Neha Taken by Hubby’s White Boss

Neha and Shashank Deshpande had been living in Los Angeles for last 3 years. Shashank had got a job offer from an American MNC as sales manager and since then had got a green card. After they had arrived in U.S. Neha also had got job as a secretary in a company.


Their life had been good. They had been married for 5 yrs now. Neha was 25 and Shashank was 28. Apart from the fact that they hadn’t had a child, their life was pretty good. Their sexual life was also great. It was only marred by one fact that Shashank had a problem due to which he couldn’t father her child. But he was not bad in bed even though his cock was just 5 inches in length. They had often explored each other’s fantasies and talked about them pretty often. One of the wildest fantasies that Shashank had was seeing Neha with another man and being cuckolded by them. They had often talked about it. Neha had initially been somewhat hesitant to even discuss it. But as the days went by, even she became comfortable talking about it. They often discussed it, but Neha never thought it would be a reality. She had just said that she may consider it if she found the right man. But she had not found it as yet.

After first quarter of year 2009, Shashank’s company threw a party. The sales numbers of the first quarter had been very good and the party was an occasion to celebrate it. Neha was waiting for Shashank in their home. It was about 7 PM and she had come early to prepare for the party. Just as she was about to call him on his cell, the door bell rang. She went and opened the door to admit him.

“I was just going to call you. Where have you been?” Neha said as she closed the door behind him.

“I am sorry honey. I got suck up in the traffic. What time did you come?” Shashank removed his shirt and hung it on the hook behind the door.

“I came at about 6 to get ready. I thought you would also come early. Anyway, now I am going to bathe. I have put your clothes on the bed. You use the other bathroom and get ready.” She took a towel out of the wardrobe.

“What are you going to wear?” Shashank also removed another towel from wardrobe.

“I am wearing a sari.” She replied and then went in the bathroom and closed the door.

Shashank also went in the second bathroom just outside the bedroom and started to bathe. He bathed quickly and came back in the bed room. He could still hear the shower in Neha’s bathroom. He removed a set of undergarments from wardrobe. Just as he started to clothe, Neha came out from the bathroom. She was wearing just a towel covering her upper body. Another towel was wrapped in her hair. She came out and removed the towel from her hair. Then using the same towel, she lightly stroked her hair to remove water from it.

“So what is the plan? Where is the party? You never told me about it.” Shashank was tying a tie.

“Didn’t I tell you? It’s on a boat. We are partying in the sea. You will love it.” Shashank finished with the tie and started to wear the suit.

“Wow. That sounds great. And who will be there in the party?” Neha moved towards the wardrobe and sat on a chair in front of it. It contained a full length mirror. She opened the drawer and pulled out a dryer. Then she plugged it in the socket and started drying her hair. She had lovely jet black and shoulder length hair. They were a bit curly as well. The dryer was buzzing lightly as she moved her hands through her hair and dried it.

“Hey Shashank, I was waiting for you. I am good. How are you?” Rob turned towards Neha now.

“And you must be Neha. Shashank has your pictures all over his desk. How are you?” He smiled as he shook hands with Neha.

“I am good, thank you. Shashank talks a lot about you.” Neha felt a strange sensation passing through her body as she felt Rob’s touch. She felt Rob deliberately keep her hand in his hand as he spoke for some time. But what surprised her even more was the fact she didn’t mind it. She almost felt good at his touch.

“You are looking beautiful. I am glad you could join us.” He removed his hands from her and she almost felt bad about it. She couldn’t exactly point it out, but there was something strange about Rob. He was quite handsome. His tallness added attraction to his personality.

“Thanks for the compliment. The pleasure is mine to join you.” She smiled at him.

“So are you ready to go?” He pointed towards the small motor boat that had already docked just in front of them.

“Why, of course. I am just waiting to go?” She turned towards Shashank. “Let’s go Shashank.”

“I will go and get some cigarettes for us. You two go ahead. I will join you in 5 minutes.” Shashank turned and started towards a shop we could see just behind us.

“So let’s go then.” Rob said and we both started towards the ferry that was supposed to take us on the cruise ship. She was glad that Shashank had left. She was afraid that he may detect a bit of uneasiness in her manner. She didn’t want him to know that she was feeling some attraction towards Rob. They both walked towards the ferry and reached it pretty quickly. The ferry was just below landing stage. Rob jumped on the ferry first. Neha was feeling somewhat uneasy about jumping in her sari. Rob sensed her hesitation immediately. He came forward to help her.

“Come forward. I will help you get down.” She was somewhat above his head. And He put his arms around her waist. She also put her arms around his shoulders as Rob lowered her on the ferry. They went in and mingled with the crowd but for most of the time they were alone talking to each other. Just as Neha thought about when Shashank would join them, the ferry started to move.

“I don’t think I saw Shashank get on the ferry.” She asked Rob with some concern in her eyes.

“Don’t worry. Even if he missed this one, he will come by the next ferry. Don’t bother to call him.”

Rob took her hand in his hand and guided her towards the edge of the ferry. She felt cool see air on her body and shivered. Ferry turned and then moved slowly. Rob and Neha talked continuously. Neha found Rob an entertaining companion and almost started enjoying his company. He talked about various topics and was very well informed about almost every one of them. The time seemed to fly and soon she could see the cruise ship. Just as Rob told another funny anecdote, the ferry reached the ship. A hatch in the ship had connectivity with the ferry’s upper deck and they both moved towards it with the crowd. Neha was very close to Rob and her body was almost crushed on his body. She was behind him and she could feel her breasts crushing against his back. She could smell his perfume and felt a strange feeling clouding her mind. Her hand was in Rob’s hand and she was feeling very comfortable about it. She almost completely forgot Shashank. They all entered the hatch of the cruise ship and the climbed the stairs to reach the upper deck of the ship.

“Wow. It’s wonderful.” She remarked as they both came out into the open deck.

“I am glad you liked it.” Until now it had been very crowded. But now the deck was very open and people had already dispersed all over the huge deck. They moved towards the edge of the deck where it was almost empty. Neha could see the ferry had already moved out and other ferry was almost reaching the ship. She knew that Shashank would be coming in it. She decided to call him to confirm it.

“We have reached the ship. Where are you?” She spoke in the phone as Shashank took her call.

“I am on the second ferry. Don’t worry. I will come and join you in next 10 minutes.”

“OK. Rob and I are waiting on the upper deck for you.” She disconnected the call and put the cell phone in her purse.

“Do you want to have a drink?” Rob asked her they both settled on a bench just near the edge of deck.

“Sure. What do you like?” She asked him as she removed the bow from her hair and let it fall down on her shoulders.

“Well I like whiskey. What about you?” Rob watched as Neha gathered her hair on left shoulder. She was looking very sexy with her hair open. Rob had often seen her pictures on Shashank’s desk and often fantasized about her. And now in reality she looked even better than in her pictures.

“I prefer vodka.” She replied.

“All right. I will get both for us.” He got up.

“If it’s not much trouble to you, then please have it iced for me.”

“I prefer vodka.” She replied.

“All right. I will get both for us.” He got up.

“If it’s not much trouble to you, then please have it iced for me.

“Sure. No problem.” Rob walked towards an open bar as Neha watched him. He was very handsome and large man. He was about 32 and he had a very dashing style of walking. She knew that he was a divorcee and lived alone. But till now she had never felt any kind of attraction towards him even though she had seen lots of pictures of him. But now that she was actually talking to him and seeing him in real, she was feeling a strange attraction for him. She had a sense that even Rob was feeling the same attraction towards her. Women had this sense of men’s eyes. The way Rob had been eyeing her and touching her, she felt almost certain that he was trying to get a bit cozy with her.

Rob returned soon with two glasses. She took vodka and they both raised a toast before drinking their glasses. Just as she was about to finish her glass, she saw Shashank coming towards them.

“Well, good to see that you have already started partying.” He sat down beside Neha.

“So why don’t you join us? Get yourself a drink.” Neha suggested.

“Do you want another one?” Shashank asked both of them.

“Umm actually I was thinking if you would like to dance with me. There is a disco here.” Rob offered his hand to Neha. Neha hesitated just for a moment before she accepted Rob’s hand and gave her hand into his.

“Sure. Why not? Let’s go. You have your drink and then join us in the disco.” She rose. She was feeling very adventurous now after vodka had gone in her. The air was cool and she remembered all those things that Shashank said about seeing her with another man. Well, if Shashank himself had so often wanted to be cuckolded, then what’s the problem in having fun with a man she was feeling attracted to?

Rob offered his arm to her and she smilingly wrapped her arm around his. As they left, Shashank felt for the first time in his life that Neha was acting very strangely. She never liked any other man touching her. She had often spoken to him about even innocent touches that she inadvertently got in bus or trains. But with Rob, she simply didn’t mind his touch. In fact she was almost as if she was inviting him to touch her.

Neha and Rob moved together. Neha had her arm wrapped around his as they walked. Her perfect ass was accentuated by high heels she was wearing. Shashank watched her ass swaying as she walked. Just as they were about to turn, Shashank saw Rob slipping his hand around her waist. Shashank was surprised that Neha was not resisting Rob’s advances in any way. Right from the first moment, Rob had been making advances on her and she was almost encouraging him. Shashank moved towards the bar and took a whiskey and drank it slowly. After finishing it, he again walked towards the disco. He had to descend a staircase in order to get in the disco.

There was a lot of noise in the disco as he entered. It was too dark initially and there was a lot of smoke in it. But as his eyes got used to it, he could see better and started searching for his wife and Rob. After some minutes, he saw them near the corner. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. Neha was dancing with Rob. They were so close to each other that her boobs were almost pressing against his chest. Her head was resting on his shoulders and her hands were wrapped around his head. They were slowly dancing to the tune of music. Rob’s hands were placed on her lovely ass. They were swaying together. Shashank moved through the crowd and got closer to them. But instead of disturbing them, he decided to watch them from afar. So he moved to the other corner and sat on a chair. As he watched, Neha turned around so that her back was towards Rob. Rob slowly moved his hands around her waist and then locked them on her stomach. He slowly moved them on her stomach in round circles caressing it. As he watched, Rob moved his hand towards her hair and grabbed her hair in his hand. Then he slowly moved them to one side of her shoulder. Rob’s hands moved to her sleeveless arms and he slowly caressed them. Neha was grinding her ass in his crotch all the time as she swayed slowly. Even Shashank could feel the sexual tension between them.

But then Neha saw Shashank sitting on the chair by himself and smiled at him. She motioned Rob and both of them stopped. Then they came over to him. Shashank was disappointed that they had stopped. However, after this both Rob and Neha kept some distance from each other throughout the night. Even though there was a lot of innuendo between them. They spent a lot f time with each other and didn’t even bother about Shashank many times. However, there was nothing sexual in their behavior. All of them enjoyed the night on the ship thoroughly.

In the morning the cruise boat headed for the dock from where it had started. As they reached all 3 of them got down and waited for the ferry to come to the boat. Rob was still talking to Neha as she listened attentively to him. Shashank also contributed a comment or two, but most of the talk was between Neha and Rob. The ferry arrived and the helpers tied the ferry to boat by a rope. Then slowly people started to get in ferry one by one. Neha and Rob crossed and got in the ferry together. Shashank joined them immediately. Even here Shashank noticed that even though there was lot of space available, Neha and Rob often stood so close to each other that their bodies touched each other. Ferry reached the dock pretty quickly and finally they reached the parking lot where they had parked their cars.

“So when do we meet next?” Rob asked Neha as they all waited in the parking lot to clear.

“Why don’t you come for dinner this Friday? I could cook dinner for all of us. Shashank and you could directly come from office. What do you think Shashank?”

“Of course.Why not? We would be glad to have you if you don’t have any other plans.” Shashank concurred with his wife.

“Well I don’t have any other plans as such. So I think I can manage this Friday.” Rob looked at Neha.

“Great. Then I will be waiting for you.” Neha saw that a clearing had been opened in the parking lot so they could get their car out.

“So it’s Good bye till Friday.” Rob extended his hand to shake with Neha. Shashank felt that he spent inordinate amount of time with her hand in his. Finally he shook hands with Shashank as well and he moved away to his car.

As soon as Shashank and Neha sat in their car and he started it Shashank turned towards her.

“So Neha, what’s all this happening between you and my boss?” He wore a smile on his face as he turned the car. Neha gave him a winning smile as she replied.

“Do you have any problem if something is happening between us?” She removed the chop tying her hair and ran her hands through it before tying her hair again.

“Well not really. I myself have wanted to see you with another man for so long. The only thing is that I didn’t expect it to be white man.” They had now reached the main road. The morning traffic was slowly moving.

“Is this your inferiority complex talking? If you don’t mind seeing me with another man, then why does it matter if he is white or black or brown?”

“Honey, I am not objecting or anything. I was just commenting. I don’t have any problem if he is white or Indian. But you haven’t answered my first question.”

“Are you really sure about whatever you said about seeing me with someone else?” She turned towards him.

“Yes. How many times do I have to convince you?”

“All right, this is the first time I met your boss in person. But we know each other for almost 9 months now. He first approached me on face book some 1 year back. At that time, I just read his scrap as he said he was your boss. Then again he posted another scrap and I replied. Slowly we started interacting with each other. After some time, Rob asked me if I would like to chat with him on Yahoo messenger.”

Shashank watched her as she spoke but he was a bit surprised at this.

“I agreed as it was just net friendship. So we started chatting every now and then. Initially it was pretty much same stuff. Where are you? What did you have for lunch? We chatted about all the normal stuff. But soon Rob started flirting with me. We shared our pictures and he often commented on hoe beautiful I looked. He talked about my hair, my figure and all that.”

Neha looked at Shashank’s crotch and she noticed a small rise in his cock. Shashank was feeling a bit excited as Neha described how she and Rob chatted and flirted.

“So you like it, don’t you? Your wife is chatting with Rob.” She smiled at him and pointed towards his crotch. Shashank also smiled at her helplessly.

“I also started liking him. He is smart and handsome. As the time went by, even I didn’t mind his flirting with me and started responding. Rob suggested we meet some time, but somehow I was not ready for it. I was feeling attracted towards him, but I kept avoiding it. So finally Rob told me about this party some days and insisted that I come there. After lot of persuasion, I finally consented and decided to meet him here.”

“So that yellow bra and panties? That wasn’t for me; it was for him wasn’t it?” Shashank was feeling very hot now.

“Yes. It was for Rob. Do you like that your wife wore a special bra for your boss?” Neha teased him.

“Yes honey. I like it. But it wasn’t much use I guess. I don’t he got a chance to check it.” They were almost reaching home now.

“Oh he saw it fine. Probably you didn’t notice, but my bra cups were easily visible from my blouse. It is so thin. Rob was looking at my tits all the time.”

“So are you planning to take it further?” Shashank raised the critical question.

“It all depends upon you. If you are comfortable with being cuckolded by us, then I very much feel like going ahead. But you have to understand one thing. I am not a slut who will sleep for one night with Rob and then forget about it. If I do it, then I will have a long and serious affair with Rob. And I don’t know how it may end. So don’t say afterward that I didn’t warn you. “

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