Only the intense pleasure of being inside Nina’s sex kept him hard.

“It’s t,t,t to too t t t too loud, Clark. We have to stop.”

Nina managed to say, even in her worry, the joy she was feeling between her legs still impaired her ability to speak.

Clark could also hear it. Reluctantly withdrew his hungry unsatisfied cock from her sheath.

They were both petrified of getting caught. Nina and Clark Silently agreed after a second, Clark said.

“What about the floor? We can do it on the floor.”

“I don’t want to lay down on the floor.” Nina protested.

“We can put down a blanket,” Clark said, trying to keep hope alive.


“what if you got down there on your hands and knees, and I put it in you from behind?” Clark asked in a whisper.

Nina looked at him skeptically, yet intrigued.

She didn’t want to stop either, but the fear of getting bagged was greater.

“I want to try it that way anyway,” Clark added.

“Okay, but if it’s noisy, we still have to stop.”

Clark was so excited at the least he was going to try doing Nina doggy style. Something she had refused to do many times in the past.

Clark watched as Nina descended to the floor.

Nina Got on her knees and put her head down to the floor.

She reached back and pulled her nightgown up over the globes of her round ass.

When Nina pulled up her nightgown, the air on her exposed skin was a tad cooler, Underlining her sense of naked vulnerability.

Nina, unguarded and open, her whole world was on display for Clark to see.

There was a bit of vanity mixed with shyness. Nina was curvey and had a full derriere That boys loved. Yet it didn’t look like anything she saw in her fashion Magazines. Therefore she was unhappy with her body.

As Clark watched, Nina gets down on the floor and raise her ass in the air. He couldn’t help but gawk at her smooth, creamy buttocks. Nina arched Her back, and she pointed her hind end to the ceiling.

She stayed there wordlessly, offering herself up to him.

The pose made the crevasse of her ass part slightly. He could see the tight not of puckered flesh that was her anus and the slack pink lips of her pussy. It was so inviting, and Clark fought the urge to bury his face in her asscrack.

He wanted so badly to taste and sniff her, absorb her female essence, drink her in.

Show her his appreciation by Licking and sucking on her most intimate areas.

He thought. ” I would love to go to town on both of those fuckholes with my tongue. Maybe if I did, she would like it and let me. Or maybe she would be mad at the sneak attack.” Clark decided he would continue to be a gentleman and play it safe.

“Someday, I’ will ask, and she will let me taste her.” He thought.

Nina had been against sex in this position because it made her feel subservient. Like she was being used like a whore.

She was not letting that stop her. Nina’s desire overruled her principle objections; she chose just to stay prone, waiting for him to take her.

Clark knelt and mounted her from behind.

Nina’s hand was there waiting to help guide his cock into her.

Her hand helped him slide into her soft wet opening.

Clark watched in ecstasy as his rigid prick disappeared in the silky pink petals of Nina’s cunt.

Her beautiful plump ass framed a perfect pornographic picture.

Clark gently placed his hands on her buttocks.

Her soft, smooth skin feel as wonderful as it looked.

Clark slightly parted her cheeks to get a view of himself in her. The outer labia lips stretching around his manhood was satisfying to see.

Nina felt him enter her; he was so big and hard.

Her steaming wet twat was stuffed full of him.

As he sank into her, it almost hurt. It was bigger and now deeper than any cock she had in the past. Yet there was a magic in how well her steaming sex fused with his.

She was sure she would cum even sooner and more explosively.

The first thought Clark had about this new sexy position was how good it felt. As if her pussy and his cock were puzzle pieces that fit


Somehow the already amazing sex between them was enhanced further.

Her pussy was so soft, smooth, wet, and warm.

Coupled with how much deeper he was inside her.

Not to mention the view of an ass he had stolen glances of for years.

Watching globes wiggle as they absorbed the shock of his powerful fuck strokes.

Clark withdrew then gave the most formidable hump of his life.

Nina not only felt the joy in her honey pot but the feel and sound of Clark’s hips slamming into her plump bottom.

Nina let out a loud involuntary moan. The pleasure overload made it impossible for her not to vocalize the satisfaction she felt.

After a few more hard pumps from Clark and Nina had to lean forward to unimpale her dripping vagina off his rock hard dick.

“We have to stop,” Nina said.

Clark was so wrapped up in the beautiful sensations it took him a minute to acknowledge what she said. He was in a fog of ecstasy And needed a few seconds to find the words through his joy.

He felt her leaning forward, and his cock slipped out of her.

“We have to stop.” She whispered.

“Wa, WA, what n n n now? Clark studdered

Nina didn’t want to admit that she could not have her pussy pounded and be silent. She had no control over her moaning outbursts. The paranoia had set in. Nina was sure Grandma would hear her “Oohs” and “Ahs.”

The floorboards did some minor squeaking, but Nina was convinced it was loud enough in her heightened state of monomania.

“It’s just too loud, and we’re gonna get caught again. I don’t think I can explain it all away a second time.” Nina cautioned.

Clark understood Nina was right. It was too risky a game to play, especially if their fooling around was to remain clandestine.

It was also considered disrespectful to fuck in your parent’s home, even if you had just turned “Legal.”

Yet the frustration sexually was unbearable.

For the second time, they had been having intercourse and would not reach climax. Nina and Clark were joined in agitation; both were hot and bothered without satisfaction.

All Clark could do was look like a sad puppy. He wasn’t trying to push it or make Nina feel bad; he was just bad at hiding his disappointment.

Nina arose and adjusted her nightgown.

Then Clark had an Idea. He had heard about Nina’s expertise in oral sex. She had already become a dubious local legend.

Clark had never asked before because he wasn’t sure Nina would oblige him the honor. After all, She made him beg her to fuck him.

He was embarrassed to ask, fearing a violent rejection.

Clark thought more of her than an object. He always wanted them to have mutual pleasure. Clark’s scrotum was so full that it hurt. He was having been worked up twice without release. His full testicles gave him the courage he needed.

“Awww, Nina.” He hesitated.

Nina to that as an appeal and seemed to be losing her patients with him for not understanding.

“We can’t, Clark,” she whispered Gruffly.

Her slight anger with Clark was due to what Nina mistook as a lack of understanding and insistence and her own sexual frustration.

Clark looked hurt by her sudden curtness.

Nina felt terrible for her friend; she realized she had snapped at him.

Nina thought about how hard it must have been for him to stop without cuming. It would be on her conscience.

“I am worse than a cock tease.” she thought to herself.

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