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Never again! I told myself

Never again!
I would never do it again…
I told myself…

But as the days past, slowly, insidiously, I found myself dwelling on the memory of how it had been… how it had come about.
I’d been drunk!
Absolutely… totally, blind drunk…
but it had been good!
Yes… I remembered that part of the evening.
Satisfyingly… orgasmically… GOOD.
Nope, don’t go there!!
Never again!.

Do it!
You know you want too!

I exhaled… partly in exasperation, partly in anticipation… it was that time of the month again. Hard to fight off the desire… wanting sex…. wanting some satisfaction, some relief from my body’s desire’s.
Body tingling at the thought of getting some…
Conscious that I was getting wet at the thought of how it had been… would be… this time.
Give in… no!

My body and mind reacting to the memories… wanting him, again.
Getting wet… horny for him… again.
Aching for it, again
My body anticipating that I would do it… with him, again… drunk or otherwise.

I tried to convince my mind that it wouldn’t happen… I kept on denying the way he had made me feel, but my desire kept getting stronger and the dog was always there…
I closed my eyes as my body responded to how he looked… how he’d felt, to what he had done for me, done to me… what he would use on me… how it would feel in me. I knew he could satisfy my need… he already had… once.
I remembered the weight of him, as he took me, his body pressing down on me, legs gripping me tightly, pulling me back against his cock as he pumped it into me…
his cock!… I wanted his cock again… to feel it parting my pussy, in my pussy, throbbing… no!, I was throbbing… I was wet for him!, for it.
Think about something else!

My body wanted to feel it again, feel him again… in me, deep, hard and fast, big… the girth of him, fat, filling and fulfilling me… remembering myself screaming in pleasure as he’d fucked me hard, firmly… moving us across the floor with the force of his, our, need.
I kept imagining how it would be, this time… the next time, the time after that…
His cock inside me, again, as he pumped it into my body, hard, like before… only better… better… better than anything…
The hardest part of trying to resist how I felt now, was that it had been what I had wanted… freedom… to do what I wanted… not constrained.

When I looked at him now, his deep brown eyes held mine without recrimination… mesmorized me… made me think about it…
Hard dog cock, hard dog fuck, hard to resist the thought of it… pump, pump, pump, pump… taking the dog, doing the dog, fucking the dog, loving the feel of the dog… so different, so good!…
I’d felt so free, so ME!, when I had been under the dog! Loving it, loving him, as he loved me!
I could be a dirty bitch, so much easier with the dog… didn’t feel the need to act any differently… he didn’t mind when I’d begged him to fuck me like a bitch, he was already doing that! It was all he knew, instinctive… after all.
Yes!, Fuck me!, Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fill my cunt!… Yes!, I love you!. Yes!, like that!
I’d loved it. I would love to do it again and again and again.
Tonight!… I would let the dog fuck me again, tonight!

I tried to trick myself into calming down… defer the deed… lessen my need… defer it, over and over until I got over this crazy desire of mine…
Echoes in my head!, memories!! and glimpses of things I hadn’t done yet…
Doing it… again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…
Just stop thinking about it!
Just stop picturing it!
I’m trying to!
Think about something else!
I’m trying to!
Stop touching yourself.
I’m trying too!
I could smell my sweat, feel my body throbbing, aching for it… lubricating my fingers…
feel my need…

The dog got up and walked towards me.
No!… don’t come over!
I held my fingers still… slick with it!, a last ditch effort to deflect the dogs attention and my intention…

I raised my leg for him, granting him better access…
Don’t stop!
Just like the last time!
Don’t stop!
No… I wanted more, need more!
Not tonight!
Now!… do it now!
The dog’s tongue licked and slobbered as his saliva ran as he tasted me… I held myself open so the long strokes of his tongue could touch more of me.
Let him tongue me until my need overwhelmed me.
I slid off the couch… offered myself to him…
He was on me, in me, in a second!
Balls slapping, pussy stretching, cock-tapping good… as the dog went into overdrive…
Reaming me, filling me, squirting inside me, as I gasped and groaned at the way he took me…
Bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger!
Huge, hard!… pushing in too!
So fucking big!
Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!… yeah!… fuck me like that!
I whimpered as he drove it way up inside, with no care whatsoever, punishing me, hurting me, fucking me like a bitch!
Do it, do it, do it!… do it to me!, you dirty bastard!
I’m your’s!
Fuck me hard!
I love it like that!…
I pushed back at him, prompting him to go deeper still… I indulged in my dark need’s… I made him do it, I wanted him to do it, I taught him what I liked… harder, harder, harder! Feeling the pummeling all the way through my body, closing my eyes as my head bobbed up and down… focused on how good his cock felt, on what it was doing to me… so fucking big and heavy… both his huge piece of meat and his body!
I was full of him and his come… loving it… so good!
Now my muscles were gripping him too, now I was the one losing control, now I was the one doing the fucking, now I was fucking him with complete abandon. Enjoying using him, his body, his sex, now my needs were seen to and sated… squeezing my tit’s as I felt my orgasm all the way through me… better than ever before! Better!
My mind convulsing with the pleasure of it… nothing else mattered…. nothing!… nothing…
So good!
Good dog!
Covered in his come and fur, smelling the blend of dog and woman sex, I went and showered myself clean.
My mind was free of the horniness that had been building up in me…
I could think clearly now…
I would never do it again…

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