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Nephew watches aunts model sexy

One Friday night during my senior year of high school, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I drove to a nearby university, to attend a concert with a friend who was a freshman there. After the concert I was starting the long drive home, when I got the urge to drive past my Aunt Valerie’s house. I was half-considering stopping in, but it was pretty late, and Aunt Valerie had two young kids. But when I approached her house, there were a number of cars in the driveway and in the street. I recognized several of the cars as belonging to other family members.

My mom came from a big family. What this did for me was to give me five aunts in their thirties and forties that I’ve lusted for since hitting puberty – my mom’s three sisters, and her two brothers’ wives. I enjoy young girls my own age, but these were mature, “real” women, whom I got to spend holidays and vacations with. So these women became my main fuck fantasies. I used to jerk off looking at their pictures in our family photo albums. I looked forward to hugging them hello and goodbye. I would occasionally get to see them in their nightgowns and bathing suits, which, unfortunately, were mostly very conservative. Most of the time I saw them was when they were wearing casual, even frumpy, clothes around the house or on vacations. But sometimes I’d see them at church or a wedding where they would dress nice and fix their hair and stuff.

They came in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Aunt Gail, my uncle’s wife, was a pretty, petite brunette. She had dark brown shoulder-length hair surrounding her small nose and brown eyes. She was probably about 5’3″ with a slender body that she kept in great shape. From the looks of her hard thighs, she must run a lot. Her tits were quite small, but her trim waist, flat stomach, and great ass made up for them. She had a soft-spoken voice and a reserved manner.

With Gail at the smaller end of the size scale, two of my mom’s sisters, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Kim, were in the middle. They were both blondes, Kathy being the oldest of the aunts, and Kim being the youngest. Kathy had a slender body and kind of a classy air to her, real elegant body language. She had nice legs that she somehow always kept tan, a pretty face, a fairly slender body, and straight shoulder-length blonde hair. Her tits were also pretty small and the rest of her was in pretty fair shape for a woman in her late forties.

Kim was slightly curvier. She had short blonde hair, and wore oval wire-rimmed glasses. Her tits were B cups (I peeked at one of her bras) and she was a little shorter than Kathy.

On the larger side of the scale were Val and Linda. Val, my mom’s middle sister, was about 5′ 6″ tall (the same height as me) with long, full, blonde hair, and a voluptuous figure. Her ass wasn’t great, but her larger tits (38C) made her a favorite for my fantasies.

Linda, my older uncle’s wife, was The Big One, my number one favorite. She was a very tall (5′ 10″), busty brunette. One of the oldest, now in her mid forties, I could still count on her pretty face, long legs, and big tits (40C) to give me a woody every time I thought of her. She was outwardly friendly, but a conservative dresser, a religious churchgoer, Sunday school teacher and church choir singer, and rarely drank when the other relatives did.

With all of those cars of my relatives at Val’s house, and a lot of lights on in the windows, it seemed the natural course to stop in and say hello. As I parked the car on the street and walked toward the door, two women that I didn’t recognize came out the front door and headed for a car. They were both carrying colorful shopping bags.

Through the glass storm door I saw Aunt Linda sitting on a chair in the family room at the back end of the house. So I walked right in.

I walked down the hall to the family room. Sitting in chairs and on the sofa were Aunt Valerie, Aunt Linda, Aunt Gail, and Aunt Kim. Just the four of them, talking, with drinks all over the tables, and bags and boxes scattered around. Linda spotted me first. She gave me a surprised look, and then exclaimed, “Jeremy!”

The others looked at me, surprised at first, but then they all smiled and greeted me. Aunt Val approached first and gave me a hug. I buried my face in her long blonde hair, as Val pressed her big tits into my chest. She hugged me longer than usual, then pulled back and asked me how I was and what I was doing here. While I explained why I was in the neighborhood, Val looked at me with a strange smile and glazed look. It appeared to me that she’s been drinking quite a bit.

My other three aunts stood and hugged me. They also appeared a little tipsy. “What’s going on here?” I asked.

“I’m hosting a lingerie party,” replied Val.

“A what?”

“A lingerie party. It’s sort of like a Tupperware party. You’ve heard of those haven’t you?”

“Uh, yeah. Someone hosts a party and everyone gets together and buys kitchen items and stuff from a saleslady, right?”

“Right,” said Val. “Only tonight she sold lingerie. The salesperson brought over a ton of sexy lingerie, and we got to buy some. I sent Uncle Phil and the kids to Phil’s brother’s house for the night. The salesperson already left, and a couple of my girlfriends went home, so it’s just the five of us left.”

“Five?” I asked, seeing only four women. “Is someone else here?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Aunt Linda, “Kathy is in the bathroom, trying on one of the outfits she bought.”

“Hey,” blurted the intoxicated Val. “Don’t tell Kathy that Jeremy’s here. Let her come out in her lingerie. That’ll shock her.”

The others giggled and agreed, and Val led me around the corner to the darkened living room. I sat on the living room couch, where I could still see the family room. A few minutes later, I heard Kathy’s voice, and saw her walk into the family room. My slender blonde aunt was wearing some really sexy lingerie. I didn’t know how to describe it, but Kathy did. “This is the camisole with the boy shorts!” she proudly exclaimed.

“I’ve heard them called booty pants,” said Kim.

Booty pants! That’s what they’re called. The kind of bottoms I’ve seen the black chicks wear on the sleazier rap videos on the Beta Channel. They’re sort of a cross between panties and hot pants – not cut high at all on the sides, but they are on the bottom. Kathy was between the light and me, so I couldn’t see how much of my aunt’s ass was hanging out the bottom. But what I could see from this angle is the silhouette of her tits with the light shining from the other side of them. Her smaller tits had sort of a cone shape as she stood sideways from me, sloping down a touch, and her nipples poked through the thin, clingy material.

“Is my ass hanging out of this thing?” asked Aunt Kathy, unaware that I was there. “My nipples are poking right through it. There’s no crotch liner, so you can see my pubic hair. Maybe I should shave like the young girls do. And it’s sucking right up into my pussy slit. Feels sort of good, actually.”

My other aunts giggled, knowing I could hear. But they let Kathy continue.

“What do you think a pizza delivery boy would do if I greeted him in this? I’m afraid that if I let a young guy see me like this, he’d run away instead of wanting to screw me.”

The others laughed louder. “Why don’t you ask Jeremy?”

Kathy turned to where they were looking, and I stood up and walked into the family room. The other aunts laughed as Kathy’s jaw dropped. But she made no attempt to cover up. Kathy gave the others a dirty look, and then smiled at me. Even half dressed, Kathy gave me a hug. “I’m so embarrassed! I didn’t know you were here!”

“Obviously not,” I quipped.

When the laughter died down, Kathy looked down at herself. And in good light, close up, I looked down at her, too. I couldn’t help myself. Kathy’s tits were jutting out of the flimsy fabric, with nothing to support them. Her nipples poked through obviously. The camisole ended above her navel, and her booty pants started many inches below it. I looked at her bare midriff, a little rounded, but not bad for a near-fifty-year-old. Looking down further, the booty pants looked like they were painted over her pussy. I could see the whole shape of her protruding mound easily. The pants were so tight that they really were being sucked up into her pussy lips. Below that, her bare, tanned legs looked nice. Somehow Aunt Kathy always had tanned legs. Nice legs for her age, too.

“Well,” Kathy asked, “What do you think?” Kathy turned around and let me glimpse at the back. More than half of her ass was hanging out of the bottom of the booty pants. Above her tan legs was the obvious tan line and the color change of her white ass curving out. It was no teenaged ass, it had some meat to it, but right then it looked real inviting.

I was surrounded by adult family members, and still a little self-conscious. I didn’t want to say that she looked soooo hot, but I had to say something complimentary. So I stammered out the first stupid thing that came to mind. “Uh, I like it.”

Kathy looked at me with a little sexy grin, her eyes glistening at me, crinkling the lines around her eyes. Then she looked at the others. “OK, you embarrassed me. The rest of you said that you’d try on your sleepwear.”

“OK, I’ll try on mine,” said Kim. She grabbed a sack from the floor, and marched into the bathroom. The rest of the women picked up their various drinks – Val a beer, Linda and Gail wine coolers, and Kathy a mixed drink.

“Jeremy, do you want a beer?” asked Val. I was surprised that she’d offer her under aged nephew a beer.

“Uh, I have to drive home tonight.”

“Oh, it’s too late!” said Val. “Why don’t you spend the night here? The other four are. It’ll be just the six of us. We’ll find room for you.”

This was too good to be true – my hot, drunk aunt asking me to spend the night with just her and my other drunk aunts. I tried not to sound too excited when I said, “Well, OK.”

Aunt Val called my mom and told her where I was and that I would be spending the night. As soon as Val hung up the phone, she handed me a beer. “Don’t tell anybody I gave you that. We have rules on nights like this. Anything that happens tonight stays within the group.” I sipped the beer and put it on the table. I needed to relax, but I wanted to stay focused so I could remember every detail. Just then Kim came out of the bathroom.

Kim walked through the room like she was a model on a runway, smiling and turning around, and describing her outfit. Aunt Val had turned on some music to help the effect. “This is a lavender mesh teddy with a thong,” narrated Aunt Kim. Her outfit was even more revealing than Kathy’s outfit! Her “teddy” was shaped sort of like a bathing suit, and made of almost sheer fabric! When the light was right I could see right through the top. Kim’s round tits were bigger than Kathy’s, a nice handful. They sloped just a little, and were capped with eraser-sized pink nipples and quarter-sized nipples. The bottom part was pulled tight over her pussy, and they were cut like a thong in back. I gawked at her bare ass as she turned around. Not a bad ass for an aunt.

All the other women complimented Kim on how nice it looked, and I shyly agreed with them, not taking my eyes off of her.

When Aunt Kim was done with her show, Val said, “My turn,” and entered the bathroom. I sipped my beer as Kathy stood next to me and put her arm around me. She put her right hand on my right hip, and held her drink with her left hand. I slid my left arm around her, and placed it on her bare side just above her booty pants. Kathy talks a lot even when she’s completely sober, and she was babbling about something to me, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was mostly looking down at Kathy and Kim’s barely-covered bodies, and enjoying holding Kathy’s bare flesh in my left hand.

Val sauntered out of the bathroom doing her modeling imitation, pushing her big chest out and shaking her long blonde hair. She was wearing a white cotton thing that was sort of a little robe. It was real short; barely going below her waist in back, and in the front was tied closed by a single tie between her tits that left a two inch-wide gap between the globes. Quite a bit of her big tits were visible on top, and when she turned sideways I could even see the very bottom of her right tit a little. The braless boobs swayed and jiggled as she walked. Her nipples also protruded thought the fabric. Val was wearing a white satin thong. Her ass was sorta big, but it looked nicer and more rounded than I would have expected. Her bare white butt cheeks alternately rose and fell and jiggled as she walked back and forth right in front of me. Her fleshy thighs jiggled, and even that excited me. I was torn between staring at so much of those tits that I’ve wanted to see for so long, and staring at her almost completely bare ass. Val looked right at me, smiling, as she posed.

As Val continued her show, and Kathy held me tight with her right arm, Kim was standing next to me, just slightly in front of me. My right arm was at my side, and before I realized it, the back of my right hand was bumping into Kim’s bare ass. I left it there, feeling her smooth ass flesh against the back of my hand. I thought Kim would move away when she realized what was touching her, but when she looked back and saw my hand, she pressed back harder into it.

The shyer Aunt Gail was then coaxed into trying on her outfit. She sauntered out quietly, but looked right at me with a little smile as she modeled a “teddy.” Her teddy wasn’t as see-through as Kim’s – it was an elegant deep green satin material. But it was tight over her pussy mound, and cut like a thong in back, revealing a great firm ass for a late-thirties mom. Still, it jiggled when she walked, and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of it. There was one problem with the outfit. Gail had really tiny titties, and the top was too big, and gapped open so I could see her whole right tit as she paraded by me. I have to confess that this was not the first time I’d seen Aunt Gail’s tit. I discovered early that she wears stiff, padded bras, and when she leans over I’ve seen her pink nipple a couple of times, giving me great jack-off material. But her nipples were always soft then, and in her teddy, her nipples looked hard and very long.

I was wearing fairly loose pants with boxers, and my hardon was sticking out a bit. I worried about showing it too much, but nobody said anything, and I wasn’t about to leave the room.

Kim’s ass was still pressing into the back of my hand, and I pressed harder into it. Then Kim turned toward me, and asked, “Are you enjoying the fashion show?” When she turned, she pressed her crotch into the back of my hand. She leaned her hips into me, and the back of my hand could make out the shape of her pussy mound rubbing against it. When she turned back to watch Gail, I turned my hand around and palmed her bare ass cheek. Again she leaned back into it, and I gave the half-globe a gentle squeeze.

Kathy, while talking to Val, lowered her hand from my hip down to my ass. At first her fingers lightly touched my butt, and then she got bolder and placed her palm over my cheek, the same way I was palming Kim. I then lowered my hand down over her booty pants. I slid it down her lacy material over the top half of her ass, and then rested it on the bare flesh of the bottom half of her cheek.

So as The Big One, Linda, walked out of the bathroom, I was squeezing two of my mom’s sister’s bare butt cheeks. Now there was no controlling my hardon. Any of my aunts that looked would have seen my slacks tenting out.

“This is called a Baby Doll,” said Linda as she walked through the room. The big busty brunette was wearing a sheer red “baby doll,” that was hemmed just below her crotch. The only other thing she was wearing was a pair of red satin thongs. Her big hanging tits swayed back and forth as she walked. Not only could I see the outline of her tits through it, I could also easily make out the silhouette of her surprisingly large and very dark areolas. She walked past me, and though covered by the sheer baby doll, I could make out the shape of her otherwise bare butt.

Val, the only one of my mom’s sisters whose ass I wasn’t currently squeezing, was standing in front of me, and moved back into me. Maybe she had noticed my hardon, but deliberate or not, she backed her thong-clad ass right into my hard cock. She pressed back into my unit as I thrust forward slightly. Man, was that a great feeling, goosing my cock into her crack between her big fleshy buns!

Aunt Linda stood in front of me, looking at me and smiling, posing in her red teddy, thrusting her big jugs towards me, and I instinctively squeezed Kim’s and Kathy’s asses harder, and rubbed my cock up and down into Val’s ass crack. Gail was sitting on a chair just to the left of me, leaning forward just enough that I could see her bare tit. I stopped rubbing my cock into Val before I climaxed.

Throughout the “fashion show,” Val had been keeping the women well supplied with liquor. I hadn’t touched my beer, mostly because I didn’t want to take my hands off of my aunts’ butts. Now Val broke off and got the women another drink, and then Kathy started a conversation with Gail. Linda, The Big One, was standing in front of me, talking to me about school and things. But there seemed to me to be serious sexual tension, as the taller woman stood in front of me with her nearly-nude tits right in my face. I tried to look into her inebriated eyes as she talked to me, but I couldn’t help looking down at her big hangers. She almost certainly must have caught me looking. My pants were tenting straight out, and I thought I caught her looking down at my crotch.

Val returned, stuck her face right into mine, and rubbed her tits into my shoulder as she talked to Linda and me. She reached around and blatantly squeezed my ass. I put my arm around her as we talked, and soon had my hand on her big bare ass.

Kathy was leaning over the table in front of me, displaying her ass sticking out of her booty pants. Val noticed it too, and said something about all of the women’s asses hanging out. “Who has to best booty here?” she shouted out. “I know it’s not me. Let’s have a booty contest! Line up and let Jeremy be the judge.”

Val made all of the girls line up in front of me, and turn their backs to me. “What do you think, Jason, do we have decent booties for a bunch of old ladies?” I stared at all five of my aunts’ nearly bare asses – Kathy in her booty pants, the others in thongs, Linda and Val lifting up their tops to allow full butt exposure. They were all looking back and smiling at me. The older ladies wouldn’t make too many calendars with their ample buns, but it was an exhilarating pose for me. Gail’s ass looked the best, followed by Kim, then Kathy, then maybe Linda, with Val “bringing up the rear.”

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