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Naughty Jogger “Raped”

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It wasn’t really rape, I didn’t really want to be raped, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head.
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Quick recap so you don’t have to read the parts about how this happened: My mom cheated with my dad with a man she met online, but they made it look like a rape. So, if they got caught, she could blame it on him, but I was only 11. So, I didn’t understand that part, and when I saw it, I thought she was actually being raped.

So, when Halloween rolled around, I thought that was the most terrifying thing that I could imagine. A recurring nightmare, flashbacks really, but over the past couple of years, it also turned me on. So, I started taking stupid risks, inviting dirty old men to molest me, and boys my age (A teenager, in high school) to sexually assault me.

I even tried inviting strangers I met online to come play rape me, but they didn’t believe me. They thought it must be too good to be true, I must be a trap, like those girls on To Catch A Predator that say they’re underage. When really they’re working for the cops.

Well that, and guys like those are actually cowards, so they make up fantasies where they prove their manhood by being dominant, and assertive, but if they were really that confident, they’d just go out, and talk to girls until one of us says yes.

I guess, I don’t mean to sound like an expert on teenage boys. I’m just a horny teenager, that thinks about it way too much. Not sex, rape, but I also read up on rape play, and other BDSM type fantasies. Dressing up like a Naughty Jogger didn’t work, but it did lead to an awkward bad attempt to have sex with my lesbian friend.

She didn’t know what to do, and me neither, because we’re both submissive. She wanted a big flannel wearing short haired liberal feminist lesbian to come fuck her, but she didn’t know anyone like that. I wanted a creepy stalker to get the balls and finally jump me while I was out shaking my ass in yoga pants, and that didn’t happen, either.

So I left, and ran until I was too exhausted. Weak, it makes me feel weak, and helpless. All the better to Play the Victim. I had to “Rape” myself, which works about as good as you might think. I got a couple orgasms out of it, and then when I climbed out of the ditch (Unstrangled) a Karen type picked me up, because she thought I’d fallen over the guardrail.

I just vented, but get this: She said she had kids her age, and she might know a boy like that. I Imagined some creep hanging around her daughter, and trying to worm his way into her pants. #Friendzone type, that goes home to beat off into a waifu body pillow, then whine on the internet about how girls just want to #Friendzone you. Yeah, well if you don’t want to get #friendzoned, then don’t pretend to be our friends, and just ask us the fuck out? Grow some balls, guys. Chicks dig guys with balls.

So anyway, it turns out they live clear across town, closer to my lesbian friend, but her son said he’d come and get me while I’m out running after school. He had to go home, and get the car, then drive all the way back. So, I lost count of how many laps I made before he finally pulled up.

Honk! “Hey,” he had the window rolled down, “I’m sorry to bother you, but could you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”

I just laughed, mostly just relieved that it was finally happening, but I just gave him directions to one of my favorite spots. I did this all the time: Running until I was too exhausted to fight back, then fisting myself in all the spots I had picked out around the neighborhood. The best spots to take a girl you just kidnapped, to rape me, and some of them were even big enough to drive a car down.

So trees, 2 lane dirt road, a little overgrown down the middle, quiet except for a little traffic on the freeway. “So, ow!” He hit me, then he grabbed me, and forced me down. “MRH!” I tried to shake my head, but he gripped my mouth so hard, he pressed my cheek between my teeth with his thumb.

“Shut up, lying bitch!” He let go, and slapped me again. “Nobody wants to hear your lying mouth! Don’t scream, don’t you dare fucking scream!” He stopped shaking his finger in my face. “You hear me?”

I nodded, deadly serious, and he surprised me. So well, honestly he’s not going to call ahead, and warn you if this is a real rape. I closed my eyes, and told myself, it’s your own fault for getting in the car. You should have known better, stupid. Now, you’re gonna get raped!

He bought a roll of tape, so he had to unwrap it before he pulled a strip out to rip off, and put it over my mouth. “I don’t want to hurt you, don’t fight, and I won’t have to hurt you.”

Fuck that! “NWH!” I kicked, and tried to scream, but all that came out was muffled squeals.

“Stupid bitch!”

“UHN!” he hit my tit, and that hurt, but it wasn’t like the slaps to my face. Those were like a wakeup call, but this was a dirty sexual ache. He let go, and slapped it again, then he yanked the spandex out to pull it up over my face. Then, up over my arms when i held them out.

“MH!” i closed my eyes, and relaxed when it stretched tight around my wrists. i’d never been bound like this before. Sexually, sure i played games with a kidnapping in them as kids. bank Robbery, SWAT, SVU, and ransom kinds of games, but even the SVU ones weren’t really sexual. Yeah, sure we knew deep down what he kidnapped her for. It’s SVU, it says “Rape and other sexually based offenses” right there in the intro, but we’re kids.

Now, I know what it feels like. To be tied up, slapped around, and roughly groped. Kcht! The tape, that duct tape sound. It’s so triggering, because i know that means he’s about to tape me, but I don’t know where. Then, the door opened, and i fell out.

“UHM!” That was a surprise, but I barely rolled over before he grabbed me again.

“Don’t try to get away, I have you and I’m not letting you go. I’m never going to let you go now. You’re mine, forever.”

“HUH!” i can’t really say it’s romantic, but i sighed. Relaxed, gave in, and stopped struggling. Let him pick me up, and floated. So light in his big strong arms, i felt like i’d float away if he let me go, but he wouldn’t.

Then, i thought that he was going to lock me in the trunk, but instead, he bent me over. Pulled down my sweat soaked yoga pants, and sank into me, without a word. Without any warning, he grabbed the back of my neck, and his thumb felt so strong. He twisted my arm, and he fucked me. Yeah, he fucked me good and hard too, but somehow the way he held me made that feel so far away.

“You like that, huh bitch? Is this what you wanted? Answer me!” He picked me up, and ripped the tape off.

“Ah, yes! I love it!”

“Don’t lie to me, bitch. You’re all lying bitches!”

“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you let me suck your dick.”

“No, you don’t want it, you just think I’m stupid enough to stick it in your lying whore mouth?”

“No, I want it, I want it so bad, please let me suck your dick. Please.”

He slapped me with it, teasing me, barely letting me kiss the tip, then pulling it back. “Don’t bite it.”

“i won’t, i promise.”

“If I feel your teeth, I’ll fucking kill you.”

“I won’t ah!” He pulled my hair. “AGHL!” Shoved it in my wide open mouth. “Agh gug gug guk!” Fucked my face, and pulled out to let me cough. “Kah yeah!”

“You like that?”

“I love it agh gag gak guh!” He beat the back of my head, to hammer it deeper down my throat.

“Huh, yeah. You want it? Ugh huh! Hhuhuhuh!” He pulled out, to beat it harder, and faster than i could ever suck him off. i coughed, and caught my breath, but he was waling on it so hard that he couldn’t take it much longer. He just grunted, and i knew he hard to be close.

“Uh!” Finally, “Huh!” i just closed my eyes, and felt all the relief. It’s hard to describe, the overwhelming sexual relief, when you work so hard to please your man, and it finally pays off. It’s not about me, it’s about HIM. At least, that’s what i was able to tell myself, in the scene. Beaten down into submission. Literally, thrown down into this cold dark space, i’d only gotten glimpses of before. In my wildest, most terrifying dreams.

“Huh!” i almost passed out, but i just lay back. “Huh!” Breathed, until the far off rush of traffic was louder than the beat of my heart thundering in my ears. i didn’t look around in here. There’s nothing to see, it’s just cold, black, and empty. There’s nothing in here, not even me. i’m gone, and nothing is left.

“Huh, how was that?”

“Amazing?” I finally blinked, and laughed. “Better than I even imagined. Where’d you learn to do that?”


“Treat me like shit, and make me believe it? You didn’t really mean all that?”

“What about you being a.” He clenched his teeth “Lying bitch!”

“Huh, yeah, ahahehuh!” It’s funny, now that it’s all over, “But I actually believed it for a minute there. I felt like such a worthless piece of shit, I deserved it.”

“I don’t now, the internet? I watch a lot of S&M porn, but you didn’t get off?”

“Huh!” I just realized that, and shook my head. “I don’t think I have to? That’s weird. It feels really weird, to be sexually satisfied, without an orgasm. It’s like, something else. I can’t describe it, I can’t even feel it any more, but it’s not even really like sex.”

“You like it though.”

“Yeah, I love it. Even better than sex.” Don’t ask me why, I’d rather get slapped, and groped so hard that it left bruises on my breast, but I love those too. For days after that, I could feel those, or pull up my shirt, and look at his fingers. Hide the marks he left gripping me so tight, then going off to look at them secretly alone. Until the next time he left them on my arm. My neck so my friends asked about it, and I told them it was a hicky, when it’s not.

It’s his thumb, his grip is so strong that he can leave a bruise in my neck with his thumb, and I just love that.

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