My wife and I spent the first couple years of our marriage living under my parents roof. As anyone in that predicament would tell you the situation was less than ideal. The only saving grace was that my parents weren’t especially nosy, and the house itself was large enough to offer us at least a sliver of privacy. It never caused any major problems between us, but our intimacy definitely took a backseat because of it. I really began focusing on progressing my career and getting us out of there. As luck would have it, I finally landed a big promotion I was aiming for and we moved into a relatively high end apartment downtown. It was closer to my finance office and my wife was also closer to the daycare she worked at.

I met Ashley during our last year at University. My roommate at the time introduced us and it wasn’t long before we began dating. I still remember the first time she walked into the room. To say that my wife is gorgeous is somewhat of an understatement. Ashley is built like a sex pot. She has long dark hair with blueish gray eyes that compliment her porcelain pale skin color. Her face has been described as classically beautiful, featuring a distinctly feminine bone structure and pouty lips. She stands roughly 5′-5″ tall and has it where it counts. She’s blessed with large natural D cup breasts and a plump ass that is incredibly tight despite it’s larger than average size. When you combine all of that with a very slender frame and a slim stomach it’s almost as if her womanly assets defy the laws of physics. During that last year away at school I had sex with her every chance I could, sometimes two or even three times a day. You couldn’t separate the two of us, and I think that’s part of the reason she agreed to move home with me after we graduated. I proposed to her only a few short weeks after graduation, and we were married soon thereafter.


My name is John, as I already mentioned I work in finance – basically brokering trades or helping upper middle class people with investments, the usual kind of dollars and cents business. I guess I’m what you would consider an attractive guy, about 5′-10″ with masculine features and up until recently, I was very much in shape. The stress of the move and the more intensive hours that came along with my promotion had yielded an unfortunate byproduct of 20 unsightly pounds, but I planned to work those away once things settled back down.

Even though I was a decent enough looking guy – my friends, and plenty of co-workers, were never shy of informing me that I married up. “Wow. That’s your wife?” was a comment I had heard countless times. I really couldn’t complain, even though I felt a pang of annoyance by these sorts of remarks I also beamed with pride. Most men, and I mean ninety-nine percent of men, would love to say Ash was their wife. Without question I lucked out, and sometimes I still pinch myself when I roll over in bed and see her laying next to me.

One of the reasons the move was such a positive was the obvious potential to revitalize our sex life. Now don’t get me wrong, we did find our moments to make love living under my parents roof, but it went without saying that us having a place of our own would lead to more freedom in the bedroom. I hadn’t thrown Ashley down on the couch in the middle of the day since college, and I looked forward to spicing things up again.

I was day dreaming about the possibilities when the phone rang in my small office, which I had newly acquired via promotion.

“John Morefield.” I answered in my usual professional tone.

“It’s me baby.” my wife replied.

I smiled at the sound of her voice “Sorry babe, no caller ID yet – what’s up?” I made a mental note to get the IT department in to finalize my office install.

“I was just wondering when you’d be home. I’m making a nice meal to celebrate us finally having our own place.” My wife was a bit traditional when it came to gender roles. Don’t get me wrong, she was progressive minded when it came to social issues, science, race, and things related to world outlook – but she loved to cook and clean. She was talented in the kitchen and would often be the one who cooked dinner when we were back at my parents place. If I’m being honest, I think even my mom was a bit jealous of her skills as a chef.

“Shouldn’t be too late tonight, maybe around six-thirty. Let me run though I need to send something out to a client, love you.”

“Love you too.” The call snapped me out of my day dream and I resumed typing an overdue memo. A few minutes had passed when my cellphone buzzed from within my suit jacked. I reached in and pulled it out. As I glanced down at the screen my heart nearly skipped a beat. I was greeted by a naughty picture of big breasts that were ill-contained within a lace black and red bra. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Ashley had just ‘sexted’ me a picture of her tits, something she had never done before. Accompanying the image was a subtext that read “Don’t be late.” I immediately felt my dick stiffen from within my slacks. I quickly adjusted myself before replying “On the way!”

I slammed my laptop closed and headed out the door.

Even though the drive home was technically only five minutes long it felt like an eternity. When I finally unlocked the door to the apartment and walked inside I was greeted by an erotic sight. It was dark despite it only being late afternoon, Ashley had closed the curtains. Candles littered our spacious living room, my eyes scanned the space before falling upon my wife. She was laying face down on our new plush couch, ass up in the air. My jaw nearly dropped at the sight of it. Her ass was prominently on display, as was her pussy, clit concealed by her luscious mound. The combination of her supple ass and sex was framed in almost artistically by a lace red and black undergarment. My dick immediately strained. I tossed off my jacket and instinctively began unbuckling my pants. Ashley looked back at me smiling devilishly, but she didn’t say a word. This was hot, really hot – we never did anything like this.

I ripped my shirt off and basically jumped out of my pants, completely undressing in record time. I could hear her giggling from the couch. I approached my wife completely naked, my rock hard dick jutting outwards as I reached out and finally grabbed her ass.

“Fuck yes… look at this sexy thing.” I spoke in a gritty tone, fueled by lust.

She wiggled it in response, lace skirt swaying. “You like? I bought the outfit today… and a few others.”

“It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I pulled the skirt up, exposing the entirety of her lily white bottom. I slapped my palm down on her right cheek hard as I positioned the head of my dick at the folds of her sex. She moaned in response, arching her head back in anticipation.

“Fuck me baby… I’ve been waiting all day.” her request was a whine, a whisper.

I gently thrust forward, entering my wife. The warmth and tightness of her sex sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. It didn’t take long before I was pumping away with full speed. Ashley was moaning softly in response, gripping the couch cushion as I pounded her. I looked down as her large ass bounced back and forth, consuming the view of my dick upon collision.

I wasn’t exactly small in the genitalia department, my dick was almost six and a half inches in length, and it had decent girth. My wife, however, as I described – was stacked in every category. She was freakishly gifted when it came to sexual assets and I often cursed myself for not having the same genetic luck. I had seen enough porn in my day to know cocks came in much larger sizes than mine.

I shook the thought from my mind and gripped onto her hips, I felt an orgasm brewing from within me as I thrust into my wife. I hoped I could hold out until Ashley came. I often could, but today’s unexpected eroticism had me more excited than normal. She looked back at me with her gorgeous eyes, probably sensing I was about to unload. “It’s okay baby, cum. I want you to cum for me.” Her tone was sultry and engaging, she bit her plump lip naughtily as the words escaped her mouth..

I relented, unleashing, legs shaking as the pleasure filled waves of my orgasm spread out from my groin. I came, hard, unloading my cum into my wife’s willing sex.

She moaned softly as she felt me blow, continuing to bounce back onto my dick, milking me as my body locked up. I leaned down over her body, kissing her back and feminine shoulders while my orgasm subsided. We stayed in that position for a moment, until she spoke “Mmm… That was nice.”

I stood, giving her some room to breathe, agreeing “Hell yeah it was… very nice.”

She stood, turning to me and leaning in for a kiss. I noticed her tits within the bra and recalled the picture she sent me. After we locked lips I mentioned the text “I’m not sure what came over you, but that text was awesome – It got me rock solid. I almost had to cover myself as I ran out of the office.”

She laughed “I don’t know… I’ve been horny all day.” She blushed. “I think finally having our own place has put me into a sexy mood. We should have moved years ago!”

I chuckled “Yeah, I’ll say.”

Ashley headed towards our bedroom, she spoke “I’m gonna hop in the shower, do me a favor and get the roast out of the oven please babe.”

I watched her as she disappeared through the doorway, that incredible ass bouncing as she strode – inexplicably getting me excited despite my orgasm mere moments ago. God, I was a lucky man.

Dinner that night was lovely, we ate in the candlelight – lighting only a single lamp in the living room so we could see where we were going. We enjoyed a succulent pot roast with accompanying gratin potatoes and sliced buttery carrots. Ashley had picked up a few bottles of a delicious Cabernet, that we drank readily. I noticed an extra bottle on the kitchen counter, dressed with a bow – as if it was a gift.

“Who’s that bottle for?” I inquired.

“I thought we’d give it to Richard, for helping us. Maybe you could invite him over for dinner next week as a proper thank you?”

I nodded in agreement “Great idea.”

Richard was our new neighbor across the hall. We were having a hard time during our Saturday move and I assume he heard our struggle from inside his apartment. He spent almost five hours helping us carry the larger pieces up from the moving truck. If it wasn’t for his help we probably would have been forced to delay until the next Saturday, costing us an entire week and more money. We thanked him profusely at the end of the move but the bottle of wine and invitation to dinner was definitely the right way to handle it.

He was a tall, older man, black – probably about forty-five years old, which would have put him roughly twenty years older than Ash or myself. He seemed rather soft spoken, but had a deep voice and an impressive physical presence. He appeared to be an attractive man, although sometimes it was hard for me to gauge the attractiveness of men, clean cut and seemingly well put together. He also appeared to be in great shape for a man of his age. He lugged large dressers and various pieces of furniture down the hall without really breaking a sweat. We hadn’t learned much about him as of yet but we did find out he was widowed, his wife had passed away nearly 10 years earlier from a rare blood disorder. There was a certain melancholy about him, but Ash and I were both good judges of character, and we had a good feeling about the man. Surely dinner would be an ideal way to get to know him better.

Once we had finished the meal and cleaned up I grabbed the bottle and headed out our front door, it was only a few paces across the hallway before I was knocking at his.

The door opened “John, what a pleasant surprise.” Richard spoke with kindness in his voice, smiling.

“Hey there, we wanted you to have this.” I handed him the bottle. “Nothing fancy, but we wanted to thank you for helping us the other day. Ashley and I also wanted to invite you over for dinner next weekend – if you’re available.”

Richard looked genuinely grateful “Oh wow, you guys didn’t have to get me anything. I was happy to help.” He glanced at the label. He was dressed in slacks and what looked to be an expensive sweater. There was some music emanating from his apartment, it sounded classical, moody. I realized I might have came at a bad time.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” I offered as a potential apology.

“Oh not at all, I work from home, I was just taking care of some things. I would love to come over for dinner, I’m afraid I don’t get out much these days.”

“Excellent. I’ll let Ashley know.”

We exchanged phone numbers and some more small talk, he thanked me again – and we and said our goodbyes.

The week passed relatively quickly, and on Saturday night we found ourselves sitting down at our dinner table with Richard. The wine flowed and the glazed pork loin that Ashley cooked was devoured by the three of us. We discussed a number of topics ranging from careers and politics to entertainment and hobbies. Richard seemed to really love kids, despite not having any of his own – and admired Ashley for working with them on a day to day basis. Richard himself was a writer of sorts. He provided articles and short stories to a number of online outlets who contracted him on a case by case basis – it seemed to make him a good living. When he heard that I was a finance manager he actually seemed interested in attaining my help in setting up some investments. He had never dabbled in the market, and it was apparently something that always interested him.

“I really do love what you’ve done with the place.” Richard also spent a portion of the evening complimenting Ashley’s taste and her abilities as a homemaker. “I was over here a couple times when the last tenant occupied it. Let’s just say its a night and day difference.”

My wife smiled at him as she took the last sip of wine from her glass “Thanks a lot Richard. I spent a good amount of time planning it out. I’m glad someone’s taken notice.”

“A designers eye, for certain.” He smiled back, and wiped his mouth clean with his napkin.

One thing that I couldn’t help but notice was a sort of relaxed energy in the room. Even during the move, upon initially meeting Richard, we seemed to get along with him as if we’d known him for years. Ashley took to him immediately, joking with him, and much to my surprise – flirting with him. Smiling at him with excited eyes or jokingly complimenting his strength while he positioned furniture for us. Richard didn’t really instigate any of it, he was respectful, but obviously felt the need to return her smiles and go with the flow. I mean, just like any man – I caught him stealing plenty of glances at Ash. It didn’t bother me though. I was very much used to seeing men ogle over or flirt with my wife, I would have gone insane if I let those sort of provocations bother me. But it was sort of out of the ordinary for Ash to be the initiator when it came to flirting, and I planned to give her a hard time about it later.

“So, Richard. Are you, um, dating – or seeing anyone?” Ashley asked with raised eyebrow. The question was a tad forward, although harmless, and I jokingly scolded her for asking it.

“…Now now Ash, that’s personal…”

Richard chuckled “No, no. It’s quite alright.” He took another sip of the Cabernet, and continued “Not really, to be honest. It took a good five years after my wife passed to even think about another woman’s company. A few of my friends eventually got me to go on a date, and then another. Over the last few years I’ve seen a handful of women, but only for brief stints.” He paused, seemingly thinking for a moment “… I haven’t made much of an effort really.”

Ashley was now standing and picking up the plates from our table. “Well, that’s too bad. You seem like quite the catch.” I stood to help her with the silverware.

Richard smiled again, slightly chuckling “Well… My goodness. That certainly means a lot coming from a woman as beautiful and talented as yourself.” He looked in my direction for a moment. “John, I don’t think I’d be the first to tell you that you’re a lucky man.” He raised his wine class in acknowledgement. I looked at Ashley for a moment and caught her blushing.

“You certainly wouldn’t be. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I’m certainly smart enough to know that I’m the luckiest.” I leaned in and gave my wife a heavy kiss on her cheek.

Ashley replied with a sarcastic, but loving “Aww. Isn’t that sweet.” she raised her hand to her face, shielding her mouth from me. She spoke in a fake whisper so that I could hear “Psst.. He’s lying.”

Richard began laughing as he stood. He picked up his plate and moved towards the kitchen. “You guys remind me of my wife and I, when we were newlyweds – it’s really great to see.”

“Richard don’t you dare help clean up.” Ashley playfully swatted at his arm. “Let me have that. Go have a seat in the living room.”

He gently dropped the plate and put his arms up in amusement “Yes ma’am. Don’t know what I was thinking.” I couldn’t help but notice that my wife’s ass grazed against his trousers as they moved past each other. Richard gently grabbed her waist as he slid past her. Ashley’s eyes darted open for a moment, but she continued placing the dishes in the sink as if nothing happened.

The meal was over and I was in the mood for an after dinner drink, “Come Richard. Would you be opposed to a nice scotch? I have a 30 year and I’ve been looking for an excuse to crack it open. Received it as a gift.” I waved his attention towards the living room.

“Oh wow, a thirty year? I could never say no.” He followed me towards the sofa, where we both sat.

Ash called from the kitchen “Guys, do you want it on the rocks, or straight?”

Richard looked at me and then replied, loudly so she could hear him “Straight please.” I nodded in agreement, couldn’t in good faith water down a thirty year malt.

A few minutes later Ashley arrived with two glasses of scotch. I quickly noticed that the top of her dress was soaking wet, causing the thin green fabric to appear sheer. Her black bra was as clear as day underneath it, the skin on her exposed cleavage was also drenched. She was moving in a hurry.

“Here take these, the sink just attacked me.” She quickly handed one drink to me, and one to Richard. Richard couldn’t help but stare as she leaned forward, her tits nearly spilling out of the top of her dress. It seemed to catch him off guard, because as she turned to go he continued to gaze at her ass, which was admittedly popping in the tight dress she was wearing.

I didn’t want to make it awkward for him, so I simply called out “Don’t drown in there babe.” That seemed to get him to break away from his tunnel vision, turning his attention back towards me.

Richard hung around for another half hour or so, enjoying the scotch and discussing sports and his love of basketball. He was incredibly thankful in his departure, shaking my hand firmly and giving Ashley a kiss on the cheek. “Incredible meal, and an incredible couple.” were his departing words.

Later that week Ashley and I were cleaning up around the apartment, playfully annoying each other during our respective tasks.

I decided now would be a good time to press her on her flirtation with Richard, smacking her ass as she bent down to dust an end table “You know… I think you might have a crush on our new neighbor.” I smirked smugly as I spoke.

Ashley immediately stood up “Excuse me? Who?” I made a face at her implying a sort of ‘Who else?’, and she quickly realized who I meant “… Richard?! What on earth would make you say that?”

I continued smirking “I dunno, maybe it was you giggling at his every word, or you being especially touchy, or you going on about his strong arms…” I rattled off the evidence with auctioneer like speed.

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