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New years eve with Aunty the plan 2

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it was the next day and she said no more but i had different idea

The year had started great by the 1st I had had sex with my Aunty Samantha and was no longer a virgin.
And im sure im going to get more.I went downstairs and mom and dad were sitting at the dining room table looking worse for wear as usual after the News year party i said morning Dad said we both got hangover were back off to bed tell Aunty Sam we will see her later I asked Mom when Aunty was leaving she said not for a while she staying ,I smiled to myself a teenagers dream and i had to start my plan with her .
I sat at the dining room table and waited see when Samantha came down what she
was going to say about last night,I she had came down looking a bit worse for the wear and got a lass of water and sat at the table and said we need talk about last night it cant happen again, I said i want more and you will do what i want or i will tell what you did drunk to me in bed,she started to cry i said you wernt crying last night and you seemed like it she looked at me and said your just a boy it was wrong but I was sitting with a boner on and just blurted out as i stood up i want see your tits she said no as i walked to were she was sitting and put my hands over her blouse from behind rubbing her tits, No she kept saying we cant as i fumbled with her buttons, 1 undone i could see top of her bra a nice pale blue one 2 undone i coud see her full bra 3 undone and her bra was shown and her belly i groped her tits through her bra she was crying but not stopping me as i pulled her bra up to feel her tits not big but to me massive as never seen before and i was in heaven .i got hold of her hand and moved it to my shorts rubbing it on my boner and whispered wank me and her hand gripped me and she muttered your naughty i shouldnt but i will but dont tell anyone as her hand moved up and down my cock and i rubbed her tits wasnt long till i felt my balls go tight and i shot my load onto her leg . She said thats enough now leave me alone as she fastened herself up and i went to my room.
I was in my room when my mom knocked and came in and told me Samantha was staying for a while as she was getting harrased and would be using my bed and i could sleep on floor or on the sofa but be nice to her i just did usual teenager thing compained but was happy really mom went down and a while later i did and mom and Sam were in the sitting room chatting i went in sat next to Sam and watched tv mom went out and sam said youve been told im staying and befor you say anything i will give you a wank at nights but nothing else but our secret well my face lit up and as if thats all i was getting.
I told mom i had some work to do on my laptop in bedroom and went up and logged onto the porn chat site about teens and sexi was always on it and started a chat with a teen who had fucked his mom and i said i have my aunty and he was saying i neede record it secretly then blackmail her as he did with his drunk mom now he had sex every day and showed me the video of his mom she was about 45 but nice and she was given him a Bj he was in his uniform, I said i ony did last night but got a wank this morning and was planning more he then told me he has now got his mom showing on webcam sites and before she was reserved it made me so horny that i lay on the bed thinking and drifted off to sleep ..
I woke as Samantha came in the room but petended was asleep and she was changing into a skirt and jumper she had a lovley body i didnt move until she went out and hearrd the doors close and looked out the three of them went out in sams car i decided to have alook in her suitcase for some knickers to wank over found a white pair and slipped them up my legs as i wanked the feeling of them was amazing then then i found a bra she was size 34b and her skirt was size 8 no idea what tat meant as i continued my wank and cum i tried not get on her knickers and put all the stuff back . I went downstairs and watched tv till they came back at teatime .
After tea we all watched a bit tv i just tried sneak a view up Sams skirt a right pervert then at 11 she said she was off to bed and mom said to me when you go be quiet and her and da went to i waited awhile make sure they were asleep and went in my room i put the light on and Sam woke i just dropped my shorts and boxers and said wank time she say up in bed she had a nighty on she said sit here next to her and reached for my cock and whispered you have a big one for your age i said its 9 inches hard as she started wanking i was sitting side ways to her and i moved my hand to pull the covers down she said no nothing else but i kept trying and eventually they cam down to reveal her legs i placed my hand on her thigh i felt her tighten her grip and move faster as i moved higher wow no knickers as i turned to her she said a quick feel thats it as it rolled towards her and opened her legs he rnighty rode up to her waist and i roled on her no she said a feel but i was already in position as she tried close her legs but i was bigger and i pushe my cock in her pussy she tried pushing me off as i thrust in her trying not make a noise i thrust about 10 times then i felt her pussy gripping me and she held me as she shook i think she had cum and that made me shoot into her so much felt like i was pissing she went red said no i told you cant cum in me as i was still pumping my cum in her no good telling a teen that i pulled out rolled off her and got off bed and sipped into my sleeping bag ..What a start to te new year

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